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# Indigenous
Navajos voice concern over plan to transfer uranium waste. U.S. nuclear regulators are considering a licensing change proposed by a uranium company that would clear the way for 1 million cubic yards of waste to be transferred from a mining area in western New Mexico to a mill site a short distance away as part of a cleanup effort https://www.abqjournal.com/2394932/navajos-voice-concern-over-plan-to-transfer-uranium-waste.html

# Indigenous / Global
Remains of 215 children found at former Kamloops residential school:
First Nation

# CoronaVirus (Virus Vaccine is still in clinical trials and tests) Over 10,000 COVID-19 Infections Recorded in Americans Who Received a Vaccine – CDC –160 patients were reported dead

COVID origin dissent ‘suppressed’ by intelligence community, House GOP report finds. “We believe the [intelligence community] failed to properly support policymakers with timely products and analysis.

9/11 Cover-up Director Appointed to Chair COVID Cover-up Group –Zelikow was the author of the Bush administration’s 2002 National Security Strategy, which laid out the case for pre-emptive war, which was used to invade Iraq. Deep-state fixer and cover-upper Philip Zelikow, former Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission, will be chairing the COVID Commission Planning Group https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/9-11-cover-up-director-appointed-to-chair-covid-cover-up-group/

Connecticut has seen 18 cases of heart inflammation after COVID-19 vaccination. Doctors say teens and young adults should still get the shot.  The U.S. CDC is investigating after a number of people, mostly adolescents and young adults, reported heart inflammation following their COVID-19 vaccinations https://www.courant.com/coronavirus/hc-news-coronavirus-vaccinated-teens-young-adults-heart-problems-20210526-573sf3dd3zdyjbruth3eyieaca-story.html

100 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine need to be checked for contamination and may need to be thrown out. Emergent BioSolutions CEO Robert G. Kramer admitted to the House of Representatives that more than
100 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are on hold and possibly contaminated

# Economy / Trade
Republicans reject will of the voters after election losses. In the chaotic race to finalize a nearly $40 billion state budget, Arizona Republicans are moving to reverse a voter-approved ballot measure that would impose special excise taxes on the wealthy.

President Biden’s budget proposal sets the government to take on an expanded role in the economy for years to come, underscoring the White House’s desire to push forward with progressive policies that would reform taxes and the social safety net.

President Joe Biden’s budget proposal outlines social spending and business tax hikes.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemicals Closure of all Georgia coal plants ‘on the table’: Inside Southern Company’s environmental declarations https://www.wabe.org/closure-of-all-ga-coal-plants-on-the-table-inside-southern-companys-environmental-declarations/

What Exxon, Chevron climate shake-ups mean for oil. The decisions, particularly at the American companies, arrive after decades of pressure from environmentalists and climate hawks who say the companies haven’t done enough to cut their climate-related pollution or adapt to a world with limits on greenhouse gases.

Mass Mobilization Expected In June Against Line 3 Pipeline https://freespeech.org/stories/mass-mobilization-expected-in-june-against-line-3-pipeline/

Massive drilling project on Alaska’s North Slope given go ahead. Critics say the lease is at odds with President Biden’s pledge to combat the climate crisis.

# Environment / Climate / Interior
Major tire companies explore the use of dandelions for a more sustainable material to rubber. Dandelion rubber tires will lessen the amount of landfill waste, decrease deforestation and reduce the economic burden of rubber tree cultivation, experts said https://www.nationofchange.org/2021/05/28/major-tire-companies-explore-the-use-of-dandelions-for-a-more-sustainable-material-to-rubber/

# Global Politics and other news
U.N. Human Rights Chief Says Israel May Have Committed War Crimes in Gaza https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/un-rights-chief-bachelet-says-israeli-strikes-gaza-may-be-war-crimes-2021-05-27/

To distract from Gaza slaughter, Israel lobby manufactures antisemitism freakout.
With deceptively edited videos and dubious allegations, the Israel lobby has manufactured an antisemitism epidemic to turn the media’s gaze away from dead children in Gaza.

# Gov / Political
Feds Probing if Ukraine Used Rudy to Meddle in Election: Andriy Derkach, a sanctioned member of the Ukranian parliament, is reportedly under scrutiny.

Gaetz Tells Fans to Carry Out ‘Armed Rebellion’ if Necessary. Having learned precisely zero lessons from the Capitol riot, the troubled congressman whipped up a Georgia crowd on Thursday night.

GOP snag complicates Schumer’s China bill again. Orchestrating the Senate GOP’s expected opposition to the panel is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who has kept his conference largely unified on the topic.

After delays, GOP poised to block bipartisan Jan. 6 riot probe.

A bunch of tired, grumpy, ready-for-the-weekend senators are directing their glares and grumbles at Sen. Ron Johnson: Johnson delays exit as votes pushed to Friday https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/555887-ron-johnson-holds-up-senates-holiday-weekend-exit

Senate Republicans just blocked the bill for a bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol siege

The Filibuster Discourages Bipartisanship. The GOP Filibuster Of A Jan.
6 Commission Just Proved it.

The Senate will vote on election reform next month, setting up another filibuster fight.

Leadership tensions, potential special session loom as Texas legislative session hits uncertain end. Tensions between the two chambers are peaking, and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is putting pressure on Gov. Greg Abbott to call a special session for unfinished business on conservative priorities https://www.texastribune.org/2021/05/27/texas-legislature-special-session/

Senate reaches deal to vote on Jan. 6 commission and get out of town https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/555949-senate-reaches-deal-to-vote-on-jan-6-commission-and-get-out-of-town

American Democracy Isn’t Dead Yet, but It’s Getting There: A country that cannot even agree to investigate an assault on its Capitol is in big trouble, indeed.

Senate meltdown reveals deepening partisan divide. An unexpected Senate meltdown this week is prompting Democrats to re-evaluate what they can realistically accomplish this year in Congress.

# Law Enforcement
3 Tacoma officers charged with felonies in the killing of Manuel Ellis.
Decision came more than a year after Pierce county medical examiner’s office ruled Black father of two’s death a homicide https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/may/27/manuel-ellis-tacoma-three-officers-charged-death

Cops Say He Shot Himself During Traffic Stop. Was It Murder? Was J’Mauri Bumpass’ death a tragic case of suicide during a seemingly routine traffic stop—or another case of law enforcement brazenly shooting an unarmed Black man?

Cops Say He Shot Himself During Traffic Stop. Was It Murder? Was J’Mauri Bumpass’ death a tragic case of suicide during a seemingly routine traffic stop—or another case of law enforcement brazenly shooting an unarmed Black man?

# Legal / Judicial / DOJ
Three officers were charged with murder and manslaughter in the killing of a Black man in Washington. Manuel Ellis was walking home after getting donuts when witnesses said they saw officers tackle and pin him to the pavement. The charges mark the first time the attorney general’s office has filed criminal charges against police officers for the unlawful use of deadly force.

# Media
Caged Journo Says He Falsely Confessed After Electro-Torture: In a crackdown on a U.S.-funded media outlet, the Kremlin’s FSB has allegedly beat, electro-shocked, and threatened to fake a reporter’s suicide if he didn’t confess to spying.

# Other News
Cancer-causing chemical found in 78 sunscreen products. The independent lab that made the finding is calling on the FDA to recall these sunscreen products. The independent lab that made the finding is calling on the FDA to recall these sunscreen products.

The Gaetz-Greene Traveling Freak Show Is the GOP’s Future. And that’s bad news for Trump, whether he knows it or not, as these attention-hungry creeps are trying to get in on the hustle he’s monopolized over the last five years.

The “steady drumbeat” of Trump’s Big Lie may stir more violent attacks, a federal judge warns https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2021/05/trump-big-lie-insurrection-republicans-congress-violent-extremism-federal-judge/

# Technology
Microsoft Says SolarWinds Hackers Are Back, USAID Breached. The Russian-based Nobelium group has launched a fresh campaign targeting government agencies that deal with foreign policy.

# Veterans / VA
Bills touted by Jon Stewart may help millions of veterans get care for toxic exposure https://ruralradio.com/kneb-am/abc_news/jon-stewart-joins-lawmakers-to-push-benefits-for-vets-exposed-to-toxins-abcid251649aa/

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