Volunteer Schedule

2015 Volunteer Schedule

Time Room Event Volunteers
11:30-12:30 224 MM Briefing to cadets with working lunches Vince Taylor & Kathy Engisch, Co-chairs
Army ROTC Cadets: Kyle Maggart, et al
12:30-1:20 Oelman Lobby Registration (4) Abby Sharp, SukKyun Ahn
(5) Lynne Yengulalp, SangHee Strobel
(6) Albert Florentine, Chris Weller
(7&8) Sarah Olsen, Ena Weller
(9&10&11) Brendan Kim, Qun Li
12:20-1:20 Oelman Lobby Walk-in Registration Lee Seoh, Eulji Lim
12:20-1:50 Oelman & MM Errands between MM & Oelman buildings Erik Potts


109 Oelman
109 Oelman
Presentation of Colors

Orientation (for Students & Parents)

WSU Army ROTC Color Guard

MC: Stephen Ewing

1:20-1:45 210 MM Briefing to Proctors and Graders
& Exam Paper Pickup
(Co-Chairs: Kathy Engisch, Peggy Kelly and Albert Florentine)
1:45-1:55 Ushering Students from Orientation to Respective Testing Rooms Ten WSU Army ROTC Cadets
2:00–3:30 103 Oelman
125 Oelman
132  Oelman
165 Brehm
171 MM
Exam Proctoring (Co-Chairs)
(Errands among all test rooms & HQ)
2:00 – 3:00 for Grade 4, 60 minutes
2:00 – 3:00 for Grade 5, 60 minutes
2:00 – 3:00 for Grade 6, 60 minutes
2:00 – 3:00 for Grades 7&8, 60 minutes
2:00 – 3:30 for Grades 9, 10&11, 90 minutes
Kathy Engisch, Peggy Kelly, Al Florentine
SukKyun Ahn, Ena Weller
Chris Weller, Sarah Olsen
Lynne Yemgulalp, Qingbo Huang
Albert Florentine, Qun Li
Peggy Kelly, Yuqing Chen
Larry Turyn, Lin Fei, Hui Wan
2:00–2:50 109 Oelman (For Parents) Title: Bridging the Gap – Addressing the Workforce Crisis in STEM Presenter: Cassie B. Barlow, Executive Director of the Aerospace Professional Development Center, WSU
3:10–4:30 210 MM Exam Grading (Co-Chairs)

Grade 4
Grade 5
Grades 6
Grades 7 & 8
Grades 9, 10, 11

Kathy Engisch, Peggy Kelly, Al Florentine

Chris Weller, Ena Weller, Sarah Olsen
Lynne Yengulalp, Hui Wan, Qingbo Huang
Albert Florentine, Qun Li, Eulji Lim
Peggy Kelly, Yuqing Chen
Larry Turyn, Lin Fei

Before OMC Day Printing Participation Certificates Lee Seoh
On OMC Day Photographers University Photographer, George Strobel, Orlando Monzon, Army ROTC Volunteer
3:10–3:30 Oelman Atrium Display Tables

Asian, Hispanic, and Native American Center and Pre-College Programs

Yvonne Wyrick, Brendan Kim, SukKyun Ahn
(Brendan Kim will help Vonn after registration and SukKyun Ahan will do the same after exam begins successfully.)
3:10–3:40 165 Brehm (For Lower Grades) Title: Solving Situational Mysteries I: An Exercise in Logic, Detail, and Mind Expansion Presenter: Betsy Witt


3:10–4:50 135 Oelman (For All Students) Workshops/Demonstrations: The Power of Mathematical Simulations Adrian Palomino, Analee Miranda, Orlando Monzon (SHPE Ohio-SW)
3:10-4:50 201 Fawcett Physics Demonstration and Lab Presenter: Doug Petkie
3:40–4:30 132 Oelman (For All Students) Title: Carl Friedrich Gauss Presenter: Patrick Craig
3:40–4:15 125 Oelman (For Higher Grades and Parents) Title: Optics and Nature: A fun discussion of some first Principles Presenter: Steve Worrell
4:15–4:50 125 Oelman (For Higher Grades and Parents) Title: Why is math so important to Mother Nature? Presenter: Jim Noel
4:15–4:50 165 Brehm (For All Students) Title: Solving Situational Mysteries II: An Exercise in Logic, Detail, and Mind Expansion Presenter: Betsy Witt
4:00-5:00 120 MM Confirming Tallied Scores Team 1 (grades 4, 5, 9-11): Peggy Kelly,  EulJi Lim
Team 2 (grades 6-8): Albert Florentine, SukKyun Ahn
4:30-5:00 120 MM Printing Award Certificates Lee Seoh
4:30-5:00 Oelman Lobby Refreshments Yvonne Wyrick, Ron Richardson, Maria Clark
5:00–6:00 109 OH Award Ceremony Planners: Kathy Engisch and Verne Vince Taylor

MC: Don Nguyen and Marsha Bonhart
Welcome Remarks: Kimberly Barrett, WSU Vice President, Multicultural Affairs & Community Engagements
Awards Hand-out: Kathy Engisch

Helpers to Hand-out Awards: Army ROTC Cadets

PowerPoint Presentation: Univ. Technicians

 109 OH Distribution & Collection of
Student/Parent Surveys
Army ROTC Cadets
Collection of Award Acceptance Forms Lee Seoh