buy disulfiram For registering online, please visit and use your credit card before March 31, 2022. (Please check “Dayton-OH” among the KSEA Chapter/Branches listed.) The registration fee is $30 and non-refundable.

Step-By-Step Instructions for Registeration

  1. Visit the KSEA NMC website and click Log/Sign Up button on the upper-right corner of the page.
  2. Login window will pop up.
    If you do NOT have an account, click the ‘Sign Up’ link in the window to get the following pop-up window.
    After filling up information, click the ‘SIGN UP’ button to finish signing up.
  3. Then you will see the previous Login window shown below.
    Enter your email address and password, click ‘LOGIN’ button.
    If you succeed on logging in, you would see the NMC home page again.
  4. This time, click ‘REGISTER FOR EXAM’ button at the top-right corner
    And then you would see the list of KSEA Chapters & Branches.
    You must select Dayton-OH and click SELECT button.
  5. Then you would see the OMC information.
    Fill up your personal information, click ‘NEXT STEP’ button.
    Finally pay $30 using your credit card to finish your registration.


  1. Please remember your email and password you provided since you will use them for taking test later.
  2. Students have to use their own email address because they are identifiers to record their test scores.
    Even from the same family, each participant should use his/her own email address.