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Piatykhatky April 16, 2021
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# Border / Immigration
Biden Admin Still Seizing Land for Border Wall. Just this week, the Justice Department seized six acres in Hidalgo County, Texas, via eminent domain.

# CoronaVirus
Proud Boy Who Allegedly Pepper-Sprayed Capitol Cop Has COVID.
Christopher Worrell is pushing to be released from prison on health grounds, but a federal judge seems pretty skeptical of his claims.

President Biden is facing a series of fresh obstacles in getting the coronavirus pandemic under control in the United States.

Manufacturers have been using nanotech graphene in face masks, now there are safety concerns https://medium.com/edge-of-innovation/how-safe-are-graphene-based-face-masks-b88740547e8c

Under-skin Microchip for Covid. Pentagon’s Iniectable Hydrogel almost Ready!

21-Year-Old University of Cincinnati Student DEAD 24 Hours after Johnson & Johnson COVID Injection https://www.newsrecord.org/news/reports-coroner-investigating-sudden-death-of-uc-student/article_eceb1374-9e64-11eb-b9d1-abdc102af240.html

Johnson & Johnson vaccine: Local family’s sorrow coincides with pause over blood-clot worries https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2021/04/13/covid-19-johnson-johnson-vaccine-blood-clot-ohio-university-of-cincinnati/7205874002/

CDC Admits 5,800 FULLY VACCINATED People Became Infected with COVID-19 and 74 Died https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/14/health/breakthrough-infections-covid-vaccines-cdc/index.html

# Economy / Trade
Tax Resisters Divert Their Money From War to Human Welfare. It is because we consent and pay our taxes without much thought that half the money we pay the government is for war.

Study: American Rescue Plan allocates $2 billion to counties that don’t exist or don’t have fiscal problems https://www.thecentersquare.com/national/study-american-rescue-plan-allocates-2-billion-to-counties-that-don-t-exist-or-don/article_08a5f8d0-9ed4-11eb-9db6-07310a801f18.html

# Education / Schools
Mich. Parents Pound on School Doors: Let My Kid Go Mask-Free https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2021/04/hudsonville-parents-including-some-locked-out-of-meeting-urge-school-district-to-make-masks-optional.html

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemicals How Texas’s zombie oil wells are creating an environmental disaster zone. Thousands of abandoned oil wells dot the Permian Basin in west Texas and New Mexico, endangering humans and wildlife.

U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland on Friday revoked a dozen of the Trump administration’s secretarial orders that prioritized energy development on federal lands.

# Environment / Climate / Interior
The plastic cradles of life. Trash heaps deep in the ocean have attracted an array of creatures to live, and even spawn, on them. Are these dumps actually biodiversity hotspots?

After four years of Trump, U.S. world allies and rivals have been largely indifferent as the Biden administration pushes them to announce higher emissions reduction goals ahead of a climate summit.

# Global Politics and other news
Israel to Help Ukraine Field Nuclear Weapons if NATO Membership Blocked by Biden https://www.veteranstoday.com/2021/04/15/israel-to-help-ukraine-field-nuclear-weapons-if-nato-membership-blocked-by-biden/

# Gov / Political
“Constitutional carry” gets an initial Texas House OK. On Thursday, the Texas House gave an initial OK to a bill that would allow people to carry handguns without a permit.

New U.S. sanctions further chill Biden-Putin relations https://thehill.com/policy/international/548477-biden-sanctions-further-chill-us-russia-relationship

Feds Finally Confirm That Trump Campaign Data Ended Up in Russian Intel Hands https://www.thedailybeast.com/feds-finally-say-manafort-and-gates-gave-trump-campaign-info-to-konstantin-kilimnik-who-gave-to-russian-intel
Companies Signing Voting Rights Statement Are Members of Anti–H.R. 1 Lobbying Group. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce warned U.S. senators against voting for the Democrats’ election reform bill.

# Law Enforcement
Good to be White in Nazi Minnesota: White Felon Drags Cop While Escaping in Truck and Nothing Happens https://www.veteranstoday.com/2021/04/15/good-to-be-white-in-nazi-minnesota-white-felon-drags-cop-while-escaping-in-truck-and-nothing-happens/

There is an epidemic of white supremacists in police departments. Police officers have been identified as members of white supremacist groups in Florida, Alabama and Louisiana. This is a nation-wide problem. It is one that is not limited to just beat officers; some of these shocking occurrences have even involved high-ranking members of their respective police forces.

Indianapolis Police Say At Least 8 Dead, ‘Multiple’ Injured in Shooting At FedEx Facility https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2021/04/15/fedex-shooting-indianapolis-international-airport-police/7249620002/
FedEx’s Phone Policy Meant Workers Were Unable to Reach Families After
Shooting: Eight people were killed in the Indianapolis shooting. There have been 45 mass shootings in the last month.

Lawsuit filed after police fracture elderly woman’s arm on video. “This is not community policing. This is community terrorism.”

The Supreme Court Is Also to Blame for Daunte Wright’s Death. In legalizing racial profiling, the Supreme Court has fueled a racist cycle of traffic stops and police killings.

Chicago Police Officer Shot 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo With His Hands in the Air City officials spent weeks disparaging Adam Toledo before releasing the body camera footage.

A New Mayor but the Same Killer Cops and Coverups in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago. Calls for peace and civility are fruitless when police continue to kill and pols then lie about it.

In Small Black Southern Towns, the Cops Remain Undaunted. Even those governed by Black elected officials have been reluctant to cut the force and increase social services.

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Biden calls for dialogue with Russia amid a raft of sanctions.
Sanctions description by the White House here:
and at the Treasury Department here:

# Legal / Judicial / DOJ
Judge Warns Of Mistrial in Chauvin Case if Prosecution Witness Even ‘Hints’ at ‘Newly Discovered Evidence’

Second North Carolina Trans Woman Killed in Hotel Room: Police are urging members of the LGBTQ community, particularly those who are sex workers, to report anything suspicious and use “extreme caution.”

# Military / DOD
Latest Taxpayer Rip Off, and It’s A Big One. Taxpayers are getting ripped off by a government contractor. The F-35 is not ready to be used as intended after years of delays and cost increases.

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