MPEN e-Newsletter No. 2018-0205

tremulously From: Munsup @SISCOM Seoh
Subject: [mpen-cincinnati] FW: MAJOR immigration vote; Far more than a ‘cover-up’; Working Peoples’ Day of Action; Medicare GONE; and more

  • FW: MAJOR immigration vote in the Senate this week
  • FW: Far more than a ‘cover-up’
  • FW: A letter by multiple Jewish organizations calls for Miller’s departure & Working Peoples’ Day of Action
  • FW: Cracking down on credit reporting companies like Equifax
  • FW: Will you take the next step to stop Trump’s tank parade?
  • FW: Medicare GONE
  • FW: New York Times Today’s Headlines

From: Bradley Williams; Digital Organizing Coordinator, People For the American Way
Subject: MAJOR immigration vote in the Senate this week, Munsup

After months of broken promises to DREAMers, the Senate is finally expected to begin debate on an immigration bill. Over 80 percent of Americans support an immigration law with a clear path to citizenship for DREAMers, and movement toward that goal is long overdue.

Sign now: Urge your senators to support the DREAM Act to protect young undocumented people today>>

Even if you’ve already signed on with your support of the DREAM Act, please add your name again. A message will be emailed to your senators letting them know you want them to PASS the DREAM Act without delay… and they can’t hear from their constituents enough!

It’s very important that the bill that passes does not pander to Trump and White House aide Stephen Miller’s white supremacist demands. Senators must support a bill that protects DREAMers and only includes common-sense border protection measures.

Please take action today to protect DREAMers and urge your senators to pass the DREAM act in the Senate>>

Every day that this goes unaddressed 122 more DACA recipients lose their protected status, and that status will fully expire on March 5. This is one of the most important issues on the table right now, and senators need to do the right thing.


From: Eric Kramer
Subject: Far more than a ‘cover-up’

The SCROTUS, and his Administration (which has been a shambles since Day One), are doomed, and what I love about this article is that it lays out the ‘why and the wherefore’ in a format so clear and concise that even the most fact-blind of his fawning minions should be able to understand it.  It’s based on FACTS, all of which are now a matter of public record, and not mere surmise and conjecture.


From: Andrew Tierman
Subject: Letter by multiple Jewish organizations calls for Miller’s departure & Working Peoples’ Day of Action

Letter by multiple Jewish organizations calls for Miller’s departure:  See

Working Peoples’ Day of Action

On February 24, join thousands of working people and our allies standing up for our freedoms and demanding an end to a system that’s rigged against us. We will rise up and fight.

  • Fight for the freedom to come together in strong unions.
  • Fight for equitable pay.
  • Fight for affordable health care.
  • Fight for quality schools.
  • Fight for vibrant communities.
  • Fight for a secure future for all of us.

When we join forces and stick together, we are unstoppable. Search for an event near you and join us.
Looking for the event in your neighbor? Please visit and search this website:

Don’t see an event near you or can’t attend an event? Stand in solidarity with the Working People’s Day of Action.

For more information about the Working People’s Day of Action, visit


Subject: Cracking down on credit reporting companies like Equifax

I just signed this petition I just stood with Sen. Elizabeth Warren to tell Congress to pass legislation cracking down on credit reporting companies like Equifax, and I hope you will, too.–YO&source=mailto_sp


From: Amy and the team at Win Without War
Subject: Will you take the next step to stop Trump’s tank parade?

Wow. You and 250,000 more activists signed the petition urging Washington, D.C.’s government to block Trump’s authoritarian war parade. And our immediate outcry worked: We got the Pentagon to backpedal on holding the parade in D.C. [1]

But we can’t stop there — not while Trump’s still planning an authoritarian show of force in our streets at the expense of our democracy and our tax dollars. If we can turn our incredible surge of momentum into hard and fast legislation to refuse federal funds, then we can keep Trump’s authoritarian parade off our nation’s streets for good.

Take the next step and urge Congress to permanently defund Trump’s war parade >>

We got Washington, D.C.’s Mayor and City Council on the record against Trump’s parade, plus dozens of members of Congress. [2] But the second our backs are turned, the Pentagon is going to try to cram Trump’s tanks down the streets of another American city. So we’ve got to stay two steps ahead of them.

Our nationwide pressure got two bills introduced in Congress to cut off funding for Trump’s massively wasteful and undemocratic war parade. [3] Now, we need to push hard to get these bills through Congress before Trump’s next horrible idea steals the spotlight… and the Pentagon quietly grabs taxpayer money to put Trump’s tanks on American streets.

Tell Congress: Block funding for Trump’s tank parade.

[1] MSN: Washington is Trump’s preferred parade route, options open

[2] Win Without War’s tracker: Members of Congress Speak Out Against Trump’s Military Parade

[3] Dems introduce bills to block funds for Trump’s proposed parade


From: AlterNet
Subject: Medicare GONE

The following sponsored email was sent to you by AlterNet on behalf of DCCC:


Fight back against Trump and Republicans’ Medicare-GUTTING budget >>

Donald Trump’s newly-released budget slashes TRILLIONS from our social safety net — but reserves BILLIONS for his disgusting wall.

We will NOT let Republicans steal Americans’ Medicare and Social Security to fund their bigotry and hate.

5OO,OOO DEMOCRATS NEEDED: Sign the petition and condemn Trump’s brutal attacks on Medicare and our social safety net >>

Sign Your Name >>

We’re so furious, we can barely write this email.

We just finished reading Trump’s new budget, and it’s the most heartless document we’ve ever seen.

In short, it’s a $1.7 TRILLION attack on Americans’ social safety net:

– Medicare? GUTTED
– Medicaid? DECIMATED
– Social Security? SLASHED
– Nutrition assistance? EVISCERATED

But can you guess what it prioritizes BILLIONS in funding for?

You guessed it — the Wall. (The same wall Trump promised Mexico would pay for)

Trump and his Republicans are STEALING from hardworking Americans and seniors to fund their bigotry and hate.

We. Won’t. Stand. For. It.

We need to rise up and fight back like never before. Will you be one of the 5OO,OOO Democratic signatures we need to protect our social safety net?

ADD YOUR NAME: We won’t let Trump and his Republicans
ROB us of our social safety net! >>


From: New York Times
Subject: Today’s Headlines:
(1) Russia Sees Midterm Elections as Chance to Sow Fresh Discord, Intelligence Chiefs Warn
(2) Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Puts Burden on State and Private Money

Russia Sees Midterm Elections as Chance to Sow Fresh Discord, Intelligence Chiefs Warn
As the midterm elections approach, Russia is likely to throw more propaganda at Americans in an effort to deepen political divisions, American intelligence chiefs said.

Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Puts Burden on State and Private Money
The president’s $200 billion plan recasts the federal government as a minority stakeholder in the nation’s new infrastructure projects.

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