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Sathyamangalam July 6, 2021
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# Indigenous
A quest for Alaska oil sparks a fight over tribal sovereignty. An energy company with a history of environmental violations is conducting exploratory drilling in the Yukon Flats.

# Indigenous / Global
Media is FINALLY covering immense crimes against indigenous peoples in Canada that were known about DECADES ago

# Border / Immigration
Biden admin ‘incentivizing’ migrants to cross border illegally: Arizona AG

Border was secure, in place before Biden administration: Texas rancher

Gov. Greg Abbott wants to build a border wall. South Texas landowners are divided over whether they want it.
Some landowners who sued the Trump administration say they aren’t “just going to roll over and give up” now that Abbott has taken on a border wall project. Others say a wall is needed to protect people and property on the border.

Texas sheriffs, Federal Police Foundation sue Biden, feds over immigration policy
Several Texas sheriffs and the Federal Police Foundation sued President Joe Biden Thursday for what they say is his administration’s “unlawful and unconstitutional” policies related to removing criminal illegal immigrants from the country.

# CoronaVirus (Virus Vaccine is still in clinical trials and tests)
Russia: US Army/Israel using Low Dose Sarin Gas to Supplement CV19 Deaths (Hacked/Banned Blockbuster!) VT: The following article was wiped from VT’s servers along with 11 other COVID investigation pieces.  Threats were made as well.  We only managed to save the text below off a Greek server.

Sputnik V vaccine is safe and effective. Russia’s vaccine is in use in nearly 70 nations, but its adoption has been slowed by controversies and questions over rare side effects, and it has yet to garner World Health Organization approval.

Arthritis drugs tocilizumab and sarilumab reduce Covid deaths: New findings have shown that they significantly improve survival and cut the time spent in hospital by a week to 10 days.

The World Health Organization is warning countries against dropping public health measures like social distancing and masking, as the highly infectious Delta coronavirus variant continues to spread worldwide.

# Economy / Trade
‘Program Integrity’ is an Orwellian attack on Social Security beneficiaries. “Program integrity” is insider-code for saving money. How is money saved? By going after people who have done nothing wrong.

Biden’s capital gains tax increase is more unproductive misdirection

Fourth Stimulus Check Update: $2,000 Monthly Payment Petition Hits 2.5 Million Signatures. An additional round of stimulus checks might not be on the table for 2021, but a petition calling for recurring payments has collected 2.5 million signatures.

Report: Biden tax hikes would put U.S. at disadvantage against other nations. A new report from the Tax Foundation found that President Joe Biden’s proposed tax increases would put the U.S. at much higher rates than many of its economic competitors

# Education / Schools
Some Texas students with disabilities thrived on remote learning, but have few options this fall. Legislation that would have funded remote learning at Texas schools failed to pass, leaving families of students who preferred distance learning with months to figure out their options before the fall semester.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemicals
Two years after a huge refinery fire in Philadelphia, a new day has come for its long-suffering neighbors. The petroleum smell is gone, the benzene emissions have abated and residents in nearby neighborhoods of color feel they’re finally being heard

Oil giant files $15 billion claim against US government for rescinded Keystone XL permit. TC Energy Corporation filed for compensation under a free trade provision that allows investors to sue governments if they impede profits.

Exxon Lobbyists Tricked Into Naming Senators They Use to Block Climate Action
Greenpeace UK released a video of lobbyists discussing Exxon’s efforts to fight climate initiatives in Washington.

# Environment / Climate / Interior
The mega heat dome over the Pacific Northwest has brought death, fire, and misery

Exxon Exposed: Greenpeace Tricks Top Lobbyists into Naming Senators They Use to Block Climate Action

# Food / GMOs / Chemicals
‘Rampant issues’: Black farmers are still left out at USDA. Black farmers are far behind in obtaining grants and loans

# Foodie Tips, Tricks and How To’s
[I have been making stuffed zucchini since my eldest started eating solid foods. She is now 68. Give it a try, I think you’ll like it. I like mine pan fried in butter too. Enjoy.]
Not sure what to do with all your zucchini? Here’s the solution.

# Global Politics and other news
Saudi Prince Accused of Modern-Day Slavery in France. Seven women, most from the Philippines, worked for the prince and his family in Saudi Arabia before escaping during a trip to France.

Chemical Weapons in Russia: History, Ecology, Politics.  The Center of Ecological Policy of Russia is submitting the first straightforward analysis of the chemical weapons problem in Russia as a nation-wide political and ecological problem.

China ‘Will Never Allow’ Military Intervention Over Taiwan: Beijing

Japan vows to defend Taiwan alongside the US if China invades. Japan has vowed to join the U.S. in defending Taiwan if it is invaded by China because – it said – Japan could be next.

China’s Taiwan ambitions could drag Japan and US into war with Asian power, official says

The Rise of China and Its Effect on Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea: U.S. Policy Choices

# Gov / Politics
Donald Rumsfeld was known for two things: covering his own ass and having few real political principles. Relentless warmongering powered his rise to the top in Washington — and led him to help orchestrate one of the worst disasters in the history of US foreign policy.

The Sum of All Lies – Biden Bombs Syria & Iraq: Trump’s berserk recklessness opened a window to rein in presidential war powers. Biden’s actions show that window is now closed.

With Texas Republicans determined to enact additional voting restrictions in the upcoming special legislative session, not much attention has fallen on people with disabilities, for whom the voting process is already lined with potential obstacles.

We Still Won’t Admit Why So Many People Believe the Big Lie. Six months after the insurrection it triggered, it’s clear that the stolen-election nonsense is just a drop in a tidal wave of bullshit.

Trump Wants Inexperienced Crony to Replace a Republican Star. He’s got a thin résumé, a rap sheet, and just moved to the district. Naturally, he’s Trump’s choice to represent this slice of Ohio.

1000s of new documents found on brutal history of slavery in US. About 2,000 pages of historical documents related to the lives of free and enslaved Black Americans from the 1600s to 1800s were discovered in the attic of a house in Maryland.

Poor People’s Campaign announces ‘season of nonviolent direct action’ targeting US Senate
‘If our actions result in the system believing it has to arrest us, then so be it. Civil disobedience is a badge and banner we will proudly wear,” said Rev. William Barber.

SCOTUS upholds Arizona voting law restrictions. The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday upheld an Arizona law that bans ballot harvesting and disallows votes from being counted that were cast in the wrong precinct.

# Legal / Judicial / DOJ
Joe Biden Is Doing Nothing to Prevent Another Federal Execution Spree. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced a moratorium on federal executions and a new study of death penalty procedures last week. The move is a small step that fails to make good on President Joe Biden’s campaign promises to end capital punishment.

Subpoena’s urged for Ivanka, Don Jr., Meadows for Trump Jan. 6 involvement

# Media
OAN Star Christina Bobb Pimped Her Election Lies Fundraiser Dozens of Times On Air.
Not only has her bogus election “fundraiser” been promoted 140 times on the network, but OAN appears to be laying the groundwork for a perpetual audit machine.

The U.S. Postal Service’s new 10-year plan includes slower mail deliveries and higher prices. DeJoy plans to further slow down first-class mail delivery, reduce Post Office hours, and raise postage prices — which would impact voters, families, and small businesses in several states.

# Medical / Global
Athlete Died Hours After Begging ‘Racist’ Hospital for Help. The body of 20-year-old Canadian was found in a lake just hours after security guards kicked him out of a hospital lobby.

# Medical / Health
Ahead of wildfire season, Washington Farm Bureau has been lobbying against emergency worker health protections

# Military / DOD
NEO – US ‘Airstrike Diplomacy’ continues in Syria-Iraq. Biden has not been verbose about dialing back US unipolarism in Iraq, despite how it looks for continuing Trump’s unipolar policy.

US Navy’s powerful shock exercise harms marine mammals, expert says

# Other News
‘Day of Rage,’ a 40-minute video investigation that painstakingly examines the events of the day.

The Lie of Maga Patriotism

Glimmer of Hope in Honduras: Ex-Dam CEO & West Point Grad Convicted in Murder of Berta Cáceres

U.S.-Trained Honduran Ex-Military Officer Found Guilty in Murder of Berta Cáceres

# Science
Genetically engineered ‘Magneto’ protein remotely controls brain and behaviour. “Badass” new method uses a magnetised protein to activate brain cells rapidly, reversibly, and non-invasively

# Social
Grace Lee and James Boggs Showed How We Can Unite Our Struggles for Justice. There is much we can learn from Lee and Boggs’s 40-year partnership as an interracial couple in movement activism.

# Space
A ‘strange signal’ is coming from the Milky Way. What’s causing it?  It only lasted a mere millisecond but, for astonished astronomers, it was a major discovery, representing the first time a fast radio burst (FRB) had ever been detected so close to Earth.

# Technology
John McAfee was not suicidal, says widow of antivirus software magnate
Note: Why does this article fail to mention that McAfee himself said “Know that if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine,” as confirmed in this article?
For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on government corruption from reliable major media sources.

Hackers Steal Info of 90K Users on Jason Miller’s Gettr. Gettr, the new social media site aimed at conservatives, went live on July 4 and is already a security mess.

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