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# Animals / Pets / Alerts / Food Recalls
Hungry Polar Bears Are Eating Garbage Instead of Seals as Their Habitats Melt Away: As climate change erodes the icy habitats of polar bears, they are left stranded from their usual food sources for longer periods of time. So instead of filling up on seals, a new study has found that polar bears are supplementing their diets with garbage, which is expected to become a growing threat to the species.

A few jaguars now roam the Arizona borderlands, why that’s a big deal: Motion-detection cameras in the Dos Cabezas Mountains near Willcox photographed the cat in November. All six jaguars previously found in Arizona and New Mexico since 1996 have been males. This animal’s gender is not known.

# Children / Youth
Is US a beacon of human rights for the world? The US is the only country in the world that has not yet ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
mRNA Platform Inventor Sifts Through the Lies: Story at-a-glance Media and health authorities also ignore what Dr. Robert Malone and others have warned about from the start, which is that vaccinating during a pandemic will drive the evolution of resistant strains. This is precisely what we’re now seeing with Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5, which circumvent both natural immunity and COVID jab-induced antibodies.

There’s One Thing Between Us and the COVID Vax of Our Dreams: We’re about to find out if the new vaccine from Novavax will work as a global fix for the vaccine blindspots that are keeping COVID mutations alive.

87% – The proportion of blood donors under 30 in Ireland who have antibodies showing they have been infected with SARS-CoV-2. That rises to 99% when including those who have vaccine-derived antibodies. Cases of subvariant BA.2.75 have not been detected in Ireland, Dr Cillian de Gascun has said

CHD Demands D.C. Schools Rescind COVID Vaccine Mandate, Says It Violates Federal Law: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman and chief legal counsel for Children’s Health Defense, today told the superintendent of schools for the District of Columbia that CHD will sue the school district unless it rescinds its recently announced COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students ages 12 and up.

Monkeypox or Moneypox? WHO Director Overrules Panel, Declares Public Health Emergency: Contradicting the advice of an independent review panel, World Health Organization Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Saturday officially declared the monkeypox outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

5 Mistakes Fauci Made on COVID That Spelled Disaster : The COVID-19 pandemic was prolonged and intensified by Dr. Anthony Fauci through a series of dramatic missteps including a focus on contact tracing, failing to target the at-risk elderly and closing schools.

COVID Vaccine Mandates From Biden Admin May Cripple National Guard: When the next crisis comes to our shores, the U.S. will lack the number of Guardsmen and women to come to our rescue. Should Secretary Austin enforce this mandate on service members who have opted not to get vaccinated due to personal health reasons or religious exemptions, the National Guard will be crippled.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Global
Russia And China Announce A ‘New Global Reserve Currency’: China and Russia are taking their shot at the U.S. dollar. And as often happens with consequential news in the United States and the West, no one seems to notice or even care.

Global Planned Financial Tsunami has Just Begun: The US is becoming a Third World economy. If the Fed no longer buys trillions of US debt, who will? Since the creation of the US Federal Reserve over a century ago, every major financial market collapse has been deliberately triggered for political motives by the central bank. The situation is no different today, as clearly the US Fed is acting with its interest rate weapon to crash what is the greatest speculative financial bubble in human history, a bubble it created.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical The Ethanol Fraud: America’s ethanol scam is responsible for the malnourishment of millions of people, higher energy costs and substantial resource misallocations. The most damning count of this indictment is corn ethanol fails to do what it is supposed to do and is more tragic because corn ethanol is not environmentally responsible.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemicals / Global Congo to auction off oil and gas blocks in a step back for climate
change: Peatlands and rainforests in the Congo Basin protect the planet by storing carbon. Now, in a giant leap backward for the climate, theyre being auctioned off for drilling.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Oceans, Technology, and a New Era: In an on-going pillage of Earth and skies, the technology sector has now turned to the oceans. Passion for profit veiled by empty promises of a “green energy future” are the main drivers behind the new blue economy and the emergent Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT). And critical for all this technology are Rare Earth Minerals (REM) found in abundance at the bottom of the ocean.

# Environment / Climate / Global
Mangrove forest found living in freshwater: An international team of researchers has found a mangrove forest living in a freshwater part of the Amazonian delta. In their paper published in the journal Current Biology, the group describes their study of the Amazonian delta and explain why their find is so important.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Global Concern mounts as China sinks its teeth into US farmland: A Chinese company purchased hundreds of acres of North Dakota farmland mere minutes from a major US Air Force base, prompting national security fears as the communist country adds to its nearly 200,000 acres of US agricultural land worth $1.9 billion.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Other The Cooling Earth & Farmers In Crisis: Why are Dutch farmers in full revolt with blockades and protests over new controls by the World Economic Forum (WEF)? The problem began when the Dutch government used its Nitrogen Policy (alleged excessive nitrogen emissions) to acquire land from farmers by sale or by theft. They seek to use the land to quickly reduce the number of livestock by 25%.

CDC Finds Glyphosate in Urine of Majority of Children in U.S: A recent analysis by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that urine samples of approximately 87 percent of 650 children living in the United States had detectable levels of the weed killer pesticide glyphosate.

EPA Broke Rules for Evaluating Cancer Risks of Widely Used Pesticide: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency did not properly conduct the cancer risk for a widely used pesticide, a failure that could jeopardize human health, the Office of the Inspector General said in a report issued last week.

# General Information / Other News
How the plastic industry turned the pandemic to its advantage: With its products proving indispensable to combatting Covid-19, the plastics business is reinvigorated. What will it take to bring this major polluter to heel?

‘True Cost of Aging’ Index Shows Many Seniors Can’t Afford Basic Necessities: More than half of older women living alone—54%—are in a similarly precarious financial situation: either poor according to federal poverty standards or with incomes too low to pay for essential expenses https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://fortune.com/2022/07/25/elder-index-cost-of-aging-seniors-basic-necessities/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!2EcT_1TxhsTcrT-ZmBhoKmvNzxicRBCqCBPZ61Y7zqoaZ_oMpKzdt7iakJyP7FKENHOBFCLLgYdn5t-0bPbk-7bNYs-uXEhg$

# Gov / Politics / Global
The Elephant in the Room: Geopolitics and the ‘Great Reset’ in Sri Lanka to Benefit QUAD-NATO’s Corporates Ranil Wickramasinghe who lost his parliament seat and decimated his own political party at the last elections, and whose house was partially burned by protestors, is now Acting President of Sri Lanka

Zelensky Rejects Any Ceasefire With Russia: He warned that a ceasefire that allows Russia to keep Ukrainian territories seized since the invasion in February would only encourage an even wider conflict, giving Moscow an opportunity to replenish and rearm for the next round.

El Salvador’s Embrace of Bitcoin Didn’t Bring Prosperity — It Rode in With Waves of Repression: The Salvadoran president paired his bitcoin mandate with policies of mass incarceration and forced displacement.

Anger as Myanmar Military Executes Four Democracy Activists: Nation’s first judicial executions since 1988 draw international condemnation. Democracy figures, including former lawmaker in Aung San Suu Kyi’s party, executed after being accused of carrying out ‘terror acts’

# Gov / Politics / US
Coachella’s Parent Company Is Donating Major Cash to a Political Organization Pushing Anti-Abortion Agenda The Anschutz Corporation, which owns concert giant AEG Live and its subsidiary Goldenvoice, gave $75,000 to the Republican Attorneys General Association days after Roe v. Wade was overturned

Federal Agency Staffers Call for Manchin to Be Stripped of His Chairmanship: 165 federal agency and congressional office staffers urged the president to act against Sen. Joe Manchin’s obstruction. In a letter first reported by The Lever on Monday, 165 staffers from federal health and environmental agencies and 80 congressional offices urged Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to “strip Senator Manchin of his chairmanship of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, shut down the Mountain Valley Pipeline Project, eliminate the use of mountaintop removal and coal burning, and establish stringent water and air pollution standards.”

The fateful fist bump: If you thought the polarization of politics in the United States was corrosive, brace yourself for the even more corrosive polarization of geopolitics.

# Law Enforcement
Suspect in Rape of Child Who Had Abortion Pleads Not Guilty: Prosecutors asked the judge to hold Gerson Fuentes, 27, without bond.

# Legal / DOJ
Jan. 6 panel will ‘get to the bottom’ of Secret Service texts, Cheney says: The committee is seeking text messages from 24 Secret Service employees related to Jan. 5 and the day of the Capitol attack.
* Vice chair Liz Cheney says panel could subpoena Ginni Thomas
* Secret Service agents have hired lawyers ahead of questioning

CIA Director Admits US Lied About Iran’s Nuclear Program. They “have not Resumed the Weaponization Effort.” The statement only confirms the suspicion of several analysts around the world, but it is truly impressive that it came from the head of American intelligence. Indeed, it reveals that Washington really bases its interventionist foreign policy on lies and distortions.

Amid Eviction Crisis, Organizers Win Right to Legal Representation for
Tenants: A right to counsel in eviction cases exerts an outsize impact as an intervention in housing injustice.

Ex-Congressman Made $350K in Insider Trading Scheme: The feds charged nine people for alleged insider trading schemes, including a former investment banker who tipped off his squash pal.

January 6 committee has provided sufficient evidence for Garland to indict Trump: Attorney General Merrick Garland has suggested there will be no indictment before the fall midterm elections. The House of Representatives Select Committee to Investigate the January attack on the U.S. Capitol presented overwhelming evidence from Trump loyalists, that Trump committed at least two federal crimes, as well as criminal offenses in the state of Georgia. Although the Select Committee has no power to bring charges against Trump, it can make a criminal referral. The decision to prosecute rests solely with the DOJ.

# Medical / Health
Post-‘Roe,’ People Are Seeking Permanent Sterilizations, and Some Are Being Turned Away: Young women who declare they don’t want children have always faced pushback, but the US Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn the landmark abortion decision Roe v. Wade, has forced Americans, and particularly women of childbearing age, to seriously consider how to manage their bodies as their reproductive rights and choices diminish.

What Weakened Immune Systems Have Wrought for Children: In the report of June 24, 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) noted a further rise from 450 cases to 920 cases of acute hepatitis in children worldwide from May 26 to June 24, mostly (78 percent) in children under the age of 6 years. Unfortunately, forty-five children required liver transplants and 18 children died. Most children have been diagnosed in the U.K. (367), U.S. (305), Japan (58), Mexico (58), Italy (34)

Amazon Wants to Be Your Doctor: A proposed merger with One Medical would further Amazon’s efforts to sit in the middle of health care transactions. Last Thursday, Amazon announced that it would purchase One Medical, a private equity-backed network of primary-care clinics, for $3.9 billion. It’s part of the company’s concerted effort to capture the health care market.

# Military / DOD
Milley: China more aggressive, dangerous to US, allies: Gen. Mark Milley’s trip to the region is sharply focused on the China threat. He will attend a meeting of Indo-Pacific chiefs of defense this coming week in Australia, where key topics will be China’s escalating military growth and the need to maintain a free, open and peaceful Pacific.

Ukraine wants more ‘game-changer’ weapons; the US says it’s complicated: The administration announced Friday that it would send four additional HIMARS — High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems — to Ukraine, bringing the total to 16.

# Military / Global
Ukraine defense chief says US rocket systems have been ‘game-changer’: Ukraine’s defense minister told The Wall Street Journal that the deployment of U.S. long-range rocket systems has been a “game-changer” in the war against Russia.

# Technology
Democrats Want to Outlaw Apple From Thinking Differently: Elizabeth Warren and other Dems are pushing laws that will prevent companies from innovating.

Pegasus Spyware Maker NSO Is Conducting a Lobbying Campaign to Get Off U.S. Blacklist: The cybersecurity firm has invested heavily in top lobbyists and law firms in an effort to lift restrictions on doing business in America. NSO is hoping the Israeli prime minister will raise the issue with Joe Biden when the two meet this week.

“The Drone Problem”: How the U.S. Has Struggled to Curb Turkey, a Key Exporter of Armed Drones: aTurkey is changing the face of modern warfare with its TB2 drone. As the weapon spreads across the globe, some U.S. lawmakers seek to crack down on the country, saying it’s exploiting its NATO status to obtain key parts from Western manufacturers.

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