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October 30, 2022
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# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
Fed Seen Aggressively Hiking to 5%, Triggering Global Recession: Federal Reserve officials are expected to maintain their hawkish stance at next week’s policy-setting meeting where they are likely to approve another super-sized interest rate hike, paving the way for borrowing costs to climb above 5% by March 2023, according to a survey of Bloomberg economists.

How the GOP could win its long war against Social Security: The GOP has been angling to dismantle Social Security as long as it’s been law, if they win enough seats this election, they may be able to do it. It began as Congress was debating the Social Security Act of 1935. Republicans attacked the program with rhetoric as extreme as that of today’s right.

# Education / Schools
New study confirms: Structural racism in STEM programs needs fixing: The study offers some of the most stark evidence yet that even when students enter college with equal qualifications, white males are rewarded more richly for their grades in introductory courses while students from underrepresented populations are more severely punished.

Why Our Public School Culture Wars Will Never End: Americans can’t agree on what “America” is, so how can we possibly reach a consensus on how to educate our kids?

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical
With fossil fuel companies facing pressure to reduce carbon emissions, private equity is buying up their aging oil, gas and coal assets: Environmentalists fear the sell-offs could keep facilities operating years into the future, worsening climate change.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure
Humans are decimating wildlife, report warns ahead of U.N. biodiversity talks: Wildlife populations tracked by scientists shrank by nearly 70%, on average, between 1970 and 2018, a recent assessment has found.

Here’s what happened to the Delaware-sized iceberg that broke off Antarctica: The powerful pull of currents in the Southern Ocean probably pulled apart the largest remnant of a massive iceberg that split off Antarctica in 2017.
Researchers say they have pieced together the powerful forces that led to that final breakup.

Landslides shaped a hidden landscape within Yellowstone: Scientists have used lasers to get a detailed view of the national park’s topography, and they’ve spotted more than a thousand landslides. Yellowstone researchers have a massive new digital dataset at their whim, highlighting further vital information on this nearly 1-million-hectare of natural beauty.

A Timber Mill Below Mount Shasta Gave Rise to a Historic Black Community, and Likely Sparked the Wildfire That Destroyed It: Segregation and climate change contributed to the destruction of the Lincoln Heights neighborhood in Weed, California. They may also hinder the recovery of its unique character.

For the Third Time, Black Residents in Corpus Christi’s Hillcrest Neighborhood File a Civil Rights Complaint to Fend Off Polluting Infrastructure: First they sued to block a sewage treatment plant, and then bridge construction. Now, they are trying to stop Texas’ first seawater desalination plant.

What gets prioritised and ignored at UN climate negotiations? In our new study, published in Climate Policy, we analysed COP agendas going back to 1995 to understand which issues have been prioritised – and those that have not. Our results identify some significant gaps in the discussions over the years, including little focus on cutting emissions from major polluting sectors such as the fossil fuel industry.

# General Information / Other News
Why Trump Is Ramming Millions Through a Campaign Loophole: Donald Trump’s leadership PAC just made a $20 million donation to another PAC. Trump could’ve spent the money on other Republicans. Now the PAC can spend it on him.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Bolsonaro and Allies Accused of Massive Vote-Buying Operation Ahead of Election: Far right incumbent Jair Bolsonaro has syphoned tax money into a congressionally approved secret budget.

Russian president Vladimir Putin takes part in Valdai discussion club meeting – Video and transcript

# Gov / Politics / US
Washington’s Plan to Break Up Russia: Elite members of the foreign policy establishment are doggedly searching for new and more convincing justifications for a confrontation with Russia. “Cheney ‘wanted to see the dismantlement not only of the Soviet Union and the Russian empire but of Russia itself, so it could never again be a threat to the rest of the world.’…The West must complete the project that began in 1991 …. Until Moscow’s empire is toppled, though, the region and the world will not be safe…” (“Decolonize Russia”, The Atlantic)

Media helped hide the real Joe Biden by censoring Hunter stories: With fewer than 45,000 votes in three states deciding the outcome, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that suppression of The Post’s stories won Biden the election and denied voters the truth about his character. This is the importance of Hunter Biden’s laptop and why it refuses to be shoved down the memory hole, where other inconvenient truths go to die. It provides a rare and detailed window onto the corruption that is Washington’s original sin, as conducted on a global scale by one of its most calculating practitioners.

National eyes on Pennsylvania for Fetterman-Oz U.S. Senate debate: For Tuesday’s highly anticipated U.S. Senate debate in Pennsylvania, Democrat John Fetterman and Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz agreed to meet hosted by the largest local TV and media company in America. Nexstar Media Group, which owns NewsNation and about 200 local news stations nationally, gained exclusive rights. The candidates, who have drawn national attention in the tussle for control of Congress, will be broadcast statewide on linear channels and available everywhere online; national coverage is on NewsNation.

Hypocrisy is beneath them – political figures in the Trump era don’t bother concealing their misdeeds: Shame and guilt seem equally foreign to many politicians and public figures these days. Rather than cover their bad behavior with a veneer of hypocrisy, they revel in it, a classics scholar says.

House Progressives Pushed Negotiations With Russia, Then Buckled Under Pressure: The Biden administration’s new Nuclear Posture Review allows the “first use” of nuclear weapons.

House progressives retract Russia-diplomacy letter amid Dem firestorm
Party lawmakers were blindsided by Monday’s release of a letter calling for direct negotiations in Ukraine, according to several people familiar with the situation.

Sanders Urges Massive Midterm Voter Turnout to ‘Preserve American Democracy’: “We are in a pivotal moment in American history where the crises that we face are unprecedented,” the democratic socialist told a crowd of thousands in Eugene, Oregon.

‘The Future the GOP Wants for All of America’: Texas Gun Law Unleashes Deadly Mayhem: “Who could’ve predicted arming folks without a license would result in this type of chaos?” one columnist asked sardonically.

Americans die younger in states run by conservatives, study finds
More liberal policies on environment, gun safety, labor, economic taxes and tobacco taxes associated with lower mortality

Americans not only divided, but baffled by what motivates their opponents: The nationally representative poll of 1,000 citizens included 307 voters who cast votes for Republican Congressional candidates in the midterm elections.  We asked them, “In your opinion, how many citizens voting for the Democrats did so because they sincerely believe that the Democratic party is best for the country?”

GOP Threatens to Hold Economy Hostage to Slash Climate Investments: “If Republicans take over Congress, they plan to hold the government hostage and ransom our future,” said one climate advocate.

Scandal-Plagued MAGA Candidate Has Even More Wild Secrets: North Carolina congressional candidate Sandy Smith might seem like just another far-right culture warrior. Her past is messier than that.

‘Dark Day for Trans Youth’ as Florida Moves to Ban Gender-Affirming Care for Minors: “I cry for Florida’s trans youth. This was a sham hearing with fake experts,” said one activist.

# Medical / Health
Curcumin Prodrug Shows Promise as Cancer Treatment Without Toxic Side Effects: Curcumin, the biologically active compound found in turmeric, has shown lots of promise in clinical cancer research. A new study from Kyoto University adds more evidence that supports its use in clinical-care settings.

Human insulin saga: Anomalous, successful 40-year history of the first genetically-modified medicine underscores how regulators can scuttle innovation

# Science
Why fuzzy definitions are a problem in the social sciences: Social sciences research is plagued by murky definitions and measurements. Here’s why that matters.

# Veterans / VA
VA grant opportunities will expand landlord, tenant incentives to combat veteran homelessness: Three grant opportunities offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs will expand services and incentives already provided by the agency including one that encourages landlords to rent residences to veterans

# Water
Virginia uses treated wastewater to shore up a drinking water aquifer: A crucial aquifer is running low, so officials are pumping in treated sewage. In the case of coastal Virginia, the goal is to stabilize groundwater to address two increasingly urgent problems. First, underground water depletion has led the ground to slowly sink and collapse in some places.

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