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buy gabapentin overnight delivery August 7, 2022
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 To Inform and Educate

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# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Post-COVID-19 symptoms, conditions identified in U.S. children: Postinfection symptoms and conditions with elevated adjusted hazard ratios among children and adolescents with versus without COVID-19 are described in a report published in the Aug. 5 issue of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

COVID-19 may be linked to a rise in bacterial brain infections in children, a new study suggests. Although rare, these infections can be mild, needing only antibiotics to clear, or severe, requiring surgery and time in an intensive care unit.

Schools Spent Millions on Faulty COVID Scanners: Some of the thermal scanners and cameras sold to schools to detect fevers would regularly fail if someone walked in with a hot coffee or after spending too much time in the sun.

# Economy / Finance / Trade
Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets

US DOJ Responds to Biden Executive Order on Digital Assets

US DOJ Responds to Biden Executive Order on Digital Assets

U.S. firms eye Taiwan exit on Chinese invasion risk: U.S. companies with Taiwan-based operations are panicking about the impact of possible Chinese military aggression toward the self-governing island.  The corporate nightmare: that a war could result in the loss or seizure of assets in Taiwan.

Bowman Unveils Bill to Allow Biden to Identify Profiteering and Regulate Prices: The Emergency Price Stabilization Act would help protect the public from corporate profiteering, supporters say.

Kyrsten cashing in: Sinema removes billionaire tax loophole from Manchin bill while raking in private equity money: The carried interest tax provision was removed from the Inflation Reduction Act as part of her approval of the bill

# Education / Schools
Two studies raise concerns about public school ‘serious violence incidents’: At a time when school shootings are a concern for many Americans, serious violence incidents are also up in schools across the nation, reports two recent studies.  Serious violence incidents include rape, attempted rape, sexual assault other than rape, threatened rape, physical attacks, fights with a weapon, threat of physical attack with a weapon, and robbery with or without a weapon.

5 of the biggest threats today’s K-12 students and educators face don’t involve guns: Three years observing in a public school has given one scholar a close-up look at the sweeping challenges in public education. Many of these threats are related to the mental health of educators and students.

# Employment / Labor
Union rep emails in forced dues case refer to nonunion members as ‘dangerous,’ should be ‘targeted’: Union rep advocates for ‘targeted assassinations’ of union critics, refer to nonmember as ‘cancer’

Hundreds of California Farmworkers Are Marching for Union Voting Rights: The marchers are demanding better legal protections against voter suppression by employers in union elections.

Walmart Lays Off Hundreds of Corporate Workers Retailer is restructuring headquarters operations after warning of profit troubles: Walmart, America’s largest private employer, is laying off about 200 corporate workers, according to the Wall Street Journal, a week after the company cut its quarterly and full-year profit forecasts, saying it was being forced to reduce prices in stores

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical Deep in the Democrats’ Climate Bill, Analysts See More Wins for Clean Energy Than Gifts for Fossil Fuel Business. The Inflation Reduction Act’s provisions on electric vehicles, methane, industrial and agriculture policy add up to big greenhouse gas emissions cuts, if the bill can make it through Congress, experts say.

Inside Clean Energy: A Dirty Scandal for a Clean Energy Leader: A wave of revelations about Florida Power & Light begs a question of parent company NextEra Energy: Will a sullied reputation seep into its clean-energy efforts?

Bitcoin Mining Startup in Idaho Challenges Utility on Rates for Energy-Gobbling Data Centers: A decision is due this week from a state utility commission on an appeal from a cryptocurrency company, GeoBitmine, which promises to harness energy waste for the benefit of the local food supply.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Global
Podcast: Future food, The promise and challenge of CRISPR gene edited crops: As the UK looks to relax the growth and sale of gene-edited crops, how could this impact the food we eat? Could the potential food of the future be on its way to our supermarket shelves? Parliament is currently reviewing rules which would allow gene-edited food to be grown and sold in the UK, moving away from the more stringent rules it had adopted under EU regulations

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Other Undocumented Workers Feed Us. Give Them Health Care. Migrants kept the food supply chain moving during the pandemic. California providing them with basic medical coverage is the right thing to do.

California and Maine Are Implementing Universal Meal Programs for All Children: Advocates say these historic programs will help combat food insecurity and pave the way toward greater food justice.

# General Information / Other News
Most of the fact-checking organizations Facebook has partnered with to monitor and regulate information about Ukraine are directly funded by the U.S. government, either through the U.S. Embassy or via the notorious National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Ex-Scientologists: Ex-Scientologists Came Forward with Shocking Child Trafficking Claims. Now They Say They’re Being Stalked. The three plaintiffs, all former members of the church’s hardcore Sea Org, filed an amended suit that also accuses Scientology head David Miscavige of dodging being served.

# Gov / Politics / Global
West seeks to impose global war on mankind, says Russian intel chief: Sergey Naryshkin noted that it was crucial to learn proper lessons from Russia’s enormous historical experience https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://tass.com/politics/1487305__;!!On18fmf1aQ!wLEpeJOvGbIigLMQmfnp0DRfNEoEI4XUGKs9q5FumON_fCshgDR_bYIkH10X8YwMbdhq7v3wqHarVW_YDqng_Nc9XrquFunS$

Ukraine risking another Chernobyl – Russia –Moscow has accused Kiev of shelling Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. Ukraine latest as officials continue to sound the alarm over shelling at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant; ‘dozens’ of Ukrainian towns are hit; President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says Russia will not change its tactics – and hits out at Amnesty International.

National security risk: China now owns nearly 200,000 acres of land in America: Fufeng Group, a bio-fermentation company based in mainland China, recently bought 300 acres in North Dakota for 2.6 million. The manufacturing firm plans to build a milling plant in the area. As per the latest data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), China possesses over 191,000 acres of land in America, but the figures were before the North Dakota land sale this spring.

# Gov / Politics / US
Now We Finally Know: Notorious Kremlin-Linked Oligarch Paid For Giuliani’s Trips: The revelation of who was paying his bills would have been shocking,  if not entirely surprising, at the time. It remains shocking today. But, if anything, much of the coverage of it is understated. The point isn’t only that Giuliani’s paymaster is under federal indictment. Rather, it’s who the oligarch, Dmytro Firtash, is.

Biden’s Assassination of al-Qaeda Leader Ayman al-Zawahiri Was Illegal: Before he was assassinated, Zawahiri did not pose an imminent threat.

Candidates Running for Senate in 2022 Midterms Have Raised Nearly $1 Billion: More than $138 million came from candidates self-financing their own campaigns.

Pelosi’s Pivot as Cold War and Colonialism rebound in the Indian Ocean amid Blue-Greenwash: China’s President Xi had warned President Biden ahead of Pelosi’s proposed Taiwan trip: “play with Fire and you will get burned!” This is a time when relations between the two Superpowers, one rising and the other fading, are at an historic low

Biden to Send Another Billion Dollars to Ukrainian Regime and Oligarchs to Prop Up War Machine –What recession? Biden has delivered over 63 billion to Ukraine

Dems Poised to Make IRS Larger Than Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol Combined: Manchin-backed Inflation Reduction Act would more than double agency’s size. Under the Inflation Reduction Act negotiated by Sen. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.), the agency would receive $80 billion in funding to hire as many as 87,000 additional employees. The increase would more than double the size of the IRS workforce, which currently has 78,661 full-time staffers, according to federal data.

VP Joe Biden met with two Chinese energy execs in the West Wing – the fifteenth meeting with businessmen tied to his son’s company, who days later, sent Hunter a fawning email offering to fix his $102k EV. Two executives for Chinese energy company Wanxiang secured a meeting with VP Joe Biden in the West Wing in July 2014, according to White House visitor logs. A client of Hunter Biden’s company Seneca Global Advisors partnered with Wanxiang in 2012 on a 1.25billion natural gas plant in China

# Medical / Health
Watch: Indiana Republican tells colleague that she’ll have to carry fetus to term even if it has no chance of survival. A Republican state lawmaker in Indiana this week told a Democratic colleague that his proposed amendment to his state’s abortion laws would force her to carry a nonviable fetus to term even if it had no chance of survival.

Why Your Health Insurer Doesn’t Care About Your Big Bills: Insurance companies are doing everything they can to keep the money paid to them by patients as premiums, making massive profits as a result. This has led to frustration amongst doctors who have to ration care. Patients are unable to receive the care that they deserve and doctors are unable to ensure it.

Abortion bans are impeding access to ulcer, arthritis, and cancermedications: On July 13, the US Department of Health and Human Services
(HHS) notified pharmacies that refusing to fill prescriptions for medicines containing ingredients that can induce abortion or prevent pregnancy could be in violation of federal civil rights law.

# Military / DOD
Lawmakers propose new council to oversee scandal-plagued private military housing system: Lawmakers dismayed by persistent unsafe conditions in privatized military housing are pushing for the creation of a council to provide oversight, collect public complaints and report its findings to Congress.

The Pentagon said it’s made major strides toward adding more accountability and oversight to the military’s privatized housing programs. But keeping housing companies honest will apparently come at a significant cost. An additional $120 million per year

Fort Bragg barracks evacuation over mold problem to displace some 1,200 troops: A mold infestation is forcing roughly 1,200 Fort Bragg soldiers to move out of their 1970s-built barracks, which will be demolished after the evacuation

Navy won’t back away from Taiwan in wake of Chinese belligerence, White House says: The U.S. 7th Fleet will send more aircraft and warships past Taiwan in the coming weeks. The Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group will also remain in the region to monitor the situation.

The US is still searching for at least three lost nuclear bombs: This just in in “not alarming at all” – the US has over the years lost three nuclear bombs, and they still have not been found.

The 1996 John Woo film Broken Arrow features a quite memorable line – uttered by character actor Frank Whaley – “I don’t know what’s scarier, losing nuclear weapons, or that it happens so often there’s actually a term for it.” In fact, the term “Broken Arrow” does refer to the loss of a nuclear weapon and it has happened more than once.

# Military / Global
Russia-China Naval Partnership and Its Significance: Allies in 1950, at odds in 1960, at war in 1969, on opposite sides of the Cold War during the 1980s, the Russians and Chinese have worked out their border issues in recent years to partner against a common challenge: the United States.

# Social
Miami Is Raging Over Bonkers Plan to Move Homeless to Island: Some of Miami’s wealthiest residents may soon have a new neighbor, a homeless encampment on a hurricane-prone barrier island that’s miles from the nearest grocery store. “They don’t even have access to anything here, even just groceries or a job,” he said. “That’s not within reach of this island. We are miles from anything here.”

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