Registration For registering online, please visit and use your credit card before March 31, 2018. (Please check “Dayton-OH” among the KSEA Chapter/Branches listed.) The registration fee is $10 and non-refundable.

Step-By-Step Instructions for Registeration

    1. Visit the NMSC homepage to participate in the OMC.
    2. Click ‘Login/Sign Up’ tab on top menu bar.
    3. On seeing pop-up Login box, click ‘Sign Up’ and finish your signing up.
    4. Then, you will come back to the same screen of pop-up Login box
      and this time you login, instead of signing in.
    5. The message will be your email address is not verified yet, click ok to ask the code to verify your email address.
    6. Once your email address is verified and you login successfully, you will see ‘Login/Sign Up’ tab is changed to ‘Register  for Exam’ on top menu bar.
    7. Click ‘Register For Exam’ tab and finish your registration with personal and demographic items to identify yourself on the exam-taking process.
    8. Lastly don’t forget to pay $10 online for the registration, noting that it is NOT refundable.  — Not Paid, Not Registered!  —