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September 18, 2022
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# Archaeology
America’s Oldest Petroglyphs Are 3x Older Than The Pyramids: In 2013 The Journal of Archeological Science released a research paper dating them to between 14,800 and 10,500 years old. Even the younger date would make them the oldest known petroglyphs in North America. The Great Pyramid was built around 4,500 years ago, which means the petroglyphs are somewhere over 2x to 3x times older than the Egyptian pyramids.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Inflammatory Nanoparticles of mRNA Vaccine Change the Immune System (in Sons too). Warning by a Thomas Jefferson University Study: A recent study conducted by researchers from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology of the prestigious Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia shed light on why there were Adverse events observed following a COVID-19 messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccination. A subsequent study by the Boston Hospital found the same risks of adverse reactions in mRNA vaccines, which occurred promptly in millions of cases reported to the pharmacovigilance platforms of the European Union and the United States.

# Economy / Finance / Trade
A sneaky form of climate obstruction hurts pension funds: Some state officials are putting their political views before the best interests of the firefighters and teachers they serve.

# Education / Schools
Warren, Pressley Ask Navient About ‘Attempting to Scam’ Student Loan Borrowers: Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Ayanna Pressley are trying to stop Navient from pushing borrowers into private refinancing schemes that would make them ineligble for student debt cancellation.

Book-Banning Attempts in U.S. Have Reached Unprecedented Level, Libraries Report: Book challenges have mainly focused on titles that center Black or LGBTQ characters.

Marjorie Taylor Greene threatens to defund Education Department to stop teachers ‘brainwashing’ children: The right-wing lawmaker from Georgia made the bizarre threat as she warmed up the crowd at the Donald Trump rally in Youngstown, Ohio, on Saturday night.

# Employment / Labor
Mothers with young children have returned to work at record levels, but it’s an uneven recovery. Millennial mothers without college degrees took a big hit early in the pandemic. New data shows their workforce participation is increasing

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical New Documents Unveiled in Congressional Hearings Show Oil Companies Are Slow-Rolling and Overselling Climate Initiatives, Democrats Say: Amid record profits in the oil industry, Republicans counter that Democrats are waging “war on America’s energy producers.”

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Left out to dry: Wildlife threatened by Colorado River basin water crisis: Lost in much of the coverage of the region’s water woes is the ecological crisis caused by prolonged drought, climate warming and development

Judge Tosses Air Permits For $9.4 Billion Louisiana Plastics Plant: The sharply worded ruling dismantled the state Department of Environmental Quality’s rationale for permits that would have allowed Formosa Plastics to emit more than 800 tons of toxic pollution a year into predominantly Black St. James Parish. “People’s lives are worth more than plastic,”
says one activist.

The ‘Climate 10’ – the world’s most skilled actors in the theater of predatory climate delay: Climate deception is big business, and Climate & Capital is here to showcase the leading players. Some are obvious, but others may surprise you

# Environment / Climate / Global
Please stop calling it the ‘Doomsday Glacier’: Losing Thwaites Glacier would be troubling, but the overly alarming nickname might do more harm than good. Today, publications repeat the line ad nauseum whenever a significant new study about Thwaites is published. Some stories suggest Thwaites is known as the Doomsday glacier in “scientific circles” because its disintegration could lead to catastrophic sea level rise of more than three to 10 feet. That’s not quite the case.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Other Insect chips could be just the cricket for the planet’s future: Snacks containing bugs have been introduced to 1000 school canteens across the nation by a NSW company that said its products could help save the planet from global warming. Kids around Australia are now munching on chips dusted with an eco-friendly cricket protein made by Circle Harvest.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Russia Warns Longer-Range US Weapons for Ukraine Would Cross a ‘Red Line’: The Russian Foreign Ministry warned the US against providing Ukraine with longer-range missiles, saying that doing so would cross a “red line” and make Washington a “party to the conflict.”

# Gov / Politics / US
Ron DeSantis: What better fun is there than to play games with people’s lives? The surprising details behind DeSantis’ and Abbott’s immigration stunts

Insane in the membrane: U.S. Government Announces Additional $600 Million Arms Package to Ukraine: The Biden regime recently green-lit an additional 600 million arms package for Ukraine.

‘You Think I Would Tell You?’ Biden Scoffs When 60 Minutes’ Pelley Asks What US Response to a Putin Nuke Would Be

Trump’s new threat of a civil war makes him an ‘imminent danger to our nation’: “I’ve got a fundraising letter that Trump just sent out yesterday, “He told the host as he began to read it. “He said ‘The attacks on me earlier is really an attack on, you friend. They want power and it is up to us to rip that power from their hands and put it back where it belongs. I need a million dollars in the next few days. Get 1000 percent impact in the next 30 minutes and I need you, don’t give this to anybody else. This is just for you.'” “This is the biggest bunch of blarney and rip-off lies that you can imagine,” he added with disgust.

# Legal / DOJ
House Oversight panel has begun receiving Trump financial documents after court settlement: The House Oversight Committee has begun receiving financial documents from former President Donald Trump’s former accounting firm, Mazars, after a deal was reached to end litigation over the documents earlier this month. The committee first subpoenaed Trump’s financial records in April 2019, which set off a long battle over the documents.

Most LGBTQI+ patients with cancer report that they did not have access to health education materials tailored to their gender and/or sexual identity regardless of their satisfaction with their overall cancer care, according to results presented at the 15th AACR Conference on the Science of Cancer Health Disparities in Racial/Ethnic Minorities and the Medically Underserved, held September 16–19, 2022.

Family of transgender child in Texas speak out on Gov. Abbott’s attacks: ‘It’s a campaign of terror’: Amber and Adam Briggle, parents of a transgender child in Texas, joins Yasmin Vossoughian to discuss the hardship their family has endured under the policies of Greg Abbott, including being investigated by the DFPS, and their message to parents and the public about how to support transgender children.

# Media
Court Rules Against Social Media Companies in Free Speech Censorship Fight: ‘We reject the idea that corporations have a freewheeling First Amendment right to censor what people say.’ U.S. Circuit Court Judge Andrew Oldham wrote in the opinion. “Because the district court held otherwise, we reverse its injunction and remand for further proceedings,” Oldham added, setting the stage for a showdown in the U.S. Supreme Court.

# Medical / Health
Two powerful drugs are making their way into the illicit drug supply: Nitazenes, that can be up to 10 times stronger than fentanyl, experts say. Fentanyl is already 50 times more powerful than heroin.  Traces of xylazine, a non-opioid animal tranquilizer, found in fentanyl samples. Xylazine is used to sedate horses, dogs and other animals ahead of veterinary surgery. Typical toxicology tests don’t look for xylazine, either.

Free preventive care under the ACA is under threat again – a ruling exempting PrEP from insurance coverage may extend nationwide and to other health services

Another Private Equity-Style Hospital Raid Kills a Busy Urban Hospital: As Maureen Tkacik writes, the sudden closure of Atlanta Medical Center, one of the city’s only two Level I trauma centers, is just the latest manifestation of a terrible reality: Too many hospitals are worth more dead than alive.

Underfunding Public Health Is a Decision to Let People Die in the Next Pandemic: Our public health system is chronically underfunded, understaffed and in some sites being stripped of its legal powers.

New study finds organ recipients rejecting transplant after receiving COVID vaccine: Some transplant recipients are rejecting their new organ and scientists say the coronavirus vaccine may be to blame. A total of 23 eyes from 21 patients who had undergone corneal graft procedures were assessed. Graft rejection occurred anywhere from one day to six weeks after vaccination in all patients–some who underwent the procedure as far back as twenty years ago.

Former DEA official sounds the alarm on fentanyl crisis as poisonings surge: ‘Where is the White House?’ A former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) official sounded the alarm on the fentanyl crisis, Sunday, demanding action from the Biden administration as poisonings surge across the country.

Recently passed legislation to lower health care costs for Medicare recipients: The Inflation Reduction Act’s health insurance subsidies and drug pricing reforms will improve health care affordability for Americans. High drug and health care costs continue to prevent millions of Americans from achieving full health. Nearly 1 in 2 American adults report difficulty affording health care costs.

# Military / DOD
US nuclear arsenal a deterrent to Russian and Chinese aggression, Air Force general says: Air Force Gen. Anthony Cotton dismissed veiled Russian threats of nuclear war during his Senate confirmation hearing and said the U.S. stockpile of nuclear weapons, the world’s second largest, is serving as an effective deterrent in Russia’s seven-month invasion of Ukraine.

# Military / Global
Ukraine: Dangerous Deceit on the Nuclear Plant. UN’s Agency IAEA Hid the Kiev’s Bombing on Zaporozhye. Only Italy’s idiotic mainstream journalists can continue to believe that the Russian Army, engaged in the Military Operation to protect the Donbass after 8 years of bloody civil war, can believe that it was the Kremlin itself that bombed the plant occupied by soldiers of the Russian Federation.

The secret to recent Ukrainian battlefield success? New ‘artillery for dummies’: The user interface of HIMARS seems complex when you look at the manuals, thanks to its computer system, it requires few key punches to set a target and fire the rockets.

# Security
CIA torture report to remain secret for ‘national security’: A US federal judge has ruled that a sprawling congressional report on the CIA’s Terror War torture program will remain classified, claiming citizens have no right to access the controversial document, portions of which were already leaked to the public by a Democratic senator in 2014.

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