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Voices, The Peoples News

March 11, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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# Indigenous
Siege at Wounded Knee 50 Years Later; The fight for self-determination continues: The 1973 Siege at Wounded Knee is the longest “civil unrest” in the history of the US Marshal Service. For 71 days, the American Indian Movement (AIM) and members of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) nation were under siege in a violent standoff with the FBI and US Marshals equipped with high powered rifles and armored personnel carriers.  Two people were killed, over two dozen wounded.  At stake, sovereignty and self-determination guaranteed through treaty rights.

# Animals / Pets / Alerts / Food Recalls “Little Dragon” Discovered on Uninhabited Island: Hiding deep in the craggy, damp rocks of a small uninhabited island off the coast of Australia there is a small lizard about the size of man’s hand with a beaky face and arrow-shaped tail that is garnering attention for it’s resemblance to a legendary dragon of medieval lore. Only about thirty examples of the specimen were seen and the range for the entire species is estimated to be less than one square kilometer. The elusive carnivorous gecko is officially known as Phyllurus fimbriatus and was discovered during a survey of the island.

# Chemicals / Drugs
Arizona warnings continue over Mexican cartels lacing fentanyl with animal tranquilizer: Mexican cartels are using Xylazine, an animal tranquilizer, as a cutting agent for fentanyl, according to a report exclusively obtained by The Center Square. “Unlike fentanyl, xylazine is not an opioid and does not respond to the use of naloxone (Narcan). Although it may appear ineffective in someone with both fentanyl and xylazine in their system, law enforcement or emergency personnel should utilize Narcan,” the bulletin states. Because Narcan only counters the effects of the opioid in a mixture, those poisoned by it “may require additional measures to survive,” the bulletin states.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Will Fauci Face Criminal Charges Now? Fauci may have perjured himself in his testimony with Senator Ron Paul when he denied that the NIH had funded the gain of function research that led to COVID 19 which killed millions of people around the world. A person convicted of perjury under federal law may face up to five years in prison and fines. (18 U.S.C. §1621)

Conservative blocs unleash wave of litigation to curb public health
powers: Through a wave of pandemic-related litigation, a trio of small but mighty conservative legal blocs has rolled back public health authority at the local, state and federal levels, recasting America’s future battles against infectious diseases. Galvanized by what they’ve characterized as an overreach of COVID-related health orders issued amid the pandemic, lawyers from the three overlapping spheres, conservative and libertarian think tanks, Republican state attorneys general, and religious liberty groups, are aggressively taking on public health mandates and the government agencies charged with protecting community health.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
Inequality costs Social Security trillions: If the wealthy simply paid the same tax the rest of us do, we could even expand benefits. Right-wing politicians and cable news pundits frequently say that we “can’t afford” Social Security. Their solution? Cut benefits for working people who’ve paid into the program for our entire lives. They never suggest that we simply require the wealthiest people in America to pay into Social Security all year long, just like the rest of us. If we do, we can afford to not just protect but expand benefits.

# Employment / Labor
The fantasy of the dream job is gone: Layoffs at some of the country’s prestigious companies are the latest sign that no one’s job is really safe. “Companies are in the business of making money, ultimately, despite whatever values they talk about, or the big mission of the company,” Minutillo told me. He had spent much of his career feeling anxious about taking time off and regularly put in 12 hours days through the pandemic, now, he decided, “I need to approach my job with more boundaries.”

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical Nordstream blame game begins: Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss the controlled leaks aiming to deflect blame for the Nordstream attacks onto “pro-Ukrainian” elements, the failed attempt by Republican populists and Democratic progressives to withdraw US troops from Syria, and the dramatic congressional Twitter files hearing.

A Plan to Ship Oil Alongside the Colorado River Sees Revived Opposition Amid National Railway Safety Debate:
Two Colorado Democrats this week are making a last ditch effort to block a proposed 88-mile railway in Utah that they say would drive up climate emissions and could lead to a catastrophic oil spill in the upper Colorado River, contaminating a vital water supply for nearly 40 million Americans that’s already critically threatened by deepening drought. The Uinta Basin Railway would send up to 350,000 barrels of oil a day from Utah to the Gulf Coast via the national rail network, running along the Colorado River for more than 100 miles.

Illinois Put a Stop to Local Governments’ Ability to Kill Solar and Wind Projects. Will Other Midwestern States Follow? The state recently joined New York and California in passing such laws, eliciting both support and pushback.

Another Train Derailment: Diesel Spills Into River, Transport company CSX says one of its empty coal trains derailed Wednesday after striking a rock slide in West Virginia. The crash caused a fire and spillage of an “unknown quantity of diesel fuel and oil” from its locomotives into the river. CSX said the crew members are being “treated for non-life-threatening injuries” and “preliminary information indicates that all four of the train’s locomotives and nine empty coal cars derailed.”

As Enforcement Falls Short, Many Worry That Companies Are Flouting New Mexico’s Landmark Gas Flaring Rules: Last year, New Mexico adopted regulations that were viewed as a model for reducing methane emissions from the flaring and venting of natural gas. But on the ground, watchdogs say they don’t see much of a change in oil and gas companies’ practices.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Global
Nord Stream: Moscow blames Washington for “this Unprecedented Act of Sabotage”: This was stated by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov in an interview with Russia Today in Arabic, taken up by TASS, regarding the explosions on the Nord Stream. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Thursday called attempts by Western media to shift the blame for the blasts on the Nord Stream gas pipelines on to a Ukrainian oligarch shameful https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.veteranstoday.com/2023/03/10/nord-stream-sabotage-moscow-blames-washington-for-this-unprecedented-act-of-terrorism/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!0IGycJidsqpEvIyFBZcKrDPwP54C-awZsMdFnxbFeqPtCpaaXe0UmT7IjYic1WwQKB4U1woXN0zecHfAOu19OM_DWzUyNjzJ$

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Ocean plastic pollution reaches ‘unprecedented’ levels: A new study has revealed that plastic pollution in the world’s oceans has reached “unprecedented levels” since 2005, urging for a legally binding international treaty to stop the harmful waste. The study published in the journal PLOS One on Wednesday found that there are almost 170 trillion pieces of plastics, mainly microplastics on the surface of the world’s oceans. As per experts, the amounts were much higher than what was anticipated and the rate of plastic entering the oceans can increase severely in the coming years if left unchecked.

Kentucky Residents Angered by US Forest Service Logging Plan That Targets Mature Trees: Biden pledged to protect old-growth trees, but proposed clear-cutting in national forests collides with climate policy.

Environmental Auditors Approve Green Labels for Products Linked to Deforestation and Authoritarian Regimes: A new ICIJ-led cross-border investigation exposes how a lightly regulated sustainability industry overlooks forest destruction and human rights violations when granting environmental certifications.

How Auditing Giant KPMG Became a Global Sustainability Leader While Serving Companies Accused of Forest Destruction: The firm vouched for an Indonesian company with a supply chain beset by deforestation allegations and a project in Canada that led to an Indigenous forest’s “death by a thousand cuts.”

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals
Dry farming could help agriculture in the western U.S. amid climate change: Forgoing irrigation can save water and produce more flavorful fruits and vegetables. Farmers in the West are once again experimenting with dry farming as they grapple with water shortages, exacerbated by rising temperatures and more frequent and intense droughts linked to climate change.

“Forever chemicals” in Plastic Packaging Start Contaminating Food Within a Week: Over the last few years, scientists are only now beginning to scratch the surface of understanding PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. Referred to as “forever chemicals,” they seem to be in everything we use on a daily basis. Now, researchers from Notre Dame are showing for the first time that PFAS may be able to seep into food through plastic containers, and how temperature may impact this process.

Fearful of bans on genetically modified grains, Canada joins US in requesting formal trade talks with Mexico: Canada asked for formal consultations with Mexico over the Latin American nation’s restrictions on genetically modified agricultural imports under their free-trade agreement, following a separate request by the US focused on corn earlier this week https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://geneticliteracyproject.org/2023/03/10/fearful-of-bans-on-genetically-modified-grains-canada-joins-us-in-requesting-formal-trade-talks-with-mexico/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!0IGycJidsqpEvIyFBZcKrDPwP54C-awZsMdFnxbFeqPtCpaaXe0UmT7IjYic1WwQKB4U1woXN0zecHfAOu19OM_DW-2bg5pI$

8 Ways Artificial Sweeteners Are Bad For You: Why “Sugar-Free” Isn’t Always Healthier: Millions of people consume artificial sweeteners on a daily basis. From diet sodas to candies, it’s hard to avoid the synthetic sugar substitute. But it might be time to avoid sodas and food containing artificial sweeteners.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Global Farmers, environmental activists hold demos in The Hague: Thousands of farmers and anti-establishment demonstrators protested Saturday in a park in The Hague against Dutch government plans to reduce nitrate emissions

# General News
Trump calls the latest special counsel a ‘monster.’ His lawyer used to call him a friend: Former President Donald Trump went on the attack when Jack Smith was named the latest special counsel to investigate the former president, calling him a “fully weaponized monster” whose Obama-era ties made him a “political hit man.” Now they’re potential adversaries in what could be the nation’s most politically incendiary federal case

# Gov / Politics / Global
Putin just changed everything with this move and NATO can’t do anything: Ukraine is on the ropes, no matter what Ukraine or NATO does. What is the military tactic in Ukraine that the media won’t explain to us? Don’t worry, we’ve got former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter on the show to explain how Ukraine is on the ropes, no matter what Ukraine or NATO does.

Russia’s Missile Threat to the U.S. Has Evolved: Russia’s missile threat to the United States has evolved drastically since the end of the Cold War, the head of the Russia Maritime Studies Institute (RMSI) told Newsweek. According to the non-profit Nuclear Threat Initiative, Russia commands one of the largest submarine fleets in the world with an estimated 58 vessels, including 11 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines, which it considers integral to its strategic deterrent.

US says intelligence shows Russia stirring unrest in Moldova: U.S. intelligence officials have determined people with ties to Russian intelligence are planning to stage protests in hopes of toppling the Moldovan government, according to the White House. Kirby said the intelligence shows that another set of Russian actors would provide training and help manufacture demonstrations in Moldova, which was granted European Union candidate status in June

An anti-government protest in Czech capital draws thousands: Thousands of people in the Czech Republic rallied against the government Saturday, protesting high inflation and demanding an end to the country’s military support for Ukraine.  As participants called on the coalition government to resign, party leader Jindrich Rajchl said they want a government to care first of all about the interests of the Czech citizens.

Yemen sides begin UN-brokered talks on prisoner exchange: Yemen’s warring sides began talks Saturday aimed at implementing a U.N.-brokered deal on a prisoner exchange, the United Nations said. The talks are co-chaired by UN envoy for Yemen Hans Grundberg and the International Committee of the Red Cross

Saudi deal with Iran worries Israel, shakes up Middle East: The news of the rapprochement between long-time regional rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran sent shockwaves through the Middle East on Saturday and struck a symbolic blow for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has made the threat posed by Tehran a public diplomacy priority and personal crusade. The agreement represents one of the most striking shifts in Middle Eastern diplomacy in recent years.

Why would Russia use hypersonic missile to strike Ukraine? The latest Russian missile barrage against Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure has marked one of the largest such attacks in months. Russia’s Defense Ministry described the barrage as a “strike of retribution” in retaliation for what Moscow described as a cross-border raid by Ukrainian saboteurs who attacked two villages in the Bryansk region in western Russia last week.
https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.voanews.com/a/why-would-russia-use-hypersonic-missiles-to-strike-ukraine-/6999754.html*:*:text=Russia’s*20Defense*20Ministry*20described*20the,in*20western*20Russia*20last*20week__;I34lJSUlJSUlJQ!!On18fmf1aQ!0IGycJidsqpEvIyFBZcKrDPwP54C-awZsMdFnxbFeqPtCpaaXe0UmT7IjYic1WwQKB4U1woXN0zecHfAOu19OM_DW6ZoddUd$ .

New Russian Hypersonic Air To Air Missile Deployed in Ukraine Makes All US Bombers/AWACs Obsolete: The new Russian R-37M air-to-air missile has shown the highest combat effectiveness during its use as part of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, an informed source told Sputnik.

# Gov / Politics / US
Prosecutor Won’t Back Down Against DeSantis ‘Fear-Mongering’: “This isn’t about whether I follow the law, this isn’t about whether or not my policies are a danger to public safety,” she said. “This is about the governor wanting to control the politics across this state. And quite frankly it’s dangerous because this is a democracy, not a dictatorship.”

House overwhelmingly approves resolution to maintain Syria sanctions after earthquake: Every member of the progressive Squad voted for the resolution. Only Republican Reps. Thomas Massie and Marjorie Taylor Greene voted against it. The resolution calls for the Biden administration to remain committed to “implementing the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2019,” a law that imposed crippling sanctions on Syria designed to prevent the country from rebuilding after years of war.

Ron DeSantis loves to bash the press. Will that work in a Presidential race? The Florida governor has cultivated a combative approach to handling the media, skipping most mainstream outlets in favor of friendly blogs or Rupert Murdoch’s publications. Though come 2024, DeSantis is “going to have to rely on a non-Fox-viewer to win,” one Republican strategist says.

DeSantis readies de facto presidential campaign: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is aggressively testing the limits of running an unofficial presidential campaign, ramping up national engagements that leave little doubt about his plans for 2024. Why it matters: DeSantis and former President Trump are the GOP frontrunners, but their approaches to campaigning so far have been starkly different.

# Legal / DOJ
Rape Trial Judge Slaps Down Trump’s Bid to Bury Access Hollywood Tape: The tape that features Trump bragging about assaulting women can be used in the civil lawsuit brought against him by E. Jean Carroll

Florida AG slams Biden after White House says no need to designate cartels as terrorists: Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody called the president “Trafficker-in-Chief” Thursday in response to the president refusing to designate Mexican cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations

Trump Gets Caught Trying to Play Judges for Trial Delays: “Trump’s lawyers have until Wednesday to explain how they tried to play two New York judges off each other by double-booking trials to potentially delay them both.”

# Medical / Health
Anti-abortion movement achieved goal of reversing Roe – but it is far from done: A total end to abortion in the US is the next goal – and how the movement aims to accomplish that depends on who you ask

Texas lawsuit that seeks to ban abortion drug nationwide sparks fear among advocates: Any day now, a far-right federal judge in Texas cherry-picked by anti-abortion groups is expected to advance a lawsuit seeking a nationwide ban on mifepristone, the pill used in more than half of all abortions in the U.S. A shadow medical community is fueling the right’s legal attacks with dubious pseudoscience, sowing fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the safety of medication abortion. This junk science and the network of groups behind it could get the pill banned across the country. That would be a devastating blow to abortion access and eliminate one of the only remaining avenues for those in need of care in states where abortion has been banned already.

# Medical Science
Leading American medical journal continues to omit Black research, reinforcing a legacy of racism in medical knowledge: The American Medical Association created a segregated “whites only” environment more than 100 years ago to prohibit Black physicians from joining their ranks. This exclusionary and racist policy prompted the creation in 1895 of the National Medical Association, a professional membership group that supported African American physicians and the patients they served.
Today, the NMA represents more than 30,000 medical professionals.

# Sports
Six former Phillies died from brain cancer. We tested Vet turf and found PFAS, or ‘forever chemicals’: Tests run on two samples of old Vet Stadium turf found it contained 16 different types of PFAS, or per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances. The six former Phillies, Tug McGraw, Darren Daulton, John Vukovich, John Oates, Ken Brett, and David West, all died of glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. The tumor is most common among those in their demographic: white men between the ages of
40 and 70, a neurologist told the Inquirer.

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