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January 6, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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# Border / Immigration / Migrants
Biden announces border visit as illegal crossings surge, expands legal immigration: President Joe Biden said Thursday that he will visit the southern border Sunday. The announcement came in a speech on illegal immigration, where Biden promised more border security and pushed for increased legal immigration. Under pressure to address influx, the president also warns potential migrants: ‘Do not just show up at the border.’

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
COVID Boosters Trigger Metastasis. UK Oncologist and US Medical Doctor confirmed the Montagnier’s Warning: The French biologist, Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008 for the discovery of HIV, was among the first to denounce theartificial origin of SARS-Cov-2 altered precisely with the insertion of sequences of the AIDS virus. And in January 2022 Montagnier reiterated the danger of an increase in cancer cases after the launch of the massive vaccination campaign with boosters (third, fourth and now also fifth dose in Italy and in EU countries).

New Analysis Shows Studies of COVID Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis Hid Critical Safety Signal

Are COVID Boosters Behind Increase in Cancer Among Younger Adults? Research shows the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein obliterates 90% of the DNA repair mechanism in lymphocytes, white blood cells that help your body fight infection and chronic disease, including cancer.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
Global economy 2023: how countries around the world are tackling the cost of living crisis: Price inflation has hit countries differently, but most central banks and governments are concerned about the rising cost of living in 2023. The World Economic Forum (WEF), in a recent blog post, noted that the cost-of-living crisis is at a high mainly due to the twin shocks of Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine.

# Education / Schools
Georgia offered schools money to test their water for lead. Most didn’t sign up. Why? Lead exposure can have serious health consequences for children, but only a fraction of Georgia schools have signed up for a free testing program. Advocates worry school leaders are worried about the cost and consequences of discovering lead in their water systems, which the state has not provided funding to address.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure
How California could save up its rain to ease future droughts, instead of watching epic atmospheric river rainfall drain into the Pacific. Urban infrastructure was designed to take stormwater out to the ocean quickly. All that runoff in the middle of a drought begs the question, why can’t more rainwater be collected and stored for the long, dry spring and summer when it’s needed?

# Environment / Climate / Global
In a Famed Kenyan Game Park, the Animals Are Giving Up: Animals in the park are dying of hunger as a multi-year drought grips the region. The elephant’s tusks were removed by park rangers after its death. Makui is a rancher from a nearby county who has lost dozens of his own animals, sheep and goats, mostly, to the drought. After two years of climate change-fueled drought, thousands of animals have died, not from thirst but from lack of pasture and green shrubs.

How We Came to Know and Fear the Doomsday Glacier: It’s the world’s most vulnerable glacier and key to the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, yet we’re only now getting to know Thwaites Glacier. What took us so long?

# General Information / Other News
What to know about cellphone radiation: ProPublica recently examined how the federal government, based on quarter-century-old standards, denies that cellphones pose any risks. This guide answers some of the most common questions people ask about cellphone radiation. The Federal Communications Commission, relies on an exposure standard from 1996, when the Motorola StarTAC flip phone was cutting edge, and that the agency brushed aside a lengthy study by a different arm of the federal government that found that cellphone radiation caused rare cancers and DNA damage in lab animals. The newest generation of cellphone technology, known as 5G, remains largely untested.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Christmas truce ordered by Putin comes into force: A cessation of hostilities in Ukraine ordered by President Vladimir Putin on the eve of Orthodox Christmas took effect on Friday morning. Russia intends to observe the truce for 36 hours, from 12:00 local time on January 6 until midnight on January 7

Christmas truce ordered by Putin comes into force, Kiev rejected the ceasefire initiative, calling it a military ruse: The Russian truce has been rejected by Kiev, with officials calling it “hypocritical,” and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky describing the offer as a military ruse. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden suggested that by seeking a pause, Putin “is trying to find some oxygen.” The ceasefire order was issued after an appeal by Patriarch Kirill, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church

# Gov / Politics / US
Homes of 4 Elected Officials in New Mexico Hit by Gunfire: At least three of the eight shots fired at state Senator Linda Lopez’ home passed through her 10-year-old daughter’s bedroom, she said. Nobody was injured in the shootings, which are being investigated by local and federal authorities, said Police Chief Harold Medina. He called the investigation a top priority.

Convicted Capitol Rioter Announces Run for Congress: Derrick Evans, who livestreamed himself yelling, “Derrick Evans is in the Capitol!” threw his hat into the ring Friday.

# Legal / DOJ
Family of Capitol officer who died after Jan. 6 sues Trump, two rioters: Donald Trump and two Jan. 6 rioters have been sued in the death of a US Capitol police officer:

# LGBTQ / Gender
How Gender Ideology Conquered South Dakota: A concept has emerged in Latin America with the power to rapidly mobilize voters and give new energy to the socially conservative agenda. It’s called “gender ideology,” and according to the conservative politicians and activists who coined the phrase, it redefines reforms that benefit women and LGBTI people, such as the right to same-sex marriage, as the “imposition” of a system of beliefs that threatens “Christian values” and corrupts society.

Anti-trans legislation: Lawmakers in at least eight states, including Texas, have filed anti-transgender bills ahead of their respective legislative sessions, with some bills targeting transgender adults. In Texas, one bill would prohibit state funds from being used for gender-affirming treatments, without age requirements. Lawmakers in at least eight states used the last two months of 2022 to prefile anti-transgender bills ahead of state legislative sessions convening this month — setting up another year of statehouse battles over trans rights, while targeting health care for trans adults in new ways.

# Medical / Health
A Top HHS Official Blocked Release of Long-Delayed Fluoride Toxicity Review, Internal Emails Reveal

# Science
Interview: Matthew Cobb on the Ethics of Genetic Engineering: In the book ‘As Gods,’ biologist and historian Matthew Cobb explores the “dream and the nightmare” of genetic research and the quandaries the field has grappled with, from its roots in the 1970s to the cloned sheep Dolly and the recent advances made possible by CRISPR and other gene-editing techniques.

In Bioethics, the Public Deserves More Than a Seat at the Table: Discussing bioethics is critical to a future everyone has a hand in shaping. But obstacles abound. Every time scientists present a groundbreaking biological innovation, it seems as though there is a crescendo of noise, articles beckoning for public discussion, social media posts sharing the public’s opinions, scientists urging for more public input about bioethical decisions. The noise grows and grows and then — silence.

The Steep Cost of Bio-Based Plastics: Bio-plastics, made from crops like corn, are hyped as a way to reduce the use of fossil fuels and, in theory, pull carbon from the atmosphere. But it would take an astounding amount of land and water to grow enough plants to replace traditional plastics, plus the energy to produce and ship it all.

# Technology
What You Should Know About Wireless Radiation: The Federal Communications Commission relies on a cellphone radiation exposure standard from 1996, when the Motorola StarTAC flip phone was cutting edge, but the newest 5G generation of cellphone technology remains largely untested.

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