Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-23

Voices, The Peoples News

March 23, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates Again, Despite Bank Failures: What they’re saying: “The events in the banking system over the past two weeks are likely to result in tighter credit conditions for households and businesses, which would in turn affect economic outcomes,” Fed chair Jerome Powell said at a news conference.

Three Banks Have Now Collapsed. A Progressive Economist Explains Why: An economist who correctly predicted the Great Financial Crisis says the world’s central banks have chosen ‘class war over financial stability’

# Employment / Labor
Child Labor Is on the Rise as Republicans See an Answer to Labor Shortages: Anti-immigrant policies and spiraling rates of poverty are driving thousands of children into the U.S. labor market. In the last fiscal year alone, the Department of Labor discovered 835 companies illegally employing more than 3,800 minors.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical Plan to mine ‘clean energy’ metals in Colombian Amazon splits communities: Libero Copper, a Canadian company, plans to mine copper, molybdenum and other metals in the richly biodiverse Andean-Amazon Piedmont https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://news.mongabay.com/2023/03/plan-to-mine-clean-energy-metals-in-colombian-amazon-splits-communities/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!z-E233oAxIM5AAsQr3E1s-cDMAan9ad2lyC-NasNcbEOvy1yuXVFHCV23jJucbABRfPmRYNNb-x8lLhigbhosv9W98fkiCEF$

Renewable energy production will exacerbate mining threats to biodiversity: Renewable energy production is necessary to halt climate change and reverse associated biodiversity losses. However, generating the required technologies and infrastructure will drive an increase in the production of many metals, creating new mining threats for biodiversity. Here, we map mining areas and assess their spatial coincidence with biodiversity conservation sites and priorities.

Offshore oil is about to surge: Spending on new offshore oil projects over the next two years is projected to soar to levels not seen in a decade. The revival comes amid increasingly dire warnings about global warming. Oil executives love to talk about the energy transition. But for all the platitudes about technologies such as hydrogen and carbon capture, most are doubling down on what they know best. Oil.

New climate paper calls for charging big US oil firms with homicide: New climate paper calls for charging big US oil firms with homicide. Oil companies have come under increasing legal scrutiny and face allegations of defrauding investors, racketeering, and a wave of other lawsuits. The paper is rooted in part in the growing body of evidence fossil fuel companies knew of the harm their products caused and misled the public about them.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure To Prevent the Collapse of Biodiversity, the World Needs a New Planetary Politics: The planet is in the midst of an environmental emergency, and the world is only tinkering at the margins. Humanity’s addiction to fossil fuels and voracious appetite for natural resources are accelerating climate change and degrading ecosystems on land and sea, threatening the integrity of the biosphere and thus the survival of our own species. It is time to govern the world as if the Earth mattered.

Trump appointees interfered to weaken EPA assessment of toxic chemical: Watchdog finds PFBS toxicity value was altered in 2021 report, as scientists say episode part of ‘larger rot at the agency.’

Decline of more than 500 species of marine life in Australian reefs ‘the tip of the iceberg’, study finds: More than 500 common species of fish, seaweed, coral and invertebrates that live on reefs around Australia have declined in the past decade, a study has found, as experts warn “not all is well in the ocean”

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Global
The Problems With the Amazon Labor Union: How the company’s refusal to bargain has empowered the ALU’s president but hurt the union. There’s trouble in the Amazon Labor Union.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals
Paraquat, the deadliest chemical in US agriculture, goes on trial: Amid lawsuits filed by thousands of farmers linking the herbicide to Parkinson’s disease, the EPA is reconsidering its analysis of paraquat: Amid lawsuits filed by thousands of farmers linking the herbicide to Parkinson’s disease, the EPA is reconsidering its analysis of paraquat’s risks.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Witnesses Unravel Mass Murder Mystery That Could Ruin Putin: The attack in Chimbolo coincided with a meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has called for “severe punishment” for those behind the attack, and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow this week. A fallout with China as a result of the Chimbolo murders is something Putin is desperate to avoid. While Russia is mired in a military and economic quagmire over the war in Ukraine, China has emerged as Russia’s biggest diplomatic, financial and technological backer.

# Law Enforcement
Student shot 2 faculty members at Denver high school, police say; body found in search for suspect: The suspected shooter, identified as 17-year-old Austin Lyle, was at large, and the weapon was not found at the school, Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas said in a news conference. He was wanted for attempted homicide.

Denver School Shooting Suspect Found Dead After Manhunt: Austin Lyle, 17, was found dead in a wooded area hours after he allegedly shot two faculty members at East High School in Denver, Colorado

Can Alvin Bragg Handle the Politics of a Trump Indictment? If he’s not already, Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg will likely soon be a household name should he criminally charge Donald Trump.

# Legal / DOJ
Proud Boys Witness Was Informant, Federal Prosecutors Reveal: Defense attorneys have demanded an emergency hearing over the disclosure.

# LGBTQ / Gender
DeSantis Administration Seeks to Expand “Don’t Say Gay” Restrictions to Older Grades: The proposal aims to bar any discussion of LGBTQ topics through grade 12 in Florida’s public schools.

Alaska Board of Education Passes Anti-Trans Resolution Without Public Notice: Democratic lawmakers in the state were only notified of the resolution after it passed.

# Medical / Health
Legal Questions, Inquiries Intensify Around Noble Health’s Rural Missouri Hospital Closures: A year after private equity-backed Noble Health shuttered two rural Missouri hospitals, a slew of lawsuits and state and federal investigations grind forward. Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey recently confirmed an “ongoing” investigation as former employees continue to go unpaid and cope with unpaid medical claims.

# Medical Science
Gene editing medicine is accelerating: More than 200 people worldwide have been treated with experimental CRISPR therapies: At a global genome-editing summit, exciting trial results were tempered by safety and ethical concerns. Sickle cell patient Victoria Gray is one of more than 200 people who have been treated with CRISPR-based therapies in clinical trials, said David Liu of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, who has led the development of new and improved forms of CRISPR. Trials are also underway for a range of other diseases, including cancers, genetic vision loss, and amyloidosis.

# Water
Lack of safe drinking water for city dwellers to double by 2050: Globally, two billion people do not have safe drinking water and 3.6 billion lack access to safely managed sanitation, the report found. The global urban population facing water scarcity is projected to potentially double from 930 million in 2016 to between 1.7 and 2.4 billion people, in 2050. The report found that water scarcity is also becoming more common in rural areas, with water shortages affecting from two to three billion people for at least a month out of each year.

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Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-22

Voices, The Peoples News

March 22, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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This daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Biden Signs Bill Declassifying Information on the Origin of COVID-19: The U.S. director of national intelligence has three months to declassify information on potential links between China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology and the origin of COVID-19, after President Joe Biden signed legislation Monday. The bill was one of the first Biden has signed since a 118th Congress split between the two parties began in January.

Moderna CEO Blasted by Lawmakers for Planned Covid Vaccine Price Hike: The CEO of drugmaker Moderna came under fire from lawmakers Wednesday at a The CEO of drugmaker Moderna came under fire from lawmakers Wednesday at a Senate hearing focused on the company’s plans to quadruple the price of its Covid-19 vaccine. Moderna’s Covid booster costs about $26 per dose under a 2022 deal with the government, but the company plans to raise the price to about $130 per dose once the public health emergency ends, which is expected to happen in May.Senate hearing focused on the company’s plans to more than quadruple the price of its Covid-19 vaccine.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
Armstrong: WOKE Culture is Destroying the Economy & our Nation: The collapse of Credit Swiss as well as SVB, Signature, and more to come, have a common theme – the Failure of Risk Managment. When we look closer at the staff involved, they were not what you would consider at the top of their class.

Three Banks Have Now Collapsed. There is a banking crisis underway and the problems are spreading, says Gerald Epstein. The collapses of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank are the two biggest bank failures since 2008. Silicon Valley Bank had deep ties to the high-tech industry while Signature Bank and Silvergate were some of the world’s biggest crypto-friendly banks. So, why are banks collapsing now? A Progressive Economist Explains Why.

Warren, Sanders Call for End to Rules Letting Billionaire Dynasties Dodge Taxes: The lawmakers are calling for scrutiny of some of the most popular forms of tax evasion by the richest Americans.

# Education / Schools
Investigation from Georgetown to Langly; The controversial connection between a prestigious university and the CIA: If you have ever wondered, “where do America’s spies come from?” the answer is quite possibly the Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS) at Georgetown University. It is only a modestly-seized institution, yet the school provides the backbone for the Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Defense, State Department, and other organs of the national security state.

Gov. Greg Abbott organizes “school choice” rally at the Capitol: Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has embraced Senate Bill 8, which will get its first committee hearing Wednesday. But House Speaker Dade Phelan hasn’t made school choice legislation a priority.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical U.S. can shift to EVs without widespread, destructive mining: The new report suggests limiting electric vehicle battery sizes and reducing car dependency to lower the demand for lithium by up to 66%

Citing ‘racial cleansing,’ Louisiana ‘cancer alley’ residents sue over zoning: Legal experts describe a new environmental justice lawsuit as significant, timely and ambitious. Will conservative judges agree? Making the case their local government was built on a culture of white supremacy, Black residents of St. James Parish in Louisiana’s “cancer alley” have filed a federal lawsuit claiming land-use and zoning policies illegally concentrated more than a dozen polluting industrial plants where they live.

Spike in Whale and Dolphin Deaths Prompts Calls for Investigation Into Impact of Offshore Wind Projects on Marine Life: A spate of whale and dolphin deaths along New Jersey’s shore is prompting Republican lawmakers to call for a halt to preliminary work on Governor Phil Murphy’s offshore wind projects.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Flood-prone communities in Virginia may lose a lifeline if governor pulls state out of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Aside from capping power plant emissions, the RGGI program sustains a state fund that helps coastal towns cope with recurring storms and rising tides.

Ghosts of polluters past presents a troubling account of the pervasiveness of toxic soil lead contamination in America’s urban centers, and the cumulative impact of industrialization and racial inequities. As soil tests reveal the pervasiveness of lead contamination, one California barrio continues its long struggle for justice.

Toxic churn; The legacy of long-gone industry pollutes U.S. cities: Government data doesn’t capture it. Regulators aren’t paying attention to it. But contamination from the past harms people in the present.

The Ground Beneath Their Feet: The only way to stop the long-lasting harms of lead poisoning in children is to end exposure to the chemical, and with data-driven and community-based action, that’s possible.

Lead keeps poisoning children.  It doesn’t have to: The only way to stop long-lasting harms is to end exposure. And that’s possible, with the right actions.

OK, Boomer, Your Turn. Older Americans Blockade Banks to Protest Fossil Fuel Financing: Over 100 climate protests are scheduled to take place Tuesday in more than two dozen states, with many of the demonstrators in their 60s or older. Climate activists are taking to the streets Tuesday in one of the biggest coordinated demonstrations over global warming since millions of the world’s youth walked out of their classrooms in 2019 to urge their governments to do more to tackle the climate crisis. Except this time, it’s not young people leading the charge but Baby Boomers https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/mar/19/climate-crisis-protest-environment-third-act-bill-mckibben__;!!On18fmf1aQ!0lYsm4IAUbwpno-hiKHJxoj00aZFIHfy-2hgdgccGb6kjPtbd_8yMDw1mX3q2Nx_dIfA5bNNHQHmkaH2CoYZXCkFD42xQOvM$

# General News
Fever Dreams; Why Trump Is Reviving Years-Old Accusations Against DeSantis: While prosecutors appear to be closing in on Donald Trump and preparing to file formal charges, he’s been posting up an absolute storm on Truth Social.

What’s Worse for Donald Trump Than Getting Indicted? Inside the online fringes devoted to the former president, there’s another worrying sign for him. Trump claimed the indictment would come down Tuesday, which it did not, but his explicit call for unrest has left New York bracing for a potential mass protest. Does the city need to be worried? Trump’s call for action sounded similar to his rhetoric before the Jan. 6 attack, but the response this time seems to be a lot more muted.

# Gov / Politics / Global
President Xi Jinping invited President Vladimir Putin to visit China later this year. According to the Washington Post, Xi told Putin, “There’s a change coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years. When we are together, we are driving this change.”

Col. MacGregor: The GATHERING Storm in Ukraine Spells Doom for the West: Colonel Douglas Macgregor sits down with Redacted Host Clayton Morris to talk about the impending collapse of western hegemony. The west continues to push for a direct confrontation with the Russia and China while U.S. can’t even produce ammunition.

# Gov / Politics / US
The crisis of American national power has begun: The great struggles of the twentieth century between liberty and totalitarianism ended with a decisive victory for the forces of freedom, and a single sustainable model for national success: freedom, democracy, and free enterprise. In the twenty-first century, only nations that share a commitment to protecting basic human rights and guaranteeing political and economic freedom will be able to unleash the potential of their people and assure their future prosperity.

Birth Again the Dream of Global Peace and Mutual Respect: The US is attempting to maintain its position of ‘single master’ through an aggressive military. On 24 February 2023, the Chinese Foreign Ministry released a twelve-point plan entitled ‘China’s Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukraine Crisis’. This ‘peace plan’, as it has been called, is anchored in the concept of sovereignty, building upon the well-established principles of the United Nations Charter (1945) and the Ten Principles from the Bandung Conference of African and Asian states held in 1955.

# Legal / DOJ
Court Makes ‘Extraordinary’ Late Night Demands in Trump Case: A U.S. appeals court is expected to rule shortly on whether Trump attorney Evan Corcoran can appear before a grand jury in Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago classified documents case. The move comes after a dizzying saga overnight, in which the U.S. Department of Justice and attorneys for Trump filed dueling motions over Corcoran’s testimony.

Stormy’s Team Reportedly Hands Over Trump Lawyer’s Emails: Stormy Daniels’ attorney has turned over communications between his client and Joe Tacopina, Trump’s current personal lawyer, to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office, according to CNN.

Possible Trump Charge Delayed After Grand Jury Gets Canceled: Chaos at court as Trump grand jury hearing canceled, Bragg now concerned about indictment and ADAs are ‘shaking their heads’: The afternoon session was unexpectedly canceled by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, the sources said. Members of the panel were told to stay home and be on standby for Thursday, a law enforcement source said.

Judge Orders Trump Lawyer to Turn Over Evidence in Alleged ‘Criminal Scheme’ and there may be tapes: Judge rules Trump duped his own lawyers in Mar-a-Lago case, orders attorney to testify and turn over transcriptions. The order from the D.C. district court’s chief judge is a big blow to Trump’s defense in the case, says a legal analyst.

# LGBTQ / Gender
Proposed Florida Bill Could Allow “Legal Kidnapping” of Trans Children: The bill allows Florida courts to interfere with custody agreements from other states if a child is present in Florida. The bill allows Florida courts to interfere with custody agreements from other states if a child is present in Florida.

DeSantis Admin Looks to Expand ‘Don’t Say Gay’ to All Grades: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ‘ administration is moving to forbid classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in all grades, expanding the controversial law critics call “Don’t Say Gay” as the Republican governor continues a focus on cultural issues ahead of his expected presidential run. The proposal, which would not require legislative approval, is scheduled for a vote next month before the state Board of Education and has been put forth by state Education Department, both of which are led by appointees of the governor.

Texas Uni Cancels Drag Show, Comparing It to ‘Blackface’: “Drag shows stereotype women in cartoon-like extremes for the amusement of others and discriminate against womanhood,” President Walter Wendler said. “West Texas A&M University will not host a drag show on campus,” Wendler wrote in the email, referring to the upcoming on-campus “A Fool’s Drag Race,” which was organized by students to raise money for the Trevor Project, a national LGBTQ youth suicide-prevention organization.

Disney Defies DeSantis by Hosting Major LGBTQ+ Conference: The Out & Equal Workplace summit is expected to draw over 5,000 attendees. According to Out & Equal’s website, around 5,000 people are expected to attend its workplace summit in September, which it describes as “the preferred place to network and share strategies that create inclusive workplaces, where everyone belongs and where LGBTQ+ employees can be out and thrive.”

# Medical / Health
Personal data of 254K Medicare beneficiaries at risk after breach: Lawmakers said that in October of last year Healthcare Management Solutions, a subcontractor to ASRC Federal Data Solutions, which works for CMS, suffered a ransomware attack. CMS “determined with high confidence that the incident potentially included personally identifiable information and protected health information for some Medicare enrollees.”

Right to Abortion is Protected in Life-Threatening Situations: The Oklahoma Supreme Court today ruled that the state constitution protects the right to abortion in life-threatening situations, but declined to rule whether its constitution protects a broader right to abortion outside of those circumstances. Court strikes down one criminal abortion ban and upholds another, leaving abortion unavailable for most in the state.

Sanders Slams Biden for Rejecting Request to Lower Price of $190K Cancer  Drug: The administration rejected a request to lower the price of prostate cancer drug Xtandi this week. The administration instead announced that it will be conducting a “review” of march-in authority, which advocates dismissed as a move to shield itself from criticism of the rejection.

# Military / DOD
US switches tracks to speed up delivery of Abrams tanks to Ukraine, arrival expected in the fall: The Defense Department is speeding up plans to send the U.S. military’s most sophisticated battle tank to Ukraine as the country braces itself for an expected increase in Russian attacks in the coming weeks, Pentagon officials said Tuesday.

# Social
2 Million Americans Live Without Safe Running Water or a Working Toilet: While most Americans take reliable access to clean, safe water for granted, this new nationwide study found that more than two million Americans are living without running water, indoor plumbing, or wastewater treatment https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.rcapsolutions.org/more-than-2m-americans-living-without-access-to-running-water-sanitation-services/*:*:text=While*20most*20Americans*20take*20reliable,indoor*20plumbing*2C*20or*20wastewater*20treatment__;I34lJSUlJSUlJSU!!On18fmf1aQ!0lYsm4IAUbwpno-hiKHJxoj00aZFIHfy-2hgdgccGb6kjPtbd_8yMDw1mX3q2Nx_dIfA5bNNHQHmkaH2CoYZXCkFD_BO5mAS$

# Veterans / VA
VA workers union calls for staffing shortages fix and less private health care spending: Staffing shortages at the Department of Veterans Affairs and increased reliance on private health care threatens the agency’s ability to provide quality service for veterans, according to a report by a union that represents federal employees at the VA.

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Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-21

Voices, The Peoples News

March 21, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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This daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

# Indigenous
Ecocide and Ecoside: The rights of nature and Indigenous communities are inseparable. It’s a crime of gigantic proportions and much worse than genocide, which is confined to humans, a crime with consequences for all living and non-living beings and their home, the now fragile planet we live in.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
New York’s Strict Medical Exemptions Not Going Away After U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Appeal: New York’s Department of Health issued its vaccine mandate in August 2021, requiring healthcare staff at hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other medical settings be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

COVID origin linked to raccoon dogs: There’s more evidence supporting the hypothesis that SARS-CoV-2 first spilled over from animals to humans at a market in Wuhan, China. An analysis looked at publicly posted genetic data from COVID-positive swabs taken from drains, stalls and the ground at the market in early 2020. Six samples contained DNA from racoon dogs (Nyctereutes procyonoides), which can catch SARS-CoV-2 and spread it to others of their species, even if they don’t have symptoms.
Some scientists say the analysis provides new evidence supporting the hypothesis that the virus that causes COVID-19 spilled over from an animal — but falls short of definitive proof.

# Education / Schools
Local Efforts to Resist Right-Wing Attacks on Education Need National Support: Local fights are intensifying as right-wing assaults on education build on the panic created over critical race theory.

# Employment / Labor
How leaders in the Department of Labor are fighting for workers’ rights: “We have an opportunity right now to buy American and build America like never before.”

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical Conflicting Reports Thicken Nord Stream Bombing Plot: There is no U.S.
law or rule prohibiting the government from promoting a false alternative explanation to conceal an operation. “This is an established practice in military operations and intelligence activities where it is often known as ‘cover and deception,’” [said former Government Secrecy Project director Steven Aftergood]. “Sometimes, in order to maintain the operational security of X, you have to declare that it is actually Y.”

The Texas State Board of Education changed its guidelines last month to “emphasize the ‘positive’ aspects of fossil fuels in science textbooks,” Scott Waldman reported last week. The Republican-controlled board approved changes proposed by climate denier Patricia Hardy, who wants teachers to offer “both sides” of climate science.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Global
# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Biden creates two national monuments in the Southwest: The Spirit Mountain area in Nevada and Castner Range in Texas will be off limits to development.

Avi Kwa Ame is officially a national monument: Biden’s proclamation protects parts of the Mojave Desert in southern Nevada and includes tribal co-stewardship. Avi Kwa Ame National Monument consists of approximately 500,000 acres of federal lands within Clark County. The monument will be co-managed by the Bureau of Land Management, as part of the National Conservation Lands System, and the National Park Service, as part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Dale Maharidge: The Colorado River is running dry, but nobody wants to talk about the mud: It’s time to drill holes in Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River and empty Lake Powell. But the silt never ceased arriving in Lake Powell, the reservoir above the dam. Each day on average for the past 60 years, the equivalent of 61 supersize Mississippi River barge-loads of sand and mud have been deposited there. Now, as climate change and overuse of the Colorado have drawn the reservoir down to record lows, the silt is exposed, forming “mud glaciers.” And because of a gradient created when the lake level falls, the giant mud blobs are moving at a rate of 100 feet or more per day toward the dam.

Plastic pollution is so bad there are now plastic rocks: It’s the second time researchers have found them in different places. Researchers have discovered a group of “rocks” made out of plastic on a remote island off the coast of Brazil. A similar finding had already been reported back in 2014 in Hawaii, as the melted plastic became intertwined with rocks. The researchers argue this is evidence of the human’s growing influence over the Earth’s geological cycles.

# General News
Breaking: UK to Send Depleted Uranium Ammunition to Ukraine: Russia has previously warned the use of depleted uranium will be considered an attack by a ‘dirty nuke.’ United Kingdom Deputy Minister of Defense Annabelle Goldie publicly stated today that the UK will supply Ukraine with depleted uranium (DU) ammunition for some of the weapons systems supplied by NATO. The weapons are exceptionally good at breaking through armor but carry risks of long-term harm to civilians.

‘They’re communists, Marxists, RINOs and losers!’ Trump launches scathing attack on ‘animals and thugs’ who ‘are plotting his arrest on Tuesday’: Trump’s ally ‘prepares to slap down Michael Cohen in court tomorrow’

# Gov / Politics / US
Texas, U.S. officials warn Americans not to travel to Mexico as cartel violence escalates: “We have a duty to inform the public about safety, travel risks and threats. Based on the volatile nature of cartel activity and the violence we are seeing there, we are urging individuals to avoid travel to Mexico at this time.” The U.S. State Department and Texas Department of Public Safety have warned Americans not to travel to Mexico because of escalating cartel violence. While some news reports have suggested the warnings were for spring break, the warnings have been issued since at least last August and remain indefinite

# Law Enforcement
How the FBI Took an Innocent Woman’s Savings: Linda Martin stands accused of no crime. The bureau seized her money anyway. The Federal Bureau of Investigation regularly seizes cash, cars and other valuables that belong to people who aren’t accused of any crimes. Using federal forfeiture records, the Institute for Justice calculated that from 2017 to 2021 Justice Department agencies gained more than $8 billion through forfeiture, with the FBI taking in more than $1.19 billion of that bounty. The FBI admitted under oath that even before the raid occurred it had decided to pursue property forfeiture against everything worth over $5,000 in the renters’ boxes

The feds have resumed a controversial program that lets cops take stuff and keep it: The Justice Department announced it is resuming a controversial practice that allows local police departments to funnel a large portion of assets seized from citizens into their own coffers under federal law. The “Equitable Sharing Program” gives police the option of prosecuting  asset forfeiture cases under federal instead of state law.

# Medical / Health
Every stage of plastic production and use is harming human health: Exposure to plastic are expanding into new areas of the environment and food chain as existing plastic products fragment into smaller particles and concentrate toxic chemicals. As plastic production increases, this exposure will only grow. Plastic production is on track to triple by 2050, a potential influx of hazardous materials that the Earth and humans can’t handle.

There’s a Quiet New Crisis in Texas After the Abortion Ban. It Could Get Much Worse.

Idaho Hospital Will Stop Delivering Babies as Providers Flee After Abortion Bans: The announcement shows how restrictive abortion bans like Idaho’s affect a wide range of health care services. Idaho hospital will stop delivering babies as doctors flee state due to abortion ban. An Idaho hospital has planned to stop delivering babies, with the medical center’s managers citing increasing criminalization of physicians and the inability to retain pediatricians as major reasons.

# Medical Science
A New Research Review Describes Plastics, ‘From Cradle to Grave,’ as a Toxics Crisis and Says the UN Must Act to Limit Production: Chemicals found in plastics cause cancer, disrupt hormones, harm human reproductive systems and lead to obesity and diabetes, the Minderoo-Monaco Commission on Human Health finds.

# Military / DOD
New US military aid for Ukraine worth $350M includes fuel tankers, patrol boats, missiles: The $350 million security package includes more ammunition for howitzers and rockets for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, or HIMARS, as well as shoulder-fired, anti-armor weapons, patrol boats and fuel tankers.

U.S. Special Forces Want to Use Deepfakes for Psy-Ops: Perhaps as provocative as the mention of deepfakes is the section that follows, which notes SOCOM wishes to finely tune its offensive propaganda seemingly by spying on the intended audience through their internet-connected devices.

Most Major “Threats” These Days Are Based On Lies: False Flag Terrorism is a Great Example:  The plan included blowing up a US ship, attacking a US military base, sinking and blowing up boats of Cuban refugees, hijacking planes, and orchestrating violent terrorism in multiple US cities against American citizens. And of course, blaming Cuba for these actions. 9/11 could perhaps be one of the best examples of false flag terrorism, but the evidence that has lead the majority of people to feel this sentiment has not seen the light of day within the mainstream.

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Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-20

Voices, The Peoples News

March 20, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends,
have become global garbage cans.”
– Jacques-Yves Cousteau
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This daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

# Indigenous
When renewable energy threatens irreplaceable tribal culture: A pumped hydro facility is just one of many proposed clean energy projects that threaten cultural property of the Yakama Nation.

# Animals / Pets / Alerts / Food Recalls
Mysterious Corsican ‘cat-fox’ revealed as unique species: The elusive striped “cat-fox” familiar mostly to Corsican shepherds and as a source of intrigue to scientists, is indeed its own species specific to the French Mediterranean island, the French office for Biodiversity (OFB) announced Thursday. New genetic analysis has “revealed a unique genetic strain to the wild cats” found in the remote forest undergrowth of northern Corsica, it confirmed.

New Species of Venomous Spider Discovered in Florida Looks Like Pitch-Black Tarantula: A new species of spider has just been discovered near Miami. It’s called the “Pine Rockland Trapdoor Spider.” The Zoo Miami describes these spiders as elusive and related to tarantulas. Like other trapdoor spiders, they live burrowed in sandy soil under a trap door that they used to catch prey.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Post COVID Vaccine Heart-Related Deaths Sharply Increase, Especially in Young Males: The spikes in heart attack deaths have tracked with surges of COVID-19 infection—even during the presumed less-severe Omicron phase of the pandemic. Furthermore, the data showed the increase was most significant among individuals ages 25-44, who are not usually considered at high risk for heart attack.

Polio Outbreaks in Burundi and Other African Nations Caused by Vaccine Strain of the Virus: The virus that sickened the children was found to be a mutated strain of polio that initially came from an oral vaccine. The Burundi government declared the polio outbreak to be a national public health emergency and plans to start an immunization campaign within weeks, aimed at protecting all children up to age seven.

Coronavirus Testing Lab Defrauded U.S. Government of $83 Million: The U.S. Department of Justice announced criminal charges against a founder of a Chicago-based COVID-19 testing lab accused of making more than $83 million in fraudulent federal health claims for coronavirus tests.

SARS-CoV-2 infection weakens immune-cell response to vaccination: NIH-funded study suggests need to boost CD8+ T cell response after infection. The magnitude and quality of a key immune cell’s response to vaccination with two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine were considerably lower in people with prior SARS-CoV-2 infection compared to people without prior infection, a study has found.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
The Silicon Valley Bank Bailout Didn’t Need to Happen: Debate over the whether Silicon Valley Bank depositors should have been protected should not distract us from the utter incompetence that led to the bank’s breakdown. Read David Dayen on the choices that led us to this moment.

What People Still Don’t Get About Bailouts: Good financial-crisis management is about doing what it takes to stop the contagion. Just 15 years after our financial overlords went on a bailout binge, showering bankers with trillions of taxpayer dollars, they’re once again riding to the rescue of the rich while the public watches in horror. Did they learn none of the lessons from the 2008 meltdown?

The banking crisis: What you actually need to know: Late last week and over the weekend, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, two of America’s mid-sized banks, collapsed, some of the biggest failures of financial institutions since the Great Recession. The government has since stepped up to make depositors whole and prevent a potential ‘contagion’ of anxiety in the banking sector. The story has been moving quickly and plenty of Americans who lived through 2008 are instinctively comparing the current upheaval to the last time multiple bank collapses were making headlines.

Former Wells Fargo Exec Could Do Prison Time: Does the plea bargain by Carrie Tolstedt, who led Wells’s corrupt fleecing of customers, suggest a belated criminal crackdown on corporate crooks? Carrie Tolstedt, the former senior executive at Wells Fargo in charge of that bank’s systematic looting of its customers via fake accounts and spurious extraction of fees, agreed to a plea bargain that could give her a prison sentence of up to 16 months.

Amazon Morale Tanks Again as It Announces 9,000 More Layoffs: Employees were already furious over an unexpected return-to-office mandate.
Amazon’s latest round of layoffs adds to the 18,000 job cuts that have already been announced. Divisions impacted in this latest round include HR, Amazon Web Services (AWS), advertising, and Twitch.

# Education / Schools
New College of Florida Is DeSantis’s Launchpad for Attack on Higher Education: Gov. Ron DeSantis has appointed six trustees to the New College of Florida to quash its progressive curriculum. House Bill 999, a right-wing legislative wish list of curricular and staffing changes, could, if passed, alter higher education in Florida. Meanwhile, DeSantis is using the tiny New College of Florida (NCF), a 63-year-old, once-private school, as a test case to push right-wing politics into Florida’s colleges and universities: He recently appointed six people to the NCF Board of Trustees, all of them deeply connected to right-wing institutions.

Not just Florida: The entire GOP is waging a nationwide racism-fueled war on public education: In “an upfront power grab,” Texas Republicans take over Houston schools by force. Despite DeSantis’ Florida-centric language when he talks about schools, however, it’s long been clear that the ambitious plans to decimate education extend past the Sunshine State’s borders and across the U.S. He’s not a lone figure who just happens to have a crippling obsession with keeping kids from reading.

Permanent funding solution elusive as mental health provider shortage plagues Arizona schools—and students

Youth access to mental health care improved under Jake’s Law, but persistent barriers hamper its reach

Georgia students’ private battle: Anxiety disorders in the classroom

TEXAS: Petrie Dish: Uvalde prompted Texas to start taking mental health funding for schools seriously. Is it enough?

‘Important victory’ for Florida higher ed: court upholds block on DeSantis censorship law: “This is an important step in preserving the truth, civil liberties, and a better future,” said one state ACLU attorney.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical Despite rules, New Mexico oil and gas producers keep polluting: Driving around the Permian Basin in early February, it was impossible to miss.
New Mexico has increased its oil production tenfold since 2010 https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://capitalandmain.com/despite-rules-new-mexico-oil-and-gas-producers-keep-polluting__;!!On18fmf1aQ!z_4T2f7_-tsPCT0kC3LTI0VVlp2NRB7ojkZUV9we0ZEoQmBriYLSNgq8e2wfV0XsyauDXkkWPNLT7rIKBll3CEDuGDohTY1x$

Marylanders Overpaid $1 Billion in Excessive Utility Bills. Some Lawmakers and Advocates Are Demanding Answers: Caught between poverty and third-party energy suppliers, low-income communities across the state are under increasing pressure from high utility rates despite the promise that a deregulated energy market would lower prices.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure
Backlash hits Audubon after refusal to drop slave-holder’s name: A vice chair of the National Audubon Society’s board and two others resigned from the organization’s board Wednesday after the conservation group announced it would keep its name tied to enslaver John James Audubon. The national conservation organization is facing an internal backlash after publicly announcing that its board of directors decided to keep its current name after a yearlong deliberation.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Global Arctic ice is getting thinner by the day, and sea life is suffering: A new study says the structural change has been abrupt, making life harder for everything from tiny algae to polar bears.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals
Kids Found to Be Working Overnight Shifts at Minnesota Meat Processing Plant: Investigators discovered children as young as 14 years working overnight shifts at the Tony Downs Food Company.

# General News
Secession is here: States, cities and the wealthy are already withdrawing from America: Secession talk evokes fears of a second Civil War. But one scholar says secession is already happening in the US under a variety of guises. A host of others,  52% of Trump voters, Donald Trump himself and prominent Texas Republicans, have endorsed various forms of secession in recent years. All this secession talk misses a key point that every troubled couple knows. Just as there are ways to withdraw from a marriage before any formal divorce, there are also ways to exit a nation before officially seceding.

Trump supporters respond to the former president’s call to protest: Trump’s Call for Protests Draws Muted Reaction From Supporters.
Prosecutions of the Jan. 6 rioters may have tempered enthusiasm for mass unrest

Trump’s call for protests gets muted reaction by supporters: Former President Donald Trump’s calls for protests ahead of his anticipated indictment in New York have generated mostly muted reactions from supporters.

Who’s in control of how we remember the Iraq War?  “All wars are fought twice, the first time on the battlefield, the second time in memory.” Viet Thanh Nguyen: America’s decision to invade Iraq in 2003 vexed key allies, drew condemnation from many corners of the world, and generated the largest anti-war protests in world history. And yet the Bush administration, backed by bipartisan majorities in Congress and strong U.S. public opinion, went forward with what would prove to be a historic strategic blunder.

# Gov / Politics / Global
THE HAGUE (AP)  The International Criminal Court said Friday that it has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin for war crimes, accusing him of personal responsibility for the abductions of children from Ukraine. It was the first time the global court has issued a warrant against a leader of one of the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council. The ICC said in a statement that Putin “is allegedly responsible for the war crime of unlawful deportation of
(children) and that of unlawful transfer of (children) from occupied areas of Ukraine to the Russian Federation.”

Medvedev threatens to strike court in The Hague with Oniks hypersonic missile: Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev issued an ominous warning on Monday, suggesting that Russia could strike the International Criminal Court (ICC) with a hypersonic missile in response to its decision to issue an arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin.

Xi Jinping Visits Moscow Following ICC Arrest Warrant Against Putin, Defiant Visit to Mariupol

After arrest warrant for Putin, Russia opens case against ICC: Russia’s Investigative Committee says the International Criminal Court has knowingly accused an innocent person of a crime, in another show of defiance against the court.

Zelensky Adviser Hints That Putin Sent Body Double to Ukraine: A top adviser to the Ukrainian government appears to be claiming that President Putin is sending body doubles to public events in his place. Anton Gerashchenko tweeted three recent pictures of the Russian president—including two that purported to show Putin venturing into disputed territories inside Ukraine https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.thedailybeast.com/zelensky-adviser-hints-that-putin-sent-body-double-to-ukraine__;!!On18fmf1aQ!z_4T2f7_-tsPCT0kC3LTI0VVlp2NRB7ojkZUV9we0ZEoQmBriYLSNgq8e2wfV0XsyauDXkkWPNLT7rIKBll3CEDuGP_-skwt$

# Gov / Politics / US
GOP rep has bad news for White House following evidence of Hunter-China correspondence: ‘Just the beginning’ The White House ‘hasn’t been truthful about this since from day one,’ the congressman asserted

20 years after illegal U.S. invasion of Iraq, its architects are still cashing in: Corporations and universities helped launder the reputation of war criminals who still profit from the invasion. The invasion was not just a moral catastrophe, but an egregious war crime echoed by everyone from United Nations heads to human rights leaders. According to Brown University’s Costs of War project, over  300,000 people died in the war, the overwhelming bulk of them Iraqi civilians. These are only the counted. The war fractured any cohesion across Iraq and set the stage for massive levels of sectarian violence fueled by the U.S.

Americans Don’t Care About the Iraqi Dead. They Don’t Even Care About Their Own. The U.S. has a long and disturbing habit of ignoring the violence it commits overseas as well as at home.

Ron DeSantis Is in a Bit of an Awkward Position Here: And it would skyrocket if he became the one who’d have to extradite Trump to New York. What do the Republicans challenging Donald Trump for the party’s presidential nomination say about his supposedly forthcoming indictment in New York? It’s a quandary. They can’t celebrate it. The indictment, were it to happen, would surely go over poorly with most of the Republican primary electorate.

Florida Mayor Up and Quits in Middle of Budget Meeting: “I’m concerned where the city is going,” Clearwater’s Frank Hibbard said. The unexpected announcement came as Hibbard and fellow City Council members were discussing plans for a new $90 million City Hall and municipal complex.

# Legal / DOJ
In hush money probe, Trump’s lawyer is anything but quiet : Trump himself on Saturday said his arrest could come Tuesday

Donald Trump’s post sharing details of his arrest could see him denied bail: What happens when a former U.S. president is charged with a crime? We answer that and many more questions about the likely indictment of Donald Trump.

Trump won’t refuse to surrender if indicted in NYC, lawyer says: If Trump is charged, he must surrender to New York authorities and appear in court to enter a plea to the charges. A judge could theoretically agree to conduct the hearing remotely, but no criminal defendants are being arraigned virtually at present, according to Lucian Chalfen from the Office of Court Administration.

# Medical / Health
Wyoming has become the first state to ban the abortion pill: Wyoming has made it illegal to “to prescribe, dispense, distribute, sell or use any drug for the purpose of procuring or performing an abortion,” and anyone found to be violating the rule can be imprisoned for up to six months, fined $9,000, or both.

Antibiotics linked to Bobby Caldwell’s death can cause disabling and permanent side effects. Fluoroquinolones are among the most widely prescribed antibiotic drugs in the US, but they’re linked to rare health complications. His was not an isolated case. The FDA has even dubbed the constellation of rare symptoms experienced by some people as fluoroquinolone-associated disability or FQAD and posted boxed warnings on the label. Some newer fluoroquinolones have been withdrawn from the market due to toxic effects.

Achieving mental health parity: The struggle to get insurance plans to improve coverage of mental health care

Proven Schizophrenia Treatments Keep People in School, at Work and off the Street. Why Won’t Insurance Companies Cover Them?

# Medical Science
2 billion people have impaired vision. Here’s how CRISPR might lead to a cure: See how researchers are uncovering the mechanisms of retinal degeneration and identifying new targets for therapeutic intervention

# Science
A Himalayan fungus has been used to treat cancer for centuries. Scientists now boost its potency 40-fold: A Himalayan fungus has been used to treat cancer for centuries. Scientists now boost its potency 40-fold. Early results suggest the drug shows good anti-cancer activity in patients with advanced cancer. Cordyceps militaris, a fungus that contains a compound with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

# Water
Global freshwater demand will exceed supply 40% by 2030, experts warn: “The scientific evidence is that we have a water crisis. We are misusing water, polluting water, and changing the whole global hydrological cycle, through what we are doing to the climate. It’s a triple crisis.”

Why There is No Such Thing as “Safe” Tap Water: Despite being at the top of the global food chain and industrial developmental ladder, the United States has a poor track record for delivering uncontaminated drinking water to the public. Chemicals. Both human-made and natural chemicals can make their way into drinking water. Pesticides, bleach, and bacterial toxins are some of the potential things that can have harmful health effects. Other chemicals like bisphenol-A and pharmaceuticals are also sometimes detected in groundwater sources.

US will tackle ‘forever chemicals’ in water: The US Environmental Protection Agency has proposed the first limitations on a set of pervasive and dangerous ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water. Perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (better known as PFAS) have strong carbon–fluorine bonds, so they are difficult to destroy, and have become widely dispersed in the environment

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Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-19

Voices, The Peoples News

March 19, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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This daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

# Indigenous
Tribal Nations Seek Regional Food Trade Hubs as SNAP Benefits Expire: The SNAP rollback will impact Tribal communities, which already have high rates of food insecurity. Experts from Tribal nations say prioritizing Native sovereignty over their food and agriculture is imperative.

Supreme Court case could reshape Indigenous water rights in the Southwest: After 50 years, the government hasn’t developed water infrastructure owed to a Navajo Nation farm. Now the Supreme Court is set to weigh in on the government’s water obligations to tribes.

# Indigenous / Global
Brazil tackles illegal miners, but finds their mercury legacy harder to erase: As the details of the humanitarian crisis in the Yanomami Indigenous Territory unfold amid action to remove illegal miners, mercury left by the rampant gold mining in the area will remain a lingering toxic legacy.

# Border / Immigration / Migrants
DOD spends nearly $50 million a year ‘to do nothing’ with Trump’s border wall materials, drawing GOP backlash: DOD is spending around 130,000 a day to store materials after Biden canceled Trump’s border wall construction project

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
CDC Bought Phone Data to Monitor Americans’ Compliance With Lockdowns, Contracts Show: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC) purchased data from tracking companies to monitor compliance with lockdowns, according to contracts with the firms.

FDA approves COVID boosters for 6-month-olds, citing trial with just 24 patients: One prominent jab critic called it a ‘new low’ for the FDA. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is approving booster doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot for children as young as six months based on a trial of just 24 patients. Buried in the press release, however, was the revelation that “among individuals 6 months of age and older, safety was assessed in participants in two clinical studies,” and that for the 6-23 months age group there were only 24 participants. The 2-4 year age group had 36. Medical freedom attorney and COVID vaccine critic Aaron Siri called it a “new low” for the FDA to make its decision based on such limited data.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical EPA orders states to accept waste from Ohio train derailment site: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ordered states with approved and available toxic waste facilities to accept materials transported from the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. The move, announced by EPA director Michael Regan at a news conference Friday morning, comes after governors in Oklahoma, Michigan and other states have recently turned away shipments.

Public health vs. economic growth: Toxic chemical rules pose test for Biden: Key industries, including some that the White House is backing through other policies, are lobbying to water down the first major new rules in a generation on chemicals that pose risks to humans.

Toxic air, explosions: Inside the bitter battle between Texas residents and Exxon: Residents of Baytown sued Exxon 13 years ago to reduce pollution that wafts into their neighborhoods. A key legal decision looms, and the case could have national implications. This $14.25 million penalty remains the record for a citizen-initiated clean air enforcement lawsuit.

The dubious economic calculus behind the Willow project: The ConocoPhillips venture is supposed to secure energy independence and Alaskan prosperity. It probably won’t achieve either.

The looming threat of deep-sea mining: A new international treaty aims to support protection of the high seas – what will this mean for deep-sea mining?

Fossil Fuel Executives See a ‘Golden Age’ for Gas, If They Can Brand It as ‘Clean’: At an industry conference, top executives lamented they had “lost the narrative” on natural gas, and outlined an effort to sell their product as the “cleanest energy in the world.”

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Roundup, the World’s Favorite Weed Killer, Linked to Liver, Metabolic Diseases in Kids: Children exposed to glyphosate, once touted as “safer than table salt,” face increased risk of conditions found primarily in older adults that can lead to cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. New shows glyphosate is linked to liver inflammation and metabolic disorder in early adulthood, which could lead to liver cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease later in life.

Within days some big, nasty-smelling blobs of seaweed could reach the Florida Keys: The seaweed blobs are part of a 5,000-mile long bloom of algae known as sargassum. Blooms are common, but scientists say they’re getting bigger — and this one might be the largest in history.

Activists Slam Biden Administration for Reversing Climate and Equity Guidance on Highway Expansions: The “Fix It First” memo, which was replaced last month, urged states to repair roads before expanding them and to weigh projects with global warming and equity in mind.
https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://insideclimatenews.org/news/19032023/biden-highway-climate-equity/*:*:text=Environmental*20justice*20activists*20are*20chastising,roads*2C*20bridges*20and*20major*20projects__;I34lJSUlJSUlJSU!!On18fmf1aQ!ymM1oI3gk2lSXFRNa-KhFt2Ybuk4gZrexvap-T3RZoRoqJbViTxrxy8fhUI0wJIJTsR9CDOqz8Gyl5xOMRHF-wBQvBrEm4UE$ .

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Global Climate change is hitting the planet faster than scientists originally thought: Latest IPCC climate report warns that rising greenhouse-gas emissions could soon outstrip the ability of many communities to adapt.

What is climate change, and how is it affecting Earth? Climate change is real and humans are causing it. The changes in global temperature and weather patterns seen today, however, are caused by human activity. And they’re happening much faster than the natural climate variations of the past.

The toxic threat in thawing permafrost: Scientists are tracking neurotoxic methylmercury production in North America’s largest peatland.
Thawing permafrost threatens to release biological, chemical and radioactive materials that have been sequestered for tens to hundreds of thousands of years. As these constituents re-enter the environment, they have the potential to disrupt ecosystem function, reduce the populations of unique Arctic wildlife and endanger human health.

# Food Recalls / Alerts
Scenic Fruit Company of Gresham, Oregon is recalling frozen organic strawberries and frozen organic tropical blend due to an outbreak of hepatitis A. The recalled frozen organic strawberries were sold at Costco, Aldi, KeHE, Vital Choice Seafood, and PCC Community Markets, and the frozen organic tropical blend was sold at Trader Joe’s.

# General News
U.S. and its ‘horrible’ leaders are greatest threat to Western civilization – Trump –The country has ‘never been closer’ to nuclear war, the former president said in a video, urging a ceasefire in Ukraine: The next order of business under a second Trump presidency would be a complete overhaul of the State Department, Pentagon, intelligence services, and other key agencies to “fire the Deep Staters and put America first” — followed by “fundamentally reevaluating NATO’s purpose and NATO’s mission.”

Manhattan DA’s office ‘asked for a meeting’ with law enforcement ahead of possible Trump indictment: The court source said that ‘they are anticipating an indictment next week.’ According to the source, the meeting was requested Thursday and hasn’t been set. The meeting is to “discuss logistics for some time next week, which would mean that they are anticipating an indictment next week,” the source familiar with the planning said.

He Has the Proof: DC Gulag Political Prisoner and Decorated Army Special Forces Soldier Jeffrey McKellop Reveals Extent of Government Agents at J6 Capitol Protest – It Was a Complete Set-Up:  Jeffrey has been silenced by his government. After his arrest in March 2021, Jeffrey delved into video footage and documented evidence from January 6. Jeffrey was able to identify numerous government informants and agitators in the massive Trump crowd that day. After he put together his evidence he sent it out to numerous contacts. That was when the FBI came into his prison cell and took his research. They then attempted to silence him and banned him from phone and mail privileges. Jeffrey’s trial is scheduled to start in April 2023. He has been in prison for two years TODAY without a trial. He was arrested on March 17, 2021.

‘It’s time’: Trump calls on supporters to ‘protest’ and ‘take our nation back’ in an ominous echo of January 6 riot: The former president and 2024 GOP candidate urged his supporters to “take our nation back” over unprecedented potential criminal charge. “Protest, take our nation back!” the former president and 2024 GOP presidential candidate declared on his social media platform Truth Social, after pointing to news reports about the possibility he could be arrested Tuesday or soon thereafter.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Why China appears ready to go to war with the US over Taiwan: Last Friday, Chinese leader Xi JinPing won his third five-year term as president in a unanimous vote by the National People’s Congress. Having secured his grip on power quite possibly for life, Xi is executing China’s grand plan to re-establish control over Taiwan. Indeed, so crucial is Taiwan, which broke away from communist China in 1949 – that Beijing appears willing to tussle with Washington over its long-term fate.

Vladimir Putin’s arrest warrant comes with a worrying risk as expert reveals it could ‘isolate’ the leader: The International Criminal Court on Friday issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin, charging him with an alleged war crime in Ukraine. The U.S. says China has sided with Russia in the Ukraine war, but Western allies have urged the Chinese to reach out to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Arrest Warrant From ICC Pierces Putin’s Aura of Impunity: The court cited Mr. Putin’s responsibility for the abduction and deportation of Ukrainian children, thousands of whom have been sent to Russia since the invasion. It also issued a warrant for Russia’s commissioner for children’s rights, Maria Lvova-Belova, the public face of the Kremlin-sponsored program that transfers the children out of Ukraine.

# Gov / Politics / US
The Iraq War Started 20 Years Ago. Most Senate Republicans Still Don’t Want to Repeal Iraq War Powers: Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, a foreign policy disaster that lawmakers are still wrestling with, as Caleb Ecarma reports how Senate Republicans are divided over repealing the 2002 war authorization (and one from 1991). Indeed, the legacy of the Iraq war still looms over our politics, and media.

The Path to War: Amid the smoking wreckage of September 11, 2001, the Bush administration took its policy goal of regime change in Iraq and began an 18-month campaign marked by miscalculation, bullying, and deception that would tarnish its credibility and turn the world’s sympathy for the US into fear and mistrust.

See also: After 9/11, the U.S. Got Almost Everything Wrong: A mission to rid the world of “terror” and “evil” led America in tragic directions.

And: In The Shadow Of 9/11; The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: On September 11, 2001, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center fell. Just two months later Kabul—the capital of a country where the deadliest terrorist attack in history had originated was on the verge of falling.

These Republicans Want Drone Strikes on Mexico: The bill would authorize the use of U.S. military force in Mexico against cartels. Last week, Sen. Lindsey Graham held a press conference promising similar legislation in the Senate. “The second step that we will be engaging in is give the military the authority to go after these organizations wherever they exist,” Graham said. “Not to invade Mexico. Not to shoot Mexican airplanes down. But to destroy drug labs that are poisoning Americans.”

# Legal / DOJ
Tapes show Madigan’s ‘assignments’ carried out by McClain in corruption case: The so-called ComEd Four trial continues Monday with more phone-recorded evidence expected to show the inner workings of what federal prosecutors call “Madigan Enterprise. Former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan isn’t on trial until next year. He faces 22 corruption-related counts. Four others are on trial. They’re all charged with a nearly decade-long bribery conspiracy scheme

Federal Judge Hands Over Trump’s Lawyer’s Notes to DOJ: Before stepping down on Friday, Howell ruled that attorney M. Evan Corcoran can be questioned by investigators, despite attorney/client privilege, and then ruled on the notes which the Daily Beast’s Jose Pagliery called a “parting gift” to special counsel Jack Smith who is investigating Trump on multiple fronts.

New York Prosecutors Want Donald Trump To Do Perp Walk In Handcuffs On Criminal Charges From Stormy Daniels Scandal: The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has offered Donald Trump the opportunity to surrender as part of a pre-negotiated bail package ahead of his likely indictment, but the former President has yet to agree in a move that has set up a legal showdown

# Medical / Health
Wyoming governor signs law outlawing use of abortion pills: The pills are already banned in 13 states with blanket bans on all forms of abortion, and 15 states already have limited access to abortion pills. The Republican governor’s decision comes after the issue of access to abortion pills took center stage this week in a Texas court. A federal judge there raised questions about a Christian group’s effort to overturn the decades-old U.S. approval of a leading abortion drug, mifepristone.

# Nuclear
Minnesota nuclear power plant leaked 400,000 gallons of radioactive water in November – and only now reveals it to the public –People outraged: Minnesota agencies announced this week they are monitoring the cleanup of about 400,000 gallons of radioactive water that leaked from a nuclear generating plant near Minneapolis this past fall.

# Water
The EPA Sets First-Ever Limits for PFAS in Drinking Water: These “forever chemicals” have been scientifically linked to an increased cancer risk, reduced immune responses, and other health problems.  The core of the proposal would restrict two of the most dangerous PFAS compounds, PFOA and PFOS, to four parts per trillion.

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Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-17

Voices, The Peoples News

March 17, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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Without an ethic of love shaping the direction of our political vision and
our radical aspirations, we are often seduced, in one way or the other,
into continued allegiance to systems of domination.
— Bell Hooks, Author and Professor
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This daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

# Border / Immigration / Migrants
This rancher doesn’t want a border wall on his land. He fears Texas will build it anyway. Anti-border wall activists are racing to find landowners along the Rio Grande before they sign contracts with the state.

Texas strikes deal to build Abbotts border wall on big donors ranch: The governor’s slow-moving wall scheme gets a major boost from a political ally as the state secures five miles of land for fencing.

# Chemicals
US Government Releases Censored Documents Detailing Fluoride’s Impact on Childhood IQ: By Derrick Broze The U.S. government has been forced to release a controversial draft review that confirms previous studies which found exposure to fluoride at high levels can reduce IQ in children. The NTP review from May 2022 confirms the findings of two earlier drafts from 2019 and 2020 which concluded that prenatal and early life exposure to fluoride can reduce IQ.

Roundup, the World’s Favorite Weed Killer, Linked to Liver, Metabolic Diseases in Kids: Children exposed to glyphosate, once touted as “safer than table salt,” face increased risk of conditions found primarily in older adults that can lead to cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

# Employment / Labor
Labor Developments in the Rust Belt: Michigan is one step closer to repealing right to work; why the end of two-tier wages at Caterpillar shows corporate America’s immense power over workers. Interesting developments have happened across the labor movement so far in 2023.

Minnesota Labor Dept. seeks an injunction to stop another meat processing company from illegally hiring children for dangerous jobs, against Tony Downs Food Company, a meat and poultry processor.

Kentucky Workers Fight for a Union at Amazon’s Biggest Air Hub: It’s now  firing season at Amazon, and no worker is safe without a union. The stakes for Amazon workers, “it’s either our lives or Amazon’s profits. Enough is enough! We are going to fight to have a decent living and real power in our workplace with a union.”

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical The Next Big Thing for Electricity — the Virtual Power Plant: There is talk about the ‘smart grid’ and the ‘smart meter’ in your home. More than 70 percent of electric meters nowadays fit the smart classification, which means they are equipped to play a part in a virtual power plant.

The EV mining rush could come to Montana’s mountains: A company announced it found the country’s highest-grade rare earth deposit in Montana. A mining company has identified potentially lucrative deposits of rare earth elements tucked in the Bitterroot Mountains near the Idaho-Montana border. These metallic elements are used in cellphones, laptops and TVs, as well as electric vehicles. Two elements called neodymium and praseodymiumr make up the bulk of the deposit and are part of a once-overlooked group on the periodic table that are now an increasingly valuable resource.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Two Trains Derail in Arizona and Washington as Congress Sits on Safety Bill: Two BNSF trains derailed in separate incidents in Arizona and Washington state on Thursday, with the latter spilling diesel fuel on tribal land along Puget Sound.

US Justice Department tells Supreme Court to reject Big Oil petition in Colorado climate lawsuit: The Justice Department is siding with communities in Colorado and across the U.S. that are fighting to hold Big Oil companies accountable for their climate lies. At the request of the U.S. Supreme Court, the Department of Justice weighed in on a key procedural question that has been ensnaring the progress of many climate accountability lawsuits, the question of where the lawsuits should be heard.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Global ‘Legacy of bold resistance’: how the Tla-o-qui-aht are protecting 100% of their territory. Fighting American colonizers in the 1800s. Setting the foundation for Canada’s first major anti-logging action. Trailblazing tribal parks and sustainable logging practices. How the Tla-o-qui-aht take stewardship of their territory back into their own hands

Old-growth spotted owl habitat removed from federal maps after talks with B.C., docs reveal: Federal scientists mapped core critical habitat for the endangered spotted owl. Almost half of it, including old-growth, disappeared during negotiations with the B.C. government, internal documents reveal.

An invisible climate killer is lurking behind B.C.’s LNG boom: Invisible to the naked eye, undetectable by smell and 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide for its short-term warming impact on the climate, methane is explosive, toxic and can make helicopters fall out of the sky.

Massive iceberg breaks off Antarctic Brunt ice shelf : A 1550 square km (963 sq mi.) iceberg, designated A81, recently broke off Antarctica’s Brunt Ice Shelf. A time-lapse of the ‘calving process’ was captured by satellites, according to ESA

Recovering Forests Can Offset Around a Quarter of Tropical Deforestation: As deforestation continues in vulnerable and vital tropical rainforests, the recovery of secondary or degraded forests can play a role in mitigating some of the consequences of forest loss. However, it cannot compensate for that loss altogether.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals
People are eating dog food for protein gains and I’m frightened. Dog food does not meet the nutritional requirements of human food, just as human food does not meet the nutritional requirements of dog food.

Viewpoint: No, DNA is NOT a drug: Why the FDA’s continued insistence to regulate gene edited research animals as drugs blocks US-based innovation

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Global Banking on the Seaweed Rush: Seaweed farmers promise to feed us, combat climate change, support coastal communities, provide wildlife habitat, and more. Can seaweed do it all? Seaweed farming has a long history in Asia, and now it is spreading around the globe. Over the past 30 years, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), world production of seaweed has boomed more than sixfold to over 35 million tonnes, with emerging markets in the Americas (particularly the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and Maine), Europe, and Africa.

# Food Recalls / Alerts
More than 300,000 cereal and snack packages recalled because of metal in products: Catalina Snacks of Lebanon, IN, is recalling more than 300,000 certain ready-to-eat cereal packages and snack mix packages because of foreign material in the products, specifically metal. According to the details posted this week by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the recall was initiated on Feb. 15 and is ongoing. Recalled products were distributed to New York, California, Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Oregon, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Virginia, Nevada, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Connecticut and online.

# General Recalls / Alerts
Ford Issues 2023 Bronco ‘Do Not Deliver-Do Not Drive’ Order: Ford just issued a “Stop Delivery” to dealers and “Stop Driving” to owners of certain Bronco SUVs. The order involves only the 2023 Bronco Wildtrak and 2022 Bronco Raptor models. At issue are steering gears that can lock up.

# Gov / Politics / Global
A new UN-backed report released Thursday concluded that Russia was guilty of grave violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws. “The Commission is concerned with the number, the geographic spread, and the gravity of human rights violations and corresponding international crimes which it has documented during its mandate,” investigators wrote.

China-brokered Iran-Saudi deal raises red flags for US : “It symbolically makes the United States look like it’s not able to be a key player”

Saudi Arabia could invest in Iran ‘very quickly’ after agreement -minister: “It is in our interest to make sure that both nations benefit from each others resources and competitive advantage”

The hidden security clauses of the Iran-Saudi deal

Iran’s Top Security Official to Visit the UAE Amid Regional Rapprochement

Putin’s Arrest Warrant Threatens to Upend His Most Important Relationship: The U.S. says China has sided with Russia in the Ukraine war, but Western allies have urged the Chinese to reach out to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Despite the awkward timing of the arrest warrant, it is unlikely that it will affect Chinese President Xi Jinping’s decision to visit Russia next week.

The ‘mad’ prince behind an attempt to overthrow the German state: A prince dismissed by his own family as a “mad old man” has emerged as a central figure in an alleged plot to overthrow the German government. He was arrested along with other alleged plotters – including a right-wing ex-MP and former soldiers – in a nationwide operation carried out by thousands of security forces on Wednesday.

# Gov / Politics / US
Donald Trump’s Allies Are Now Mad Ron DeSantis Hasn’t Announced He’s Running for President: A Trump-aligned super PAC has filed an ethics complaint in Florida accusing DeSantis of running a shadow campaign in violation of state law. Trump’s announcement on Tuesday that he will once again seek the presidency in 2024 threatens to further complicate a relationship that is already showing signs of strain. If DeSantis ultimately moves forward with a White House campaign, it would put him in direct conflict with Trump like never before and challenge him to navigate a primary with the best-known Republican in the country.

Comer Reveals Biden Family Members Receiving Payments from Chinese Energy Company: The Hong Kong company which wired over $3 million bound for Biden family associates in 2017, appears to have been run by a member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at the time of the transfer, a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation determined.

Graham says he will introduce bill to ‘set the stage’ for US to use military force in Mexico: Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Monday said he was prepared to introduce legislation to “set the stage” for U.S. military force in Mexico, saying it was time to “get tough” on the neighboring country after four Americans were kidnapped by armed men this week.

Former US natsec advisor: destroy Taiwan semiconductor factories if China invades: A growing body of evidence suggests that the US would blow up the global economy to prevent China from laying claim to Taiwan’s semiconductor factories.

# Law Enforcement
Ten people have been charged with murder after allegedly smothering a Black man to death: The medical examiner’s preliminary ruling was that Otieno’s death was a homicide caused by asphyxiation. Otieno’s case marks the latest example of a Black man’s in-custody death that has law enforcement under scrutiny. It follows the the fatal beating of Tyre Nichols in Memphis, Tennessee, and the killing of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis.

Sheriff, Deputies in ‘Gang’ Charged Over Alleged Kidnapping: Iron County Sheriff Jeffery Burket faces eight counts including attempted kidnapping and participating knowingly in criminal street gang activities.

# Legal / DOJ
ICC Issues Arrest Warrant for Putin Over Alleged War Crimes: The Russian president has repeatedly denied all accusations of war crimes in Ukraine. The International Criminal Court (ICC) on Friday issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin over his alleged involvement in the abduction of Ukrainian children and teenagers. Why it matters: The arrest warrants for Putin and another Russian official represent some of the first international charges issued since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Report: Fulton County Prosecutors Have Another Recording of Donald Trump Pressuring a GA Official to Overturn the Election: And the special grand jury got to hear it. The jurors said the recording revealed Trump asking Ralston to convene a special session of the state legislature to overturn President Biden’s win in Georgia.

How a Trump Lawyer Is ‘Fishing’ for Info on Other Probes: One of his top lawyers is apparently trying to use another case to siphon information about every possible pending investigation into the former president, including ones that Trump might not even know about yet.

Moment father appears to send signal warning daughter to stop talking as she testifies at his murder trial: Adramatic moment unfolded inside a Wisconsin courtroom when a father appeared to send a signal warning his teenage daughter to stop talking as she testified against him at his murdertrial.

Africa Is Splitting Into Two Continents And May Open A Vast New Ocean: This rift system means that the African plate is splitting into two plates, the smaller Somalian plate and the larger Nubian plate, that are pulling away from each other at a super-sluggish snail’s pace of millimeters per year, according to a 2004 study https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.iflscience.com/africa-is-splitting-into-two-continents-and-may-open-a-vast-new-ocean-67848*:*:text=This*20rift*20system*20means*20that,according*20to*20a*202004*20study__;I34lJSUlJSUlJQ!!On18fmf1aQ!z24mCPQ-hgIibGBUY_29hKt7x61Ow43CHVq7TVpVGIreKf1tiwFzt_iqLYo0bmfLtZ2cGB_f8zUnaFqsuYgfEoMqQG-gImr2$

How social networks became a ‘subsidiary’ of the FBI and CIA: The Twitter Files have lifted the lid on a secret alliance between Silicon Valley, intelligence agencies and the political establishment.

Embattled Trump Attorney Headed Back in Front of Grand Jury in Classified Documents Case: A federal judge has ordered Trump attorney Evan Corcoran to give additional testimony to Mar-a-Lago investigators. Investigators are looking at invoking an exception that can bypass attorney-client privilege if legal advice is used for furthering crime

Lawyer Pledges Trump Will Turn Himself in if Indicted: “There won’t be a standoff at Mar-a-Lago with Secret Service and the Manhattan DA’s office,” Joe Tacopina said.

# LGBTQ / Gender
Kentucky GOP Breaks Public Meetings Law to Pass Anti-Trans Bill Targeting Kids: Republicans introduced the bill with little to no notice during the House’s lunch hour when few lawmakers were around.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration is moving to revoke the liquor license of a Miami hotel that hosted a Christmas drag show, a crackdown that comes as the Republican governor looks to shore up his conservative credentials ahead of an expected 2024 presidential bid.

# Medical / Health
A deadly type of cancer is on the rise in young adults and we don’t know why: Since the 1990s, the rate of colorectal cancer (which includes cancers of the colon and rectum) has been rising steadily among adults younger than 50. Not only that, but more younger people are dying from the disease.

# Military / DOD
A Mysterious Navy Boat Washed Up in North Carolina, Then Suddenly Disappeared: Things are getting weird in North Carolina, and the mystery involves a U.S. Navy vessel that washed ashore and a house drifting out to sea. It’s not clear exactly which ship washed ashore, but it’s part of a fleet from the Norfolk Detachment of Atlantic Targets & Marine Operations. The unit is part of the Navy and is responsible for providing range support for naval aviation training and testing operations in the Atlantic Ocean.

# Military / Global
Iranian Weapons Are Now Being Used on Both Sides of the Ukraine War: Ukrainian troops are turning the tables on Russia and firing Iranian-made shells back at their tormentors. How they got them is unclear https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/10/politics/russia-iran-ukraine-weapons/index.html__;!!On18fmf1aQ!z24mCPQ-hgIibGBUY_29hKt7x61Ow43CHVq7TVpVGIreKf1tiwFzt_iqLYo0bmfLtZ2cGB_f8zUnaFqsuYgfEoMqQMicTfuu$

Suspected Iranian Weapons Seized by U.S. Navy May Go to Ukraine: U.S. officials are considering sending a cache of arms to help Kyiv in its battle against Russia https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.wsj.com/articles/seized-weapons-bound-for-yemen-may-go-to-ukraine-2516b45d__;!!On18fmf1aQ!z24mCPQ-hgIibGBUY_29hKt7x61Ow43CHVq7TVpVGIreKf1tiwFzt_iqLYo0bmfLtZ2cGB_f8zUnaFqsuYgfEoMqQF8GPG5t$

The little-known weapon knocking down Iranian drones over Kyiv: Ukrainian forces were able to shoot down more than 80 aerial vehicles this week. Ukraine is swatting away as many Iranian-made drones as Russia can throw at its infrastructure sites, knocking down as many as 80 air vehicles over Kyiv during Russia’s surprise New Year’s Eve blitz alone, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said this week.

What Iran’s Drones in Ukraine Mean for the Future of War: Russia’s effective use of inexpensive Iranian aircraft points to challenges that other states may soon face elsewhere. Iranian drones have become an increasingly important weapon for Russia in its war in Ukraine, where they are used to strike a range of civilian and military targets. According to U.S. officials, Iran has also sent trainers to Crimea to teach the Russians how to use them correctly. Their usage offers a glimpse into a future where cheaply-made attack equipment is able to grind down expensive and sophisticated material.

Analysis: What’s behind Iran’s alleged drone deal with Russia? And will Ukraine’s Western partners step up in this time of need? Al Jazeera’s defence analyst explains the war’s latest developments.

The war in Ukraine is just getting started: In the Iran-Iraq war, both sides refused to back down despite a long, bloody stalemate. The same thing could happen to Russia and Ukraine. There is good reason to worry that this ugly history is repeating itself today in Eastern Europe.

# Science
Scientists revive ‘zombie’ virus that was trapped for 48,500 years in the Arctic’s permafrost: “Zombie” viruses that spent up to 48,500 years frozen in the ground could reawaken as the permafrost melts due to climate change, scientists warn. Noticeably warmer temperatures in the Arctic are already thawing the region’s permafrost, the permanently frozen layer below Earth’s surface.

Why Do Scientists Want To Abandon Antarctica? In this video, Unveiled takes a closer look at the mystery of Antarctica! With whispers that scientists might soon abandon the southernmost continent on Earth, we ask why that could be necessary? What is Antarctica REALLY like, and is it time to stop the human presence there?

Scientists Are Turning Dead Birds into Drones That May Spy on Humans and Wildlife in the Future: Scientists found a way to combine taxidermy to turn dead birds into drones that could be used to spy on humans.

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Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-16

Voices, The Peoples News

March 16, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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This daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

# Indigenous
Supreme Court case could reshape Indigenous water rights in the Southwest: After 50 years, the government hasn’t developed water infrastructure owed to a Navajo Nation farm. Now the Supreme Court is set to weigh in on the government’s water obligations to tribes.

Understanding the Willow project as part of a larger trend: energy colonialism: Five decades ago, the late Navajo Nation President Peterson Zah described America’s ‘power madness.’ “The formula is very simple and politically sound: Indian land, Indian coal and Indian water will generate Indian power. The power will be shipped across Indian lands to Albuquerque, Phoenix and Los Angeles. The cities will get more and more power at no cost to their environment. The result will be Indian pollution. But why should Indians be forced to suffer the consequences of the American public’s power madness? If the cities must have more power, let them put up with the filth which their power greed produces.”

The bid to block copper mining at Oak Flat: U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva, D-Ariz., introduced a bill this month that would block a global corporation’s plans to mine a giant copper deposit under Chi’chil Biłdagoteel, or Oak Flat, a granite-boulder-studded plateau in Arizona. The proposed mining would cause the land to subside dramatically, reducing Oak Flat, the ancestral homeland of several Southwestern tribal nations and the traditional location of San Carlos Apache coming-of-age ceremonies, to nothing more than a vast crater.

Federal appeals court denies Apache Stronghold’s bid to stop a copper mine at Oak Flat: A federal court has denied a bid by the grassroots group Apache Stronghold to halt the construction of a giant copper mine at Oak Flat Campground, a project that would obliterate a site held to be sacred by many Apaches and other Southwestern tribal members.

Grijalva’s new legislation seeks to safeguard Oak Flat site from foreign-owned mining: The area is called Oak Flat, and it stretches across just over 2,400 acres of national forest land. It’s a sacred site to the San Carlos Apache Tribe and other Arizona tribes. But a last-minute piece of legislation passed in 2014 transferred it from federal control into the hands of a proposed mining operation called Resolution Copper.

The lithium boom is on. Electric vehicles run on battery power and batteries need lithium, a lot of it: Construction begins on controversial  lithium  mine in Nevada. Opponents say the Thacker Pass lithium project was rushed in the name of the green transition, even as tribes and environmental groups continue a years-long effort  to block the project. Tribes opposing the mine say the area has historical, cultural and religious importance and that it was the site of an 1865 massacre of at least 31 Paiute people. The colony is advocating for Peehee Mu’huh to be on the National Register of Historic Places. “It’s really hard to be a tribal member and see our homelands destroyed,” said Eben.

# Border / Immigration / Migrants
Texas sheriff: County ‘under siege’ with escalating border crisis: Kinney County, Texas, Sheriff Brad Coe told members of Congress on Wednesday his small rural county of less than 3,200 people “was under siege” by illegal foreign nationals “being smuggled through the county on back roads that circumvent U.S. Border Patrol checkpoints.

Over-Raided, Under Siege; U.S. immigration laws and enforcement destroy the rights of  immigrants. A report on human rights violations perpetrated against immigrant and refugee families, workers and communities in the U.S: From the Human Rights Immigrant Community Action Network – An initiative of the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, a critical overview and analysis of the trends and patterns of human rights violations being perpetrated against immigrant and refugee communities by the U.S. government, local, county and state governments, employers and private citizen groups

Attacks against Border Patrol agents increasing: Chertoff said that Border Patrol agents are virtually under siege by violent drug cartels retaliating against toughened enforcement that’s made it harder to ferry drugs into the United States. Assaults on Border Patrol agents have increased 44 percent from October through December, compared with the same period a year ago.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
Republicans Accept No Blame For Bank Failures After They Voted To Deregulate Banks: A regional financial institution known as Silicon Valley Bank went belly up over the weekend and couldn’t honor withdrawals from panicky depositors, prompting the federal government to step in and bail the depositors out.

# Education / Schools
Wellesley College students voted to open admissions to trans men and nonbinary applicants, but the college’s administration said that it will not change its policies. Students said changing the admissions policy would align with the college’s mission of providing a safe educational environment to people who are marginalized because of their gender.

Houston ISD: Houston parents, students and educators are largely denouncing the state’s decision to take over its largest school district. The Texas Education Agency will replace Houston Independent School District’s democratically elected school board and superintendent with “a board of managers” starting in June.

Houston ISD families blast the state’s takeover of the district as an intervention that won’t improve student learning: Parents and students of the Houston Independent School District decried the state’s decision to take control of the school system. Despite the news, many questions remain about how it would affect them.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical Schumer slams House GOP’s energy permitting bid: The Senate Majority Leader called the GOP’s opening pitch to ease permitting rules a “nonstarter.” House Republicans on Tuesday formally introduced their sprawling energy bill, H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act, in what will be their first big policy agenda push of the year.

Texas drove out Chinese firm, not the wind farm it planned: Long before a Chinese spy balloon captivated and spooked the U.S. public, Kyle Bass foresaw what he deemed another foreign danger slated for skies above the Texas-Mexico border: wind turbines. Dozens of them, roughly 700 feet (213 meters) tall, as big as San Antonio’s tallest skyscraper, were set to sprout across thousands of scrubby acres near the pristine Devils River.

The Willow Project Reveals More About the “Last Barrel” of Oil Than U.S. Climate Policy Direction: Its approval won’t make or break U.S. climate ambitions, but it does reveal much about the struggle to transition away from fossil fuels.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure
Monsanto sued for excluding non-US citizen plaintiff from Roundup cancer settlement: Monsanto Company and its corporate parent Bayer are facing a federal lawsuit for civil rights violations after they allegedly excluded a farmworker from a Roundup cancer settlement because of her immigration status.

The looming threat of deep-sea mining: A new international treaty aims to support protection of the high seas – what will this mean for deep-sea mining? With almost one in 10 species at risk of extinction, and the growing pressure from climate change, the treaty provides a framework for setting up protected areas in the high seas, sometimes known as international waters. It’s been seen as crucial for supporting the aim to protect 30% of the oceans by the year 2030. At the moment, we protect just a little more than 1% of the high seas.

The toxic threat in thawing permafrost: Scientists are tracking neurotoxic methylmercury production in North America’s largest peatland. In its inorganic form, mercury is less threatening to people. But as the permafrost thaws, says Kirkwood, mercury is finding its way into the soil and into the regions’ many ponds, rivers, and lakes. Once there, microbes can convert inorganic mercury into the form to be concerned about: neurotoxic methylmercury.

Giant Seaweed Blob Twice the Width of the U.S. Starts to Arrive in Florida: Like something out of a classic sci-fi film, marine scientists are tracking a giant seaweed blob approaching Florida’s Gulf Coast. The 5,000-mile-wide swarm of seaweed, which scientists say could be the biggest in history, is so large it can be seen from space. When it comes ashore on beaches in Florida and other locations along the Gulf of Mexico, it will emit toxic fumes as it begins to rot, scientists say, and could be a threat to human health. Rotting seaweed releases hydrogen sulfide, causing respiratory issues https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.ecowatch.com/giant-seaweed-blob-florida-sargassum.html__;!!On18fmf1aQ!xYtqnSRTlJB8uAtfEd7PQ9GLSmSsKNzkuVTXpLTx7Y7rfwhrrLH4djdEqOZRYsG_E-5rx3o8GkIJ4D7tnp8GIVcU5RlF8vQS$

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals
What’s on Your Plate? 60% of Foods in America Contain Unhealthy Additives: Troubling new research finds the majority of foods purchased by Americans (60%) contain any number of artificial additives such as preservatives, sweeteners, and coloring or flavoring agents. Even worse, these levels represent a 10-percent increase since 2001.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Global
United States, Mexico at odds over Mexico’s ban of genetically modified corn: Mexico’s president wants to protect his country’s heritage by limiting imports of GMO corn. The U.S. isn’t backing down. In the Mexican state of Baja California where Aguilar lived with her grandmother, flour tortillas were popular. Corn, the staple food that defines Mexican cuisine and allowed the country’s ancient civilizations to flourish, is now a source of conflict between the United States and Mexico’s current government.

# General Recalls / Alerts
Kia, Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota among 347,000 cars under recall: Kia issued a massive recall for 189,000 new K5 vehicles over an airbag issue. Other manufacturers with recalls include Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota.

# Gov / Politics / US
The Abortion Pill Case Is About Who Makes the Rules in America: What this case is actually about is the same thing every abortion battle over the past five decades has been about: Who has power in America? Indeed, who holds the power and who doesn’t has been the fundamental question about abortion rights ever since they were left out of the Constitution in the first place. But the mifepristone case is the first one to show us the full amount of havoc that has been wrought on our legal system thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe last June

DeSantis 2024 Is Getting Congressional Endorsements-Even If He Isn’t Officially Running: Texas Congressman Chip Roy announced that he will be endorsing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for president in the 2024 election. “I believe it’s time for a new generation of leadership.  It’s time for younger, but proven, leadership to offer America eight solid years of transformational change,” the congressman said.

# Juvenile Justice System
Dallas County handles juvenile justice cases slower than the national standard and peer Texas counties. That means youth accused of crimes there spend more time in the system, making rehabilitation harder and recidivism more likely. The Dallas County Commissioners Court contracted a team of researchers last year to analyze the system at the urging of District Attorney John Creuzot. That team has finished its work and is recommending the county take a hard look at its processes. “The results suggest that Dallas County is operating within a juvenile justice processing model like those found in adult criminal justice processing systems,” the report concluded.

The urbanity of evil: 20 years after the invasion of Iraq: What propelled the United States to start the war on Iraq in March 2003 were dynamics of media and politics that are still very much with us today.

# Medical / Health
“If you disliked the way you and our country were treated in response to the COVID pandemic, you are going to hate what those who perpetrated the mask, lockdown and vaccine mandates intend to do to us next: Unless the United States withdraws from the WHO, we will be bound by whatever a majority of its members agree upon, to the detriment of our national sovereignty and personal freedoms. After Tedros and the World Health Organization’s catastrophic mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is utterly unacceptable to give them any additional, let alone totalitarian, control of our public health.

The latest attempt at an abortion ban made its first appearance in court: On Wednesday, a federal judge heard arguments in a case seeking an emergency order to have the Food and Drug Administration withdraw its approval of mifepristone, one of two drugs known as the abortion pill.

An All-Republican State Supreme Court Unanimously Protects Abortion Rights

The Legal Argument for Banning the Abortion Pill Is Based on a Lie

# Military / DOD
WATCH: Video Shows Russian Jet’s Clash With U.S. Drone: Russia has insisted no collision took place. The Pentagon has released footage of a Russian fighter jet colliding with a U.S. surveillance drone over the Black Sea on Tuesday. While making what the Pentagon said was a routine flight in international airspace, the uncrewed MQ-9 Reaper was intercepted by two Russian Su-27 fighter jets.

U.S. Tells Russia It Will Fly “Wherever International Law Allows” After Downing of Drone

# Social
What Is Critical Race Theory, and Why Is It Under Attack? Is “critical race theory” a way of understanding how American racism has shaped public policy, or a divisive discourse that pits people of color against white people? Liberals and conservatives are in sharp disagreement.

# Tips, Tricks and How To’s
7 potted plants that will remove indoor air pollution from your home, proven by science Plants aren’t just for show.

# Veterans / VA
‘Making it out alive’: War Hippies band together through Iraq experience, country music: Scooter Brown and Donnie Reis believe 2023 could prove a breakout year and an opening act for what they hope to turn into a veteran-inspired War Hippie empire complete with music and television gigs alongside War Hippie-branded clothing and alcohol lines.

The VA will pay for some to get new Alzheimer’s drug: The Veterans Health Administration will pay for some beneficiaries to get a new Alzheimer’s disease drug. Leqembi received FDA approval in January as a nonformulary drug. Patients who want to take the medication would have to request it, receive prior approval and meet stringent inclusion criteria.

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Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-15

Voices, The Peoples News

March 15, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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Willie Nelson is bringing his tour to The Woodlands, Texas this summer.

The legendary singer announced Tuesday that he’s bringing the largest
ever Outlaw Music Festival Tour back ‘On The Road Again’ for 2023!

Nelson, along with The Avett Brothers, John Fogerty and Brittney Spencer,
and more are going on tour this summer across 16 cities, including two
stops in Texas.

You can catch the tour in Dallas at the Dos Equis Pavilion on June 30 or at
the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands on July 2. Tickets
for the tour go on sale starting Friday, March 17 at 10 a.m. through the
Outlaw Music Festival’s website. There will also be VIP packages that
include great seats and exclusive festival merchandise.

For Citi card members, presale begins Tuesday at 10 a.m and lasts until
Thursday at 10 p.m. through the Citi Entertainment program.

Additional tour stops are expected to be announced at a later date.

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# Border / Immigration / Migrants
Border crisis: Over 1,000 migrants rush bridge linking Mexico to US in El Paso, Texas: Customs and Border Protection increased number of agents at border in response to sudden rush. Footage first shared with Fox News shows the crowd screaming and even jumping for joy Sunday afternoon as they start streaming onto the Paso Del Norte bridge from Juárez under a sign saying “Feliz Viaje,” or “Happy travels.” The rush followed a rumor that the border was being opened to give them fast-tracked political asylum in the US, according to Mexican outlet Norte Digital.

Law enforcement officials to testify at 2nd border hearing in Rio Grande Valley: The first was held last month in McAllen, Texas, by joint congressional subcommittees. The second is being held in Pharr, Texas, to examine Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ role in the border crisis, one that Republican committee members say was caused ‘by design.’ Democratic committee members have protested the hearing, stating they won’t be attending.

# Chemicals
Nitrous oxide ‘more dangerous than cocaine’ and leaving kids unable to walk: Nitrous oxide known as whippets is “more dangerous than cocaine,” and some kids are taking 150 canisters a day. The substance – commonly known whippets or laughing gas – is a commonly used drug among 16-24-year-olds. Nitrous oxide, which is sold in single-use silver canisters, is dispensed into balloons and inhaled to create a temporary feeling of relaxation and euphoria. Heavy regular use can lead to a range of side effects which include dizziness, weakness in the legs and impaired memory.

You’ve Heard of Fentanyl and Oxytocin—Now, Here’s What Parents Need To Know About Xylazine: The drug is actually not an opioid. Rather, it’s a sedative used in veterinary medicine. “The drug is used mainly for large animals in the veterinarian field for medical procedures,” Demara says. “[It is] not meant for the human population but can be seen in drugs that are used today, such as fentanyl. This drug can mimic the use of a tranquilizer as well.”

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Paying twice to die once: U.S. government agencies may have been double-billed for projects in Wuhan, China, records indicate; probe launched: Sources told CBS News that tens of millions of dollars could be involved.  “What I’ve found so far is evidence that points to double billing, potential theft of government funds. It is concerning, especially since it involves dangerous pathogens and risky research,”
said Diane Cutler, a former federal investigator https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://nypost.com/2023/03/13/tens-of-millions-of-dollars-in-us-grants-went-to-wuhan-labs/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!0WstiDIPIXUj98-6A-KqJbU2Ohb03bHjKuxlWcMvcU5sDl22apVSazX1UXst_F0FAyROZnB9a4xoLnp7JIKr7S8JL88iKvXV$

A Case Report: Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis and Myocarditis after BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccination against COVID-19: Autopsy Suggests Link Between COVID-19 Vaccine and Encephalitis in Brain in Case of German Death: A case study reported in the peer-viewed journal Vaccine found that a patient who had Parkinson’s Disease and who died after receiving his third Covid-19 vaccination had developed necrotizing encephalitis in the brain and spike proteins from the vaccine were present in the location of the inflammation.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
San Francisco considers reparations proposal to give $5 million per black person: Progressive city’s Board of Supervisors meeting to debate reparations recommendations despite backlash.  Payments of $5 million to every eligible Black adult, the elimination of personal debt and tax burdens, guaranteed annual incomes of at least $97,000 for 250 years and homes in San Francisco for just $1 a family. These were some of the more than 100 recommendations made by a city-appointed reparations committee tasked with the thorny question of how to atone for centuries of slavery and systemic racism.

Billionaire Jeff Greene Tells Other Billionaires That Poor People Want Too Many Things: “America’s lifestyle expectations are far too high and need to be adjusted so we have less things and a smaller, better existence,” Greene said in an interview today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “We need to reinvent our whole system of life.”

Bank Crisis Reveals Numerous Federal Reserve Failures: Bad financial supervision, a panicky response, and now the Fed has created a trigger policy for more inflation. But fear not! The nation’s strategic bullshit reserve is inexhaustible, a fact being eminently reinforced in the wake of the collapse of SVB, and federal regulators’ backdoor bailout of the rest of the system. The gaslighting has reached mission-critical levels, in fact.

# Education / Schools
GOP Lawmaker Says Children Aren’t Hungry Enough to Justify Free Meals at School https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/gop-senator-says-children-aren-222519741.html__;!!On18fmf1aQ!0WstiDIPIXUj98-6A-KqJbU2Ohb03bHjKuxlWcMvcU5sDl22apVSazX1UXst_F0FAyROZnB9a4xoLnp7JIKr7S8JL9ZBbK1k$

Mitch McConnell is reportedly opposing free school lunches: ‘Kids are going to have less on their plates,’ Biden’s agriculture secretary says. This comes as Congress is deciding what to include in the upcoming government funding package. 30 million children rely on the pandemic-era free school lunch program that expires in June.

Catholic student arrested, charged after saying men and women are different – Attorney James Kitchen says options for legal recourse are ‘limited’: Arrested for holding Christian beliefs at a Christian school? Canadian Catholic high school student Josh Alexander claims that’s the story behind authorities arresting and charging him for trying to attend class last month.

# Education / Schools / Global
White deputy sheriff body slams female Black student when she won’t get out of her seat [VIDEO] A Richland County, South Carolina, school resource officer is being investigated after a video that appeared to show him body-slamming a black female high school student was posted online Monday, PEOPLE confirms.

School Officer Who Slammed Black Teen to Ground in Viral Video Still Thinks He’s the Victim

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical Rebecca Solnit: Biden just betrayed the planet, and his own campaign vows: Biden promised no more drilling on federal lands, ‘period, period’. This week he approved the massive Willow project.

State Rep. Tom Craddick sits on the Texas House committee that oversees oil and gas regulation; his daughter is the state’s top oil and gas regulator. The family not only regulates the industry but makes a lot of money from it — earning about $10 million last year from oil and gas rights.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Global Global Food Fight: Protests Spreading: The Dutch people are rising up to protest destructive WEF climate law.  The World Economic Forum-controlled Dutch government announced an end to modern farming putting harsh controls on nitrogen, and spelling the end to thousands of family farms. The global media has vilified the farmers, brushing aside their concerns with the New World Order style policy, and propagating government lines. Dutch farmers protesting their government’s authoritarian policies said they found inspiration from Canadian truckers.

# General News
What we know about Trump possibly facing criminal indictment in New York City: Former President Donald Trump has been invited to testify before a New York City grand jury, a move that is widely understood to mean Trump could soon face criminal charges related to his financial dealings and the payment of hush money to Stephanie Clifford, the adult film star also known as Stormy Daniels.

Donald Trump, Under Criminal Investigation for January 6, Declares It Was All Mike Pence’s Fault: “In many ways, you can blame him,” Trump said of the former VP.

# Gov / Politics / US
The GOP’s Hunter Biden Obsession Is Reaching New Heights of Hypocrisy: After halting a probe into Donald Trump’s taxes, the House Oversight Committee is going full steam ahead on its investigation into the Biden family, having just gained access to suspicious-activity banking reports related to the family.

Examining America’s War in Iraq After 20 Years. It was a blunder. Worse than that, it was a crime: As it turned out, neither the U.S. military mission nor the broader cause of liberty and peace were accomplished by May 2003, nor were they in the months and years to follow. Mendacious in its beginnings, incompetent in its aftermath, and downright criminal in the death and civilizational wreckage it caused, the Iraq War was a catastrophe America has not yet properly reckoned with.

Tucker Carlson Calls 2020 Election ‘Biggest Scam,’ Despite Privately Admitting It’s BS: The only people having the wool pulled over their eyes are Fox’s own audience. Lawsuits wont stop Tucker Carlson from continuing to claim that the 2020 presidential election was a ‘scam.’ On his Tuesday night broadcast, the Fox News host stated that “Jan. 6 is probably second only to the 2020 election as the biggest scam in my lifetime.”

# Law Enforcement
A Young Black Man Told His Mom He Was Being Followed By White Men. Then He Was Found Dead: Rasheem Ryelle Carter’s family believes police in Taylorsville, Mississippi, are hiding details about his death. Examinations revealed that Carter had been “dismembered” and his head was not attached to his body. “What that tells us is that this was a nefarious act. This was an evil act. Somebody murdered Rasheem Carter.

# Legal / DOJ
Travis County will hold an “expunction expo” May 20 where people who have been arrested but not convicted can clear the arrest off their record. Usually, expunctions require a court visit. Applications for the event are open until April 7

Texas court confirms the attorney general can’t unilaterally prosecute election cases: Texas’ highest criminal court once again said the attorney general needs permission from local prosecutors to pursue election cases. Attorney General Ken Paxton had fought that decision.

Stormy Daniels Meets With Prosecutors as Trump Case Heats Up: The porn star was interviewed by Manhattan prosecutors probing Trump’s alleged role in a hush-money payment to her, though it is unclear whether she will be called to testify.

# Military / DOD
What is known about the Black Sea drone incident; a US Reaper drone has crashed off the coast of Crimea, while on a spy mission: The US and other NATO countries have been flying spy missions just outside Russian airspace for more than a year, providing intelligence and other information to Ukraine while insisting they were not directly involved in the conflict. Where did this happen? Neither the US nor Russia gave any coordinates for the incident.

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Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-14

Voices, The Peoples News

March 14, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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This daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

# Indigenous
Alaska’s climate-driven fisheries collapse is devastating Indigenous communities: Alaska’s climate-driven fisheries collapse is devastating Indigenous communities. Alaska’s salmon, king crab, and snow crab populations crashed last year, disrupting Native food supplies and traditions, and sending a warning for what’s to come for the Lower 48

# Animals / Pets / Alerts / Food Recalls PETA Urges Pentagon to Stop ‘Cruel’ Pulsed Radiation Experiments on Animals: POLITICO reported that the Army is funding experiments on animals to find the possible source of the mysterious “Havana Syndrome” ailments.

# Chemicals
Toxic ‘forever chemicals’ found in toilet paper around the world: Research finds waste flushed down toilets and sent to sewage plants probably responsible for significant source of water pollution. icals https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/mar/13/toxic-forever-chemicals-pfas-toilet-paper__;!!On18fmf1aQ!3vbpNNtYpPYuATMJ3jcl4dBzz3-QGjuHTo7cvKm8NL8WetD4OlX1eT8W7CVT84GgpnFhYzEvfTQPsuXOiNInK3gg_dftJ-G5$

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
Warren Calls for Clawing Back Pay, Bonuses for Silicon Valley Bank Executives: The senator also demanded a federal investigation into potential insider trading by executives.

Regulate Their Greed or Pay the Price: As philosophers from Socrates to Jesus to Adam Smith have told us over and over: unregulated greed always ends up enriching the few while devastating the rest of society.

This Big Bank Bailout Brought to You by Donald J. Trump: And yes, this is definitely a bailout. What happened in 2018 was effectively allowing SVB and other banks to still benefit from insurance without having to pay for it. There are two key points that people should recognize about the decision to guarantee all the deposits at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB): It was a bailout, Donald Trump was the person responsible.

Stocks at several regional banks are dropping after Silicon Valley Bank was shut down. Even larger banks like Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase were affected, the New York Times reports, despite President Joe Biden’s announcement that Americans’ deposits won’t be lost after the bank failures.

Nikki Haley, GOP pols say taxpayers will foot the bill for Biden bank ‘bailout’:  “Joe Biden is pretending this isn’t a bailout. It is,” Haley said in a statement. “Now depositors at healthy banks are forced to subsidize Silicon Valley Bank’s mismanagement. When the Deposit Insurance Fund runs dry, all bank customers are on the hook. That’s a public bailout.

As Biden rolls out budget, government waste piles up:  President Joe Biden rolled out his proposed budget last week, which included trillions of dollars in new federal spending and tax hikes. A closer look at recent spending, though, shows that the federal government’s wasteful spending has piled up. One of the most costly losses for taxpayers came through pandemic relief unemployment spending, with some estimating that nearly 25% of it was lost to waste and fraud.

# Education / Schools
Hey Teachers, Please Remain Alert to Racial Prejudice and Discrimination: That’s all being “woke” really means. I’m not sure what’s so controversial about that. How can you understand a problem if you are not allowed to name it? How can you fight injustice if you are forbidden from learning its history and connection to the present moment?
These questions are at the heart of a well-financed war against a simple term – woke-ness https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.commondreams.org/opinion/woke-education-is-good__;!!On18fmf1aQ!3vbpNNtYpPYuATMJ3jcl4dBzz3-QGjuHTo7cvKm8NL8WetD4OlX1eT8W7CVT84GgpnFhYzEvfTQPsuXOiNInK3gg_VICEsSt$

Black Student Sues School After Teacher Assaulted Her for Not Reciting Pledge: The family of a 15-year-old Black honor student is suing her South Carolina school district, alleging she was assaulted by a school staffer who she said was upset she hadn’t stopped to acknowledge the Pledge of Allegiance. Federal precedent and South Carolina state law stipulate that students are not required to recite the pledge.

# Employment / Labor
Meta will slash another 10,000 staff in job cuts: Mark Zuckerberg said the company would close a further 5,000 open roles that haven’t yet been filled. Facebook parent Meta is slashing another 10,000 jobs and will not fill 5,000 open positions as the social media pioneer cuts costs. The company announced 11,000 job cuts in November, about 13% of its workforce at the time. Meta and other tech companies have been hiring aggressively for at least two years and in recent months have begun to let some of those workers go. Hiring in the U.S. is still strong, but layoffs have hit hard in some sectors.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical Biden angers allies, fails to soothe critics with compromise on Alaska oil: President Joe Biden’s latest move to the center on energy and climate issues has angered both the environmental base he needs for a possible reelection run, and an oil and gas industry that the administration has implored to increase production to prevent another damaging surge in energy prices.

Bill would end eminent domain for carbon capture pipelines: A Louisiana legislator wants to help keep landowners from losing their property to pipelines needed for carbon capture projects.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Nature’s supermarket: How beavers help birds, and other species: New research shows that these ecosystem engineers can be an “ally in stopping the decline of biodiversity.”  Beavers are ecosystem engineers.  As they gather trees and dam waterways, they create wetlands, increase soil moisture, and allow more light to reach the ground. That drives the growth of herbaceous and shrubby vegetation, which benefits numerous animals.

Ky. bill would relax mine pollution protections for endangered species: Surface mining companies could more easily get permits to dump pollution into streams under a bill moving through the Kentucky legislature.

Phoenix’s ozone pollution will soon cause economic headaches: Metro Phoenix has failed to meet EPA ozone pollution standards for about a decade, and the federal government is poised to step up its punishment in the form of business restrictions that could cost the Valley hundreds of millions of dollars.

Starting today, Fairfield Lake State Park will open for day use after the park closed to the public two weeks ago as staff prepared for its sale. The Texas Legislature is considering how the leased property might be saved from being redeveloped into homes.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals
‘They’re Such Cowards’: GOP Pushes Bill Targeting Food Aid for the Poor: More than a dozen House Republicans are expected to release legislation Tuesday that would impose more harsh work requirements on certain recipients of federal food aid, a clear signal that the GOP intends to target nutrition assistance in critical debt ceiling, budget, and farm bill talks.

Republicans launch opening salvo against food aid: Some Democrats worry they’re not prepared for the coming “showdown” over federal nutrition spending. House Republicans are taking their first shot at slashing federal spending on nutrition programs for low-income Americans. It won’t be their last.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Hawkish Israel Is Pulling U.S. Into War With Iran: Last week, U.S. Ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides appeared to endorse a plan for Israel to attack Iranian nuclear facilities with U.S. support. Nides’s words come after recent high-level military drills between Israel and the United States intended to showcase the ability to strike Iranian targets, as well as recent acts of sabotage and assassination inside Iran believed to have been carried out by both countries.

Israelis Are Now Openly Talking About the ‘Total Destruction’ of the Jewish State: Benjamin Netanyahu’s push toward autocracy has triggered massive protests, and a sense that the end of the 75-year-old Israeli experiment may be near

# Gov / Politics / US
America’s biggest problem is its politics, not its banks: The dramatic meltdown of Silicon Valley Bank is proving one thing for sure – the biggest systemic risk to the United States lies not in its banking system but in its polarized politics. So far, the Biden administration’s frantic effort to contain the California bank’s woes seems to have worked. There was no Monday morning run on the banks after the federal government agreed to guarantee deposits at SVB and another shuttered bank, although future failures can’t be ruled out.

US increases dominance as world’s top arms exporter: “The impacts of the arms trade aren’t just about the volume of weapons delivered,” said one expert, citing “a few examples of how U.S. arms deliveries can make the world a more dangerous place.”

The Texas Senate has given initial approval to a bill that would change the penalty for illegal voting from a misdemeanor to a felony.  If Senate Bill 2 becomes law, a person found guilty of illegally voting could face up to 20 years in prison.

Biden Formally Announces Deal to Sell Nuclear-Powered Subs to Australia: The event in San Diego, which could include a walk atop a submarine, will feature details on how Australia aims to acquire nuclear-powered submarines.

US senators urge Joe Biden not to sell ‘scarce’ nuclear submarines to Australia: Democrat and Republican lawmakers reportedly warned president that Aukus security pact could stress US submarine industrial base ‘to breaking point’

Rep. George Santos Files 2024 Reelection Paperwork amid Criminal Investigations and House Ethics Probe The embattled freshman lawmaker has come under fire for myriad lies he told both on and off the campaign trail

# Law Enforcement
A 3-year-old girl in Texas accidentally shot and killed her 4-year-old sister after finding her parents’ loaded gun. According to data by Everytown for Gun Safety, there have been at least 58 unintentional shootings by children in the US so far in 2023. Ed Gonzalez, sheriff of Harris County, Texas, called on gun owners to do more to secure their weapons.

# Legal / DOJ
Michael Cohen Testifies to Grand Jury, Says Trump Needs to Be Held Accountable for ‘Dirty Deeds’: A Trump loyalist turned adversary, Cohen spent around three hours answering questions in the secret proceeding. He is scheduled to return again for more testimony Wednesday, his lawyer said as the pair emerged from the courthouse.

# LGBTQ / Gender
Pete Buttigieg’s husband Chasten hit back at Mike Pence after the former VP made anti-gay jokes about their kids. Buttigieg took roughly two months of paternity leave after the birth of his children, something for which he was mocked by high-profile right-wing figures.

# Military / DOD
The U.S. Set Up the Afghan Army to Fail: When the Afghan military and government collapsed in the summer of 2021, it was the worst failure of the U.S. defense establishment since the fall of Saigon. A new report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, or SIGAR, issued this week sheds critical light on what went so terribly wrong in America’s longest war, and how tens of thousands of ordinary Afghans were set up by their leaders and foreign partners to fight and die for a doomed cause

# Military / Global
North Korea Fires Missiles as U.S. Holds New Round of War Games with South Korea: South Korea embarked on a round of military exercises on Monday amid heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula in the wake of a salvo of recent North Korean missile launches. Please use the sharing tools found via the share button at the top or side of articles. The annual drills will simulate a range of threats from North Korea, including the use of nuclear weapons, and will involve troops from across the South Korean armed forces as well as some US soldiers.

# Technology
U.S. regulators rejected Elon Musk’s bid to test brain chips in humans, citing safety risks: Musk has detailed a bold vision for Neuralink: Both disabled and healthy people will pop into neighborhood facilities for speedy surgical insertions of devices with functions ranging from curing obesity, autism, depression or schizophrenia to web-surfing and telepathy

C.I.A.is collecting in bulk data affecting Americans, Senators warn: Yet “the C.I.A. has secretly conducted its own bulk program” under Executive Order 12333, senators wrote. “It has done so entirely outside the statutory framework that Congress and public believe govern this collection, and without any of the judicial, congressional or even executive branch oversight.”

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Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-03-13

Voices, The Peoples News

March 13, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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This daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Marburg virus outbreaks are increasing in frequency and geographic spread, three virologists explain: The Marburg virus, a close cousin of Ebola, currently has no approved treatments or vaccines to protect against it https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://theconversation.com/marburg-virus-outbreaks-are-increasing-in-frequency-and-geographic-spread-three-virologists-explain-200486__;!!On18fmf1aQ!ywXweUjSa0Tj1p19LobaSBtaPvs-LHbga0-0S48AvJMQSUN81qP2U0p3kNGR6kUgm1Xxe74PkDCfgCuV3Y4WxmOBzyJz349V$

Three years after WHO declared COVID a global emergency, Americans sharply divided over pandemic truths and myths https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://geneticliteracyproject.org/2023/03/13/three-years-after-who-declared-covid-a-global-emergency-americans-remain-sharply-divided-over-pandemic-truths-and-myths/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!ywXweUjSa0Tj1p19LobaSBtaPvs-LHbga0-0S48AvJMQSUN81qP2U0p3kNGR6kUgm1Xxe74PkDCfgCuV3Y4WxmOBz-WLQOn4$

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
Insurers slashed Hurricane Ian payouts far below damage estimates, documents and insiders reveal: It’s been more than four months since Hurricane Ian ransacked Florida’s Fort Myers Beach, but many residents are battling with insurance companies, and one family says they’ve been offered just $500 compensation for their house, which was left unlivable. Over a quarter of all closed insurance claims in decimated Lee County have been denied, leaving tens of thousands of shell-shocked property owners on the brink of financial ruin.

Silicon Valley Bank was shut down by bank regulators on Friday. SVB was the go-to bank for start-ups and private equity ventures within the tech industry, and its collapse means that many SVB customers have lost the majority of their savings nearly overnight. How does a bank collapse in
48 hours? A timeline of the SVB fall

Budget surplus breakdown; thanks to taxpayers, the Texas Legislature will have a whopping $32.7 billion extra dollars available to spend before the 2022-23 budget cycle ends Aug. 31: If the $32.7 billion surplus were distributed equally, every Texan would get $1,088. And if the surplus were disbursed equally among all Texas renter households, they would each get $8,490, covering the average rent payment for seven and a half months. The surplus is even big enough to pay for every Texas student’s school lunch for 12 years.

# Education / Schools
3 ways to prevent school shootings, based on research: A pair of researchers on school violence share three strategies that have been proven to prevent school shootings.

Oregon eyes mandate for climate change lessons in schools: Oregon lawmakers are aiming to make the state the second in the nation to mandate climate change lessons for K-12 public school students.
Connecticut has the only U.S. state law requiring climate change instruction, and it’s possibly the first time such a bill has been introduced in Oregon, according to legislative researchers.

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan’s new priority bills focus on school safety, requiring districts to adopt active-shooter plans https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.texastribune.org/2023/03/08/texas-school-safety-dade-phelan/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!ywXweUjSa0Tj1p19LobaSBtaPvs-LHbga0-0S48AvJMQSUN81qP2U0p3kNGR6kUgm1Xxe74PkDCfgCuV3Y4WxmOBz_NsAB5V$

I’m a teacher in Florida. Here’s what the DeSantis book bans look like in my classroom: A new crackdown on books in Florida schools has had a chilling effect in classrooms. House Bill 1467, signed by Governor DeSantis in March of last year,  basically states that schools must be transparent in their selection of instructional, library, and reading materials. Meaning that parents have the right to know what their students are reading and a means to view those materials. All materials must be free of pornography, gender identity issues (for students in Kindergarten through third grade), as well as any books relating to discrimination based on race, color, sex, or national origin. The books must also be approved by a certificated media specialist.

Why the “Book-Ban” Meltdown in Florida Is a Political Farce: Another news outlet warned, “Florida considers books to be more dangerous to students than assault rifles,” adding, “This is truly a dystopian state.” CNN’s Don Lemon reported that “scared and confused teachers are scrambling to comply with a new law championed by governor Ron DeSantis”
and then asks incredulously, “What in the world is going on here?”

DeSantis “Exposing The Book Ban Hoax”: “I Think Most Parents Would Say Absolutely Not”: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday during a press conference that he’s exposing the truth about the “hoax” that he wants to ban books in schools and graphically shows some of the books that have been removed from schools.

# Education / Schools / Global
Iranian schoolgirls have mysterious illness: Hundreds of videos posted on social media since late last year show high-school girls in Iran reporting sudden fatigue, burning throats, nausea, headaches and numbness — symptoms that many attribute to poisoning. Iran’s government has arrested more than 100 people that it says are responsible for releasing “smelly and harmless” substances. The interior minister said that “suspicious samples” were being analysed, but no details have been released.

# Employment / Labor
US Corporations Are Bringing Back Child Labor, With Help From GOP
Lawmakers: Rather than offering wages attractive to adults, employers want lawmakers to push teens into dangerous jobs. In some cases, it would even permit young teens to work mining and construction jobs and use power-driven meat slicers and food choppers. Make no mistake, this is dangerous work. Just three years ago, a 16-year-old in Tennessee fell more than 11 stories to his death while working construction on a hotel roof. Another 16-year-old lost an arm that same year while cleaning a meat grinder at a Tennessee supermarket. But these preventable tragedies mean nothing to legislators bent on helping employers pad their bottom lines at kids’ expense.

Farmworkers Push Wendy’s, Kroger and Publix to Take Stance Against Forced Labor: The Coalition of Immokalee Workers is pushing the companies to join the Fair Food Program, which deters forced labor.

Chicago Grocery Teamsters Face Retaliation for Exercising Their Rights:
The workers organized their largely Spanish speaking shop with little help from union leadership, now they face firings. Marano workers gather for a February community meeting with Teamsters for a Democratic Union and Chicago Community and Workers’ Rights to plan their contract unity action. The workers have experienced company retaliation.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical Conflicting Reports Thicken Nord Stream Bombing Plot: None of the emerging narratives surrounding the Nord Stream pipeline bombing really contradicts Seymour Hersh’s central allegation that Biden authorized the operation.

Biden to put Arctic Ocean off limits to drilling even as he readies approval for Willow oil project: The president will put the entire Arctic Ocean off limits to oil and gas leasing Monday, according to a White House official. The new rules would not affect the controversial Willow project, which the administration is expected to greenlight this week, because ConocoPhillips already has leases.The Willow drilling project would produce up to 180,000 barrels a day of oil in the Alaska wilderness, an anticipated decision that has drawn the ire of environmentalists.

As enforcement falls short, many worry that companies are flouting New Mexico’s landmark gas flaring rules: On on the ground, watchdogs say they don’t see much of a change in oil and gas companies’ practices.

Ethylene oxide adds to toxic burden for Memphis residents:  Sims, 58, a retired workforce manager at the Internal Revenue Service, agonizes that she needs to move; she literally fears that the air she breathes could kill her. Her South Memphis neighborhood is nestled in one of the nation’s most infamous industrial zones. Her neighborhood and adjoining zip codes are home to about 90 facilities listedon the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Toxic Release Inventory. They include the nastiness of oil and coal tar refineries; hazardous waste storage and treatment facilities; and companies making or handling asphalt, concrete, fertilizers, paint, pharmaceuticals, plastics, solvents, appliances, furniture coatings, laminates, animal feed, and automotive parts. Several are owned by corporate titans such as Valero, Nucor, Sherwin-Williams, General Electric, Owens Corning, Exxon Mobil, and Land o’ Lakes.

Environmental Groups Sue to Stop Federal Oil and Gas Auction in Gulf of
Mexico: Environmental groups, including the Sierra Club and Earthjustice, sued the Biden administration Monday to stop the sale of oil and gas drilling rights in the Gulf of Mexico.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Plastic Waste That Gets Dumped on Poor Countries Is Massively
Underestimated: The authors of a new analysis highlight the public health and environmental risks that the plastic exports pose. According to a new analysis published last week, United Nations data on the global waste trade fails to account for “hidden” plastics in textiles, contaminated paper bales, and other categories, leading to a dramatic, 1.8-million-metric-ton annual underestimate of the amount of plastic that makes its way from the European Union, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States to poor countries.

# General News
Neo-Nazi Brotherhood: How American friends of Ukrainian Fascists Plotted a Terror Attack in the US and the Media Ignored the Story. In normal circumstances, the Atomwaffen’s plot in Baltimore should have been headline news.  American far-right radicals – linked to neo-Nazis from the Ukrainian Azov Battalion – have been charged with conspiring to stage a terrorist attack in Baltimore, Maryland.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Experts react: Iran and Saudi Arabia just agreed to restore relations, with help from China. Here’s what that means for the Middle East and the world. Atlantic Council experts share their insights on the breaking news and its significance for one of the Middle East’s most consequential rivalries, for the region, and for the wider world.

# Gov / Politics / US
How the Texas GOP Became the party of big government, expansion of state
power: Over eight years, the Texas Legislature has passed a number of bills that restrict cities’ power to regulate anything from tree preservation to property taxes. This session, the Legislature is considering at least half a dozen more Republican-sponsored measures that will limit cities’ power.

The One Place Where the U.S. Needs to Back Off and Let China Do Its
Thing: Iran and Saudi Arabia have resumed diplomatic relations after a seven-year suspension, thanks to mediation by China. Some experts fear this bodes an acceleration of the decline of U.S. influence in the Middle East, in China’s ascension as a global power, and in Israel’s isolation. But in fact, Beijing’s move is, for the most part, a good thing. There are at least four reasons.

Pentagon’s $842B proposed budget focuses largely on China as war rages in Ukraine: The latest budget request was shaped by the Pentagon’s 2022 National Defense Strategy, which defines China as the Defense Department’s primary national security challenge and labels Russia as a lesser threat.

# Law Enforcement
Lawmakers offer stark choices for ending the crisis in Texas’ youth prisons, shut them all down, or build more: Long entrenched in a continuous string of scandals over child abuse and mistreatment, Texas’
youth prison system is broken beyond repair and should be shut down, according to a state lawmaker.

# Legal / DOJ
These Men Fought White Supremacists and Got Sentenced to Over 200 Years:
How the criminal legal system slammed two Black men for standing up to white supremacist guards in an Indiana prison.

Texas Women Sued for Wrongful Death for Allegedly Helping Friend Obtain
Abortion: A man is suing women he alleges got his ex-wife abortion medication, the first case of its kind since the fall of Roe.

Will Fauci Face Criminal Charges Now? Fauci may have perjured himself in his testimony with Senator Ron Paul when he denied that the NIH had funded the gain of function research that led to COVID 19 which killed millions of people around the world. A person convicted of perjury under federal law may face up to five years in prison and fines.

His Conviction Relied on Debunked Bite-Mark Science. Why Is He Still Locked Up? Alabama is determined to keep Charles McCrory in prison even though the evidence against him has fallen apart.

Key Witness Testifies Before Trump Grand Jury:  Donald Trump’s former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen is scheduled to testify Monday before a Manhattan grand jury investigating hush-money payments made on the former president’s behalf, two people familiar with the matter told The Associated Press. They were not authorized to speak publicly about grand jury proceedings and did so on condition of anonymity.

# Media
“People need to be paying attention”: How a bill aimed at the media could impact democracy as we know it. An “extreme” bill in Florida is aimed at making it easier to sue the news media for defamation — and it’s alarmed First Amendment advocates across the country. The bill — filed by state Rep. Alex Andrade, a Republican representing Panhandle residents and an ally of Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has been open about his desire to roll back press freedoms and who hosted a roundtable on the issue last month that foreshadowed the legislation — would make it much easier to sue the media for libel.

How badly will today’s rip-roaring ‘transparency’ surge scar MAGA rampages, McCarthy, FOX and Trump? If serial, truth-telling transparency doesn’t wreck Republicanism as a viable governing party, scaring electability, voters will only have themselves to blame.

# Medical / Health
Fearing Backlash, Republicans Backpedal on Social Security and Medicare
Cuts: Trump is opportunistically exploiting rifts within the GOP over the prospect of cutting Social Security and Medicare.

21 South Carolina GOP Lawmakers Propose Death Penalty for Women Who Have
Abortions: It’s not just a lone extremist: The bill has 21 co-sponsors in the state’s House of Representatives. The bills have been introduced in states such as Texas, Kentucky, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Texas judge sought to hide abortion pill hearing from public to prevent
protests: The unusual move is the latest in far right judges’ current streak of judicial activism. The highly unusual move is the latest in far right judges’ current streak of judicial activism.

Estrogen receptor in the heart found to regulate obesity in postmenopausal women: Estrogen is known to play an important role in the protection of women’s hearts, but once women are postmenopausal and estrogen levels drop, they are at an increased risk of a number of diseases and conditions, including heart disease, obesity and diabetes.
This important work has implications for preventing and treating heart and metabolic disease in postmenopausal women, but also cardiotoxicity in premenopausal women receiving therapies that may inhibit or reduce ERα in the heart.

# Military / DOD
White House asks for $11 billion more for Navy, Marine Corps spending:
The Navy and Marine Corps’ budget would increase from the $244.7 billion Congress enacted for fiscal 2023 to nearly $256 billion in the next fiscal year https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.defensenews.com/pentagon/2023/03/11/white-house-asks-for-11-billion-more-for-navy-marine-corps-spending/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!ywXweUjSa0Tj1p19LobaSBtaPvs-LHbga0-0S48AvJMQSUN81qP2U0p3kNGR6kUgm1Xxe74PkDCfgCuV3Y4WxmOBz1mGqA85$

# Technology / Global
Mexican drug cartels have returned to Twitter after Elon Musk took over and lifted their bans. A new report has found that prominent gang members are using Twitter to recruit new members, send warnings to rival gangs, post gory images, and glorify the narco lifestyle.

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