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# Indigenous
In New Jersey, Ford faces lawsuit over polluting tribal land: The company is accused of dumping thousands of tons of toxic paint sludge and other pollutants where Ramapough Lenape Nation members live.

# Indigenous / Global
‘Disaster Land Grabs’ Worldwide and in British Columbia: Amidst a crushing pandemic, a pipeline pushed through unceded territory. Experts say this fits a global pattern of power plays. A special report.
See also: State of Texas v. Joseph R Biden (2:21-cv-00067) District Court, N.D. Texas https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/59815977/state-of-texas-v-joseph-r-biden/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!1hjFe62pebwSbw30BGjwMjoZhDEOCns-qi1YF8tfIod>1o7HDCdx_0nVM6ZmFzQ3WtbJ4yKmGeKQFf_ZRJV7fQsXLBFBzTb$

# Border / Immigration
Biden Has Released More Than a Million Border-Jumpers Into the U.S: The crisis at the Southwest border has been largely forgotten. It’s getting worse, though, as disclosures reveal President Biden has allowed nearly
1.05 million migrants encountered at the Southwest border into the United States.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Key facts about monkeypox: Media reports about an outbreak of monkeypox may sound scary, but there’s no need for most people to take special steps to avoid getting the viral illness, an infectious disease expert says. Monkeypox does not come from monkeys. It’s called monkeypox because it was first isolated from a monkey in Africa, but the reservoir for it is in rodents, specifically rodents in Central and West Africa.
We’ve been aware of monkeypox for decades, and we have been interested in it mostly because it’s a cousin of smallpox. It is a related orthopoxvirus. The symptoms, although somewhat less severe, are quite similar to smallpox. In most cases, it causes relatively mild illness, meaning most people don’t end up in the hospital with it.

Monkeypox vaccine maker Bavarian Nordic ready to meet demand: As the lone laboratory manufacturing a licensed vaccine against monkeypox, Danish company Bavarian Nordic has seen its order book fill up as the usually rare disease spreads around the world.

Extremely Mutated Monkeypox Strain Appears to Have a Single Point of
Origin: “All outbreak monkeypox strains sequenced so far tightly cluster together,” the researchers say in the study, “suggesting that the outbreak has a single origin.”

Newer COVID-19 subvariants are less vulnerable to immunity induced by vaccination and previous infection.
Since the initial highly infectious SARS-CoV-2 omicron variant (officially known as BA.1 or B.1.1.529) of COVID-19 emerged last fall, new subvariants of omicron continue to evolve.

# Employment / Labor / Global
How Amazon exported American working conditions to Europe: At many Amazon facilities in Poland, Czechia, and Slovakia, staff often work past the point of exhaustion to meet ever-increasing quotas to avoid termination, a BuzzFeed News investigation has found.

Netflix Swings the Axe Again, Another 300 Laid Off: The streamer, which is coping with plunging subscriptions, let 150 go last month, taking Total Layoffs To More Than 450 https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://deadline.com/2022/06/netflix-axes-another-300-staff-taking-total-layoffs-to-around-450-1235050799/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!1hjFe62pebwSbw30BGjwMjoZhDEOCns-qi1YF8tfIod>1o7HDCdx_0nVM6ZmFzQ3WtbJ4yKmGeKQFf_ZRJV7fQsXDf3qNWh$

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical One family, three generations of cancer, and the largest concentration of oil refineries in California:  A new community survey exposes widespread cancer, asthma, anxiety, and depression in Wilmington, California.

Biden’s Moves to Cut Gas Prices Threaten to Undercut His Climate Agenda:
President Joe Biden’s call on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax has drawn fierce criticism from environmental and climate advocates, exposing a growing rift between the White House and progressives, who are deeply frustrated with Biden’s failure to enact sweeping climate reform.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemicals / Global How oil lobbyists persuaded Alberta to weaken rules for dirty
facilities: The provincial energy watchdog, the Alberta Energy Regulator, says the global warming potential of methane is significant — estimated to be 25 times greater than that of carbon dioxide over a 100-year period. Federal scientists also estimate that methane is responsible for a quarter of all global warming caused by humans and about 14 per cent of Canada’s total greenhouse gas emissions in 2020.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure New Mexico’s largest wildfire was set by the government. What are victims owed? Two prescribed burns got out of control, becoming New Mexico’s largest recorded wildfire.

Biden administration tosses Trump definition of ‘habitat’ for endangered
species: “Amidst an escalating global biodiversity crisis, the loss of species, destruction of ecosystems, and a weakening of the support system for all life, the U.S. should not be undermining the Endangered Species Act.”

The Ocean Is Climate Change’s First Victim and Last Resort: Rain forests may be known as the planet’s lungs, but it’s when standing before the seas, with their crashing waves and ceaselessly cycling tides, that we feel the earth breathe. The ocean, say scientists, is the source of all life on earth.

Congress Quietly Backed An Ambitious Climate Project: Sending CO2 To The Ocean Floor The recent infrastructure law includes provisions to jumpstart carbon capture and storage, including offshore, to help stave off catastrophic climate change.

# Environment / Climate / Global
As phosphorus levels rise in Coeur d’Alene Lake, new plan invests $20M for water quality efforts: ‘Leading Idaho’ plan directs $80M, as well as federal and state funds, toward long-term improvement projects statewide https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://idahocapitalsun.com/2022/06/23/as-phosphorus-levels-rise-in-coeur-dalene-lake-new-plan-invests-20m-for-water-quality-efforts/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!1hjFe62pebwSbw30BGjwMjoZhDEOCns-qi1YF8tfIod>1o7HDCdx_0nVM6ZmFzQ3WtbJ4yKmGeKQFf_ZRJV7fQsXOwxHNVy$

Wet Wipe Island Has ‘Changed the Course of River Thames’: The blockage is said to be the size of two tennis courts and has prompted calls for people to stop using the products once and for all. About 90 per cent of the 11 billion wet wipes used every year in the UK contain plastic and these often end up in rivers and on beaches when flushed.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Other Farms in Central Washington boost their yield with solar energy: Two greenhouse domes on the Colville Reservation will house the state’s first ‘agrivoltaics’ project, where food and electricity can grow in tandem on small acreage.

North Dakotans are outraged as Bill Gates, the largest private farmland owner in the US, apparently buys a $13.5 million potato farm: The buyer, Red River Trust, is tied to Bill Gates, the largest farmland owner in the US.
State law prohibits corporations, LLCs, and trusts from farming or ranching activities.

Trump’s EPA allowed Big Agriculture to poison Americans; a court just told them to stop: Why the controversial herbicide glyphosate, which some experts link to cancer, is under scrutiny once more https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.salon.com/2022/06/23/glyphosate-herbicide-epa-cancer-agriculture/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!1hjFe62pebwSbw30BGjwMjoZhDEOCns-qi1YF8tfIod>1o7HDCdx_0nVM6ZmFzQ3WtbJ4yKmGeKQFf_ZRJV7fQsXMVkcScI$

# General Information / Other News
Holy Cow History!: America’s Other Independence Day: On a hot, muggy Thursday in early July 1776, a handful of men got together in Pennsylvania and declared their independence from Great Britain. But they weren’t meeting in Independence Hall and Messrs. Franklin, Adams, and Jefferson weren’t there. At least, not at this meeting.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Ukraine Must Accept Every Single One of Our Demands Before Peace,
Russia: “Ukraine knows everything very well,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said when asked to clarify Moscow’s demands.

Team Putin Lets Slip Sinister Master Plan for U.S. Prisoners: Vladimir Putin’s cronies are now shamelessly blabbing about how American prisoners in Russia should be used in the Kremlin’s twisted game against the U.S.
The anti-American atmosphere in Russia is off the charts and now, the Americans who had the misfortune of ending up in Russian captivity are being used as pawns in the Kremlin’s cruel game.

# Gov / Politics / US
U.S.-Saudi Relations Reset Despite MBS International Crimes and 9/11 Heavy Suspicions: I think it useful to share this article published by The Soufan Center, an American center for for geopolitical and intelligence analysis. In it emerges the cynical attitude of the United States of America which, in order to support the war on energy materials triggered by the sanctions against Russia, is willing to court one of the worst criminals in world politics: the plenipotentiary heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mohamed Bin Salman.

If you want a war with Iran, Russia, China and Venezuela tell me why and how it would benefit Americans: The American people are paying the price both in terms of decline in standards of living due to the upheaval created in Ukraine and elsewhere as well as a completely understandable loss of faith in the US system of government.

Ahead of Supreme Court ruling on abortion, FBI investigates acts of violence committed against churches, prolife groups: Ahead of a ruling expected to be released at any time on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization in which the Supreme Court is expected to overturn the landmark 1972 abortion case of Roe v. Wade, attacks by abortion activists have increased against a range of prolife targets, including Supreme Court justices.

SCOTUS Paves Way for Even Looser Gun Laws Weeks After Uvalde: In a majority opinion authored by Justice Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court has cleared the way for even looser gun laws as the nation continues to reel from near-daily mass shootings that have claimed 312 lives in 2022 alone.

The US will send $450 million more in military aid for Ukraine: US Sending Advanced Rocket Systems, Other Aid to Ukraine. The United States says it is sending another $450 million in military aid to Ukraine, including some additional medium-range rocket systems, to help push back Russian progress in the war.

Senate Acutally Passes Bipartisan Gun-Violence Bill: The measure, one month after the Uvalde massacre, could now become the first major gun-control measure out of Congress in almost 30 years.

“Same-Sex Marriage and Contraception Should Be Next on Chopping Block”, Clarence Thomas: The Supreme Court has officially struck down Roe v.
Wade, and the court’s conservatives may not be done restricting the rights of Americans https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/same-sex-marriage-contraception-roe-v-wade-decision-1373759/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!1hjFe62pebwSbw30BGjwMjoZhDEOCns-qi1YF8tfIod>1o7HDCdx_0nVM6ZmFzQ3WtbJ4yKmGeKQFf_ZRJV7fQsXDLujHcR$

Trump’s coup was much more organized than we knew: The January 6 committee hearings are proving in meticulously laid out detail that Donald Trump plotted to prevent Joe Biden from taking power from the moment he lost the 2020 election. (Actually, he was laying the groundwork long before the election.) The Department of Justice plot was entwined with the John Eastman fake electors – Mike Pence plot https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.salon.com/2022/06/24/coup-was-much-more-organized-than-we-knew/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!1hjFe62pebwSbw30BGjwMjoZhDEOCns-qi1YF8tfIod>1o7HDCdx_0nVM6ZmFzQ3WtbJ4yKmGeKQFf_ZRJV7fQsXDKPcqEU$

‘Rule or ruin’: Columnist predicts Trump will suicide bomb the GOP if he’s not their 2024 nominee: With polls showing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis gaining on former President Donald Trump in the preferences of Republican voters in New Hampshire, there has been speculation that the GOP might be able to successfully move on from the twice-impeached former president in 2024.

# Legal / DOJ
US Supreme Court Declines Bayer/Monsanto Bid to Challenge Glyphosate Cancer Rulings: The US Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to hear a bid from Bayer-owned Monsanto that aimed to challenge thousands of lawsuits claiming its weedkiller Roundup causes cancer https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-06-21/bayer-rejected-by-us-supreme-court-in-bid-to-end-roundup-suits__;!!On18fmf1aQ!1hjFe62pebwSbw30BGjwMjoZhDEOCns-qi1YF8tfIod>1o7HDCdx_0nVM6ZmFzQ3WtbJ4yKmGeKQFf_ZRJV7fQsXKsk6RO1$

U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade: The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday overturned Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that prevented states from banning abortion.

State courts from Oregon to Georgia will now decide who – if anyone – can get an abortion under 50 different state constitutions. State supreme courts have a relatively low profile in the US. That’s going to change now that they will be under political pressure to decide whether abortion is protected in state constitutions.

Supreme Court overturns Roe, upends 50 years of abortion rights: 5 essential reads on what happens next: The Supreme Court on June 24, 2022, issued a ruling that overturned decades of constitutional abortion rights for women in the US. Scholars explain the significance of the decision.

First-ever longitudinal study on LGBTQ+ aging is a seldom-studied
community: A four-year  study of older LGBTQ+ people in the South is being conducted to better identify the sources of stress and resilience for this infrequently studied population. LGBT older adults remain largely invisible in aging services, policies, and research, despite the population’s rapid growth.

# Medical / Health
Increase in leptin levels in preeclampsia prompts cardiovascular cascade that puts mother and baby at risk Before a baby is ever born, critical supply chain problems with nutrition and oxygen can result in premature birth or even death and increase the child and mother’s lifelong risk of cardiovascular disease.

Listeria-based booster improves vaccine’s protection against recurring colon cancer: Colorectal, pancreatic, esophageal and stomach cancers, some of the deadliest kinds of cancer, have high recurrence rates where the cancer comes back even after successful surgery or radiation treatment. Vaccine combo hits back at treatment-resistant cancer in fight backed by US Department of Defense https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.fiercebiotech.com/research/vaccine-combo-candidate-hits-back-colorectal-cancer-fight-us-department-defense-has-thrown__;!!On18fmf1aQ!1hjFe62pebwSbw30BGjwMjoZhDEOCns-qi1YF8tfIod>1o7HDCdx_0nVM6ZmFzQ3WtbJ4yKmGeKQFf_ZRJV7fQsXIm-DxkC$

Treatment for heart attacks improving but gaps in access persist, new study shows: Despite overall improvements to care for a heart attack, women are less likely to receive timely treatment, according to a new study in Annals of Emergency Medicine.

Child diarrhea cases surge as sewage runs on Cape Town streets: Like clockwork, diarrhea among children spikes sharply during Cape Town’s long summer.

# Science
Hair-raising research: Scientists find surprising link between immune system, hair growth: Study highlights how current treatments for alopecia work on a cellular level. The findings describe how immune cells called regulatory T cells interact with skin cells using a hormone as a messenger to generate new hair follicles and hair growth.

Study shows that genomic tumor profiling of pediatric tumors can enhance clinical care: Results of a study of molecular tumor profiling in young patients revealed a high rate of genetic alterations with potential for impacting clinical care, including clarifying diagnoses and treatment with matched, precision cancer drugs.

New mark for targeted leukemia treatment: Researchers led by the Francis Crick Institute have found that blocking a particular protein could offer a new way to target leukemic stem cells without causing harm to healthy stem cells.

HYDROGEN: U.S. medical groups warn that blending hydrogen with natural gas increases health and safety risks, supercharging asthma and dementia symptoms and raising the risk of explosions because of hydrogen’s lower ignition point.

# Space / UFO Disclosure
Space Force graduates first guardians to train under service-specific
curriculum: The Space Force’s 71 newest guardians marched in two flights across a heat-scorched parade field, bringing yet another first to the youngest branch of the military, the first boot camp graduates to train under a unique, Space Force-centric curriculum.

# Water
Beyond boundaries: Earth’s water cycle is being bent to breaking point:
We don’t yet know the full global implications of human modifications to the water cycle. We do know such changes could lead to huge shifts in Earth systems, threatening life as it exists. Researchers are asking where and how they can measure change to determine if the water cycle is being pushed to the breaking point.
https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://news.mongabay.com/2022/06/beyond-boundaries-earths-water-cycle-is-being-bent-to-breaking-point/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!1hjFe62pebwSbw30BGjwMjoZhDEOCns-qi1YF8tfIod>1o7HDCdx_0nVM6ZmFzQ3WtbJ4yKmGeKQFf_ZRJV7fQsXGXkt7oo$ Aurogra online no prescription and overnight

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