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February 19, 2023
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# Chemicals / Drugs
SUNY-Albany must stop doing Monsanto’s work: Manufactured doubt. Companies have used this time-worn tactic to stop policy and stymie public health improvements for decades. Monsanto, hamstrung for years by researcher David Carpenter’s testimony, gets help from his university to silence him.

Growing evidence shows common chemicals may harm sperm and pregnancies: Chemicals called phthalates, found in everything from detergent to plastic shower curtains, are tied to lower sperm counts and more miscarriages. Men with higher concentrations of phthalates in their urine (a measure of exposure) have lower sperm counts and poorer sperm motility than men with less of these substances. Women with high levels of exposure are more likely to have fertility problems, miscarriages, preterm labor and low-birth-weight babies.

# Education / Schools
Texas 3rd Grader Finds Gun Superintendent Left in School Bathroom, Police Open Investigation: The superintendent at Rising Star Elementary School told a Texas news station that he had left his gun in a stall while using the bathroom

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical
In Dimock, a Pennsylvania Town Riven by Fracking, Concerns About Ties Between a Judge and a Gas Driller: The judge who accepted a recent settlement between the Pennsylvania attorney general and Coterra Energy served on the board of a charitable foundation with a Coterra executive.

# Environment / Climate / Interior
A new political campaign in one northeastern state is pitting whale against wind: A dozen New Jersey beach town mayors and a congressman from the state are calling for a moratorium on all offshore wind activity in the wake of several whale deaths.

The Battle to Stop Air Products’ Carbon Capture Project at Lake Maurepas Grows: The $4.5 billion project calls for construction of a plant to convert natural gas to hydrogen and capture the resulting carbon dioxide. Current plans call for the waste to be piped 35 miles and pumped into injection wells over a mile below Lake Maurepas, an ecologically rich estuarine system that lies about halfway between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

As Lake Powell hit a record low this week, some say it’s time for the artificial reservoir to be eliminated altogether to ease the West’s water crisis. With water levels falling ‘lower than thought possible’ at Glen Canyon dam, energy production could halt as soon as July 2023

Antarctic Researchers Report an Extraordinary Marine Heatwave That Could Threaten Antarctica’s Ice Shelves: At the two most essential chunks of ice in the world, Pine Island and Thwaites, the pinning points that fasten the ice to the bedrock are disintegrating, sparking fears of runaway melt and rising sea levels.

Events in East Palestine are a stark reminder that plastic is destroying the planet. From its production to its use to its disposal, the stuff is a poison. Five rail cars of vinyl chloride burned, some of it done intentionally to reduce building pressure, likely producing toxic compounds called dioxins. Because hot air rises, the flames from the train sent a black plume high into the air, potentially spreading toxicants far beyond the site of the derailment. “The thing about dioxins is they’re potent at really low levels, and are persistent and bioaccumulative,” they persist in the body instead of breaking down. Many of these are endocrine-disrupting chemicals, or EDCs, and make our hormones go haywire. That’s why bisphenol A, aka BPA, was singled out, after scientists linked it to cancer, behavioral conditions, and diabetes.

America’s water and sanitation crisis can’t be ignored: East Palestine joins a long list of other places in the United States facing major threats to clean water.

Public Lands in the US Have Long Been Disposed to Fossil Fuel Companies. Now, the Lands Are Being Offered to Solar Companies. As the nation looks to transition to more forms of renewable energy, the country’s millions of acres of public lands could be key, drawing concerns over how local habitats could be impacted.

# Environment / Climate / Global
Seafloor plastic pollution is not going anywhere: The amount of microplastics at the bottom of the Mediterranean is growing as global production increases and plastic breakdown is halted.

Massive Iceberg Breaks Off Antarctic Brunt Ice Shelf – View From Space: In February 2019, a rift spanning most of the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica appeared ready to spawn an iceberg about twice the size of New York City. The question among scientists was not if the growing rift would finish traversing the shelf and break, but when? Now, nearly four years later, it has done just that. As for the “new” Brunt, it remains to be seen how the complex floating glacial ice responds to the most recent calving event. According to Shuman: “We have no solid idea what ‘normal’ really is for this unusual ice shelf.”

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Global
# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals
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# Foodie Tips, Tricks and How To’s
# General News
# General Recalls / Alerts
# Gov / Politics / Global
# Gov / Politics / US
President Joe Biden and The United States is inching toward World War III with China: The United States is inching toward World War III with China. All the lights on the dashboard are flashing. Massive arms sales to Taiwan. President Joe Biden’s repeated threats to attack China if it invades Taiwan. Harsh economic sanctions against China indistinguishable from the United States economic strangulation of Japan prior to Pearl Harbor.

# Law Enforcement
# Legal / DOJ
# LGBTQ / Gender
# Marijuana / Hemp / CBD Oil
# Media
# Media / Global
# Medical Alternatives / Herbology
# Medical / Health Global
# Medical
Businesses surprised by new health prices rule; could face $100 a day fines: A new federal regulation on healthcare price transparency could cost employers around the nation $100 a day if they don’t comply. Yet many industry groups say they aren’t even aware the rule exists

Florida doctors refuse abortion for woman whose baby is expected to live less than 2 hours: “The baby was no longer buoyed in ample amniotic fluid, Deborah’s doctor gently told her. The kidneys were not developing properly, failing to produce the liquid that protects the fetus and promotes the development of vital organs. She didn’t think the baby would survive without a transplant, and she urged Deborah to follow up quickly with a specialist in maternal fetal medicine.” Further testing brought no better news. The baby was diagnosed with a deadly condition “incompatible with life” called Potter syndrome.

‘They want you to die as quickly as possible’: Doctor issues PSA about ‘the truth’ of health insurance companies:
There’s a strong argument to be made that the United States of America puts business above all else. Politicians are largely able to be put into positions of power due to the backing of special interest groups, lobbies, and think tanks that are directly funded by big businesses.

# Nuclear
Meet the Millennial Scientist Leading the Biden Administration’s Push for a Nuclear Power Revival: Kathryn Huff, head of the Office of Nuclear Energy, on the administration’s plans for how and where to build new plants, and why some in her generation are bullish on atomic power despite the skepticism.

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