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September 30, 2022
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# Animals / Pets / Alerts / Food Recalls
New bird flu strain threatens North American wildlife: Thousands of seabirds, geese, eagles and vultures are dead, as wildlife health experts recommend a revolution in disease management. Rresearchers have so far documented infections in 51 species, including bald eagles and great horned owls. That’s more than twice the number of species known to have been infected during the last North American HPAI outbreak, in 2014–15.

# Border / Immigration
Republicans Are Lying About Fentanyl to Scare Voters: By scapegoating migrants as a source of drugs at the border, demagogues obscure facts with a cloud of xenophobia

# Chemicals
Why getting PFAS out of our products is so hard, and why it matters: Found in products like food packaging, clothes and firefighting foam, PFAS have contaminated drinking water sources nationwide since becoming commercially available in the middle of the last century, building up in the environment where they won’t break down for a very long time.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
The Private Market Is No Place for Covid-19 Countermeasures: The U.S. will stop funding vaccines but says it wants equitable access. That’s not possible in a predatory system. Top: Officials recently announced Covid-19 ‘countermeasures’ – meaning vaccines, tests, and treatment would transition to the commercial market sooner than previously planned, with program funds set to run out as early as January 2023. Like handing over henhouse security to a fox and expecting more egg production in return.

Long COVID has forced a reckoning for one of medicine’s most neglected diseases: Many cases of long COVID are effectively ME/CFS by another name. The exact number is hard to define, but past studies have shown that 5 to 27 percent of people infected by various pathogens, including Epstein-Barr virus and the original SARS, develop ME/CFS. Even if that proportion is 10 times lower for SARS-CoV-2, the number of Americans with ME/CFS would still have doubled in the past three years.  “We’re adding an immense volume of patients to an already dysfunctional and overburdened system,” Beth Pollack, scientist at MIT

The Story Behind One of the Most Influential Scientific Articles in History: It took 15 months and a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to reveal that each of the five authors of ‘The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2’ — the seminal article concluding COVID-19 didn’t escape from a lab had expressed private concerns about engineering or the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s store of novel coronaviruses.

The More COVID Shots You Get, the More Likely You’ll Get COVID. Here’s Why: Scientists warn that repeated COVID-19 boosters may result in lowered immunity through a process known as “original antigenic sin,” or “immune imprinting” — making you more susceptible to symptomatic infections.

# Education / Schools
In a surprise announcement Thursday, the Biden administration released a change to its plans to forgive student loans that will now exclude several million previously eligible Americans.

The Department of Education on Thursday tightened eligibility criteria for President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan as GOP-led states sued to block the relief. The department said those with privately owned federal student loans, including Federal Family Education Loans and Perkins Loans, can no longer apply for Biden’s student loan forgiveness, backtracking on a previous announcement that said those borrowers could consolidate their loans into federal Direct Loans to obtain relief money.

# Employment / Labor
Low-paid workers are unionizing. Corporations are spending a ton to stop them. A record number of workers are trying to form labor unions, a Center for Public Integrity analysis shows. Corporate America is alarmed.

Major government unions lose over 200K members: The top four public labor unions in the U.S. lost hundreds of thousands of members since a 2018 Supreme Court case that ruled government employees could not be forced to pay a union to keep their jobs. The Commonwealth Foundation released the report, which found that the top four public labor unions, AFT, AFSCME, NEA, and SEIU, lost nearly 219,000 members altogether since the Janus v. AFSCME ruling.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical
‘Their Price Strategies Are Bearing Fruit’: Oil and Coal Profits Surge 340%: A leading economist urged policymakers to “address corporate profiteering as a driver of inflation by reining in megacorporations and addressing the unsustainably high prices facing families around the country.”

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure
Will the Supreme Court gut the Clean Water Act? The justices could remove federal protection from 80% of the Southwest’s streams. Industrial polluters asking the Supreme Court to exclude most wetlands and streams from Clean Water Act protections

River Deltas Are Running Out of Land: Estimates of many deltas’ stabilities in the face of sea level rise were overoptimistic. Millions of people live on river deltas, occupying land that exists in the delicate balance between a river’s push and the ocean’s pull. Deltas are inherently transient, but according to a new study, many may be even more precarious than once thought, with unexpectedly high levels of land loss threatening to submerge these low-lying landscapes.

More Than Half of Palm Species Threatened With Extinction, Study Finds: It’s hard to imagine a world without palm trees. Members of the recognizable Arecaceae family drop coconuts onto white-sand beaches, pierce their fronds through the greenery of rainforests and line glamorous boulevards from Los Angeles to Miami.

Mississippi Accused of ‘Intolerable’ Racial Discrimination in Jackson Water Crisis: The NAACP has filed a federal complaint with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) alleging violations of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and accusing the State of Mississippi of “gross mishandling” of the Jackson water crisis, a press release from the NAACP said. The complaint cited an extensive history of neglect and refusal to provide federal funding that amounted to racial discrimination.

# Environment / Climate / Global
George Monbiot: Environmental destruction is part of Liz Truss’s plan: The prime minister’s ideology encourages the extraction of as much income as possible from nature before abandoning it.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Global
New push to limit PFAS farm contamination in Australia: Chemical contamination concerns have sparked new limits that could end the mass disposal of human waste on farms that feed the nation.

# General Information / Other News
Trump Believed He Could Sue Congress to Stop Congressional Impeachments: “I’ll just sue Congress. They can’t do this to me,” Trump reportedly said in 2019.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Why It Matters That MBS Is Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia Now: The king’s son has been running the country for a while. But the change is not merely aesthetic. New role likely to grant prince sovereign immunity in case concerning journalist murdered in Saudi Arabian embassy

Ukraine Makes ‘Accelerated’ Application to Join NATO: It came on the same day Putin claimed to have annexed large swathes of Ukraine.

‘Dangerous Escalation’: Putin Condemned Over Illegal Annexation of Ukraine Territories. “Now more than ever,” said U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres, “we must work together to end this devastating and senseless war.”

# Gov / Politics / US
House Passes Funding Plan Hours Before Shutdown Deadline: The funding will holdover until Dec. 16, when Congress will face the same issue again.

Senate Approves $12.3 Billion in New Aid to Ukraine in Stopgap Spending Bill [I wonder what they are getting in return for all these billions of dollars being sent over there?] Latest round of spending on the war comes as Kyiv makes gains on the battlefield. President Joe Biden still has not used the remaining $2.1 billion in presidential drawdown authority to transfer weapons to Kyiv that Congress already approved in the Ukraine aid bill it passed in May. The authorization has an expiration date of Sept. 30. The Republican portrayal of that money as unused aid gone to waste is in dispute, though, as White House officials argue the new funding request builds on the old batch.

# Law Enforcement
Why Is a Neighborhood Street “Unsafe for Pedestrians or People Riding Bikes?”: An 8-year-old cycling was killed by a driver at a quiet intersection. Who’s really to blame?

# Legal / DOJ
DOJ Needs to Get Out of Its Own Way in Trump Investigations: DOJ’s defense of the ex-president in the E. Jean Carroll lawsuit contradicts Trump’s own lawyers and compromises the Mar-a-Lago probe.

Staff Walkouts, Botched Cases, Texas AG’s Office in Disarray: In one instance, Paxton’s staff had to drop a slew of human trafficking cases because, in part, they had lost track of a victim.

The Supreme Court May Soon Gut What’s Left Of The Voting Rights Act: Alabama Republicans’ argument for a race-blind approach to redistricting could lead to the “biggest decline in Black and Latino representation in generations.”

The Precarious State of School GSAs: LGBTQ+ Rights. LGBTQ+ students are finding new roadblocks to either starting or continuing after-school clubs in a highly-politicized school landscape.  In American Bully, Them reports on how anti-LGBTQ+ panic and political agendas are playing out in classrooms, libraries, and school board meetings nationwide — and why we should all be fighting back.
More from this ongoing series: https://www.them.us/american-bully-series

The struggle of trans and gender-diverse persons: Independent Expert on sexual orientation and gender identity

# Medical / Health
Midterm elections in these six states could change abortion access for millions of people. Listen up, here’s the breakdown of how abortion policies could be upended across the nation in just two months.

Reproductive Rights. A faction of self-proclaimed “abolitionists” are seeking to make abortion laws more restrictive and the consequences of having the procedure more punitive than ever before. They were adamant that a woman who receives an abortion should receive the same criminal consequences as one who drowns her baby.

Mastriano: Biden DOJ ‘Trying to Intimidate’ Conservatives Through Arrest of Catholic, Pro-Life Father: “It’s to send a message, this is intimidating and scary that the DOJ, together with the FBI, sadly, has been weaponized against the average citizens of Pennsylvania. Someone has to hold up a BS flag and say, ‘Stop.’”

Nursing Home Sued After Seniors Drank Deadly Cleaner: “The toxic chemical essentially melted the lining of Trudy’s digestive tract,” the 93-year-old’s family allege.

12 complaints made against San Mateo’s Atria Park prior to senior dying from dishwashing liquid: We dug into the latest records from California Department of Social Services and confirmed Atria Park in San Mateo has been investigated at least nine times by state officials since 2017.

Hospital Pulls Ad After Critics Complain It ‘Normalized’ Myocarditis in Kids: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital pulled a 30-second ad about myocarditis in children after Children’s Health Defense and numerous doctors accused the hospital of normalizing and trivializing the condition.

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