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# Indigenous
Life expectancy drops for Native Americans due to COVID-19: Native Americans have experienced disproportionately high rates of deaths from COVID-19 due to poverty, crowded housing, high rates of chronic disease, employment in frontline jobs, and limited access to quality health care.

Indigenous Protesters at U.S. Interior Department Reject Drilling on Public Lands: “Native land back in native hands, we are not your sacrifice zones!”

# Indigenous / Global
Peguis First Nation faces impossible choice after latest flood: With a housing crisis made worse by climate events, a Manitoba First Nation seeks a better solution than sending residents away from their homes. Extreme climate events in Manitoba have exacerbated a housing crisis for Peguis First Nation, forcing locals to flee their homes. The nation is still looking for solutions more than 100 years after Canada moved them away from prosperous farmland https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://thenarwhal.ca/peguis-first-nation-battles-historic-flood/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!zOf-ZihqdlJFMBaW95jTqTp1hMnJYyuh1cOuLxWOBhDZanfVY3uWlt-XoQ7ZMarMMNW5adBglCgytle4lbkLDQp1MrxPtaQ1$

# Animals / Pets / Alerts / Food Recalls Rescued turtle in Australia pooped only plastic for 6 days. The rescued turtle is now doing well, but its ordeal illustrates how rampant plastic pollution is in the world’s oceans.

# Border / Immigration
Gov. Abbott invites Democratic mayors of NYC, WDC to Texas’ southern border: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday sent a letter to New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser, inviting them to visit Texas’ southern border to see the humanitarian crisis firsthand.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Genetic mutations not behind monkeypox spread, virologist says: The current monkeypox outbreak is moving faster than any in recent history, but Washington State University virologist Heather Koehler does not see a reason for the rapid spread in the virus itself.

Monkeypox goes global: why scientists are on alert: Scientists are trying to understand why the virus, a less-lethal relative of smallpox, has cropped up in so many populations around the world.

Spain, Brazil report first monkeypox-related deaths outside Africa: Spain and Brazil reported their first monkeypox-related deaths on Friday, marking what are thought to be the first fatalities linked to the current outbreak outside of Africa.

Spain reports 2nd death from monkeypox: Spain reported Saturday a second death in as many days from monkeypox. These are believed to be the first confirmed fatalities from the disease in Europe since its recent spread beyond Africa.

WHO Europe expects more monkeypox-related deaths: The World Health Organization’s European office said Saturday that more monkeypox-related deaths can be expected, following reports of the first fatalities outside Africa, while stressing that severe complications were still rare.

Monkeypox: When to get tested and what to do if you’re exposed: On July 23, 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared monkeypox a public health emergency of international concern, calling for a coordinated international response to slow the spread of disease.

Could Monkeypox Lead to an Upsurge in Jailing Gay Men? The spread of monkeypox, combined with the irrational social media fear that it will reach pandemic proportions, could provide a racist/homophobic “reason” to confine some gay men as Sexually Violent Predators, warns TCR commentator Billy Sinclair.

# Economy / Finance / Trade
You can now claim a frozen embryo on your tax return in Georgia: Despite many people thinking it was a joke, the state’s Department of Revenue has confirmed the news.

Make the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Permanent: No one knows the future direction of the American economy, but several danger signs are ahead. One is continued inflation at 40-year highs or worse, a cruel hidden tax that eats away wages and savings, with more suffering for families struggling to afford groceries and gasoline.

54 Billion for Ukraine While in the U.S. Millions Suffer in Poverty: Biden Administration had an option to stop the Ukraine War from taking place in the first place by not inviting Ukraine to join NATO and making Ukraine a neutral country. But it chose the war. Why? Why suddenly so much concern for the people of Ukraine?

$433 billion Inflation Reduction Act would ‘RAISE taxes’ on Americans making less than $400,000 a year. New analysis shows Biden’s bill will raise taxes on individuals making less than $10,000 annually https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/white-house-denies-manchin-spending-bill-will-raise-taxes-americans-making-less-than-400k__;!!On18fmf1aQ!zOf-ZihqdlJFMBaW95jTqTp1hMnJYyuh1cOuLxWOBhDZanfVY3uWlt-XoQ7ZMarMMNW5adBglCgytle4lbkLDQp1MoJgyTUx$

Michigan approves plan to impose millions in fees on victims of dam failures: With a projected restoration cost of between $250 and 300 million, the assessment plan calls for taxing residents just over $4.6 million. As a result, homeowners, many of whom were devastated by the flooding, now face annual assessment fees of hundreds of dollars.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Global
This is how climate change has impacted the world’s economy so far this year: While overall damages dropped from the $105 billion reported a year earlier, the data didn’t include the full fallout from Europe’s heatwave — and we’re just halfway through the year.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical Leaving Beaver County as Shell’s ethane cracker sets to open: Shell’s ethane cracker will begin operations this summer. It will turn natural gas from fracking into 1.6 million metric tons of plastic a year.

Alarm Raised Over Manchin Side Deal That Would Pave Way for Major ‘Climate Bomb’: “Democrats shouldn’t be sacrificing communities in the path of the Mountain Valley Pipeline just to please a senator in the pocket of Big Oil.”

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Countries all over the world are banning atrazine. The US just keeps spraying. Independent scientists have long understood the unacceptable health risks of the pesticide atrazine. Until the EPA untethers itself from the wishes of the pesticide industry, we can never trust that it is following the science and protecting people and wildlife from the most dangerous poisons.

EPA whistleblowers provide new evidence of failure to assess dangerous
chemicals: Managers in the EPA’s New Chemicals Division have refused to assess the risk of cancer and other harms of chemicals deemed to be “corrosive.”

The connection between human pollution, red tide in Florida: New research finds that human pollution influences the severity of red tides more directly than scientists previously understood.

Scientists Say ‘Catastrophic’ Climate Scenarios, Including Human Extinction, Demand Further Study: “Could anthropogenic climate change result in worldwide societal collapse or even eventual human extinction?” asks a new analysis. “At present, this is a dangerously underexplored topic.”

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Other Sludge containing forever chemicals spread on Illinois farmland: Researchers: There’s evidence that PFAS end up in crops and livestock, but Illinois doesn’t require testing for the chemicals in sludge used for fertilizer.

# General Information / Other News
Oh god, the Ivana Trump gravesite story just took an even more sick and twisted turn: New Jersey tax code exempts cemetery land from all taxes, rates, and assessments. By burying his ex-wife on his golf course, Trump now has yet another way of avoiding taxes on the 520-acre property. Or at least on the approximately 10-acres around where Ivana is buried.

# Gov / Politics / US
USA eroding from within: A disaster whose time has come: No invasion necessary as treason from within has done the job well

US to send another $550M in ammunition for rocket systems, howitzers to Ukraine: The aid will include 75,000 rounds of ammunition for 155mm howitzers and an unspecified number of additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, also known as HIMARS, the U.S. has recently sent Ukraine.

Nobody Has Interest in Escalating Tensions With China, Says U.S. National Security Adviser: “A speaker of the House has traveled to Taiwan before and members of Congress travel there all the time, including several who have already traveled there this year,” Mr. Sullivan said. “So for China to try to turn what is in the historical norm into a crisis or to try to use it as a pretext for aggressive action around Taiwan, that’s on them and they would be the ones who’d be escalating. The United States has no interest in escalation,” he added.

Kentucky’s Near-Total Abortion Ban Reinstated In Appeal: A Kentucky appeals court has reinstated a near-total abortion ban that took effect when the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. The ruling means most abortions are illegal in the state, for now.

Abortion Rights In 3 States Will Be Shaped By Today’s Primaries: Ever since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, it is now up to states to decide whether people can access abortion. We’re going to look now at three states where voters tomorrow will help shape the future of reproductive rights – Arizona, Kansas and Michigan, where there was some news today.

Bill To Codify Federal Abortion Rights Introduced In Senate: A bipartisan group of senators on Monday introduced legislation that would codify the right to an abortion into federal law, but it faces an uncertain future.

The Republicans Who Want Election Laws to ‘Stay Broken’: MAGA-Land is trying to make sure the FEC is never able to function again. The FEC is charged with civil enforcement of campaign finance laws, but in recent years Republican commissioners have opted not to take action in a slew of cases—even after the agency’s own attorneys have found reason to believe laws were violated.

Trump Throws Senate Race Into Chaos With ‘Eric’ Endorsement: Eric Greitens says he’s “honored to receive President Trump’s endorsement,” though there’s no final word on whether he was endorsed.

Nancy Pelosi Taiwan Visit Could Get Us All Killed: The consequences far from being only economic and diplomatic, could be existential for all of humanity.

Missouri’s Senate Race Doubles as the Toxic Masculinity Bowl: After one candidate filmed an ad shooting a rifle, his rival opted for a blowtorch. Trump endorsed them both

Meet the Young Progressives About to Join the Squad: All three progressives at the table emerged from primaries to fill open House seats in places where Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rank among voters’ favorite politicians. All are candidates of color (Lee is Black; Casar and Ramirez are Latino), in their thirties, and hail from working-class backgrounds.

Humanity Is “One Miscalculation Away from Nuclear Annihilation,” U.N. Leader Warns: Citing Ukraine, the Korean peninsula and Middle East, António Guterres says: ‘We have been extraordinarily lucky so far. But luck is not a strategy’

Dark money pouring into Secretary of State races featuring ‘big lie’ candidates: “Prom­in­ent elec­tion deniers have attrac­ted large dona­tions, often the legal maximum, from donors who are active in multiple states,” warns a new report.

Kansas Voters Receive Misleading Texts Prior to Vote on Abortion Amendment: One reproductive rights organizer said the texts showcase the “desperate and deceitful tactics” of anti-abortionists. text message from an undisclosed sender was sent to many Kansas voters this week, claiming that a “yes” vote on a state constitutional amendment would protect abortion rights — despite the fact that such a vote would actually do the opposite.

Republican State Legislators Have an Ominous Plan to Rewrite the U.S. Constitution: Right-wing funders are pushing for a Constitution overhaul that would bypass Congress, governors and the president.

Nancy Pelosi Just Lit a Match at the Dynamite Factory: Nancy Pelosi Just Lit a Match at the Dynamite Factory Mrs. Pelosi, the highest-ranking U.S. official in a quarter-century to visit the island, which Beijing claims as part of its territory, is set to meet Wednesday with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and legislators in the self-ruled democracy. Chinese officials, including leader Xi Jinping in a phone call last week with President Biden, have warned of unspecified countermeasures should Mrs. Pelosi’s Taiwan visit proceed.

# Law Enforcement
70-year-old woman brutally beaten, kicked in head by 4 attackers in SF housing complex: Covered in blankets and bed-ridden from the extreme pain she suffered, Mrs. Ren is speaking out without hesitation, for a purpose

# Legal / DOJ
A juvenile prison system in disarray: Entrenched with accusations of mistreatment and abuse, the Texas Juvenile Justice Department has gone through several iterations of moderate reform, but according to an agency report it could be on the verge of “systemic collapse” and juvenile justice advocates, along with agency leaders, acknowledge the agency has reached a breaking point.

Breaking the ‘Toxic Cycle’ of Fear Over Justice Reform: Thanks to deliberately stoked fears of rising crime, the political liabilities of three years ago have become the campaign strategies of today, warns author and activist Raina Lipsitz

Florida Gets Mixed Report Card on Treatment of Justice-Involved Girls: Once they are ensnared in Florida’s juvenile justice system, young girls face unique challenges that can totally derail their lives, a new study reveals. In Florida, children are only protected from arrest until the age of seven. After that, they can be charged with violent crimes, including family feuds and home disturbances.

Here are the Jan. 6 sentences that have been handed down as Trump charges hang in air

# Medical / Health
Alcohol Abuse Drives High Death Rate in New Mexico: Alcohol is killing New Mexicans at a higher rate than anywhere else in the country, yet the state has largely neglected the growing crisis, reports New Mexico In Depth in a seven-part series.

Age of anti-vaxxers: Polio rears its ugly head in the US after nearly a decade with no reported cases: After nearly a decade with no reported polio cases in the U.S., a resident of Rockland County, New York has tested positive for the viral disease, state and county health officials announced July 21 https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://geneticliteracyproject.org/2022/08/02/age-of-anti-vaxxers-polio-rears-its-ugly-head-in-the-us-after-nearly-a-decade-with-no-reported-cases/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!zOf-ZihqdlJFMBaW95jTqTp1hMnJYyuh1cOuLxWOBhDZanfVY3uWlt-XoQ7ZMarMMNW5adBglCgytle4lbkLDQp1MnReVEh-$

The Fall of Roe v. Wade Is Already Damaging Basic Obstetric Care in Red States, “Who would want to do this work anymore?” The court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization has pushed hospitals into a frightening and dangerous position: If they follow the long-established standards of care, they might face prosecution; if they follow state law, they might kill their patients.

# Military / DOD
Conflict Over Vet Bill Brings Renewed Attention to Military’s Toxic Legacies: The U.S. military has burned toxic waste in open pits at home and abroad for decades.

# Military / Global
Chinese ships entered Japanese waters near Taiwan ahead of Pelosi’s Asia tour

# Planetary
Earth just had its shortest day ever, and an irregular wobble at the poles may be to blame: Days were actually supposed to get longer, not shorter. What gives? It’s not entirely clear why days are getting shorter rather than longer as they have across geological history, but there are many factors that can have an influence.

# Social
Illegal Fentanyl Poses an Ongoing Threat to US Communities: According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the reason why simple exposure to fentanyl is so dangerous is because it is an opioid that is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. Even a small amount (about 5 grains) can cause health problems, such as difficulty breathing. According to the National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse (NCAPDA), over 60% of drug overdoses are caused by fentanyl and overdoses are becoming more common. For the first time in U.S. history, more than 100,000 drug overdose deaths occurred within a 12-month period in 2021.

‘I can’t even afford groceries.’ HALF of U.S. food banks report growing numbers of households needing handouts. Biden’s plan to end hunger by 2030 comes unstuck as prices of eggs, butter and other basics soar
45 percent of food banks see increased demand, typically with 10 percent more people in need https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11062833/Inflation-stokes-demand-food-banks-hitting-Bidens-plan-end-hunger-2030.html__;!!On18fmf1aQ!zOf-ZihqdlJFMBaW95jTqTp1hMnJYyuh1cOuLxWOBhDZanfVY3uWlt-XoQ7ZMarMMNW5adBglCgytle4lbkLDQp1Mu9-cXF0$

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