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April 28, 2021
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# Archaeology
# Border / Immigration
Sheriff Who Blasted Trump Policies Tapped as ICE Director. Ed Gonzalez has served as Harris County sheriff since 2016.

ICE Will Not Be Allowed to Make Courthouse Arrests; Mayorkas Launches Probe into Extremism at DHS https://www.democracynow.org/2021/4/28/headlines/ice_will_not_be_allowed_to_make_courthouse_arrests_mayorkas_launches_probe_into_extremism_at_dhs

ICE Flight Transfers 64 Asylum Seekers from U.S.-Mexico Border to Northwest Detention Center https://www.democracynow.org/2021/4/28/headlines/ice_flight_transfers_64_asylum_seekers_from_us_mexico_border_to_northwest_detention_center

The Biden administration will limit ICE arrests at courthouses in hopes of easing fears of immigrants called to testify, unless there’s a public safety threat https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/hamedaleaziz/ice-arrests-courthouses-immigrants?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=BFNews%20Incoming%20April%2028%202021&utm_term=News%20confirmed%20list

The original sin of America’s broken immigration courts. A new book reveals how this troubled system began with FDR and wartime paranoia.

Border crisis causing some New Mexico ranchers to live in fear. Ranchers along the border are reporting groups of up to 20 illegal immigrants crossing over onto their lands, armed with automatic weapons and drugs, according to New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association President Randell Major. Border rancher Russel Johnson said these aren’t just the families and children shown by national media outlets.

# CoronaVirus
Interview: VT Bureau Chief for Caucuses, Jeffrey Silverman, on Secret US Bioweapons Labs, Regional Policy

59-Year-Old Israeli Fashion Icon Alber Elbaz DEAD After Being “Fully Vaccinated” for COVID-19 https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/59-year-old-israeli-fashion-icon-alber-elbaz-dead-after-being-fully-vaccinated-for-covid-19/

Likely Death Blow To Masks (And Distancing) & Numerical Proof COVID Pandemic Did Not Exist (UK)

Seeing Through the COVID Spin. COVID-19 vaccines were not designed and have not yet been proven to prevent infection and transmission of the new coronavirus in the majority of recipients. Apparently, that is why public health officials are telling vaccinated people they have to continue wearing masks and social distancing just like unvaccinated people https://www.nvic.org/NVIC-Vaccine-News/April-2021/covid-spin.aspx

# Economy / Trade
The IRS Used to Be a Guard Dog. Republicans Neutered It. That’s why Biden is seeking $80 billion to audit America’s top earners.

# Education / Schools
Biden Sets Out Plan for Free Preschool and Community College. The White House said the plans will be funded by a tax overhaul for the rich that is projected to raise $1.5 trillion over 10 years.

School Software Blocks LGBTQ Sites, but Not the KKK: One software used by schools did not filter the names of white supremacist groups. A Motherboard investigation found the algorithmic surveillance tools allow racist groups like the KKK while flagging LGBTQ health sites as ‘porn’

# Food / GMOs / Chemicals
The Black Farmer Movement Battling History to Return to the Land.
Millions of acres of Black-owned land were taken in the past century.
“The trauma of it gets passed down.”

Climate-friendly farming strategies can improve the land and generate income for farmers. With concerted efforts and investments, they could be expanded to achieve a pace and scale that will help address climate change.

# Gov / Political
Lawmakers across a number of states are bracing for the possibility of running against colleagues in 2022 as part of the decennial redrawing of district lines.

How Low Will GOP Go to Keep These Black Women Off the Bench? We’re about to find out—and judging from how Republicans have treated previous Biden nominees, this could get ugly, fast, for two impeccably qualified nominees.

“Empire Politician”: Joe Biden’s Half-Century Record on Foreign Policy, War, Militarism & the CIA https://theintercept.com/2021/04/28/empire-politician-a-half-century-of-joe-bidens-stances-on-war-militarism-and-the-cia/

# Law Enforcement
DC Cop Attacked by Mob Blasts ‘Whitewashing’ of Jan. 6 Riots. “It’s been very difficult seeing elected officials and other individuals kind of whitewash the events of that day or downplay what happened,” Michael Fanone said.

Sheriff Forced Inmates in Restraint Chairs for Hours: Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill has faced charges twice before, including for accidentally shooting a friend while practicing police tactics.

“You’re Gonna Kill Me”: Bodycam Video Shows Dallas Officers Mocking Man as He Died Pinned to Ground. Mario Gonzalez’s brother has accused Alameda County police of killing his brother in the same way that George Floyd was murdered.

FBI Begins Probe into Police Execution in North Carolina, and the Coverup. The FBI launched a civil rights probe Tuesday into the death of Andrew Brown Jr., a Black man killed by deputies in North Carolina, as his family released an independent autopsy showing he was shot five times, including in the back of the head.

Young Trumpsters: Indiana ‘Punks’ murdered Asian man, then used his stolen cash to buy tools to cut him up ‘Saudi Style’

Commission Finds Anti-Black Police Violence Constitutes Crimes Against Humanity Twelve experts found that both U.S. law and police practices do not comply with international law.

Body-Cam Shows Fatal Chicago Cop Shooting of Anthony Alvarez. The incident took place less than 48 hours after the fatal shooting of Adam Toledo, a teenager who put his hands up.

Hackers publish extensive dossiers on D.C. police officers in extortion attempt The information includes an array of personal information, polygraph results and work background, including arrest histories and addresses.

# Legal / Judicial / DOJ
Trump Dragged Closer to Testifying in Protester Assault Case. Trump had tried to quash a subpoena that would force him to testify—but a N.Y.
court just dismissed his appeal as moot since he’s no longer a sitting president.

Cops may get 30 Years: Feds charge 2 Corrupt NJ Cops with beating Yemeni teen, Falsifying arrest report https://nypost.com/2021/04/27/nj-cops-charged-with-beating-teen-after-being-caught-on-camera/

FBI Opens Probe into Police Killing of Andrew Brown as Autopsy Confirms He Was Shot in Back of Head https://www.democracynow.org/2021/4/28/headlines/fbi_opens_probe_into_police_killing_of_andrew_brown_as_autopsy_confirms_he_was_shot_in_back_of_head

Federal investigators search Giuliani apartment: Investigators seized Giuliani’s electronic devices, a significant development into the long-running investigation into whether the former New York mayor illegally lobbied the Trump administration on behalf of Ukrainian oligarchs.

Biden Needs to Fire the FBI Director. Trump-appointed FBI director Chris Wray cannot be trusted to handle the continued surge in white supremacist violence and terror https://prospect.org/justice/biden-needs-to-fire-the-fbi-director/

Whitmer Plotters Hit With Weapons of Mass Destruction Charge. Feds allege that three members of the Wolverine Watchmen militia built and tested explosives to use on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s security detail.

Lawyer to Conduct Own Probe Into Ma’Khia Bryant’s Death https://www.dispatch.com/story/news/crime/2021/04/28/attorney-makhia-bryant-announce-own-investigation-into-death/4870545001/

# Media
U.S. Postal Service planning to consolidate 18 postal facilities to start https://www.govexec.com/management/2021/04/usps-begins-new-round-facility-closures-while-also-procuring-dozens-more/173640/

Postal Workers Union Slams DeJoy Plan to Close Mail Processing Facilities. The postal workers union called DeJoy’s plan a “slap in the face of postal workers” that “will further delay mail.”

# Other News
Trumpists’ New Capitol Riot Defense: Blame Maxine Waters. Donald Trump and his allies have settled on a new strategy to defend Trump’s actions in instigating a riot.

# Space
The Russia/China space weaponization treaty. “Let’s be clear: Deploying weapons in space crosses a threshold that cannot be walked back,” stated retired U.S. Army Colonel John Fairlamb.

# Veterans / VA
Lawmakers relaunch landmark bill to create path to VA care for veterans ill from toxic exposure https://www.audacy.com/connectingvets/news/inside-veterans-affairs/veterans-ill-from-toxic-exposure-get-care-under-new-bill

# Water
Drought-hit California orders Nestlé to stop pumping millions of gallons of water https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/apr/27/california-nestle-water-san-bernardino-forest-drought

Too much lead in water at some North Carolina child care centers. The testing has found 8.5 percent of centers had at least one tap that exceeded the state’s lead hazard threshold of 15 parts per billion.

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