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September 25, 2022
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# Chemicals
# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
BILL III, Virus & Vaccines Emperor, Lobbied US-EU Govts with $8.3 Million Through His NGOs: Intrigues, secrets and mysteries not yet revealed by the big investigation by Politico and Welt journalists on Gates’ Lobbying to US and EU Governments. The investigation by American and German journalists is for now only a stone against the pigeon house because it would be interesting to know who, according to their sources, are the American and European officials or politicians who have received part of $8.3 million to support Gates’ plans and of its NGOs.

# Education / Schools
Parents attack nonbinary teacher at school board meeting: In southern Oregon this week, a battle over pronouns spilled from social media into a school board meeting where parents and other “concerned citizens” demanded the ouster of a nonbinary first-grade teacher. The unidentified teacher was recently hired to teach first grade at Griffin Creek Elementary School in Medford, Oregon

# Employment / Labor
$45.6 Billion in US Pandemic Unemployment Insurance Was Stolen By Fraud, Says Labor Dept: IG Criminals have fraudulently stolen 45.6 billion in unemployment benefits from U.S. government programs meant to assist Americans who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical
Sen. Kaine says Mountain Valley Pipeline provision in Manchin bill ‘could open the door to serious abuse and even corruption’: The bill would require the federal government to issue outstanding permits for the project within 30 days, including authorizations from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect endangered species, from the Bureau of Land Management to allow the pipeline to cross the Jefferson National Forest in Virginia, and from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to approve its remaining crossing of federal waters. The legislation says that none of those actions would be subject to review by the courts. Additionally, it would transfer any legal action related to the pipeline or challenges to the act itself from the 4th Circuit to the D.C. Circuit.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure
Trouble bubbles up in newly formed Alaskan lakes. Scientists are worried. Lakes appearing in Alaska because of melting permafrost are “belching” methane into the atmosphere, a scientist working with NASA said. These lakes, called thermokarsts, are so full of the climate-damaging gas that it can be seen bubbling to the surface.

# Environment / Climate / Global
How close is the Amazon tipping point? Forest loss in the east changes the equation: Scientists warn that the Amazon is approaching a tipping point beyond which it would begin to transition from a lush tropical forest into a dry, degraded savanna. This point may be reached when 25% of the forest is lost. In a newly released report, the Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project (MAAP) estimates that 13.2% of the original Amazon forest biome has been lost due to deforestation and other causes.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Other
Why is corn syrup in so many American infant formulas? “When we look on the scale, it’s roughly two out of 100  children who received this formula with corn syrup solids were obese compared to those who received the other formulas. And that was consistent at ages two, three, and four years,” Goran explained. “Of WIC participants, roughly 15 out of 100 will be obese by the time they age out of eligibility” at age four, said Christopher Anderson

Formulas for toddlers are a burgeoning business in the United States: Sales of the drinks more than doubled in recent years as companies convinced parents that their little ones needed the liquid boost. But many experts warn that these products, designed for children ages 1 to 3, fill no nutritional needs beyond what is available in a typical toddler diet, are subject to less regulation than infant formula, and are expensive.

FDA warns about Mother’s Touch baby formula that does not conform to standards: On Sept. 16, 2022, Mother’s Touch initiated a recall of its Mother’s Touch Baby Formula because the product did not conform to the FDA’s infant formula standards. This week the FDA emphasized the problem in a public alert.

# General Recalls / Alerts
Condoms, toothpaste, denture cream among 47 more products recalled from Family Dollar for improper storage: Dozens of over-the-counter products, including eye drops and nasal spray, were recalled because they were stored improperly. No adverse events or illnesses have been reported so far. The recalled products were shipped to stores from May to June.

# General Information / Other News
Former President Trump launched a fresh attack on New York attorney general Letitia James: Trump attacks ‘racist’ New York AG Letitia James for her $250 million ‘witch hunt’ lawsuit, claims she is the fraud and wouldn’t have sued him if it wasn’t for her  ‘really bad’ poll numbers in her reelection campaign. ‘I never thought this case would be brought, until I saw her really bad poll numbers. She is a fraud who campaigned on a ‘get Trump’ platform,” Trump said. “James is spending her time fighting for very powerful and well represented banks and insurance companies instead of fighting murder and violent crime.”

# Gov / Politics / Global
Conflict in Ukraine’s Donbas: A Visual Explainer: The armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine started in 2014. This visual explainer shows both the human cost of the war from 2014-early 2022 and the relationships between diplomatic efforts at de-escalation and patterns of fighting and loss of life.

The consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for international security – NATO and beyond: February 24, 2022, is likely to engrave itself on the history template of the contemporary world. Russia’s unprovoked, unjustified and barbaric invasion of Ukraine is not only a manifestation of a huge security danger that has shattered peace in Europe.

# Gov / Politics / US
US has launched 469 wars and interventions since 1798: The Congressional Research Service published a comprehensive report regarding US wars and military interventions around the world from 1798 to our time. It showed that in the period after 1991 until now, there have been 251 military interventions where the overwhelming majority consists of illegal use of force on the part of the United States. The list of countries targeted by the U.S. military includes the vast majority of the nations on Earth, including almost every single county in Latin America and the Caribbean and most of the African continent.

House GOP Rolls Out Agenda With a Fake Lincoln Quote: The House Republican conference thought their agenda was quoting Abraham Lincoln. It was actually quoting a Lehman Brothers ad from the 1980s.

House Democrats Call on DOJ to Investigate DeSantis for ‘Cruel Migrant Flights’: The lawmakers are alleging that the Florida governor and other officials involved may have violated federal law. The group of 50 were not only promised housing and employment — immigration law experts say they were given bad advice that could actually jeopardize their immigration status as they seek to remain in the U.S.

Charles Murray, White Trash, and Madison Grant (Part I): In his book Coming Apart: In other words, those “poor rural white degenerates” were not “white” enough. By the 1850s, “North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Virginia kept poor whites at bay by retaining property qualifications for holding office.”

DeSantis pushing Christian nationalism has Florida newspaper warning of white supremacy: Florida governor Ron DeSantis campaigning for president by pushing Christian nationalism was the focus of a new editorial published online by the Miami Herald on Saturday afternoon. “Is America a Christian nation? The United States is a secular nation with no official religion, so the answer is No,” the editorial board wrote. “But to Republicans such as Florida Gov. DeSantis, simplifying the answer to a Yes is a powerful tool. They’ve found a political gold mine in pitting Christians against the so-called evils of the left, gay and transgender people and teachers accused of pushing a ‘woke’ agenda.”

Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman rallied in Philadelphia on Saturday as he looks to beat Dr. Mehmet Oz in the race for Senate. During the visit, the first since launching his bid to the Senate in February 2021, Fetterman gathered some 600 people, evenly split between White and Black voters. The vote of Black communities in Pennsylvania will be key for the Democratic candidate to win the state’s Senate seat. Fetterman continues to hold his lead over Republican rival Dr. Oz in the Senate race, according to recent polls, despite recent scrutiny over his health.

Trump fans do QAnon symbol again at rally despite security trying to stop them: Donald Trump embraces QAnon again at North Carolina rally as ties to violence raise concern. The FBI has investigated QAnon for violence and domestic extremism for years, and warns its followers will likely “act as a catalyst” for future attacks, including against the U.S. government

Full Mace: ‘There’s a lot of pressure on Republicans’ to have an impeachment vote on President Biden: Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) talks about her vote against the House version of an electoral reform plan, and her views on a potential impeachment vote against the Biden White House, during an exclusive interview with Meet the Press.

# Legal / DOJ
Trump’s team was happy — until the 11th circuit derailed them on Wednesday: “The most serious parts of that criminal investigation — the obstruction of justice element and the violation of the Espionage Act, the willful retention of national defense information — those are really, really serious potential charges. The fact the Justice Department has those materials means that Trump’s effort to delay this has been effectively stymied.”

Letitia James’ fraud case will force Trump to ‘throw his kids under the bus if he needs to’: Speaking with host Alicia Menendez, Johnston, who has an extensive background analyzing Trump’s financial shenanigans over the year, stated he has no doubt that the former president would make his kids the fall guys if push comes to shove. https://www.rawstory.com/donald-trump-kids-2658334385/

Watch: Nazis and Proud Boys clash with anti-fascists outside Texas church hosting drag queen bingo: Under the blazing sun outside, the scene at First Christian Church felt chaotic – and angry. More than 100 people traded insults for hours with counter-protesters across Morton Road. The protesters believed it was wrong for adults to expose their children to drag queens. The counter-protestors believed it was important to create a space that felt safe. Some on both sides hid their faces. Some on both sides displayed big guns.

# Media
Western Media continues to Ignore how Ukraine is Using NATO Weapons to Kill innocent Civilians in the Donbass: The civilian death toll keeps growing as some EU citizens rise up against their governments’ support for Kiev

Western media and politicians prefer to ignore the truth about civilians killed in Donetsk shelling: When Kiev’s guilt in attacks on a maternity hospital cannot be denied, it’s simply brushed under the carpet.

# Medical / Health
Reusable contact lenses more than triple risk of rare preventable eye infection: People who wear reusable contact lenses are nearly four times as likely as those wearing daily disposables to develop a rare sight-threatening eye infection, finds a study led by UCL and Moorfields researchers.

# Nuclear
Chomsky: The U.S. and Israel Are Standing in the Way of Iran Nuclear Agreement: U.S. and Israel are blocking progress on a deal, says Chomsky, and the real goal should be to abolish nuclear weapons.

# Science
Genetically modified herpes virus delivers one-two punch against advanced cancers: A new genetically engineered virus has delivered a one-two punch against advanced cancers in initial findings from a phase I trial.

How an addicted brain works: Addiction is now understood to be a brain disease. Whether it’s alcohol, prescription pain pills, nicotine, gambling, or something else, overcoming an addiction isn’t as simple as just stopping or exercising greater control over impulses. This is what’s at play when you hear about reward “systems” or “pathways” and the role of dopamine when it comes to addiction. But what does any of that really mean?

# Technology
Meta Warned Workers To Shape Up: Now It’s Firing Them At Random Using An Algorithm: [This article was originally published on Aug. 19, 2022.] Meta, formerly known as Facebook, in June told its employees that it planned to not only reduce its hiring target, but it was going to “turn up the heat” on employees via stricter performance management with the intention of weeding out underperforming employees.

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