Voices, The Peoples News No. 2021-09-10

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September 10, 2021
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 To Inform and Educate
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This almost daily Voices, The Peoples News is posted through the blog function of www.MPEN-Ohio.net

# Indigenous
6 things you should know about the 2021 Native American Voting Rights Act. Indigenous communities face disproportionate barriers to voting, but the act would help protect this important right.

# Border / Immigration / Afghan
21 more Americans make it out of Afghanistan https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/571730-white-house-says-21-more-americans-evacuated-from-afghanistan__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73V43JBeZ8$

# CoronaVirus
‘Time to resist’: Republicans denounce Biden vax mandate as ‘absolutely unconstitutional,’ claim he has ‘ZERO’ authority to do it, being denounced as illegal by critics, who are urging resistance https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.legitgov.org/time-resist-republicans-denounce-biden-vax-mandate-absolutely-unconstitutional-claim-he-has-zero__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73V9EeWNvl$

Qantas COVID-19 vaccine rules: Alan Joyce reaffirms airline will ban unvaccinated passengers from international flights https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://thehill.com/policy/transportation/aviation/571458-qantas-banning-unvaccinated-travelers-from-international__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73V3fx8J60$

UK health secretary confirms 12-15-year-olds could be vaccinated against parents’ will https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/sep/05/vaccine-passports-to-be-required-for-nightclubs-and-mass-events-in-england__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73V_JPyYY0$

U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently issued a new National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin implying that if Americans question and challenge the COVID shot mandates, they are now considered potential “Domestic Violent Extremists” (DVE).

Biden blames unvaccinated for US’s COVID-19 slog. “We have the tools to combat COVID-19, and a distinct minority of Americans, supported by a distinct minority of elected officials, are keeping us from turning the corner.”

Biden: I Will End the Pandemic of the Stupid (90% of working Americans now required to be vaccinated) https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/571569-biden-to-unveil-covid-strategy-with-heavy-emphasis-on-vaccine__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73V7kUgBzN$

# Education / Schools
L.A. becomes the 1st major school district to mandate COVID vaccines for students, setting stage for national battle https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/sep/05/vaccine-passports-to-be-required-for-nightclubs-and-mass-events-in-england__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73V_JPyYY0$

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemicals Marseille biodiversity summit adopts motion to ban deep-sea mining. A motion calling for a ban on deep-sea mining has been adopted in Marseille at the world’s biggest biodiversity summit since the pandemic https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://newstral.com/en/article/en/1205540474/environment-marseille-biodiversity-summit-adopts-motion-to-ban-deep-sea-mining__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73V1vs8rau$

# Environment / Climate / Interior
Polar bears are inbreeding as climate change melts away Arctic ice. “The loss of genetic diversity and likely inbreeding depression could result in reduced survival or longevity and productivity for this iconic species,” author Simo Maduna of the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research told USA TODAY in an email.

Disappearing sea ice means stronger Arctic tides. With climate change, Arctic communities already threatened by sea level rise, permafrost melt, and erosion will also face longer seas https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.hakaimagazine.com/news/disappearing-sea-ice-means-stronger-arctic-tides/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73V5mM3aky$

# Food / GMOs / Chemicals / Other
We’re eating and drinking Great Lakes plastic. How alarmed should we be?
That may sound ridiculous, but researchers say it has, unfortunately, become a serious problem that bears further study as evidence mounts that people are eating, drinking and inhaling microscopic pieces of plastic on a regular basis.

# Gov / Politics
The Secret History of 9/11:  First published October 5, 2016 For the first time in nearly a year, a 9/11 investigator has revealed highly classified information on the real events of 9/11, not a terror attack, but rather a nuclear attack on the United States, not a surprise at all, but one the US had expected, one predicted by a former American president and one purposefully ignored by President Clinton and quite probably facilitated by George W. Bush, who certainly empowered the cover-up.
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Operation Encore and the Saudi Connection: A Secret History of the 9/11
Investigation: Behind the scenes, a small team of FBI agents spent years trying to solve a stubborn mystery — whether officials from Saudi Arabia, one of Washington’s closest allies, were involved in the worst terror attack in U.S. history. This is their story.

9/11’s Unsettled Dust: Bush’s EPA Hid Health Risks from Toxic Dust at Ground Zero & Thousands Died https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.democracynow.org/2021/9/7/9_11s_unsettled_dust_documentary__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73VwZ9u78r$

9/11 Hijack ‘suspects’ alive and well. [2001-09-23, BBC News] https://urldefense.com/v3/__http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/1559151.stm__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73V0ky_3fn$

Alleged 9/11 hijackers may have trained at U.S. bases [2001-09-14, Newsweek Magazine] https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.newsweek.com/alleged-hijackers-may-have-trained-us-bases-152495__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73V0FudcLt$

A New Look at the 9-11 Commission [2009-09-11, Time magazine] https://urldefense.com/v3/__http://content.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1921659,00.html__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73VzAFsqKe$

9/11 Commission Heads: We Still Don’t Know the Whole Truth of 9/11 [2006-08-09, CNN News] https://urldefense.com/v3/__http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0608/09/ldt.01.html__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73VzVDAnfX$

FAA Received Alert About 9/11 Hijacker [2006-01-07, ABC News/Associated Press] https://urldefense.com/v3/__http://abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=91659&page=2__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73V75csMo_$

Is Al Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman?  “The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear” … argues coherently that much of what we have been told about the threat of international terrorism “is a fantasy that has been exaggerated and distorted by politicians.
[2005-01-11, Los Angeles Times]

Engineers Suspect Diesel Fuel in Collapse of 7 World Trade Center [2001-11-29, New York Times] https://urldefense.com/v3/__http://www.nytimes.com/2001/11/29/nyregion/29TOWE.html?pagewanted=all__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73VzE_QVlS$

‘We’ve Hit The Targets’: Could the [9/11] bombers have been stopped?
NEWSWEEK has learned that while U.S. intelligence received no specific warning, the state of alert had been high during the past two weeks, and a particularly urgent warning may have been received the night before the [9/11] attacks, causing some top Pentagon brass to cancel a trip.
[2001-09-13, Newsweek]

9/11 third tower mystery ‘solved’: The 47-storey third tower, known as Tower Seven, collapsed seven hours after the twin towers. Investigators are expected to say ordinary fires on several different floors caused the collapse. Conspiracy theorists have argued that the third tower was brought down in a controlled demolition. [2008-07-04, BBC News] https://urldefense.com/v3/__http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7485331.stm__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73V73GzwR8$

From the archives: Lie by lie, a timeline of how we got into Iraq.
Mushroom clouds, duct tape, Judy Miller, Curveball. Recalling how Americans were sold a bogus case for invasion.

Altercation: On 9/11, Was W. AWOL? The mysterious case of the president’s dysfunctionality on the day the U.S. was attacked https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://prospect.org/politics/altercation-on-911-was-w-awol/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73V6BAgVR6$

President Biden spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday amid mounting tensions between the two nations in recent months.

# Law Enforcement
L.A. firefighters, police officers join forces to resist vaccination mandate. Los Angeles firefighters and police officers, angry over City Hall’s new requirement that employees be vaccinated against COVID-19, are mounting an offensive.

# Other News
Creepy Australian Officials Start Using ‘New World Order’ as a Talking Point. Two senior medical officers have, shockingly, said out loud what a lot of ordinary people already noticed: Australia is sliding inexorably toward a “New World Order.”

Authoritarian measures under the guise of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be implemented by Australian authorities and now include the limiting of alcoholic beverages to residents of locked-down apartment complexes https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.bizpacreview.com/2021/09/09/australian-authorities-now-confiscating-alcohol-to-limit-number-of-drinks-residents-in-lockdown-can-have-1131961/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73V6Ri-taB$

# Social
L.A. Beach Is About to Be Returned to Original Black Owners. The beachfront property was the first resort for Black people on the West Coast.

# Technology
How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations: “The Art of Deception: Training for Online Covert Operations.” Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two
tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable. To see how extremist these programs are, just consider the tactics they boast of using to achieve those ends [2014-02-24, The Intercept] https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/02/24/jtrig-manipulation/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!lZYlOLlN4JAED5qliS6qA8ljaQ_rFU3b_H85I2O_s4xelFuTKr945eOgdR73V1B5tAuA$

# Things / Stuff / Whatever
Believe it or not, this is not a wasp. Neither of these are. Sometimes, nature and evolution can work together to create stunning things. Have a look at the creatures below, what are they?

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