MPEN e-Newsletter No. 2018-0302

From: Munsup @Siscom Seoh
Subject: FW: The real threat to Higher Ed; Trump Accepts North Korea’s Invitation; Tell Congress to #DefundHate and more

  • FW: Video — Commissioner In Georgia Faced Felonies For Helping First-Time Voter
  • FW: The Real threat to Higher Ed  &  FW: Why so many of us are thru with those white, Evangelical Trump supporters
  • FW: A bill to arm teachers could cost Black and Brown students their lives
  • FW: NYT Today’s Headlines: (1) Trump Accepts North Korea’s Invitation to Discuss Its Nuclear Program
    (2) White House Prepares to Formalize Tariffs but Floats Exemptions
    (3) Gary Cohn Says He Will Resign as Trump’s Top Economic Adviser
    (4) Trump Reaffirms Commitment to Tariffs but Opens Door to Compromise
  • FW: A potential North Korea gamechanger
  • FW: CALL TODAY: The Senate could vote on Yemen MONDAY
  • FW: Your hard work got us here.
  • FW: Sign the petition: Tell Congress to #DefundHate
  • FW: Meet the #HumansOfDACA
  • FW: Take a look at the electoral map
  • FW: March for Our Lives. Will you be there?


From: Olivia Coley
Subject: FW: Video — Commissioner In Georgia Faced Felonies For Helping First-Time Voter

Here is the link!


From: Eric Kramer
Subject: The real threat to Higher Ed  &  FW: Why so many of us are thru with those white, Evangelical Trump supporters


From: The Advancement Project, Dream Defenders, and Power U Center for Social Change via OrganizeFor
Subject: A bill to arm teachers could cost Black and Brown students their lives

The Advancement Project, Dream Defenders, and Power U Center for Social Change, just started a petition to demand that Florida Governor Rick Scott veto Senate Bill 7026, which would allow teachers and school staff to carry guns.

Sign now

The Florida Legislature approved a bill this week that would allow teachers and school staff to carry guns. This bill would also allocate $400 million toward increased police presence and surveillance in schools.

The bill was approved by the Florida Legislature this week, with both the House and Senate passing the legislation. However, we are still able to stop this bill from passing–the last stop is with Governor Rick Scott who has the power to veto the bill. If we act fast and work together, we have the power to make Gov. Rick Scott veto this dangerous bill.

Join me in demanding that Governor Rick Scott veto the bill to fund the militarization of Florida schools.

This bill is in direct response to the Parkland shooting three weeks ago where 17 students and school staff were murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. This shook Florida to its core. Students, teachers, and families, have been rising up and organizing to make sure that a senseless shooting like this doesn’t happen again. However, our elected officials have been completely tone deaf to our calls for safety and instead are wanting to increase the presence of guns and police in schools–we know all to well that this is not what safety looks like for our community. 

We must stop this dangerous bill, we need your signature NOW to demand that Gov. Rick Scott veto this bill, we only have a few days left. 

School is already a hard place for so many Black and Brown children with police, security guards, and metal detectors not only funneling our children through the school to prison pipeline but having schools increasingly resemble prisons. If this bill passes, the school to prison pipeline will be even further expedited and will likely cost many Black and Brown children their lives. What would school look like for our kids with armed teachers, coaches, librarians and counselors? In addition to even more funds dedicated to police and high level surveillance security in schools.

This piece of legislation is Florida’s attempt at a “solution” to make schools safer, but the outcome will be devastating for students of color.

Please show your support for Florida’s students and add your name to the petition–let’s kill this bill together!

Sign now

Join us and start your own petition on OrganizeFor today!
Color Of Change is building a movement to elevate the voices of Black folks and our allies, and win real social and political change. Help keep our movement strong.


From: New York Times
Subject: NYT Today’s Headlines: (1) Trump Accepts North Korea’s Invitation to Discuss Its Nuclear Program
(2) White House Prepares to Formalize Tariffs but Floats Exemptions
(3) Gary Cohn Says He Will Resign as Trump’s Top Economic Adviser
(4) Trump Reaffirms Commitment to Tariffs but Opens Door to Compromise

Trump Accepts North Korea’s Invitation to Discuss Its Nuclear Program
No sitting American president has ever met a North Korean leader, and the meeting with Kim Jong-un would be a breathtaking gamble.

White House Prepares to Formalize Tariffs but Floats Exemptions
The administration is expected to formally announce tariffs on Thursday despite pushback from Republican lawmakers and as officials began signaling carve-outs for certain countries.

Gary Cohn Says He Will Resign as Trump’s Top Economic Adviser
Mr. Cohn had made clear his opposition to the steel and aluminum tariffs that Mr. Trump plans to impose. It’s the latest departure from a White House in chaos.

Trump Reaffirms Commitment to Tariffs but Opens Door to Compromise
Republicans intensified pressure on Mr. Trump to relent on his steel and aluminum tariffs while the president indicated he might provide exemptions for certain countries.


From: Cassandra Euphrat Weston
Subject: A potential North Korea gamechanger

Breaking: South Korea just announced a diplomatic breakthrough on North Korea!
Tell Congress: The U.S. must support diplomacy — not war — with North Korea >>

Today’s diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea is a potential game changer.

Now, the world is looking to the United States to respond. But Donald Trump couldn’t have put us in a worse place to seize this breakthrough moment. After more than a year in office, Trump hasn’t even appointed an ambassador to South Korea. And the State Department’s point person on North Korea resigned just last week.

It’s clear that Donald Trump won’t pursue American diplomacy with North Korea unless he’s forced to. That’s where we come in.

Today’s news gives us a major opening to demand Congress use its megaphone to speak out for diplomacy. But we need to act fast — before the news cycle moves on.

Tell Congress: Demand that President Trump pursue diplomacy with North Korea.

Sign Now!

Instead of appointing key diplomats to lead our response to North Korea, Trump has spent the past year throwing people with zero diplomatic training — like Ivanka Trump and Mike Pence — into the middle of the incredibly delicate situation on the Korean Peninsula.

Even scarier? When Trump’s original choice for an ambassador to South Korea refused to go along with his dangerous plans to attack North Korea, the White House rescinded his nomination. [1] Then just last week, the State Department’s senior diplomat in charge of North Korea resigned, leaving his crucial position empty.

We have a chance to follow South Korea’s lead and win real diplomatic solutions. But Trump is on the path to plunge us straight into war instead.

Congress can play a critical role in shutting down the Trump administration’s diplomatic stonewalling by demanding real diplomacy. And today’s breakthrough gives us a narrow window to push Congress into speaking out.

Add your name and demand Trump appoint trained diplomats for North Korea before it’s too late >>

Thank you for working for peace,

Cassandra, Erica, Stephen and the Win Without War team

[1] Washington Post, Disagreement on North Korea policy derails White House choice for ambassador to South Korea


From: Amy Frame; Amy and the team at Win Without War
Subject: CALL TODAY: The Senate could vote on Yemen MONDAY

Did you see Mark’s email? The Senate could vote as soon as MONDAY on this unprecedented bill. It’s our biggest, best shot to end America’s shameful role in bombing and starving Yemeni civilians.

But Senate offices are closed over the weekend. That means today could be our last chance to get our senators on board before the big vote.

Call your senators TODAY (even if you’ve already called!) and ask them to vote for the Sanders-Lee resolution >>

We have a chance to save millions of lives by ending America’s shameful role in the war in Yemen.

Vermont progressive Senator Bernie Sanders and constitutional conservative Senator Mike Lee of Utah have introduced a resolution to cut off  U.S. support for this illegal war. Because Congress has never authorized the war in Yemen, Bernie’s resolution is guaranteed a vote within days. This is huge. And we have just a few days to get our senators on board.

Will you watch my video message, then call your senators and ask them to vote for Bernie’s resolution?

For three years, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been waging a secretive war in Yemen. Saudi Arabia and its allies have deliberately put 8 million people a step away from famine. Meanwhile, the United States continues to funnel bombs, planes, and fuel into enabling Saudi and UAE brutality.

In the movie Spotlight, I play a journalist who is determined to uncover abuse, no matter how powerful the abuser. Spotlight shows us that harm against innocents can only persist when no one is watching. In Yemen, the powerful figure enabling human rights abuse is our own government.

I believe that when the American people are presented with the facts, we will act to stop our tax dollars from being used to bomb and starve innocent Yemenis simply to advance the Saudi dictatorship’s military ambitions.

Please watch my video, then call your senators and urge them to vote for the Sanders-Lee resolution to end the unauthorized war in Yemen.

Thank you for working for peace,

Mark Ruffalo and the Win Without War team


From: Tom Steyer — Need to Impeach
Subject: Your hard work got us here.

We started our call to impeach the president on Oc‌tober 20‌th. In the first week, we had the first million people sign on and this effort became a movement. To be honest, I never quite imagined just how powerful our call to action would be — and how Americans from every corner of every state would respond.

Today, I’m excited to announce that our movement has crossed five million people! This is a huge moment and people like you are the reason we’ve been this successful. You are the power behind one of the biggest movements in our country — thank you.

Now that we are five million strong to impeach Donald Trump, people have been asking, where do we go from here? Well, first, we want to hear from you.

Take our short survey and share your thoughts on where we go from here.

This is our movement — we’re building it together. It’s important we hear from you as we move into the next phase of our campaign. We need to hold our members of Congress accountable on impeachment and elect strong progressives across the country.

We may ask you to attend events in your community, recruit friends to vote in the primary and general election, or share content online to engage your friends and family.

Let us know which actions you’re willing to take by filling out our short survey.

As a movement that relies on the voice of the people, it’s vital that we hear from you. I’ve instructed my team to collect these responses so we can review your feedback.

Your responses will directly impact this next phase of our program. We’ll be sure to share results with you — along with additional details about the next phase of our campaign — in the coming weeks.

I can’t thank you enough for being part of this movement to impeach this dangerous president.

Take the Survey
Paid for by Tom Steyer


From: Kathryn Johnson; Policy Impact Coordinator, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
Subject: Sign the petition: Tell Congress to #DefundHate

As the Trump administration has launched attack after attack on immigrants over the past year, we’ve seen communities stand up and take bold action to keep their members safe. We’ve seen people reject hateful political rhetoric and affirm what we know—immigrants are integral parts of our communities and tearing them away hurts all of us.

Right now, Congress is making decisions about funding for the rest of the year leading up to a March 23 deadline. President Trump and Republicans in Congress have asked for $21.5 billion to ramp up immigrant detention and deportations and further militarize our border.

Sign our petition to tell Congress: #DefundHate, protect our communities, and refuse to fund Trump’s attacks on immigrant communities. 

We know that more funds for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol puts lives at risk. Money for detention means more immigrants locked up in deadly conditions and separated from their families. Money for border militarization terrorizes communities and leads to more migrant deaths. Money for ICE agents means more people torn from their homes.

Congress can wield its power of the purse and stop this expansion. Sign this petition, and we’ll join partners at MoveOn, CREDO Action, and Detention Watch Network to take your message to the Capitol later this week.

Take Action


From: Nancy Treviño, Reform Immigration FOR America
Subject: Meet the #HumansOfDACA

Six months ago, President Trump broke a commitment when he ended DACA, a program is backed by a majority of Americans, which gives 800,000 youth a chance at achieving their dreams. Since that day, young immigrants from across the country have pushed back against a Congress and a President that would rather use their lives as bargaining chips than pass a permanent legislative solution.

We must remember their names and honor their lived experiences.

The Humans of DACA, like Diana, Paola, Ivan and Ricardo, have been leading the fight to uphold this protection and defend their families and communities against indiscriminate deportation. Today, they will be rising up with thousands from across the country to demand that Congress pass the DREAM Act.

Join us in sharing their #HumansOfDACA stories so the lawmakers that control their fates understand the real people behind their political games.

Click to share this tweet: “Today young immigrants across the country are hitting the streets to demand a #DREAMActNow. Read their powerful stories and share your own using #HumansofDACA. #HereToFight”

Are you a DACA-mented person with a story to tell? Share your experience and a photo and use the #HumansOfDACA hashtag!


From: Robert B. Reich
Subject: Take a look at the electoral map

What if I told you that I see three ways forward to get us out of the mess we’re in as a nation—and the smartest choice is the hardest?

We could choose to bang on the dinner table and swear every time we see Trump on TV.

Or we could cover our ears and make a “la la la” sound when we hear the man’s voice.

But I’d bet just about anything that you’re choosing the third—and best—way forward: fighting with all your might to help elect progressive candidates who have a transformative vision for America.

Because I know one thing for certain: MoveOn members simply never give up. You have the drive. The guts. And the faith it takes to muscle through adversity and win.

And I’m betting that you also see the writing on the wall about this upcoming election: Trump’s Republican Party is in deep trouble. And we can win big in November if we pull together now—putting our shoulders to the wheel, pushing to end Republican control of the House, block Trump’s agenda, and rebuild our nation.

But—and I want us to be really clear-eyed about this—we can also still lose. If we take this moment for granted, if we underestimate the virulence of the right-wing Trump backers and their billions of dollars, or if we fail to offer the powerful vision and program we need to win.

That’s why I need to ask you, Munsup, will you join me and commit to chip in each month to MoveOn’s massive, people-powered elections program? Just click below to get started.  Donate monthly  or  make a one-time gift

Let’s consider the electoral map. In November, 34 Senate seats, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, 36 governorships, and countless other state and local seats will all be decided. MoveOn is gearing up to make a jaw-dropping 200 endorsements: 100 critical House candidates, who could reshape Congress with the largest incoming class in a generation, and 100 diverse and inspiring state and local candidates. And MoveOn members will organize to elect progressive champs by making calls, knocking on doors, sending millions of text messages, and doing whatever else it takes to reach every last voter and win.

Endorsements from MoveOn mean a range of practical and strategic support, but they require massive resources: financial contributions to sometimes cash-strapped progressive campaigns, leveraging MoveOn’s enormous media reach and new (and proven) video persuasion capabilities, and a massive turnout push by MoveOn’s millions of members, organized by some of the best organizers in the country.

When we end Republican control of the House by winning just 24 more seats, we can help grind Trump and the GOP’s agenda to a halt. And when we launch new progressive stars—including women, people of color, and younger candidates who are stepping up to lead in cities and towns across our nation—we can begin to change the face of U.S. politics and the direction of our country’s future.

The promise is that great.

And just thinking about it now, I feel a wave of gratitude that MoveOn is helping to lead the way forward.

I want to be able to tell my friends and family that I had something to do with kicking Trump and his cronies out of the White House and Congress.

And with just eight short months to Election Day, I’m asking you to join me and commit to making a monthly contribution so that we can both be part of something truly great. .  Donate monthly  or  make a one-time gift

Before I go, I’d like to talk about one more piece of this high-stakes puzzle.

Even as MoveOn races toward winning in November, it’s remaining staunchly committed to advocacy, including working with student leaders to demand commonsense gun safety legislation and an end to the NRA’s chokehold on Congress, standing with Dreamers in the fight against Trump’s aggressive anti-immigrant agenda and deportation machine, defending and protecting the independent investigation into the Trump team’s Russia ties and subsequent cover-up, working to prevent a war with North Korea, standing up to Islamophobia, and so much more.

In other midterm elections, such a costly dual focus might not be necessary.

But these are strange, perilous times that ask much of all of us. And MoveOn is rising up and standing stronger than ever before.

As part of my work, I get to crisscross the nation. And I see the power of MoveOn-led, people-powered action firsthand. I see that you’ve made the choice—the commitment—to fight.

Now, will you help make sure the fight continues by making a monthly donation to MoveOn? .  Donate monthly  or  make a one-time gift

Want to support our work? The MoveOn community will work every moment, day by day and year by year, to resist Trump’s agenda, contain the damage, defeat hate with love, and begin the process of swinging the nation’s pendulum back toward sanity, decency, and the kind of future that we must never give up on. And to do it we need your ongoing support, now more than ever. Will you stand with us? .  Donate monthly  or  make a one-time gift

PAID FOR BY MOVEON.ORG POLITICAL ACTION, Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


From: Matt Deitsch and #NeverAgainMSD
Subject: March for Our Lives. Will you be there?

I stood outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the day of the school shooting, terrified for my siblings, friends and teachers who were inside. My friends and I are now organizing a national day of action on March 24 to make sure this never happens again.

Not one more.

Not one more student should hide in fear as my siblings did, while an active shooter was killing our friends and teachers.

Not one more parent should sit in fear, as ours did, waiting for a call or text to say we were OK, that might never come.

Not one more person should die from a senseless act of gun violence.

Join students like me on March 24 to March for Our Lives and demand action to end the epidemic of mass shootings in America. There are hundreds of marches being planned across the country including one near you. (And if you can’t find an event near you, you can help organize one in your community.)

We’re using the hashtag #NeverAgainMSD to show our commitment to ending gun violence because our lawmakers are not doing enough to protect innocent lives. I’ve spoken to elected officials from representatives in the Florida legislature to countless representatives on Capitol Hill, and though conversation is happening, action remains slow.

So we have to speak up. We can’t let school shootings fade from our memory until more dead students shock us into action. That’s why students across the country are leading the March for Our Lives to say that enough is enough. Congress and states across the country need to do more than speak out against gun violence—they need to take action. By taking to the streets on March 24, we’ll create a show of force that the media and members of Congress can’t ignore.

Sign up now to march with students across the country for commonsense reforms to end gun violence. Join us at our national march in Washington, D.C., or one of the hundreds of marches around the country.

The march is just one step in a long journey. We know that reform does not happen overnight, but it starts with a single step. Our lives are on the line, so we can’t wait. Please join the march today.

P.S. Follow us on Twitter:

By choosing to attend this event, you are committing to participate non-violently and in accordance with the law, to work to de-escalate confrontations with others, and to obey the orders of authorized event marshals and of law enforcement. You also acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any injury or damage to your person or property resulting from or occurring during this event, and that you release Civic Action and Political Action (and their officers, directors, employees, and agents) from any liability for that injury or damage.

Some of the events listed may include or invite participants to engage in civil disobedience or illegal activity – these events are organized independently of MoveOn, and MoveOn does not solicit or encourage your participation in these activities.

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