Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-31

Voices, The Peoples News

March 31, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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This daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

# Indigenous
Control of Water on the Klamath River Is Pitting Endangered Fish against Potato Farms: The removal of dams on the river, which flows between Oregon and California, is meant to help salmon, but the effort could be thwarted by water diversion for suckerfish and potatoes in the upper river.

# Education / Schools
Students Protest Gun Violence at Tennessee Capitol in Wake of Nashville School Shooting: Hundreds of people gathered outside the Tennessee state Capitol in Nashville Thursday morning to rally for gun control in the wake of the deadly shooting earlier this week at the Covenant School.

Brown Dolls In Nooses: Racism Jolts Saratoga Schools: “Hate has no place in Santa Clara County,” acting county Sheriff Ken Binder said Wednesday. “The Sheriff’s Office will thoroughly investigate these incidents and request prosecution of the offenders to the fullest extent of the law.” The Sheriff’s Office described the incidents as “heinous acts.” The dolls were found at Prospect High School, Saratoga High School and Redwood Middle School earlier this week.

# Employment / Labor
How U.S. policy drives child migrants into dangerous jobs: Recent stories of migrant children working long hours and under dangerous conditions in the United States have shed light on how pervasive migrant child labor has become in this country. Children worked for at least four Alabama parts suppliers to Hyundai and Kia in recent years, Reuters found. Staffing agencies placed migrant minors in plants where regulations ban kids from working. State and federal authorities are investigating.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical Orphaned oil wells are one problem; inactive wells are potentially much bigger: Crews plugged 100 orphaned oil wells last week, but even that rapid pace isn’t enough to keep up with the problem in Louisiana. A more sobering figure is the total number of inactive oil and gas wells in
Louisiana: 2,357. Nearly half of those have been inactive for over five years.

U.S. Auctions Giant Stretch of Gulf of Mexico for Oil and Gas Drilling: The U.S. held its first auction of oil and gas drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico in more than a year on Wednesday. The sale, mandated by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) garnered $264 million in offers from oil companies, including BP, Chevron and ExxonMobil.

American companies are importing massive amounts of used cooking oil from China, all for one unexpected reason: In 2023 so far, the U.S. has imported about 530,000 barrels of used cooking oil. Renewable diesel is a type of biofuel that is chemically identical to traditional diesel fuel, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. This means it can be used in ordinary diesel engines and mixed in with diesel fuel. But instead of being made from crude oil, it’s made from vegetable oil or animal fat. Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of the diesel engine, also experimented with vegetable oil as a power source

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure U.N. seeks rare legal opinion on climate. The U.S. abstained: The U.S. abstained. The United States declined to support a historic resolution in the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday that asks the world’s highest court to weigh in on the legal obligation of countries to address climate change.

# General News
Train derails, catches fire in Raymond, Minn.; residents return home after middle-of the-night evacuation: Some 22 cars, including some carrying ethanol, jumped the tracks just after 1 a.m. Thursday. Residents of a small Minnesota town are returning home after an overnight evacuation order due to a fiery train derailment. Several BNSF Railway cars carrying ethanol and corn syrup came off the rails at 01:00 local time (06:00 GMT). The fire continued to burn around eight hours later.

CDC Researchers Got Sick While Probing Ohio Train Derailment: Seven CDC officials began to experience headaches, nausea, sore throat, and coughing while conducting a house-by-house survey of the town. Earlier this month, seven CDC investigators studying potential health risks associated with the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, briefly fell ill, experiencing symptoms including headache, sore throat, coughing and nausea, according to a March 31 report.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Russia Unveils New Policy to Address ‘Existential’ Threat: The new doctrine calls the U.S. the “main source” of risk to Russian security: Russian President Vladimir Putin suspended Moscow’s participation in the last remaining nuclear arms control pact with the United States, announcing the move Tuesday in a bitter speech in which he made clear he would not change his strategy in the war in Ukraine.

North Korea executing pregnant women, homosexuals; sterilising disabled people: Human rights report: Areport by the South Korea’s Unification Ministry claims that North Korea has committed horrific human rights violations including executing children and pregnant women, carrying out human experiments and forcibly sterilising disabled people. The extensive 450-page report details egregious human rights abuses in North Korea, including the right to life and liberty, as well as freedom from slavery, torture and other inhumane treatment. It is based on damning testimony from more than 500 North Koreans who fled from their homeland and was collected from 2017 to 2022.

# Gov / Politics
House Republicans pass marquee energy bill in rebuke of Biden: The bill won’t advance in the Democratically controlled Senate, but Republicans can use it as a cudgel ahead of the 2024 election, delivering their biggest legislative win since they took control of the chamber in January and setting up a clash with Democrats by pitting fossil fuels against President Joe Biden’s climate change agenda.

Big Business and Progressives Spar in Denver Mayor’s Race: The CEO of the city Chamber of Commerce, a venture capitalist–backed former Democratic state senator, and a left-wing former mayoral candidate are the leading hopefuls.

Texas Republicans Introduce Bill Allowing Secretary of State to Overturn Election Results: Republican members of the Texas state legislature introduced a slate of bills Thursday designed to subvert election processes and curb voting rights in the state. One of them would even allow the Texas Secretary of State to overturn election results in the state’s largest Democratic-leaning county, with very little rationale for doing so.

# Legal / DOJ
Donald Trump, the first president in US history to face criminal charges: Trump will now need to be formally arrested and arraigned like any other defendant, a stunning fall from grace for someone who was once one of the most powerful people on the planet. This case also is one of several criminal probes investigating Trump. A special counsel for the Department of Justice is investigating Trump’s actions related to the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol and his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, as well his handling of classified documents. In Georgia, authorities are investigating whether Trump interfered in the 2020 election in what is seen as one of the most significant legal threats he faces as he gears up for his 2024 presidential campaign.

Inside Trump’s Risky Plan to Fight Hush-Money Case

Trump indictment throws 2024 race into uncharted territory: The indictment raises profound questions for the GOP’s future, particularly as Trump faces the possibility of additional charges soon in Atlanta and Washington.

Trump Faces 30+ Counts Relating to Business Fraud: A witness reportedly gave 30 minutes of testimony before the Manhattan grand jury took its historic vote. Donald Trump faces more than 30 counts related to business fraud in an indictment by a Manhattan grand jury investigating hush money payments to a porn star

Donald Trump Criminally Charged in New York, Will Be Arraigned Tuesday: his formal surrender and arrest presenting the historic, shocking scene of a former U.S. commander in chief forced to stand before a judge. No ex-president has ever been charged with a crime before, so there’s no rulebook for booking one. Trump has Secret Service protection, so agents would need to be by his side at all times.

MAGA Extremists Can’t Decide Why They Hate the Trump Indictment: The former president predicted chaos if he got charged. Now that it happened, his supporters aren’t sure how to act

The Big Problem With the Trump Indictment: With Trump’s liberty on the line, however, the district attorney—really, the entire criminal legal system—is in for the fight of a lifetime. The Times reported that the specific charges would be announced in the coming days

Bragg Tells House GOP to Back Off After Trump Indictment: Citing plenty of case law, Bragg’s general counsel warned that “Congress has no warrant for interfering with individual criminal investigations.”

# Media
Russia detained a journalist from the Wall Street Journal on spying accusations: Evan Gershkovich, a US citizen, was detained on Thursday in Yekaterinburg by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), which claimed he was trying to obtain classified information. He is the first journalist in over 30 years to be detained in Russia on espionage accusations, and his arrest comes at a time the Kremlin is cracking down on media outlets.

# Medical / Health
When A.I. Denies Your Health Care: A predictive algorithm tucked into Medicare Advantage plans is routinely denying coverage for patients, leaving them with little recourse. As Medicare Advantage plans have increased their reliance on software to determine what their customers require—and, therefore, receive—elderly patients are being denied coverage for care they need. What happens when an algorithm — not a doctor — decides how much care you need and it’s not enough?

Startup Anomaly rolls out AI tech to help predict potential insurance claims denials: Denied insurance claims are a headache for providers and payers and ultimately impact patients as well.

# Medical Science
The new treatment involved extracting blood stem cells from Gray’s bone marrow, isolating them in the lab and using CRISPR’s molecular scissors to cut her genome right at the position of the BCL11A gene. These treatments will be among the most expensive in the world. They will cost around three million dollars (about 2.8 million euros), to which one must add the cost of several months of hospitalization, transfusions and chemotherapy. It is highly doubtful that such a product will reach the areas where more than 90% of sickle-cell anemia cases occur: Africa and India.

# Military / DOD
War in Ukraine update: Lawmakers Want Pentagon to Pick Up Pace of Ukraine Aid: A bipartisan group of senators wants to free up more assistance for Ukraine by pushing the Pentagon to reassess its requirements for a potential war with Russia’s now-degraded military. They’re urging the department to “undertake an urgent and comprehensive update to its warfighting requirements.”

Pentagon Press Secretary Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder Holds an On-Camera Press Briefing

Pentagon balks at sending Ukraine long range bombs, it’s not fear of escalation, it’s fear of being too late: U.S. Defense Department officials are raising concerns about a proposal to send Ukraine small precision-guided bombs that would allow Kyiv to strike Russian targets nearly 100 miles away, according to sources familiar with the debate, fearing that the timeline for deploying the weapons could take far too long.

U.S. agrees to help enhance Ukrainian forces, dispatches adviser: The United States and Ukraine on Thursday agreed to cooperate on defense technology and improve Ukraine’s forces in a move aimed at boosting Ukrainian defense and enhancing U.S. assistance, the Pentagon said.

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Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-30

Voices, The Peoples News

March 30, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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This daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

# Animals / Pets / Alerts / Food Recalls
A Third of the Yellowstone Herd is Being Lost: The “tragedy of the commons” refers to the situation where several private parties are given equal access to a limited resource, the classic example being a public pasture surrounded by private ranches. Left to their own devices, each rancher will tend to maximize their share of forage, resulting in a competition that quickly desiccates the pasture to the detriment of all.

BFC regularly gets asked if we support the “slaughter” outside Yellowstone National Park or not. To answer this question, it is first necessary to ‘uncolonize’ its terminology. The term “Tribal hunting” is a mismatch of terminology. Europeans see hunting as a game by which “man” asserts his dominance over nature, as illustrated by “trophy” hunt mentality. Indigenous people on Turtle Island co-evolved with buffalo over tens of thousands of years, and “honorable harvest” is not just about the act of killing a buffalo. Instead, it is a relational process that begins with prayer and ceremony with family and friends in the Tribal cultural context, involves then taking a buffalo in its natural setting, and then continues with utilizing every gift the buffalo’s body offers

Biden Is Fulfilling Trump’s Cruel Policy on Wild Horses: The Biden Admin was supposed to have been a reprieve from the Trump years, but for conservationists who want the wild horses of the American West to live long and prosper, this didn’t happen. The anti-horse policies formulated under Donald Trump have been dutifully carried out by his liberal successor. The record-breaking roundups of iconic Western mustangs are a gift to ranching and mining interests.

To save Hainan gibbons, Earth’s rarest primate, experts roll out the big tech: According to estimates, there are only 35 or 36 individuals of the species left, limited to Bawangling National Nature Reserve in China’s Hainan province.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Biden Leaves House Dems Fuming Again Over COVID Emergency Vote: President Biden’s plans to sign a resolution ending the COVID national emergency has some House Democrats once again simmering over the White House’s communications. Why it matters: The latest flare-up of tensions threatens to reopen wounds created earlier this month over D.C. crime and immigration. “It’s, like, kindergarten-level cooperation,” Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.) told Axios.

# Education / Schools
3 Months, 79 Gun Deaths Or Injuries: An ‘Astronomical’ Rise In School Violence: Using data from an independent research tracker, NPR reports that the 89 gun-related incidents on school campuses this year puts 2023 on pace to exceed last year’s record high.

# Employment / Labor
Big Tech Companies Are Testing How Far They Can Slash Staff: Even as Elon Musk has upended Twitter, the site, with thousands-fewer employees, is still functioning. Meta, Google, and Amazon are operating with dramatically scaled-back workforces.

Sanders rips Schultz over ‘unforgivable’ efforts to crush worker organizing: “That union-busting campaign has been led by Howard Schultz.” “What Starbucks is doing is not only trying to break unions, but even worse,” said the Vermont senator. “They are trying to break the spirit of workers who are struggling to improve their lives.”

Why the repeal of anti-union laws in Michigan boosts workers nationwide: Michigan’s victory represents the latest in a string of victories for workers mobilizing to build strength across the country.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical How Biden’s oil policies upset both oil companies and environmentalists: To understand the president’s problem, we need to look deeper at the steps to drill on federal land.

Biden administration moves ahead with massive Gulf of Mexico drilling auction, weeks after approving Willow Project: The Biden administration is auctioning off more than 73 million acres of waters in the Gulf of Mexico to offshore oil and gas drilling.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Global
Australia passes climate law limiting fossil fuel emissions: The Australian Parliament took its most meaningful step in years toward addressing global warming Thursday, passing an emissions reduction bill that will compel the country’s biggest industrial polluters to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by about 30 percent by 2030.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Minnesota Train Carrying Ethanol Derails and Ignites: Early reports suggested that over a dozen railcars contained the flammable liquid. A train carrying ethanol derailed and several cars erupted in flames early Thursday in Raymond, Minnesota, sparking an evacuation of residents living near the crash site, officials said. The Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office was notified about the train derailment around 1 a.m. local time (2 a.m. ET.)

Op-ed: A lingering Trump-era regulatory trick could push orcas, salmon to extinction: In the Pacific Northwest there are no species more iconic than orcas, salmon and steelhead.

Lost in the middle of a huge American desert-military complex is the Imperial Dam on the Colorado River: Downstream from the Hoover Dam, the Colorado River flows through the Imperial Dam outside of Yuma and goes from there in different directions: the greatest share to California through the largest canal in the US; small amounts to Arizona and Mexico.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Global Mexico’s Tren Maya hotel construction clears forest reserve without permits by Maxwell Radwin: The construction of a hotel in Mexico’s Calakmul Biosphere Reserve took many residents by surprise when bulldozers started clearing the forest in January. The hotel is part of the Tren Maya project, a controversial railway line that will move tourists and cargo throughout the Yucatán Peninsula and southern Mexico.
Residents said they weren’t consulted and that the location of the project is dangerously close to Maya ruins and important sources of freshwater.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals
California farmworkers are underwater in more ways than one: Farmworkers who can’t work in flooded, damaged fields are losing out on weeks, or months, of wages. Industry experts estimate about a fifth of strawberry farms in the Watsonville and Salinas areas have been flooded since the levee ruptured late Friday about 70 miles (110 kilometers) south of San Francisco and another river overflowed.

# General News
Why the Trump Org Fired Its Jailed Money Man’s Lawyer: Manhattan prosecutors are trying to pressure the Trump Organization’s jailed finance officer to turn on Donald Trump. The company has suddenly replaced his defense lawyer.

Ban on Drones Will Disarm the Police and Remove Fire Department Resources: The debate over the safety of foreign-made drones has some in Florida’s government trying to ban those paid for by taxpayers and used by law enforcement and fire departments for protecting the public.

Matt Gaetz’s Legislative Aide Is a Convicted War Criminal: Derrick Miller, who works on military policy for Rep. Matt Gaetz, served eight years for shooting an Afghan civilian in the head during an interrogation.

# Gov / Politics
Republicans Have Met The Enemy and His Name Is Alvin Bragg: It’s not going to be Donald Trump’s fault if he’s indicted, according to Republicans. Instead, they plan to make Alvin Bragg their next big bogeyman https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.thedailybeast.com/republicans-have-met-the-enemy-and-his-name-is-alvin-bragg__;!!On18fmf1aQ!1FGazgRXJBQIDFEYtoFn8aG3ZpMn17nuPuzBvgiO4wYBRjhtOBXanfrSeUnTc_HqI33rbzpdOjTLFQ77bLnQTbReeXGdYOZX$

Biden Set to Shut Door on Conservatives in Federal Jobs: When working for the government, Joe Biden is no longer content with the tried-and-true question of patriotism: “Are you with or against us?” In a shocking effort to overhaul federal hiring guidelines, the president wants to ask: “Are you with or against me?”

# Law Enforcment
States Try to Obscure Execution Details as Drugmakers Hinder Lethal Injection: More than a dozen states have passed such “shield” laws that conceal key details about the lethal injection process, including the identities of the execution team or drug suppliers, according to the Death Penalty Information Center, a nonprofit research organization.

Cop city coverage fails to question narratives of militarized police: The story of Tortuguita’s death is about protests against militarized policing being met with more militarized policing, which ultimately resulted in a fatal shooting.

# Legal / DOJ
New York Grand Jury Votes to Indict Former President Trump: Trump has not yet been arrested but he will face arraignment on the charges, be fingerprinted, and may be handcuffed.

Trump Jury Digging Into 2nd Hush-Money Payout to Ex-Playmate: There’s a possibility he could face charges for both payments, according to the Wall Street Journal.

# Medical / Health
Narcan, the lifesaving drug that can reverse an opioid overdose, can soon be bought over the counter: The Food and Drug Administration has approved Narcan, a naloxone nasal spray that can reverse opioid overdoses and save lives, for over-the-counter use. First approved as a prescription drug by the FDA in 2015, Narcan is a quick-acting opioid antagonist that reverses the effects of opioids like heroin, fentanyl, codeine, and OxyContin

UnitedHealthcare Will Ax Around 20% Of Existing Prior Authorizations: UnitedHealthcare Will Ax Around 20% Of Existing Prior Authorizations. The changed policy, which will affect commercial, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid members, will begin in the third quarter and will mean providers merely have to notify the insurer about pending care.

Easing the prior authorization journey experience: Prior authorization, or preauthorization, is a process through which health care providers obtain coverage approval from health plans prior to performing certain non-emergency procedures. It can also be an important “checkpoint” to make sure a service or prescription is a clinically appropriate option. However, UnitedHealthcare is working to make sure the system works better for everyone.

Buprenorphine initiation in the ER found safe and effective for individuals with opioid use disorder who use fentanyl: With historically high overdose death rates in U.S., multi-site NIH study reinforces importance of continued, uninterrupted access to addiction medication.

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Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-29

Voices, The Peoples News

March 29, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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This daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

# Indigenous
How Indigenous land management practices are a blueprint for climate-resilient agriculture: As a rapidly warming world strains at the shortcomings in industrial farming, key lessons can be taken from Indigenous practices. As this crisis unfolds before our very eyes, however, rather than look up to the atmosphere to see what can and should be done to curtail some of the worst effects of a rapidly warming world, maybe our gazes should also be trained downward at the soil beneath our feet, while pondering this question: If aggressive commercial agriculture exacerbates the climate crisis, are there key lessons to be learned from Indigenous land management practices that can help to restore environmental balance?

# Border / Immigration / Migrants
Fire at migrant center in Mexico near El Paso kills at least 39: Mexico’s president said the fire started in the Ciudad Juárez center when migrants learned they would be deported and set fire to mattresses in protest. Twenty-nine injured migrants were sent to local hospitals. “Those who blame the victims of the fire obscure the reality that these deaths are an indictment of the policies and structures implemented at large by both governments.” — the Hope Border Institute, a Catholic advocacy group that works with immigrants in El Paso and Juárez, on a fire at a migrant detention center that killed at least 39 men.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
The Mandates Themselves Carry Grave Costs: An under-explored dimension of the harms inflicted via vaccine mandates is the morbidity and mortality caused by the inherent persecution levied by such mandates against those who did not wish to get vaccinated. For someone harmed or killed by a vaccine they were coerced into accepting, the link between the mandate and subsequent injury suffered is obvious. Injuries caused by the economical or psychological trauma inflicted by vaccine mandates are not as readily apparent.

Dr. Robert Redfield: The COVID Pandemic “Was Caused By Science, Not By A Natural Spillover Event!”: “I feel very strongly that we need to have a moratorium on gain-of-function research. I told you that the great pandemic is coming. I think it’s going to come not from spillover. It’s going to come from gain-of-function research or intentional bioterrorism. It’s going to be a bird flu virus that is manipulated to be able to transmit human to human, very similar to what we saw with the COVID.”

Groundbreaking Analysis: COVID Vaccines Caused 300,000 Excess Deaths, $147 Billion in Damage to Economy in 2022 Alone: New estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that the full death toll associated directly or indirectly with the COVID-19 pandemic (described as “excess mortality”) between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2021 was approximately 14.9 million (range 13.3 million to 16.6 million).

COVID Vaccines and the Virus Itself Cause Neurological Disorders, But There’s a Difference, Study Says: According to a study in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, patients with functional neurologic disorder (FND) after SARS-CoV-2 infection had different symptoms than people with FND after COVID-19 vaccines, and patients with post-COVID-19 vaccine FND tended to be younger.

# Employment / Labor
Disney Axes Marvel Entertainment Chairman Amid Layoffs: The company is set to lay off 7,000 employees.  Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter, chairman of Marvel Entertainment, has been laid off, as his division, which is separate from Marvel Studios — is absorbed into other units of Disney. Along with Perlmutter, Marvel Entertainment’s co-president Rob Steffens and chief counsel John Turitzin were also dismissed. Dan Buckley, president of the division, is staying and will report to Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige. A Disney spokesperson confirmed the departures to Variety.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical California takes on oil companies again with law that could cap profits in state: The California governor’s oil profits cap is another blow to one of Sacramento’s most formidable lobbying powers. Following record gas price hikes and profits, Governor Newsom signed his special session bill to hold Big Oil accountable. It is the latest instance in which the Governor has successfully taken on the powerful industry for putting profits over people.

Through the Eyes of Greed: When gas prices rose 150 percent from June 2020 to June 2023, politicians didn’t hesitate to blame corporate greed. Yet over the last six months, they fell 33 percent. Are politicians congratulating oil companies for altruism? No. Market skeptics only see prices through the eyes of greed.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Climate change: Sea levels are rising, and it’s going to get worse: One of the problems with sea level rise is that it happens slowly, a tiny bit each year, making it a threat that people have an easy time ignoring.  We do that at our own peril. “Over time, it is just undeniable. The measurements all say the same thing. The glaciers and ice sheets,are melting.”

Three International Courts Could Soon Rule on the Obligations of Nations in Responding to Climate Change: The rulings, while legally non-binding, could still carry significant moral and legal weight. A group of 18 climate-vulnerable nations are seeking an opinion from the “World Court,” with support from 117 other countries.

Corporate interests ‘watered down’ the latest IPCC climate report, investigations find: References to fossil fuels and meat consumption were removed from the summary, while language bolstering carbon removal technologies were added.

Rewilding Could Help Limit Warming Beyond 1.5°C, Scientists Say: It’s no secret that preserving and restoring wilderness areas is good for ecosystems, but a new study has pinpointed another major benefit to rewilding.

Musk’s Boring Company Wants to Dump Wastewater in Texas River, Worrying Local Residents: Residents of a Texas city outside of Austin are concerned about Elon Musk’s plans for their river water. Musk’s The Boring Company works to quickly dig tunnels for freight, utility and transportation in the hopes of relieving urban congestion. In the process, it’s seeking a permit to release more than 140,000 gallons of treated wastewater into a river near its Bastrop, Texas, facility every day.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Zelensky Invites China’s Xi to Ukraine After Russia Visit: The Ukrainian leader also said that, without U.S. help, “we will not win” the war. “We are ready to see him here,” Zelensky told The Associated Press. “I want to speak with him. I had contact with him before full-scale war. But during all this year, more than one year, I didn’t have.”

# Gov / Politics
Cornyn to Mayorkas: ‘You should be fired, if you had integrity, you would resign’: U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, blasted Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday for what Cornyn said has been his failure to secure the border, for the record number of over one million gotaways evading capture illegally entering the U.S., and for failing to stop fentanyl pouring through the southern border.

The Right Will Blame School Shootings on Literally Anything Other Than Guns: After reports revealed that Nashville’s Covenant School massacre was carried out by a trans person, Republicans immediately added “gender identity” to their list of mass-shooting scapegoats.

Trump’s Campaign Issues Mafia-Style Warning to Anyone Thinking of Working for Ron DeSantis: The Florida governor has not yet announced his candidacy for president, but Trump is very much acting like he’s the competition.

# Law Enforcment
A Young Mom Was Arrested for Theft – and Died Mysteriously in Jail: Through police dashcam video, jailhouse recordings, medical records, depositions, and interviews with family members, we piece together the tragic final days of Ta’Neasha Chappell’s life

# Legal / DOJ
Manhattan DA Insiders Worry the Trump Case Is Weak Sauce: The latest case culminates years of Bragg investigations at the city and state level into Trump and his aides, the Trump Organization and the Trump Foundation.

Federal Judge Shoots Down Mike Pence’s Spineless Attempt to Dodge the Grand Jury Investigating Trump: A federal judge has ruled that former Vice President Mike Pence will have to testify before a grand jury in the Justice Department’s investigation into efforts by former President Donald Trump and his allies to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Lawsuit: Defense Contractor Fired Whistleblower for Reporting Accounting Irregularities: The allegations against spare-parts conglomerate TransDigm mirror previous claims against the ‘Martin Shkreli of defense contracting.’A federal lawsuit filed last month accuses defense contracting conglomerate TransDigm of retaliating against a former vice president of finance at a subsidiary firm for calling attention to accounting practices she deemed improper, such as allegedly fiddling with transaction dates to meet quarterly revenue targets.

Trump Grand Jury Reportedly on Break for a Month: The move means any possible indictment against the twice-impeached former president wouldn’t come until some point in late April.

# Medical / Health
How American Cultural Assumptions Keep Us From Having Universal Health Care: Two beliefs continue to resist universal health care. A nation’s cultural assumptions are dynamic in that political power energizes them to achieve objectives that benefit those who wield power.

ER’s Error Lands a 4-Year-Old in Collections (For Care He Didn’t Receive):  A Florida woman tried to dispute an emergency room bill, but the hospital and collection agency refused to talk to her, because it was her child’s name on the bill, not hers.

House progressive bill wants to take Medicare out of Medicare Advantage’s name: New legislation from two House progressive lawmakers wants to change the name of Medicare Advantage (MA) to “alternative private health plan,” the latest criticism of the program ahead of open enrollment.

1 in 4 kids who get antibiotics in children’s hospitals are prescribed the drugs incorrectly Overuse contributes to dangerous drug-resistant bacteria

FDA-approved drug shows promise in lab models for blinding childhood disease: Strategy may speed delivery of therapeutic options relative to time it would take to develop gene therapies. A National Institutes of Health team has identified a compound already approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that keeps light-sensitive photoreceptors alive in three models of Leber congenital amaurosis type 10 (LCA 10), an inherited retinal ciliopathy disease that often results in severe visual impairment or blindness in early childhood.

Live free, die young in the United States: Ten years after a landmark study on life expectancy in the United States, the news is grim: the number of years a person can expect to live has dropped for the second year in a row, down to 76 years. Maternal mortality and child mortality are rising. And many of the myriad causes of shortened life expectancy are more likely to affect younger people: death from guns, cars and opioids, for example. One thing that might help, say public-health researchers, is for people to open their minds to what works in other countries. “You look at these healthier countries, they’re free countries, England, France, Italy, they’re not banning delicious foods. They’re not chaining people to treadmills,” notes Ravi Sawhney, a co-author of the landmark report.

Idaho GOP Tries to Make ‘Abortion Trafficking’ a Crime: The law would make it illegal for minors to cross state lines in pursuit of an abortion. Abortion advocates say the ban would be especially devastating for pregnant minors in abusive homes

# Medical Science
Another Look at a Popular Medication: You have probably seen commercials for Ozempic. Ozempic is a drug with multiple uses. It had an original use and now has a far more popular secondary use. The problem is that there are dangers in how Ozempic is being prescribed and used for that secondary use. While Ozempic has been approved by the FDA as a treatment for obesity, there are potential risks and side effects associated with its use.

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Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-28

Voices, The Peoples News

March 28, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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This daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

Border / Immigration / Migrants
Mapping Project Reveals Locations of U.S. Border Surveillance Towers: The precise locations of the U.S. government’s high-tech surveillance towers along the U.S-Mexico border are being made public for the first time as part of a mapping project by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
Central Bank Digital Currencies Are About Control – They Should Be Stopped: The problem is that there is no limit to the level of control that the government could exert over people if money is purely electronic and provided directly by the government. A CBDC would give federal officials full control over the money going into–and coming out of–every person’s account.

# Education / Schools
6 people, including 3 children, were fatally shot at a private Christian grade school in Nashville: A former student shot through the doors of a Christian elementary school and killed three children and three adults after elaborately planning the massacre by drawing out a detailed map and conducting surveillance of the building, police said.

School libraries across the country adding books on gender and white supremacy: School districts across the country purchased books in 2022 that cover controversial topics such as critical race theory, white supremacy and gender dysphoria. The Center Square filed Freedom of Information Act requests with numerous school districts around the country and asked for the books they purchased for their K-12 libraries.

Republican Honestly States GOP Plan for School Shootings: ‘We’re Not Going to Fix It’: Gun-loving Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett acknowledged the reality about children dying so long as Americans can own high-powered rifles

# Employment / Labor
Exclusive: FAA Granted Medical Clearance to Pilot With ‘Possible’ Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis: CLAIM: The Federal Aviation Administration loosened the requirements that airline pilots must meet for cardiac health because a large number have heart damage caused by the COVID-19 vaccines.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical
Report: Texas fracking is exacerbating the PFAS crisis: A “staggering volume” of PFAS are being injected into fracked wells. Despite scientific concern, PFAS are still used in everything from waterproof camping gear to fast food containers. And according to a new study, they are used even more in Texas.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Environmentalists praise the EPA’s move to restrict ‘forever chemicals’ in water and wonder, what’s next? Two decades after a lawyer alerted federal officials to the substances, scientists and activists are working to assess the scope of their damage.

‘Rewilding’ parts of the planet could have big climate benefits: Restoring populations of land and marine animals in targeted “rewilding” zones would speed up biological carbon pumps that remove carbon dioxide from the air and sequester the greenhouse gas where it doesn’t harm the climate, new research shows.

DDT Pollution Dumped off Los Angeles Coast Has Not Broken Down Decades Later, Scientists Find: In 2020, University of California (UC), Santa Barbara, scientist David Valentine used a deep-sea robot to confirm that the largest dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) maker in the U.S. had dumped tens of thousands of barrels of the toxic pesticide off the Los Angeles coast. Currently, the dumping area is larger than the size of San Francisco. But now the dumped drums are disintegrating, meaning the DDT will go into the environment and food web next.

100s of Fish Killed in Radioactive Leak Fix at Power Plant: Repair efforts caused a massive temperature shift in the Mississippi River, killing at least 230 fish.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Dad of Girl Who Made Anti-War Drawing Jailed for 2 Years in Russia: 12-year-old daughter, Masha, drew a picture at her school in April 2022 bearing a Ukrainian flag along with the words “Glory to Ukraine” and “No to war.” The school’s principal called the police after seeing the image. Masha has been kept in a children’s center since March 1.  Alexei Moskalev was found guilty of discrediting the Russian army, an offense following the invasion of Ukraine

# Gov / Politics
Congress has been captured by the Arms Industry,we’re paying the price: Pentagon budget is stunning even by the standards of a department used to getting what it wants when it wants it : $1 Trillion for the Pentagon?

# Law Enforcement
Investment fund links to Atlanta police and ‘Cop City’ project revealed: A new investigation has uncovered connections between private equity firms and the contentious development of a sprawling police and fire service training complex in Atlanta known as “Cop City” and the police force which fatally shot an environmental activist.

Atlanta’s “Stop Cop City” Movement Is Spreading Despite Rampant State Repression: Police Raid Atlanta’s Weelaunee Forest to Clear “Cop City” Protesters. Police and prosecutors have used every tool in their arsenal to crush the spreading movement against Atlanta’s Cop City.

# Legal / DOJ
Minnesota suit against e-cigarette maker Juul goes to trial: Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is slated to lead off opening statements expected for Tuesday in his state’s lawsuit against Juul. “We will prove how Juul and Altria deceived and hooked a generation of Minnesota youth on their products, causing both great harm to the public and great expense to the State to remediate that harm,” Ellison said in a statement.

# Medical / Health
North Carolina Becomes 40th State To Expand Medicaid: After years of division in North Carolina over the expansion issue, Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, signed the bill Monday recently passed by the Republican-controlled legislature. The new law is expected to qualify an additional 600,000 residents for Medicaid, though it’s unclear when enrollment will begin due to a budget proviso.

# Medical Science
Artificial pancreas controls blood sugar in young children with type 1diabetes: Children aged 2 to 5 with type 1 diabetes who received an artificial pancreas had more stable blood glucose levels than those who received standard care. The improvement translated into about three hours a day of better blood glucose control, with the largest benefit seen at nighttime

Mixed-race woman potentially cured of HIV using stem cell transplant: A mixed-race woman with leukemia is likely cured of HIV after receiving a transplant including stem cells from banked umbilical cord blood. The result suggests a way to expand the pool of available stem cells for curing HIV in people who require transplants for other medical conditions.

# Medical Technology
Blind elderly man regains sight: world’s first autotransplantation is revolutionary: The doctors performed a corneal autotransplant, enlarged to include the sclera and conjunctiva. This innovative technique allowed the patient to partially recover his sight, using tissue from the other blind eye.

# Military / DOD

# Military / Global

# Nuclear
U.S. and Russia Enter ‘Silent Treatment’ Era on Nuclear Data: The U.S. will no longer share information about its nuclear forces with Moscow. “Since they have refused to be compliant with that particular modality of New START, we have decided to likewise not share that data.”

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Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-27

Voices, The Peoples News

March 27, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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This daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

# Indigenous
Beaten, Bombed, and Buried: the Decade-Long Persecution of Forest Defenders. Heavily Militarized police force vs forest activists. On January 18, Southeast of Atlanta’s downtown, in an area once inhabited the Muscogee (Creek) people in what they called the Weelaunee Forest, now called the South River Forest, 26-year-old Indigenous forest defender Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, known to his friends and family as Tortuguita (Little Turtle), was shot and killed in his tent by the Georgia State Patrol. Members of the State Patrol were part of a SWAT team composed of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Atlanta Police, other local law enforcement officers and, according to a GBI press release, the FBI.

# Archaeology
# Border / Immigration / Migrants
Lawsuit says GEO Group ‘poisoned’ ICE detainees with cleaning chemicals: A new lawsuit filed against one of the nation’s largest for-profit prison operators, GEO Group Inc., alleges the company improperly used toxic chemicals to clean its detention centers, causing inmates to get sick.

# Education / Schools
Big oil on campus: How US universities are ‘colonized’ by the fossil fuel industry: Students at Princeton describe unease that Exxon employee had an office on campus, while dozens of universities have big oil links.

Rethinking Education as the Practice of Freedom: Henry Giroux: America’s slide into a fascist politics demands a revitalized understanding of the historical moment in which we find ourselves, along with a systemic critical analysis of the new political formations that mark this period. Part of this challenge is to create a new language and mass social movement to address and construct empowering terrains of education, politics, justice, culture, and power that challenge existing systems of white supremacy, white nationalism, manufactured ignorance, and economic oppression.

Parents’ Bill of Rights passes GOP-led House, triggering fear of book bans and LGBTQ restrictions in schools: Democrats Push Back After House GOP Passes Bill to Expand Scholastic Book Bans. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the Democrat-controlled Senate will not take up the bill, which he called “Orwellian to the core.”

When Missouri Proposed Library Censorship, Librarians Got Organized: The librarians’ partial victory shows how pro-worker, anti-censorship organizing can work even in a conservative state.

# Employment / Labor
Using Industrial Policy to Promote Social Justice: Can the Biden administration maximize its leverage and speak with one voice? “You will not be successful unless you find a way to attract, train, put to work and retain women, and you won’t do that without child care.”

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical Deep-sea mining for rare metals will destroy ecosystems, say scientists: Deep-sea mining for rare metals will destroy ecosystems, say scientists. An investigation by conservationists has found evidence that deep-seabed mining of rare minerals could cause “extensive and irreversible” damage to the planet.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Global
B.C.’s latest LNG approval sends mixed messages about commitments to climate and Indigenous rights: Cedar LNG would export three million tonnes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) annually, about 30 per cent of what its larger neighbour plans to ship when it starts operations in 2026. Like LNG Canada, it would receive its supply from Coastal GasLink.

Shell’s sale of Nigerian oil assets helps meet climate change goals, with unintended consequences: Unfortunately, one company’s step away from high-emitting activity can be another’s opportunity to double down. Immediately after its sale to a private-equity backed firm, Trans-Niger Oil & Gas, levels of flaring (the high-emission burning of excess gas released when pumping up oil) at the Umuechem oil field quadrupled and the acquirer announced its intention to rapidly triple oil production.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure There’s a sharp-elbowed progressive atop the Senate Budget Committee, with big ideas about corporate greed, the environment and shaking up Washington. And it isn’t Bernie Sanders. No, it’s Sheldon Whitehouse, a Rhode Islander who’s notorious for skewering Republicans (while quietly working with them) and challenging Democratic leadership every two years to give up their gavels.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Global More Than Half of Australia’s Shallow Reef Species in Decline as Oceans Warm: More than 50 percent of the species that live in Australia’s shallow reefs declined in numbers as ocean waters warmed over the past decade.

Fracking May Have Caused a Record-Breaking Earthquake in Canada: A seismologist says wastewater disposal from fracking may have caused the largest earthquake ever recorded in Alberta. New research reveals wastewater injected underground by fossil fuel operators caused a magnitude 5.6 earthquake in November 2022 in the Peace River area of Alberta’s oil sands region. This is the first study to link seismicity in the area to human activity.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals
Challenging myths — Organic farming fleeces consumers and does not significantly promote sustainability: The products and practices that define it are completely arbitrary, with no scientific basis; “organic” is nothing more than agricultural and nutritional mumbo jumbo, the goal of which is to fleece consumers. It does this remarkably well, to the tune of over $50 billion worth of overpriced products annually in the U.S.

# General News
What connects Trump’s likely arrest with the bank bailouts? Let’s start with multi-billionaire Peter Thiel, and follow the money. Charges of hypocrisy have been leveled at Thiel and wealthy depositors who claim to be libertarians but were rescued by the government. There was nothing hypocritical about it. Thiel and others like him aren’t really opposed to government, per se. They’re opposed to democracy. They prefer an oligarchy, a government controlled by super-wealthy people. Thiel is part of the anti-democracy movement, of which Trump is the informal leader. Their antipathy to democracy comes from the same fear that the extremely wealthy have always harbored about democracy, that a majority could vote to take away their money.

Donald Trump Has a Fresh Legal Headache, and It May Be His Worst Yet: The former president has had no shortage of legal and political setbacks since leaving the White House. But in recent weeks, the sheer volume of acute threats, both criminal and civil, have put Trump in a vise unlike any he’s faced before.

# Gov / Politics / Global
China threatens consequences over US warship’s actions: China threatened “serious consequences” Friday after the United States Navy sailed a destroyer around the disputed Paracel Islands in the South China Sea for the second day in a row, in a move Beijing claimed was a violation of its sovereignty and security.

In blow to Taiwan, Honduras and China officially establish diplomatic relation: Taiwan’s flag flies in Taipei. Honduras has formally established diplomatic ties with China and severed them with Taiwan, ending a decades-long relationship and dealing a blow to the self-ruled island democracy in its struggle for recognition

Authorities raid Beijing offices of US Mintz Group detaining five Chinese staff: Company offering corporate due diligence services says it received no legal notice of a case against it: The raid on the U.S. firm comes as relations between Washington and Beijing remain tense, following the incursion of a Chinese spy balloon in U.S. airspace last month and U.S. allegations that China is considering providing Russia with lethal aid for its war in Ukraine.

Russia Threatens Deployment of Nuclear Weapons in Belarus: The Russian leader said 10 fighter jets capable of carrying tactical nuclear weapons — generally a reference to smaller weapons used for limited battlefield attacks, rather than larger, long-range “strategic” nuclear weapons — were already deployed in Belarus. Putin said Russia would also position nuclear-armed Iskander hypersonic missiles, with a range of around 300 miles, in Belarus.

# Gov / Politics
How Environmental—Social—Governance (ESG) screens can be manipulated to promote misleading science and damage sustainability efforts: ESG is an endless process of “improvements” imposed by people with little understanding of agricultural challenges means that the goal of achieving sustainable intensification (and farmer profitability) is getting further from reality. But as long as farmers can meet the targets food corporations and retailers are imposing, corporate stocks will be harvesting profits.

Why Would China Be An Enemy? The United States has been forced to contemplate the mortality of its economic dominance. To react to Beijing’s growing economic power by increasing Western military power is hopeless. It is harder to think of a more stupid example of lashing out in blind anger. China has simply no record, for over 60 years, of attacking and invading other countries. The anti-Chinese military posture adopted by the leaders of U.S., U.K. and Australia as they pour astonishing amounts of public money into the corrupt military industrial complex to build pointless nuclear submarines, appears a deliberate attempt to create military tension with China.

The U.S./EU/NATO Axis of Domination Remains the Greatest Threat to International Peace on our Planet: Iraq and Libya were both targeted by the U.S. in the month of March. The anniversaries of these war crimes must be commemorated, and the nature of the US/EU/NATO war machine must be understood.

Breaking: RFK, Jr. and CHD Sue Biden, Fauci for Alleged Censorship: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense on Friday filed a class action lawsuit against President Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci and other top administration officials and federal agencies, alleging they “waged a systematic, concerted campaign” to compel the nation’s three largest social media companies to censor constitutionally protected speech.

MTG Responds to Nashville Shooting by Calling for More Guns Around Kids: The Georgia congresswoman called for more “good guys with guns” hours after a mass shooting left six dead at an elementary school. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is calling for prayers and more guns in schools following a mass shooting at a Nashville elementary school that left three students and three teachers dead on Monday.

# Legal / DOJ
English lawyers refuse to prosecute climate protestors in ‘declaration of conscience’: “Young lawyers are being placed in an impossible position. We’re being told by our firms and regulators it’s a professional obligation to act for fossil fuel projects, knowing that doing so will poison our own future and all of life on Earth.”

# LGBTQ / Gender
“We Have to Fight”: LGBTQ Youth Stage Walkouts, Marches Against Anti-Trans Bills: “We need to be loud,” said one youth activist at a march in Colorado. “We are here and we are powerful.” Trans activists have organized demonstrations at capitol buildings across the country and are currently coordinating protests for Trans Day of Visibility on March 31 and Trans Day of Vengeance on April 1. Activists have planned rallies at the state capitol of Georgia, which recently became the 10th state to ban gender-affirming care; Tucson, Arizona; the Missouri state capitol; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; New York City; and the Kansas state capitol, among others.

# Medical / Health
This new fungus is a problem and climate change is the reason why: Climate change seems to be making it easier for pathogens to pose risks to our health. A recent entrant is Candida auris, an emerging fungus that was first reported in the US in 2016.

What experts say about Candida auris, the new “urgent threat” to human health: Climate change seems to be making it easier for pathogens to pose risks to our health. A recent entrant is Candida auris, an emerging fungus that was first reported in the US in 2016. Candida auris is a type of yeast that can spread from person to person and is resistant to antifungal treatments. The CDC calls it an “urgent threat.”

California Goes In for Drugmaking: The state will make and distribute insulin at cost. That should be a model for every other state. Once the medicines are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Newsom said at a press conference on Saturday, Civica, under the 10-year agreement with the state worth $50 million, will start making the new CalRx insulins later this year. The contract covers three forms of insulin, glargine, lispro and aspart.

# Military / Global
North Korea launches two more missiles to coincide with US, South Korean exercises. Both missiles flew 217 miles at a maximum altitude of 31 miles before falling into the sea outside of Japan’s exclusive economic zone. Fighter jets roared off the USS Nimitz as the nuclear-powered U.S. aircraft carrier and its battle group began exercises with South Korean warships on Monday, hours after North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles in an apparent protest of the allies’ expanding drills. The seventh missile test this month underscored heightening tensions in the region as both the North’s weapons tests and the U.S.-South Korea joint military exercises have intensified in a cycle of tit-for-tat.

# Water
Philadelphia residents warned about chemical spill in river: Bucks County health officials said Sunday that a leak late Friday evening at the Trinseo Altuglas chemical facility in Bristol Township spilled between 8,100 and 12,000 gallons of a water-based latex finishing solution into the river. Officials said it is non-toxic to humans and no known adverse health effects have been reported in the county.

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Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-25

Voices, The Peoples News

March 25, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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This daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

# Indigenous
Green colonialism is flooding the Pacific Northwest: The Yakama Nation is fighting a pumped hydro storage development near Goldendale, Washington – but it’s just one of many. These traditional root digging sites are irreplaceable and energy project will probably not do what they say it will. The rush to develop #RenewableEnergy in the Pacific Northwest has triggered a repeat of Manifest Destiny. I investigated one development, and found loopy logic, accountability-dodging and incentivism, as feds and county government enable corporations and keep tribal nations robbed of any meaningful way to protect cultural properties:

# Indigenous / Global
Lifestyle of Indigenous Amazonian Tribes May Hold Secret to Peak Brain
Health: Who inspires you to live a healthier life? While many people follow the lifestyles of the rich and famous, scientists at the University of Southern California suggest looking to the indigenous communities of the Bolivian Amazon

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
‘Jewel in the crown’ COVID-19 infection survey bows out: The survey has provided vital information on the prevalence of the virus for nearly three years. Official estimates of UK Covid-19 infections will come to a halt on Friday – just as levels may be on the increase again. The long-running coronavirus infection survey, dubbed the ‘envy of the world’ for its success in measuring prevalence of the virus among the population, will publish its final regular update on March 24.

COVID-19 death rates varied dramatically across US, major analysis finds: Death rates from COVID-19 varied dramatically across the United States, a major new analysis finds. The report, published Thursday in medical journal The Lancet, looked at the rate of deaths throughout the country between January 2020 and July 2022. COVID death rates in states like Arizona and New Mexico were roughly four times higher than in states like Hawaii, New Hampshire and Maine, researchers found.

Predicting vaccine effectiveness against severe COVID-19 over time and against variants: a meta-analysis: Vaccine protection from symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection has been shown to be strongly correlated with neutralising antibody titres; however, this has not yet been demonstrated for severe COVID-19. To explore whether this relationship also holds for severe COVID-19, we performed a systematic search for studies reporting on protection against different SARS-CoV-2 clinical endpoints and extracted data from 15 studies.

White House To Dissolve COVID Team As It Prepares For End Of Emergency Measures: The Covid national and public health emergencies are set to end on 11 May, bringing to a close some of the benefits to which Americans have been entitled since the pandemic began, including free coronavirus testing and treatment.

Dr. Marty Makary in his testimony before the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government: Johns Hopkins University professor Dr. Marty Makary told the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic during its first hearing on Tuesday “the greatest perpetrator of misinformation during the pandemic has been the United States government” and listed multiple examples.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
House Republicans Finalizing Their Debt Limit Demands: House Republicans said Thursday that they are preparing a “term sheet” of conditions they want met by the President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats before they agree to raise the federal borrowing limit and avert what would be a calamitous debt default.

# Education / Schools
‘Never Seen Anything Like This’: US Librarians Report Book Bans Hit Record High in 2022: “Each attempt to ban a book by one of these groups represents a direct attack on every person’s constitutionally protected right to freely choose what books to read and what ideas to explore,” said one intellectual freedom advocate.

# Employment / Labor
Steven Rattner’s Not Afraid Of Work From Home, He’s Afraid Of Worker Power: The real terror for Wall Street titans like Rattner? That workers aren’t going to put up with whatever he and his fellow bosses throw at them anymore.

Gov. Whitmer Signs Historic Workers Rights Bills Into Law in Michigan: “After decades of anti-worker attacks, Michigan has restored the balance of power for working people by passing laws to protect their freedom to bargain for the good wages, good benefits, and safe workplaces they deserve,” said one labor organizer.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical In Montana, it’s youth vs. the state in a landmark climate case: Sixteen young Montanans have sued their state, arguing that its support of fossil fuels violates the state Constitution.

Seymour Hersh Accuses US of ‘Cover Up’ Over Nord Stream Sabotage: The veteran investigative journalist alleged that Biden administration officials have been “feeding” the press false stories to “protect a president who made an unwise decision and is now lying about it.”

Simon Lewis: The IPCC’s climate report has drawn the battle lines for Cop28: oil profits or a livable future: A pact to phase out fossil fuels in November’s UN climate talks is the only credible response to the warnings of scientists.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure
Study: Marine heat waves can happen deep underwater: A NOAA study finds marine heat waves can occur with little evidence of ocean warming at the surface, which impacts fisheries management. New research led by NOAA scientists shows that marine heat waves happen deep underwater.

Report: Texas isn’t holding polluters accountable for unexpected emissions: A new report found that companies in Texas have had 21,000 unexpected pollution releases that emitted 400,000 tons of air pollution over six year https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.texastribune.org/2023/03/23/texas-environment-pollution-tceq-report/*:*:text=A*20new*20report*20found*20that,Texas*20Commission*20on*20Environmental*20Quality__;I34lJSUlJSUlJQ!!On18fmf1aQ!35fjgyhVZH-qKD0KGdR-Sms0xUo–5o4QrCEBvVs411O-N0RN4udnuYV3tjEsM1qg8pSPlDg7Lxs66cYVhGYBizMK6R8ANyL$

The Bush-Era Memos Behind Biden’s Drilling Decision: How will Willow affect polar bears? The Fish and Wildlife Service overlooked an important angle. Willow would permanently scar the largest undeveloped area in the United States, jeopardize the health and traditional practices of nearby Indigenous communities, and harm essential wildlife habitat for polar bears, migratory birds, caribou and other iconic species.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Global UK Lawyers Sign ‘Declaration of Conscience’ Not to Prosecute Peaceful Climate Protesters: “It’s the ordinary people of this country, taking a stand against this greed and destruction that the British legal system prosecutes and imprisons, jailing them just for talking about the climate crisis and fuel poverty.”

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Global
How will we feed 10 billion people by 2050? Ask the Netherlands: The Netherlands’ hyper-efficient food system is both a triumph and a cautionary tale.

# General News
EPA opens new public comment on proposed asbestos ban: In an unusual move, the EPA opened a new public comment period on its proposed asbestos ban to get input regarding new information, including ProPublica findings that workers were “swimming” in the deadly substance.

Trump Rally in Waco Called Not a Dog Whistle, But a ‘Blaring Air Horn’ to Far-Right: “There’s not really another place in the U.S. that you could pick that would tap into these deep veins of anti-government hatred—Christian nationalist skepticism of the government,” said one extremism expert.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Israel’s defense minister became the first ally in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition to break ranks on Saturday as he called for an immediate halt to the far-right government’s contentious plan to overhaul the country’s judiciary.

The Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen said they were imposing severe restrictions starting Saturday on U.N. and other humanitarian flights arriving in the capital, Sanaa.

# Gov / Politics / US
U.S. House passes ‘parents bill of rights’: House Republicans passed the “Parents Bill of Rights” Friday, the latest step in the party’s push on education and controversial classroom topics like critical race theory and LGBT issues

If Trump Is Prosecuted, George W. Bush Should Be Too: Current and former presidents shouldn’t be above the law.

# Law Enforcement
The Mystery Death of West Virginia Dad Arrested on a Highway: According to an initial release by West Virginia State Police, at 9:15 p.m. on Feb. 12, a single state trooper responded to reports that an individual was walking along a highway near Martinsburg, West Virginia. That person, Exline, was later confirmed to be dead. WVSP officer from Charles Town confirmed that Exline was tased during the encounter

# Medical / Health
A Red State’s Anti-Abortion Judges Just Made a Chilling Declaration of Their True Beliefs: Health crises are never so predictable and containable; they do not progress in linear fashion, with easy off-ramps at every level of endangerment. But anti-abortion conservatives would never admit this, because it would imperil their entire mythology of pregnancy. So they pretend that their laws will never endanger patients’ lives and issue grave, self-exonerating statements when faced with an anecdote to the contrary.

Climate Change Enables the Spread of a Dangerous Flesh-Eating Bacteria in US Coastal Waters, Study Says. ‘It’s expanding’: Deadly flesh-eating bacteria thrive on East Coast as climate warms, research shows. A flesh-eating bacteria that kills roughly 20% of its victims and lives in coastal waters is expanding far beyond its original Gulf Coast home, working its way up the East Coast at about 30 miles per year.

How Cigna Saves Millions by Having Its Doctors Reject Claims Without Reading Them: Internal documents and former company executives reveal how Cigna doctors reject patients’ claims without opening their files. “We literally click and submit,” one former company doctor said.

UnitedHealthcare Tried to Deny Coverage to a Chronically Ill Patient. He Fought Back, Exposing the Insurer’s Inner Workings: After a college student finally found a treatment that worked, the insurance giant decided it wouldn’t pay for the costly drugs. His fight to get coverage exposed the insurer’s hidden procedures for rejecting claims.

‘Shocking and Immoral’: Report Details Private Equity’s Stranglehold on US Healthcare: “The damage that private equity has wrought on Americans’ healthcare from cradle to grave, simply for profit, has become a life-or-death situation.” Private equity’s ownership of U.S. healthcare providers is incompatible with the needs and best interests of patients and should be checked with federal legislation, according to a report published Wednesday by the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen.

Senate Dems Blast Medicare Advantage Giants Over ‘Exorbitant’ CEO Pay: “It is outrageous that industry groups, on your behalf, are putting your plan’s enormous profits over care for seniors,” wrote Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Jeff Merkley. Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Jeff Merkley are calling attention to the massive profits and “exorbitant” executive salaries of top Medicare Advantage insurers such as UnitedHealthcare and Humana, which are leading a lobbying blitz against efforts to combat widespread fraud in the privately run healthcare program.

How This State GOP Completely Changed Its Mind On Medicaid Expansion: This week, Republicans in the North Carolina House lined up to vote on another expansion bill, and this time most of them voted for it, with the legislation passing by a total margin of 87 to 24. The vote came a week after the GOP-controlled Senate approved the same proposal by an even more lopsided, 44 to 2, margin. The overwhelming margins behind Medicaid expansion and investment in it by the state’s most powerful elected officials mean it is likely to happen, by most accounts, that it’s probably a question of when, not if, an estimated 600,000 low-income residents will soon have a chance to get health insurance.

# Military / Global
Putin says Russia will station tactical nukes in Belarus: Russian President Vladimir Putin announced plans on Saturday to station tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus.

Putin: “Russian Nuclear Weapons in Belarus as Answer to Depleted Uranium Ammo Supply by UK to Kiev”: So-called tactical nuclear weapons can be launched on mobile short-range ballistic missile systems such as the “Iskander.” Moscow is completing the construction of a specialized storage facility for such arms, amid repeated calls by Minsk to deploy them on its soil, he added. The site in Belarus will be ready by July 1

# Science
What’s it take to get ‘forever chemicals’ out of drinking water? A rule proposed March 14 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency could drive water systems to install filtration equipment at thousands of locations nationwide. Tucked away from the sight of passing motorists, a pair of 21-foot-high steel tanks costing $1 million rise off West Butler Avenue in New Britain, Bucks County, as they filter out a toxic class of chemicals known as PFAS. Expect a lot more costly tanks like these to rise throughout the Philadelphia region.

Canada: Scientists discover new method to break down toxic ‘forever chemicals’: Scientists at the University of British Columbia announced on Wednesday they had developed a new silica-based material with ability to absorb a wider range of the harmful chemicals, and new tools to break them apart them.

As Microbiome Science Forges Ahead, Will Some Be Left Behind? The FDA’s approval of the first fecal microbiota treatment last fall was a watershed moment for research on the human microbiome. It should also serve as a reminder of how critical it is to ensure that this research serves all of humanity, not just the world’s wealthiest countries.

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Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-23

Voices, The Peoples News

March 23, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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This daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates Again, Despite Bank Failures: What they’re saying: “The events in the banking system over the past two weeks are likely to result in tighter credit conditions for households and businesses, which would in turn affect economic outcomes,” Fed chair Jerome Powell said at a news conference.

Three Banks Have Now Collapsed. A Progressive Economist Explains Why: An economist who correctly predicted the Great Financial Crisis says the world’s central banks have chosen ‘class war over financial stability’

# Employment / Labor
Child Labor Is on the Rise as Republicans See an Answer to Labor Shortages: Anti-immigrant policies and spiraling rates of poverty are driving thousands of children into the U.S. labor market. In the last fiscal year alone, the Department of Labor discovered 835 companies illegally employing more than 3,800 minors.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical Plan to mine ‘clean energy’ metals in Colombian Amazon splits communities: Libero Copper, a Canadian company, plans to mine copper, molybdenum and other metals in the richly biodiverse Andean-Amazon Piedmont https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://news.mongabay.com/2023/03/plan-to-mine-clean-energy-metals-in-colombian-amazon-splits-communities/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!z-E233oAxIM5AAsQr3E1s-cDMAan9ad2lyC-NasNcbEOvy1yuXVFHCV23jJucbABRfPmRYNNb-x8lLhigbhosv9W98fkiCEF$

Renewable energy production will exacerbate mining threats to biodiversity: Renewable energy production is necessary to halt climate change and reverse associated biodiversity losses. However, generating the required technologies and infrastructure will drive an increase in the production of many metals, creating new mining threats for biodiversity. Here, we map mining areas and assess their spatial coincidence with biodiversity conservation sites and priorities.

Offshore oil is about to surge: Spending on new offshore oil projects over the next two years is projected to soar to levels not seen in a decade. The revival comes amid increasingly dire warnings about global warming. Oil executives love to talk about the energy transition. But for all the platitudes about technologies such as hydrogen and carbon capture, most are doubling down on what they know best. Oil.

New climate paper calls for charging big US oil firms with homicide: New climate paper calls for charging big US oil firms with homicide. Oil companies have come under increasing legal scrutiny and face allegations of defrauding investors, racketeering, and a wave of other lawsuits. The paper is rooted in part in the growing body of evidence fossil fuel companies knew of the harm their products caused and misled the public about them.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure To Prevent the Collapse of Biodiversity, the World Needs a New Planetary Politics: The planet is in the midst of an environmental emergency, and the world is only tinkering at the margins. Humanity’s addiction to fossil fuels and voracious appetite for natural resources are accelerating climate change and degrading ecosystems on land and sea, threatening the integrity of the biosphere and thus the survival of our own species. It is time to govern the world as if the Earth mattered.

Trump appointees interfered to weaken EPA assessment of toxic chemical: Watchdog finds PFBS toxicity value was altered in 2021 report, as scientists say episode part of ‘larger rot at the agency.’

Decline of more than 500 species of marine life in Australian reefs ‘the tip of the iceberg’, study finds: More than 500 common species of fish, seaweed, coral and invertebrates that live on reefs around Australia have declined in the past decade, a study has found, as experts warn “not all is well in the ocean”

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Global
The Problems With the Amazon Labor Union: How the company’s refusal to bargain has empowered the ALU’s president but hurt the union. There’s trouble in the Amazon Labor Union.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals
Paraquat, the deadliest chemical in US agriculture, goes on trial: Amid lawsuits filed by thousands of farmers linking the herbicide to Parkinson’s disease, the EPA is reconsidering its analysis of paraquat: Amid lawsuits filed by thousands of farmers linking the herbicide to Parkinson’s disease, the EPA is reconsidering its analysis of paraquat’s risks.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Witnesses Unravel Mass Murder Mystery That Could Ruin Putin: The attack in Chimbolo coincided with a meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has called for “severe punishment” for those behind the attack, and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow this week. A fallout with China as a result of the Chimbolo murders is something Putin is desperate to avoid. While Russia is mired in a military and economic quagmire over the war in Ukraine, China has emerged as Russia’s biggest diplomatic, financial and technological backer.

# Law Enforcement
Student shot 2 faculty members at Denver high school, police say; body found in search for suspect: The suspected shooter, identified as 17-year-old Austin Lyle, was at large, and the weapon was not found at the school, Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas said in a news conference. He was wanted for attempted homicide.

Denver School Shooting Suspect Found Dead After Manhunt: Austin Lyle, 17, was found dead in a wooded area hours after he allegedly shot two faculty members at East High School in Denver, Colorado

Can Alvin Bragg Handle the Politics of a Trump Indictment? If he’s not already, Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg will likely soon be a household name should he criminally charge Donald Trump.

# Legal / DOJ
Proud Boys Witness Was Informant, Federal Prosecutors Reveal: Defense attorneys have demanded an emergency hearing over the disclosure.

# LGBTQ / Gender
DeSantis Administration Seeks to Expand “Don’t Say Gay” Restrictions to Older Grades: The proposal aims to bar any discussion of LGBTQ topics through grade 12 in Florida’s public schools.

Alaska Board of Education Passes Anti-Trans Resolution Without Public Notice: Democratic lawmakers in the state were only notified of the resolution after it passed.

# Medical / Health
Legal Questions, Inquiries Intensify Around Noble Health’s Rural Missouri Hospital Closures: A year after private equity-backed Noble Health shuttered two rural Missouri hospitals, a slew of lawsuits and state and federal investigations grind forward. Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey recently confirmed an “ongoing” investigation as former employees continue to go unpaid and cope with unpaid medical claims.

# Medical Science
Gene editing medicine is accelerating: More than 200 people worldwide have been treated with experimental CRISPR therapies: At a global genome-editing summit, exciting trial results were tempered by safety and ethical concerns. Sickle cell patient Victoria Gray is one of more than 200 people who have been treated with CRISPR-based therapies in clinical trials, said David Liu of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, who has led the development of new and improved forms of CRISPR. Trials are also underway for a range of other diseases, including cancers, genetic vision loss, and amyloidosis.

# Water
Lack of safe drinking water for city dwellers to double by 2050: Globally, two billion people do not have safe drinking water and 3.6 billion lack access to safely managed sanitation, the report found. The global urban population facing water scarcity is projected to potentially double from 930 million in 2016 to between 1.7 and 2.4 billion people, in 2050. The report found that water scarcity is also becoming more common in rural areas, with water shortages affecting from two to three billion people for at least a month out of each year.

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Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-22

Voices, The Peoples News

March 22, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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This daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Biden Signs Bill Declassifying Information on the Origin of COVID-19: The U.S. director of national intelligence has three months to declassify information on potential links between China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology and the origin of COVID-19, after President Joe Biden signed legislation Monday. The bill was one of the first Biden has signed since a 118th Congress split between the two parties began in January.

Moderna CEO Blasted by Lawmakers for Planned Covid Vaccine Price Hike: The CEO of drugmaker Moderna came under fire from lawmakers Wednesday at a The CEO of drugmaker Moderna came under fire from lawmakers Wednesday at a Senate hearing focused on the company’s plans to quadruple the price of its Covid-19 vaccine. Moderna’s Covid booster costs about $26 per dose under a 2022 deal with the government, but the company plans to raise the price to about $130 per dose once the public health emergency ends, which is expected to happen in May.Senate hearing focused on the company’s plans to more than quadruple the price of its Covid-19 vaccine.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
Armstrong: WOKE Culture is Destroying the Economy & our Nation: The collapse of Credit Swiss as well as SVB, Signature, and more to come, have a common theme – the Failure of Risk Managment. When we look closer at the staff involved, they were not what you would consider at the top of their class.

Three Banks Have Now Collapsed. There is a banking crisis underway and the problems are spreading, says Gerald Epstein. The collapses of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank are the two biggest bank failures since 2008. Silicon Valley Bank had deep ties to the high-tech industry while Signature Bank and Silvergate were some of the world’s biggest crypto-friendly banks. So, why are banks collapsing now? A Progressive Economist Explains Why.

Warren, Sanders Call for End to Rules Letting Billionaire Dynasties Dodge Taxes: The lawmakers are calling for scrutiny of some of the most popular forms of tax evasion by the richest Americans.

# Education / Schools
Investigation from Georgetown to Langly; The controversial connection between a prestigious university and the CIA: If you have ever wondered, “where do America’s spies come from?” the answer is quite possibly the Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS) at Georgetown University. It is only a modestly-seized institution, yet the school provides the backbone for the Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Defense, State Department, and other organs of the national security state.

Gov. Greg Abbott organizes “school choice” rally at the Capitol: Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has embraced Senate Bill 8, which will get its first committee hearing Wednesday. But House Speaker Dade Phelan hasn’t made school choice legislation a priority.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical U.S. can shift to EVs without widespread, destructive mining: The new report suggests limiting electric vehicle battery sizes and reducing car dependency to lower the demand for lithium by up to 66%

Citing ‘racial cleansing,’ Louisiana ‘cancer alley’ residents sue over zoning: Legal experts describe a new environmental justice lawsuit as significant, timely and ambitious. Will conservative judges agree? Making the case their local government was built on a culture of white supremacy, Black residents of St. James Parish in Louisiana’s “cancer alley” have filed a federal lawsuit claiming land-use and zoning policies illegally concentrated more than a dozen polluting industrial plants where they live.

Spike in Whale and Dolphin Deaths Prompts Calls for Investigation Into Impact of Offshore Wind Projects on Marine Life: A spate of whale and dolphin deaths along New Jersey’s shore is prompting Republican lawmakers to call for a halt to preliminary work on Governor Phil Murphy’s offshore wind projects.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Flood-prone communities in Virginia may lose a lifeline if governor pulls state out of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Aside from capping power plant emissions, the RGGI program sustains a state fund that helps coastal towns cope with recurring storms and rising tides.

Ghosts of polluters past presents a troubling account of the pervasiveness of toxic soil lead contamination in America’s urban centers, and the cumulative impact of industrialization and racial inequities. As soil tests reveal the pervasiveness of lead contamination, one California barrio continues its long struggle for justice.

Toxic churn; The legacy of long-gone industry pollutes U.S. cities: Government data doesn’t capture it. Regulators aren’t paying attention to it. But contamination from the past harms people in the present.

The Ground Beneath Their Feet: The only way to stop the long-lasting harms of lead poisoning in children is to end exposure to the chemical, and with data-driven and community-based action, that’s possible.

Lead keeps poisoning children.  It doesn’t have to: The only way to stop long-lasting harms is to end exposure. And that’s possible, with the right actions.

OK, Boomer, Your Turn. Older Americans Blockade Banks to Protest Fossil Fuel Financing: Over 100 climate protests are scheduled to take place Tuesday in more than two dozen states, with many of the demonstrators in their 60s or older. Climate activists are taking to the streets Tuesday in one of the biggest coordinated demonstrations over global warming since millions of the world’s youth walked out of their classrooms in 2019 to urge their governments to do more to tackle the climate crisis. Except this time, it’s not young people leading the charge but Baby Boomers https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/mar/19/climate-crisis-protest-environment-third-act-bill-mckibben__;!!On18fmf1aQ!0lYsm4IAUbwpno-hiKHJxoj00aZFIHfy-2hgdgccGb6kjPtbd_8yMDw1mX3q2Nx_dIfA5bNNHQHmkaH2CoYZXCkFD42xQOvM$

# General News
Fever Dreams; Why Trump Is Reviving Years-Old Accusations Against DeSantis: While prosecutors appear to be closing in on Donald Trump and preparing to file formal charges, he’s been posting up an absolute storm on Truth Social.

What’s Worse for Donald Trump Than Getting Indicted? Inside the online fringes devoted to the former president, there’s another worrying sign for him. Trump claimed the indictment would come down Tuesday, which it did not, but his explicit call for unrest has left New York bracing for a potential mass protest. Does the city need to be worried? Trump’s call for action sounded similar to his rhetoric before the Jan. 6 attack, but the response this time seems to be a lot more muted.

# Gov / Politics / Global
President Xi Jinping invited President Vladimir Putin to visit China later this year. According to the Washington Post, Xi told Putin, “There’s a change coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years. When we are together, we are driving this change.”

Col. MacGregor: The GATHERING Storm in Ukraine Spells Doom for the West: Colonel Douglas Macgregor sits down with Redacted Host Clayton Morris to talk about the impending collapse of western hegemony. The west continues to push for a direct confrontation with the Russia and China while U.S. can’t even produce ammunition.

# Gov / Politics / US
The crisis of American national power has begun: The great struggles of the twentieth century between liberty and totalitarianism ended with a decisive victory for the forces of freedom, and a single sustainable model for national success: freedom, democracy, and free enterprise. In the twenty-first century, only nations that share a commitment to protecting basic human rights and guaranteeing political and economic freedom will be able to unleash the potential of their people and assure their future prosperity.

Birth Again the Dream of Global Peace and Mutual Respect: The US is attempting to maintain its position of ‘single master’ through an aggressive military. On 24 February 2023, the Chinese Foreign Ministry released a twelve-point plan entitled ‘China’s Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukraine Crisis’. This ‘peace plan’, as it has been called, is anchored in the concept of sovereignty, building upon the well-established principles of the United Nations Charter (1945) and the Ten Principles from the Bandung Conference of African and Asian states held in 1955.

# Legal / DOJ
Court Makes ‘Extraordinary’ Late Night Demands in Trump Case: A U.S. appeals court is expected to rule shortly on whether Trump attorney Evan Corcoran can appear before a grand jury in Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago classified documents case. The move comes after a dizzying saga overnight, in which the U.S. Department of Justice and attorneys for Trump filed dueling motions over Corcoran’s testimony.

Stormy’s Team Reportedly Hands Over Trump Lawyer’s Emails: Stormy Daniels’ attorney has turned over communications between his client and Joe Tacopina, Trump’s current personal lawyer, to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office, according to CNN.

Possible Trump Charge Delayed After Grand Jury Gets Canceled: Chaos at court as Trump grand jury hearing canceled, Bragg now concerned about indictment and ADAs are ‘shaking their heads’: The afternoon session was unexpectedly canceled by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, the sources said. Members of the panel were told to stay home and be on standby for Thursday, a law enforcement source said.

Judge Orders Trump Lawyer to Turn Over Evidence in Alleged ‘Criminal Scheme’ and there may be tapes: Judge rules Trump duped his own lawyers in Mar-a-Lago case, orders attorney to testify and turn over transcriptions. The order from the D.C. district court’s chief judge is a big blow to Trump’s defense in the case, says a legal analyst.

# LGBTQ / Gender
Proposed Florida Bill Could Allow “Legal Kidnapping” of Trans Children: The bill allows Florida courts to interfere with custody agreements from other states if a child is present in Florida. The bill allows Florida courts to interfere with custody agreements from other states if a child is present in Florida.

DeSantis Admin Looks to Expand ‘Don’t Say Gay’ to All Grades: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ‘ administration is moving to forbid classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in all grades, expanding the controversial law critics call “Don’t Say Gay” as the Republican governor continues a focus on cultural issues ahead of his expected presidential run. The proposal, which would not require legislative approval, is scheduled for a vote next month before the state Board of Education and has been put forth by state Education Department, both of which are led by appointees of the governor.

Texas Uni Cancels Drag Show, Comparing It to ‘Blackface’: “Drag shows stereotype women in cartoon-like extremes for the amusement of others and discriminate against womanhood,” President Walter Wendler said. “West Texas A&M University will not host a drag show on campus,” Wendler wrote in the email, referring to the upcoming on-campus “A Fool’s Drag Race,” which was organized by students to raise money for the Trevor Project, a national LGBTQ youth suicide-prevention organization.

Disney Defies DeSantis by Hosting Major LGBTQ+ Conference: The Out & Equal Workplace summit is expected to draw over 5,000 attendees. According to Out & Equal’s website, around 5,000 people are expected to attend its workplace summit in September, which it describes as “the preferred place to network and share strategies that create inclusive workplaces, where everyone belongs and where LGBTQ+ employees can be out and thrive.”

# Medical / Health
Personal data of 254K Medicare beneficiaries at risk after breach: Lawmakers said that in October of last year Healthcare Management Solutions, a subcontractor to ASRC Federal Data Solutions, which works for CMS, suffered a ransomware attack. CMS “determined with high confidence that the incident potentially included personally identifiable information and protected health information for some Medicare enrollees.”

Right to Abortion is Protected in Life-Threatening Situations: The Oklahoma Supreme Court today ruled that the state constitution protects the right to abortion in life-threatening situations, but declined to rule whether its constitution protects a broader right to abortion outside of those circumstances. Court strikes down one criminal abortion ban and upholds another, leaving abortion unavailable for most in the state.

Sanders Slams Biden for Rejecting Request to Lower Price of $190K Cancer  Drug: The administration rejected a request to lower the price of prostate cancer drug Xtandi this week. The administration instead announced that it will be conducting a “review” of march-in authority, which advocates dismissed as a move to shield itself from criticism of the rejection.

# Military / DOD
US switches tracks to speed up delivery of Abrams tanks to Ukraine, arrival expected in the fall: The Defense Department is speeding up plans to send the U.S. military’s most sophisticated battle tank to Ukraine as the country braces itself for an expected increase in Russian attacks in the coming weeks, Pentagon officials said Tuesday.

# Social
2 Million Americans Live Without Safe Running Water or a Working Toilet: While most Americans take reliable access to clean, safe water for granted, this new nationwide study found that more than two million Americans are living without running water, indoor plumbing, or wastewater treatment https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.rcapsolutions.org/more-than-2m-americans-living-without-access-to-running-water-sanitation-services/*:*:text=While*20most*20Americans*20take*20reliable,indoor*20plumbing*2C*20or*20wastewater*20treatment__;I34lJSUlJSUlJSU!!On18fmf1aQ!0lYsm4IAUbwpno-hiKHJxoj00aZFIHfy-2hgdgccGb6kjPtbd_8yMDw1mX3q2Nx_dIfA5bNNHQHmkaH2CoYZXCkFD_BO5mAS$

# Veterans / VA
VA workers union calls for staffing shortages fix and less private health care spending: Staffing shortages at the Department of Veterans Affairs and increased reliance on private health care threatens the agency’s ability to provide quality service for veterans, according to a report by a union that represents federal employees at the VA.

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Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-21

Voices, The Peoples News

March 21, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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This daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

# Indigenous
Ecocide and Ecoside: The rights of nature and Indigenous communities are inseparable. It’s a crime of gigantic proportions and much worse than genocide, which is confined to humans, a crime with consequences for all living and non-living beings and their home, the now fragile planet we live in.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
New York’s Strict Medical Exemptions Not Going Away After U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Appeal: New York’s Department of Health issued its vaccine mandate in August 2021, requiring healthcare staff at hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other medical settings be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

COVID origin linked to raccoon dogs: There’s more evidence supporting the hypothesis that SARS-CoV-2 first spilled over from animals to humans at a market in Wuhan, China. An analysis looked at publicly posted genetic data from COVID-positive swabs taken from drains, stalls and the ground at the market in early 2020. Six samples contained DNA from racoon dogs (Nyctereutes procyonoides), which can catch SARS-CoV-2 and spread it to others of their species, even if they don’t have symptoms.
Some scientists say the analysis provides new evidence supporting the hypothesis that the virus that causes COVID-19 spilled over from an animal — but falls short of definitive proof.

# Education / Schools
Local Efforts to Resist Right-Wing Attacks on Education Need National Support: Local fights are intensifying as right-wing assaults on education build on the panic created over critical race theory.

# Employment / Labor
How leaders in the Department of Labor are fighting for workers’ rights: “We have an opportunity right now to buy American and build America like never before.”

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical Conflicting Reports Thicken Nord Stream Bombing Plot: There is no U.S.
law or rule prohibiting the government from promoting a false alternative explanation to conceal an operation. “This is an established practice in military operations and intelligence activities where it is often known as ‘cover and deception,’” [said former Government Secrecy Project director Steven Aftergood]. “Sometimes, in order to maintain the operational security of X, you have to declare that it is actually Y.”

The Texas State Board of Education changed its guidelines last month to “emphasize the ‘positive’ aspects of fossil fuels in science textbooks,” Scott Waldman reported last week. The Republican-controlled board approved changes proposed by climate denier Patricia Hardy, who wants teachers to offer “both sides” of climate science.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Global
# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Biden creates two national monuments in the Southwest: The Spirit Mountain area in Nevada and Castner Range in Texas will be off limits to development.

Avi Kwa Ame is officially a national monument: Biden’s proclamation protects parts of the Mojave Desert in southern Nevada and includes tribal co-stewardship. Avi Kwa Ame National Monument consists of approximately 500,000 acres of federal lands within Clark County. The monument will be co-managed by the Bureau of Land Management, as part of the National Conservation Lands System, and the National Park Service, as part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Dale Maharidge: The Colorado River is running dry, but nobody wants to talk about the mud: It’s time to drill holes in Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River and empty Lake Powell. But the silt never ceased arriving in Lake Powell, the reservoir above the dam. Each day on average for the past 60 years, the equivalent of 61 supersize Mississippi River barge-loads of sand and mud have been deposited there. Now, as climate change and overuse of the Colorado have drawn the reservoir down to record lows, the silt is exposed, forming “mud glaciers.” And because of a gradient created when the lake level falls, the giant mud blobs are moving at a rate of 100 feet or more per day toward the dam.

Plastic pollution is so bad there are now plastic rocks: It’s the second time researchers have found them in different places. Researchers have discovered a group of “rocks” made out of plastic on a remote island off the coast of Brazil. A similar finding had already been reported back in 2014 in Hawaii, as the melted plastic became intertwined with rocks. The researchers argue this is evidence of the human’s growing influence over the Earth’s geological cycles.

# General News
Breaking: UK to Send Depleted Uranium Ammunition to Ukraine: Russia has previously warned the use of depleted uranium will be considered an attack by a ‘dirty nuke.’ United Kingdom Deputy Minister of Defense Annabelle Goldie publicly stated today that the UK will supply Ukraine with depleted uranium (DU) ammunition for some of the weapons systems supplied by NATO. The weapons are exceptionally good at breaking through armor but carry risks of long-term harm to civilians.

‘They’re communists, Marxists, RINOs and losers!’ Trump launches scathing attack on ‘animals and thugs’ who ‘are plotting his arrest on Tuesday’: Trump’s ally ‘prepares to slap down Michael Cohen in court tomorrow’

# Gov / Politics / US
Texas, U.S. officials warn Americans not to travel to Mexico as cartel violence escalates: “We have a duty to inform the public about safety, travel risks and threats. Based on the volatile nature of cartel activity and the violence we are seeing there, we are urging individuals to avoid travel to Mexico at this time.” The U.S. State Department and Texas Department of Public Safety have warned Americans not to travel to Mexico because of escalating cartel violence. While some news reports have suggested the warnings were for spring break, the warnings have been issued since at least last August and remain indefinite

# Law Enforcement
How the FBI Took an Innocent Woman’s Savings: Linda Martin stands accused of no crime. The bureau seized her money anyway. The Federal Bureau of Investigation regularly seizes cash, cars and other valuables that belong to people who aren’t accused of any crimes. Using federal forfeiture records, the Institute for Justice calculated that from 2017 to 2021 Justice Department agencies gained more than $8 billion through forfeiture, with the FBI taking in more than $1.19 billion of that bounty. The FBI admitted under oath that even before the raid occurred it had decided to pursue property forfeiture against everything worth over $5,000 in the renters’ boxes

The feds have resumed a controversial program that lets cops take stuff and keep it: The Justice Department announced it is resuming a controversial practice that allows local police departments to funnel a large portion of assets seized from citizens into their own coffers under federal law. The “Equitable Sharing Program” gives police the option of prosecuting  asset forfeiture cases under federal instead of state law.

# Medical / Health
Every stage of plastic production and use is harming human health: Exposure to plastic are expanding into new areas of the environment and food chain as existing plastic products fragment into smaller particles and concentrate toxic chemicals. As plastic production increases, this exposure will only grow. Plastic production is on track to triple by 2050, a potential influx of hazardous materials that the Earth and humans can’t handle.

There’s a Quiet New Crisis in Texas After the Abortion Ban. It Could Get Much Worse.

Idaho Hospital Will Stop Delivering Babies as Providers Flee After Abortion Bans: The announcement shows how restrictive abortion bans like Idaho’s affect a wide range of health care services. Idaho hospital will stop delivering babies as doctors flee state due to abortion ban. An Idaho hospital has planned to stop delivering babies, with the medical center’s managers citing increasing criminalization of physicians and the inability to retain pediatricians as major reasons.

# Medical Science
A New Research Review Describes Plastics, ‘From Cradle to Grave,’ as a Toxics Crisis and Says the UN Must Act to Limit Production: Chemicals found in plastics cause cancer, disrupt hormones, harm human reproductive systems and lead to obesity and diabetes, the Minderoo-Monaco Commission on Human Health finds.

# Military / DOD
New US military aid for Ukraine worth $350M includes fuel tankers, patrol boats, missiles: The $350 million security package includes more ammunition for howitzers and rockets for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, or HIMARS, as well as shoulder-fired, anti-armor weapons, patrol boats and fuel tankers.

U.S. Special Forces Want to Use Deepfakes for Psy-Ops: Perhaps as provocative as the mention of deepfakes is the section that follows, which notes SOCOM wishes to finely tune its offensive propaganda seemingly by spying on the intended audience through their internet-connected devices.

Most Major “Threats” These Days Are Based On Lies: False Flag Terrorism is a Great Example:  The plan included blowing up a US ship, attacking a US military base, sinking and blowing up boats of Cuban refugees, hijacking planes, and orchestrating violent terrorism in multiple US cities against American citizens. And of course, blaming Cuba for these actions. 9/11 could perhaps be one of the best examples of false flag terrorism, but the evidence that has lead the majority of people to feel this sentiment has not seen the light of day within the mainstream.

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Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-20

Voices, The Peoples News

March 20, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends,
have become global garbage cans.”
– Jacques-Yves Cousteau
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This daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

# Indigenous
When renewable energy threatens irreplaceable tribal culture: A pumped hydro facility is just one of many proposed clean energy projects that threaten cultural property of the Yakama Nation.

# Animals / Pets / Alerts / Food Recalls
Mysterious Corsican ‘cat-fox’ revealed as unique species: The elusive striped “cat-fox” familiar mostly to Corsican shepherds and as a source of intrigue to scientists, is indeed its own species specific to the French Mediterranean island, the French office for Biodiversity (OFB) announced Thursday. New genetic analysis has “revealed a unique genetic strain to the wild cats” found in the remote forest undergrowth of northern Corsica, it confirmed.

New Species of Venomous Spider Discovered in Florida Looks Like Pitch-Black Tarantula: A new species of spider has just been discovered near Miami. It’s called the “Pine Rockland Trapdoor Spider.” The Zoo Miami describes these spiders as elusive and related to tarantulas. Like other trapdoor spiders, they live burrowed in sandy soil under a trap door that they used to catch prey.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Post COVID Vaccine Heart-Related Deaths Sharply Increase, Especially in Young Males: The spikes in heart attack deaths have tracked with surges of COVID-19 infection—even during the presumed less-severe Omicron phase of the pandemic. Furthermore, the data showed the increase was most significant among individuals ages 25-44, who are not usually considered at high risk for heart attack.

Polio Outbreaks in Burundi and Other African Nations Caused by Vaccine Strain of the Virus: The virus that sickened the children was found to be a mutated strain of polio that initially came from an oral vaccine. The Burundi government declared the polio outbreak to be a national public health emergency and plans to start an immunization campaign within weeks, aimed at protecting all children up to age seven.

Coronavirus Testing Lab Defrauded U.S. Government of $83 Million: The U.S. Department of Justice announced criminal charges against a founder of a Chicago-based COVID-19 testing lab accused of making more than $83 million in fraudulent federal health claims for coronavirus tests.

SARS-CoV-2 infection weakens immune-cell response to vaccination: NIH-funded study suggests need to boost CD8+ T cell response after infection. The magnitude and quality of a key immune cell’s response to vaccination with two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine were considerably lower in people with prior SARS-CoV-2 infection compared to people without prior infection, a study has found.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
The Silicon Valley Bank Bailout Didn’t Need to Happen: Debate over the whether Silicon Valley Bank depositors should have been protected should not distract us from the utter incompetence that led to the bank’s breakdown. Read David Dayen on the choices that led us to this moment.

What People Still Don’t Get About Bailouts: Good financial-crisis management is about doing what it takes to stop the contagion. Just 15 years after our financial overlords went on a bailout binge, showering bankers with trillions of taxpayer dollars, they’re once again riding to the rescue of the rich while the public watches in horror. Did they learn none of the lessons from the 2008 meltdown?

The banking crisis: What you actually need to know: Late last week and over the weekend, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, two of America’s mid-sized banks, collapsed, some of the biggest failures of financial institutions since the Great Recession. The government has since stepped up to make depositors whole and prevent a potential ‘contagion’ of anxiety in the banking sector. The story has been moving quickly and plenty of Americans who lived through 2008 are instinctively comparing the current upheaval to the last time multiple bank collapses were making headlines.

Former Wells Fargo Exec Could Do Prison Time: Does the plea bargain by Carrie Tolstedt, who led Wells’s corrupt fleecing of customers, suggest a belated criminal crackdown on corporate crooks? Carrie Tolstedt, the former senior executive at Wells Fargo in charge of that bank’s systematic looting of its customers via fake accounts and spurious extraction of fees, agreed to a plea bargain that could give her a prison sentence of up to 16 months.

Amazon Morale Tanks Again as It Announces 9,000 More Layoffs: Employees were already furious over an unexpected return-to-office mandate.
Amazon’s latest round of layoffs adds to the 18,000 job cuts that have already been announced. Divisions impacted in this latest round include HR, Amazon Web Services (AWS), advertising, and Twitch.

# Education / Schools
New College of Florida Is DeSantis’s Launchpad for Attack on Higher Education: Gov. Ron DeSantis has appointed six trustees to the New College of Florida to quash its progressive curriculum. House Bill 999, a right-wing legislative wish list of curricular and staffing changes, could, if passed, alter higher education in Florida. Meanwhile, DeSantis is using the tiny New College of Florida (NCF), a 63-year-old, once-private school, as a test case to push right-wing politics into Florida’s colleges and universities: He recently appointed six people to the NCF Board of Trustees, all of them deeply connected to right-wing institutions.

Not just Florida: The entire GOP is waging a nationwide racism-fueled war on public education: In “an upfront power grab,” Texas Republicans take over Houston schools by force. Despite DeSantis’ Florida-centric language when he talks about schools, however, it’s long been clear that the ambitious plans to decimate education extend past the Sunshine State’s borders and across the U.S. He’s not a lone figure who just happens to have a crippling obsession with keeping kids from reading.

Permanent funding solution elusive as mental health provider shortage plagues Arizona schools—and students

Youth access to mental health care improved under Jake’s Law, but persistent barriers hamper its reach

Georgia students’ private battle: Anxiety disorders in the classroom

TEXAS: Petrie Dish: Uvalde prompted Texas to start taking mental health funding for schools seriously. Is it enough?

‘Important victory’ for Florida higher ed: court upholds block on DeSantis censorship law: “This is an important step in preserving the truth, civil liberties, and a better future,” said one state ACLU attorney.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical Despite rules, New Mexico oil and gas producers keep polluting: Driving around the Permian Basin in early February, it was impossible to miss.
New Mexico has increased its oil production tenfold since 2010 https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://capitalandmain.com/despite-rules-new-mexico-oil-and-gas-producers-keep-polluting__;!!On18fmf1aQ!z_4T2f7_-tsPCT0kC3LTI0VVlp2NRB7ojkZUV9we0ZEoQmBriYLSNgq8e2wfV0XsyauDXkkWPNLT7rIKBll3CEDuGDohTY1x$

Marylanders Overpaid $1 Billion in Excessive Utility Bills. Some Lawmakers and Advocates Are Demanding Answers: Caught between poverty and third-party energy suppliers, low-income communities across the state are under increasing pressure from high utility rates despite the promise that a deregulated energy market would lower prices.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure
Backlash hits Audubon after refusal to drop slave-holder’s name: A vice chair of the National Audubon Society’s board and two others resigned from the organization’s board Wednesday after the conservation group announced it would keep its name tied to enslaver John James Audubon. The national conservation organization is facing an internal backlash after publicly announcing that its board of directors decided to keep its current name after a yearlong deliberation.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Global Arctic ice is getting thinner by the day, and sea life is suffering: A new study says the structural change has been abrupt, making life harder for everything from tiny algae to polar bears.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals
Kids Found to Be Working Overnight Shifts at Minnesota Meat Processing Plant: Investigators discovered children as young as 14 years working overnight shifts at the Tony Downs Food Company.

# General News
Secession is here: States, cities and the wealthy are already withdrawing from America: Secession talk evokes fears of a second Civil War. But one scholar says secession is already happening in the US under a variety of guises. A host of others,  52% of Trump voters, Donald Trump himself and prominent Texas Republicans, have endorsed various forms of secession in recent years. All this secession talk misses a key point that every troubled couple knows. Just as there are ways to withdraw from a marriage before any formal divorce, there are also ways to exit a nation before officially seceding.

Trump supporters respond to the former president’s call to protest: Trump’s Call for Protests Draws Muted Reaction From Supporters.
Prosecutions of the Jan. 6 rioters may have tempered enthusiasm for mass unrest

Trump’s call for protests gets muted reaction by supporters: Former President Donald Trump’s calls for protests ahead of his anticipated indictment in New York have generated mostly muted reactions from supporters.

Who’s in control of how we remember the Iraq War?  “All wars are fought twice, the first time on the battlefield, the second time in memory.” Viet Thanh Nguyen: America’s decision to invade Iraq in 2003 vexed key allies, drew condemnation from many corners of the world, and generated the largest anti-war protests in world history. And yet the Bush administration, backed by bipartisan majorities in Congress and strong U.S. public opinion, went forward with what would prove to be a historic strategic blunder.

# Gov / Politics / Global
THE HAGUE (AP)  The International Criminal Court said Friday that it has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin for war crimes, accusing him of personal responsibility for the abductions of children from Ukraine. It was the first time the global court has issued a warrant against a leader of one of the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council. The ICC said in a statement that Putin “is allegedly responsible for the war crime of unlawful deportation of
(children) and that of unlawful transfer of (children) from occupied areas of Ukraine to the Russian Federation.”

Medvedev threatens to strike court in The Hague with Oniks hypersonic missile: Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev issued an ominous warning on Monday, suggesting that Russia could strike the International Criminal Court (ICC) with a hypersonic missile in response to its decision to issue an arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin.

Xi Jinping Visits Moscow Following ICC Arrest Warrant Against Putin, Defiant Visit to Mariupol

After arrest warrant for Putin, Russia opens case against ICC: Russia’s Investigative Committee says the International Criminal Court has knowingly accused an innocent person of a crime, in another show of defiance against the court.

Zelensky Adviser Hints That Putin Sent Body Double to Ukraine: A top adviser to the Ukrainian government appears to be claiming that President Putin is sending body doubles to public events in his place. Anton Gerashchenko tweeted three recent pictures of the Russian president—including two that purported to show Putin venturing into disputed territories inside Ukraine https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.thedailybeast.com/zelensky-adviser-hints-that-putin-sent-body-double-to-ukraine__;!!On18fmf1aQ!z_4T2f7_-tsPCT0kC3LTI0VVlp2NRB7ojkZUV9we0ZEoQmBriYLSNgq8e2wfV0XsyauDXkkWPNLT7rIKBll3CEDuGP_-skwt$

# Gov / Politics / US
GOP rep has bad news for White House following evidence of Hunter-China correspondence: ‘Just the beginning’ The White House ‘hasn’t been truthful about this since from day one,’ the congressman asserted

20 years after illegal U.S. invasion of Iraq, its architects are still cashing in: Corporations and universities helped launder the reputation of war criminals who still profit from the invasion. The invasion was not just a moral catastrophe, but an egregious war crime echoed by everyone from United Nations heads to human rights leaders. According to Brown University’s Costs of War project, over  300,000 people died in the war, the overwhelming bulk of them Iraqi civilians. These are only the counted. The war fractured any cohesion across Iraq and set the stage for massive levels of sectarian violence fueled by the U.S.

Americans Don’t Care About the Iraqi Dead. They Don’t Even Care About Their Own. The U.S. has a long and disturbing habit of ignoring the violence it commits overseas as well as at home.

Ron DeSantis Is in a Bit of an Awkward Position Here: And it would skyrocket if he became the one who’d have to extradite Trump to New York. What do the Republicans challenging Donald Trump for the party’s presidential nomination say about his supposedly forthcoming indictment in New York? It’s a quandary. They can’t celebrate it. The indictment, were it to happen, would surely go over poorly with most of the Republican primary electorate.

Florida Mayor Up and Quits in Middle of Budget Meeting: “I’m concerned where the city is going,” Clearwater’s Frank Hibbard said. The unexpected announcement came as Hibbard and fellow City Council members were discussing plans for a new $90 million City Hall and municipal complex.

# Legal / DOJ
In hush money probe, Trump’s lawyer is anything but quiet : Trump himself on Saturday said his arrest could come Tuesday

Donald Trump’s post sharing details of his arrest could see him denied bail: What happens when a former U.S. president is charged with a crime? We answer that and many more questions about the likely indictment of Donald Trump.

Trump won’t refuse to surrender if indicted in NYC, lawyer says: If Trump is charged, he must surrender to New York authorities and appear in court to enter a plea to the charges. A judge could theoretically agree to conduct the hearing remotely, but no criminal defendants are being arraigned virtually at present, according to Lucian Chalfen from the Office of Court Administration.

# Medical / Health
Wyoming has become the first state to ban the abortion pill: Wyoming has made it illegal to “to prescribe, dispense, distribute, sell or use any drug for the purpose of procuring or performing an abortion,” and anyone found to be violating the rule can be imprisoned for up to six months, fined $9,000, or both.

Antibiotics linked to Bobby Caldwell’s death can cause disabling and permanent side effects. Fluoroquinolones are among the most widely prescribed antibiotic drugs in the US, but they’re linked to rare health complications. His was not an isolated case. The FDA has even dubbed the constellation of rare symptoms experienced by some people as fluoroquinolone-associated disability or FQAD and posted boxed warnings on the label. Some newer fluoroquinolones have been withdrawn from the market due to toxic effects.

Achieving mental health parity: The struggle to get insurance plans to improve coverage of mental health care

Proven Schizophrenia Treatments Keep People in School, at Work and off the Street. Why Won’t Insurance Companies Cover Them?

# Medical Science
2 billion people have impaired vision. Here’s how CRISPR might lead to a cure: See how researchers are uncovering the mechanisms of retinal degeneration and identifying new targets for therapeutic intervention

# Science
A Himalayan fungus has been used to treat cancer for centuries. Scientists now boost its potency 40-fold: A Himalayan fungus has been used to treat cancer for centuries. Scientists now boost its potency 40-fold. Early results suggest the drug shows good anti-cancer activity in patients with advanced cancer. Cordyceps militaris, a fungus that contains a compound with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

# Water
Global freshwater demand will exceed supply 40% by 2030, experts warn: “The scientific evidence is that we have a water crisis. We are misusing water, polluting water, and changing the whole global hydrological cycle, through what we are doing to the climate. It’s a triple crisis.”

Why There is No Such Thing as “Safe” Tap Water: Despite being at the top of the global food chain and industrial developmental ladder, the United States has a poor track record for delivering uncontaminated drinking water to the public. Chemicals. Both human-made and natural chemicals can make their way into drinking water. Pesticides, bleach, and bacterial toxins are some of the potential things that can have harmful health effects. Other chemicals like bisphenol-A and pharmaceuticals are also sometimes detected in groundwater sources.

US will tackle ‘forever chemicals’ in water: The US Environmental Protection Agency has proposed the first limitations on a set of pervasive and dangerous ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water. Perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (better known as PFAS) have strong carbon–fluorine bonds, so they are difficult to destroy, and have become widely dispersed in the environment

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