Greater Miami Valley
Computer Science Circle


The Greater Miami Valley Computer-Science Circle is not meeting at this time.
The information on this webpage is what we were doing before COVID-19.
With any questions, please contact Dr. Lining Qi, Mr. Erik Potts or Dr. Munsup Seoh
respectively at, or at

The Greater Miami Valley Computer Science Circle (GMVCSC) is an organization for high school and advanced middle school students, now in its fifth year. We have students from all over the Greater Dayton and Cincinnati area. We have classes from 10AM to 12PM on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month in Room 170 of the Mathematical and Microbiological Sciences (MM) Building on the main campus of Wright State University. Our instructors come from academia, government, and industry, so a variety of ideas and approaches are presented to students.

Topics of study include: an introduction to problem solving, computational science education and careers, Python and Java programming, cybersecurity, micro-controllers, web development, modeling and simulation, robotics, and more.

If your child is interested in joining one of our circles, if you know of a child who would be interested in our computer science circles, or if you are interested in helping with our computer science circles or giving a talk/workshop, please email me at or Dr. Lining Qi at

Thank you very much for reading this letter,

Co-Founders Mr. Ken Nelson, Dr. Lining Qi and Dr. Munsup Seoh