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Border / Immigration / Migrants
Mapping Project Reveals Locations of U.S. Border Surveillance Towers: The precise locations of the U.S. government’s high-tech surveillance towers along the U.S-Mexico border are being made public for the first time as part of a mapping project by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
Central Bank Digital Currencies Are About Control – They Should Be Stopped: The problem is that there is no limit to the level of control that the government could exert over people if money is purely electronic and provided directly by the government. A CBDC would give federal officials full control over the money going into–and coming out of–every person’s account.

# Education / Schools
6 people, including 3 children, were fatally shot at a private Christian grade school in Nashville: A former student shot through the doors of a Christian elementary school and killed three children and three adults after elaborately planning the massacre by drawing out a detailed map and conducting surveillance of the building, police said.

School libraries across the country adding books on gender and white supremacy: School districts across the country purchased books in 2022 that cover controversial topics such as critical race theory, white supremacy and gender dysphoria. The Center Square filed Freedom of Information Act requests with numerous school districts around the country and asked for the books they purchased for their K-12 libraries.

Republican Honestly States GOP Plan for School Shootings: ‘We’re Not Going to Fix It’: Gun-loving Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett acknowledged the reality about children dying so long as Americans can own high-powered rifles

# Employment / Labor
Exclusive: FAA Granted Medical Clearance to Pilot With ‘Possible’ Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis: CLAIM: The Federal Aviation Administration loosened the requirements that airline pilots must meet for cardiac health because a large number have heart damage caused by the COVID-19 vaccines.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical
Report: Texas fracking is exacerbating the PFAS crisis: A “staggering volume” of PFAS are being injected into fracked wells. Despite scientific concern, PFAS are still used in everything from waterproof camping gear to fast food containers. And according to a new study, they are used even more in Texas.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Environmentalists praise the EPA’s move to restrict ‘forever chemicals’ in water and wonder, what’s next? Two decades after a lawyer alerted federal officials to the substances, scientists and activists are working to assess the scope of their damage.

‘Rewilding’ parts of the planet could have big climate benefits: Restoring populations of land and marine animals in targeted “rewilding” zones would speed up biological carbon pumps that remove carbon dioxide from the air and sequester the greenhouse gas where it doesn’t harm the climate, new research shows.

DDT Pollution Dumped off Los Angeles Coast Has Not Broken Down Decades Later, Scientists Find: In 2020, University of California (UC), Santa Barbara, scientist David Valentine used a deep-sea robot to confirm that the largest dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) maker in the U.S. had dumped tens of thousands of barrels of the toxic pesticide off the Los Angeles coast. Currently, the dumping area is larger than the size of San Francisco. But now the dumped drums are disintegrating, meaning the DDT will go into the environment and food web next.

100s of Fish Killed in Radioactive Leak Fix at Power Plant: Repair efforts caused a massive temperature shift in the Mississippi River, killing at least 230 fish.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Dad of Girl Who Made Anti-War Drawing Jailed for 2 Years in Russia: 12-year-old daughter, Masha, drew a picture at her school in April 2022 bearing a Ukrainian flag along with the words “Glory to Ukraine” and “No to war.” The school’s principal called the police after seeing the image. Masha has been kept in a children’s center since March 1.  Alexei Moskalev was found guilty of discrediting the Russian army, an offense following the invasion of Ukraine

# Gov / Politics
Congress has been captured by the Arms Industry,we’re paying the price: Pentagon budget is stunning even by the standards of a department used to getting what it wants when it wants it : $1 Trillion for the Pentagon?

# Law Enforcement
Investment fund links to Atlanta police and ‘Cop City’ project revealed: A new investigation has uncovered connections between private equity firms and the contentious development of a sprawling police and fire service training complex in Atlanta known as “Cop City” and the police force which fatally shot an environmental activist.

Atlanta’s “Stop Cop City” Movement Is Spreading Despite Rampant State Repression: Police Raid Atlanta’s Weelaunee Forest to Clear “Cop City” Protesters. Police and prosecutors have used every tool in their arsenal to crush the spreading movement against Atlanta’s Cop City.

# Legal / DOJ
Minnesota suit against e-cigarette maker Juul goes to trial: Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is slated to lead off opening statements expected for Tuesday in his state’s lawsuit against Juul. “We will prove how Juul and Altria deceived and hooked a generation of Minnesota youth on their products, causing both great harm to the public and great expense to the State to remediate that harm,” Ellison said in a statement.

# Medical / Health
North Carolina Becomes 40th State To Expand Medicaid: After years of division in North Carolina over the expansion issue, Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, signed the bill Monday recently passed by the Republican-controlled legislature. The new law is expected to qualify an additional 600,000 residents for Medicaid, though it’s unclear when enrollment will begin due to a budget proviso.

# Medical Science
Artificial pancreas controls blood sugar in young children with type 1diabetes: Children aged 2 to 5 with type 1 diabetes who received an artificial pancreas had more stable blood glucose levels than those who received standard care. The improvement translated into about three hours a day of better blood glucose control, with the largest benefit seen at nighttime

Mixed-race woman potentially cured of HIV using stem cell transplant: A mixed-race woman with leukemia is likely cured of HIV after receiving a transplant including stem cells from banked umbilical cord blood. The result suggests a way to expand the pool of available stem cells for curing HIV in people who require transplants for other medical conditions.

# Medical Technology
Blind elderly man regains sight: world’s first autotransplantation is revolutionary: The doctors performed a corneal autotransplant, enlarged to include the sclera and conjunctiva. This innovative technique allowed the patient to partially recover his sight, using tissue from the other blind eye.

# Military / DOD

# Military / Global

# Nuclear
U.S. and Russia Enter ‘Silent Treatment’ Era on Nuclear Data: The U.S. will no longer share information about its nuclear forces with Moscow. “Since they have refused to be compliant with that particular modality of New START, we have decided to likewise not share that data.”

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