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December 30, 2022
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# Bundy Rides Again
Ammon Bundy Threatens ‘Shotgun’ Standoff Over Hospital Suit: He’s being sued for a harassment campaign on a hospital. If he loses, he says he’s not paying up. Six years after his last armed standoff with law enforcement, far-right leader Ammon Bundy appears to be threatening another armed action—this time over a lawsuit from an Idaho hospital he’s accused of harassing.“They’re suing me for defamation. They’re probably going to try to get judgments of over a million dollars and take everything they have from me,” Bundy told the conservative Idaho Dispatch in a livestream video this week.

# Employment / Labor
Wage Theft: US Businesses Suffer Few Consequences for Stealing Millions from Workers Every Year: Thousands of US companies illegally underpay workers yet are seldom punished for doing so. An Economic Policy Institute study from 2017 found that just one form of wage theft, minimum wage violations, costs US workers an estimated $15 billion annually and impacts an estimated 17 percent of low-wage workers. The Department of Labor cited more than 8,500 employers for stealing approximately $287 million from workers.

Musk Fired Twitter’s Janitors Leaving Offices a Smelly Mess: Twitter has stopped paying rent on its Seattle office, and cut its janitorial and security services at several locations. Employees don’t seem to be enjoying the results. Some of Twitter’s remaining employees have reportedly begun bringing their own toilet paper to the office as Elon Musk implements sweeping cost-cutting measures at the company.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical
At Least 128 Members of Congress Invested in Fossil Fuel Industry: A series of Sludge articles written by David Moore in November and December of 2021 reported that at least 100 US Representatives and twenty-eight US Senators have financial interests in the fossil fuel industry.

Fossil Fuel Industry Subsidized at Rate of $11 Million per Minute: A comprehensive study of 191 nations, published by the International Monetary Fund in September 2021, found that globally the fossil fuel industry receives subsidies of $11 million per minute. Fossil fuel companies received $5.9 trillion in subsidies in 2020, with support projected to rise to $6.4 trillion by 2025

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Other
Corporate Consolidation Causing Record Inflation in Food Prices: A handful of ‘food giants’, including Kraft Heinz, General Mills, Conagra, Unilever, and Del Monte, control an average of 64 percent of sales of sixty-one popular grocery items. The nation has “roughly one-third fewer grocery stores today than we did 25 years ago.”

# General Information / Other News
Assange’s Father John Shipton & Lee Camp: Saving Julian! Julian Assange’s father John Shipton joins Lee Camp to discuss his son’s condition, from his incarceration in London to the prospect of being extradited into the custody of the government he exposed and its Intelligence officers, who had planned to assassinate him.

Right-Wing Influencer Arrested on Human Trafficking Charges After Online Spat With Greta Thunberg: “This is what happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes,” Thunberg quipped. Tate and Thunberg’s interactions began after Tate addressed her on Twitter  regarding his ’33 cars’ and asked her to provide an email address “so I can send a complete list of my car collection and their respective enormous emissions.” “Email me at smalldickenergy@getalife.com,” replied Thunberg.

# Legal / DOJ
Leader of Neo-Nazi Group Sentenced for Plot to Target Journalists and Advocates: A Washington man was sentenced today to 84 months, or seven years, in prison for his role in a plot to threaten and intimidate journalists and advocates who worked to expose anti-Semitism. Kaleb Cole, 25, a leader of the Neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division, was convicted by a federal jury in the Western District of Washington

# Medical / Health
Doctors Seek to Bar Corporate Control of Health Practices: Advocates want to enforce statutes banning ownership of medical practices by corporations not owned by physicians. A group of emergency physicians and consumer advocates in multiple states are pushing for stiffer enforcement of decades-old statutes that prohibit the ownership of medical practices by corporations not owned by licensed doctors.

# Pharmas / Drugs
Big Pharma’s Takeover of Modern Medicine Created a ‘Pandemic of Misinformed Doctors’:  The everyday poor health of Americans and the inability of our healthcare system to mitigate preventable deaths amounts to a crisis that dwarfs even the COVID-19 pandemic. This raises a key question: Why have so many smart, well-trained doctors stood by as American healthcare descended into a state of profound dysfunction? The answer lies in the gradual, nearly invisible commercial takeover of the medical “knowledge” that doctors are trained to trust.

Big Pharma and GOP allies aim to sabotage Medicare drug price reforms: “Patients fought hard for the reforms in the Inflation Reduction Act, and we won’t let Big Pharma and its allies’ fearmongering scare us.” “All the contributions they make and all their lobbying money gives them a lot of power,” Democratic Rep. Peter Welch said of the pharmaceutical industry.

# Security
Former Neo-Nazi Leader Now Holds DOJ Domestic Counterterrorism Position: Brian P. Haughton, a former member of multiple racist skinhead bands and a past leader in the neo-Nazi movement, had connections to members of the Aryan Republican Army, a neo-Nazi gang that robbed twenty-two Midwest banks in the mid-1990s. He now holds an important counterterrorism position in the Department of Justice as a law enforcement coordinator for domestic counterterrorism in the Middle Atlantic Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network of the Department of Justice’s Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS)

# Space / UFO Disclosure / Other
Earth’s Orbit Is About to Get More Crowded: The military is launching a fleet of small, interconnected satellites to collect data, track missiles, and aim weapons. The satellites will be part of a future herd of hundreds that, according to the Space Development Agency, or SDA, will bolster the United States’ defense capabilities. It will need to contend with many challenges: crowded orbits, potential collisions, and a sky already filled with electromagnetic emission

No human being has yet set foot on Mars, but something has preceded us: NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover announced on its Twitter account Wednesday that it had encountered a piece of human-generated litter on the Red Planet. “My team has spotted something unexpected: It’s a piece of a thermal blanket that they think may have come from my descent stage, the rocket-powered jet pack that set me down on landing day back in 2021,” the rover tweeted. Perseverance first landed on Mars in February, 2021. Since then, it has been scouring the planet’s Jezero Crater for any evidence of life, Insider reported. Instead, it’s found evidence of the life that sent it there.

# Water
Months after Ian, many private water wells at homes in east Manatee are still contaminated

In ‘Major Step Forward,’ Biden EPA Restores Water Protections Rolled Back by Trump: The EPA’s new rule “officially cleans up the Trump administration’s Dirty Water Rule,” said one conservation group, “which wiped out federal protections for thousands of waterways and nearly half of all wetlands.”

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