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Wigston Magna March 30, 2023
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# Animals / Pets / Alerts / Food Recalls
A Third of the Yellowstone Herd is Being Lost: The “tragedy of the commons” refers to the situation where several private parties are given equal access to a limited resource, the classic example being a public pasture surrounded by private ranches. Left to their own devices, each rancher will tend to maximize their share of forage, resulting in a competition that quickly desiccates the pasture to the detriment of all.

BFC regularly gets asked if we support the “slaughter” outside Yellowstone National Park or not. To answer this question, it is first necessary to ‘uncolonize’ its terminology. The term “Tribal hunting” is a mismatch of terminology. Europeans see hunting as a game by which “man” asserts his dominance over nature, as illustrated by “trophy” hunt mentality. Indigenous people on Turtle Island co-evolved with buffalo over tens of thousands of years, and “honorable harvest” is not just about the act of killing a buffalo. Instead, it is a relational process that begins with prayer and ceremony with family and friends in the Tribal cultural context, involves then taking a buffalo in its natural setting, and then continues with utilizing every gift the buffalo’s body offers

Biden Is Fulfilling Trump’s Cruel Policy on Wild Horses: The Biden Admin was supposed to have been a reprieve from the Trump years, but for conservationists who want the wild horses of the American West to live long and prosper, this didn’t happen. The anti-horse policies formulated under Donald Trump have been dutifully carried out by his liberal successor. The record-breaking roundups of iconic Western mustangs are a gift to ranching and mining interests.

To save Hainan gibbons, Earth’s rarest primate, experts roll out the big tech: According to estimates, there are only 35 or 36 individuals of the species left, limited to Bawangling National Nature Reserve in China’s Hainan province.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Biden Leaves House Dems Fuming Again Over COVID Emergency Vote: President Biden’s plans to sign a resolution ending the COVID national emergency has some House Democrats once again simmering over the White House’s communications. Why it matters: The latest flare-up of tensions threatens to reopen wounds created earlier this month over D.C. crime and immigration. “It’s, like, kindergarten-level cooperation,” Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.) told Axios.

# Education / Schools
3 Months, 79 Gun Deaths Or Injuries: An ‘Astronomical’ Rise In School Violence: Using data from an independent research tracker, NPR reports that the 89 gun-related incidents on school campuses this year puts 2023 on pace to exceed last year’s record high.

# Employment / Labor
Big Tech Companies Are Testing How Far They Can Slash Staff: Even as Elon Musk has upended Twitter, the site, with thousands-fewer employees, is still functioning. Meta, Google, and Amazon are operating with dramatically scaled-back workforces.

Sanders rips Schultz over ‘unforgivable’ efforts to crush worker organizing: “That union-busting campaign has been led by Howard Schultz.” “What Starbucks is doing is not only trying to break unions, but even worse,” said the Vermont senator. “They are trying to break the spirit of workers who are struggling to improve their lives.”

Why the repeal of anti-union laws in Michigan boosts workers nationwide: Michigan’s victory represents the latest in a string of victories for workers mobilizing to build strength across the country.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical How Biden’s oil policies upset both oil companies and environmentalists: To understand the president’s problem, we need to look deeper at the steps to drill on federal land.

Biden administration moves ahead with massive Gulf of Mexico drilling auction, weeks after approving Willow Project: The Biden administration is auctioning off more than 73 million acres of waters in the Gulf of Mexico to offshore oil and gas drilling.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Global
Australia passes climate law limiting fossil fuel emissions: The Australian Parliament took its most meaningful step in years toward addressing global warming Thursday, passing an emissions reduction bill that will compel the country’s biggest industrial polluters to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by about 30 percent by 2030.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Minnesota Train Carrying Ethanol Derails and Ignites: Early reports suggested that over a dozen railcars contained the flammable liquid. A train carrying ethanol derailed and several cars erupted in flames early Thursday in Raymond, Minnesota, sparking an evacuation of residents living near the crash site, officials said. The Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office was notified about the train derailment around 1 a.m. local time (2 a.m. ET.)

Op-ed: A lingering Trump-era regulatory trick could push orcas, salmon to extinction: In the Pacific Northwest there are no species more iconic than orcas, salmon and steelhead.

Lost in the middle of a huge American desert-military complex is the Imperial Dam on the Colorado River: Downstream from the Hoover Dam, the Colorado River flows through the Imperial Dam outside of Yuma and goes from there in different directions: the greatest share to California through the largest canal in the US; small amounts to Arizona and Mexico.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Global Mexico’s Tren Maya hotel construction clears forest reserve without permits by Maxwell Radwin: The construction of a hotel in Mexico’s Calakmul Biosphere Reserve took many residents by surprise when bulldozers started clearing the forest in January. The hotel is part of the Tren Maya project, a controversial railway line that will move tourists and cargo throughout the Yucatán Peninsula and southern Mexico.
Residents said they weren’t consulted and that the location of the project is dangerously close to Maya ruins and important sources of freshwater.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals
California farmworkers are underwater in more ways than one: Farmworkers who can’t work in flooded, damaged fields are losing out on weeks, or months, of wages. Industry experts estimate about a fifth of strawberry farms in the Watsonville and Salinas areas have been flooded since the levee ruptured late Friday about 70 miles (110 kilometers) south of San Francisco and another river overflowed.

# General News
Why the Trump Org Fired Its Jailed Money Man’s Lawyer: Manhattan prosecutors are trying to pressure the Trump Organization’s jailed finance officer to turn on Donald Trump. The company has suddenly replaced his defense lawyer.

Ban on Drones Will Disarm the Police and Remove Fire Department Resources: The debate over the safety of foreign-made drones has some in Florida’s government trying to ban those paid for by taxpayers and used by law enforcement and fire departments for protecting the public.

Matt Gaetz’s Legislative Aide Is a Convicted War Criminal: Derrick Miller, who works on military policy for Rep. Matt Gaetz, served eight years for shooting an Afghan civilian in the head during an interrogation.

# Gov / Politics
Republicans Have Met The Enemy and His Name Is Alvin Bragg: It’s not going to be Donald Trump’s fault if he’s indicted, according to Republicans. Instead, they plan to make Alvin Bragg their next big bogeyman https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.thedailybeast.com/republicans-have-met-the-enemy-and-his-name-is-alvin-bragg__;!!On18fmf1aQ!1FGazgRXJBQIDFEYtoFn8aG3ZpMn17nuPuzBvgiO4wYBRjhtOBXanfrSeUnTc_HqI33rbzpdOjTLFQ77bLnQTbReeXGdYOZX$

Biden Set to Shut Door on Conservatives in Federal Jobs: When working for the government, Joe Biden is no longer content with the tried-and-true question of patriotism: “Are you with or against us?” In a shocking effort to overhaul federal hiring guidelines, the president wants to ask: “Are you with or against me?”

# Law Enforcment
States Try to Obscure Execution Details as Drugmakers Hinder Lethal Injection: More than a dozen states have passed such “shield” laws that conceal key details about the lethal injection process, including the identities of the execution team or drug suppliers, according to the Death Penalty Information Center, a nonprofit research organization.

Cop city coverage fails to question narratives of militarized police: The story of Tortuguita’s death is about protests against militarized policing being met with more militarized policing, which ultimately resulted in a fatal shooting.

# Legal / DOJ
New York Grand Jury Votes to Indict Former President Trump: Trump has not yet been arrested but he will face arraignment on the charges, be fingerprinted, and may be handcuffed.

Trump Jury Digging Into 2nd Hush-Money Payout to Ex-Playmate: There’s a possibility he could face charges for both payments, according to the Wall Street Journal.

# Medical / Health
Narcan, the lifesaving drug that can reverse an opioid overdose, can soon be bought over the counter: The Food and Drug Administration has approved Narcan, a naloxone nasal spray that can reverse opioid overdoses and save lives, for over-the-counter use. First approved as a prescription drug by the FDA in 2015, Narcan is a quick-acting opioid antagonist that reverses the effects of opioids like heroin, fentanyl, codeine, and OxyContin

UnitedHealthcare Will Ax Around 20% Of Existing Prior Authorizations: UnitedHealthcare Will Ax Around 20% Of Existing Prior Authorizations. The changed policy, which will affect commercial, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid members, will begin in the third quarter and will mean providers merely have to notify the insurer about pending care.

Easing the prior authorization journey experience: Prior authorization, or preauthorization, is a process through which health care providers obtain coverage approval from health plans prior to performing certain non-emergency procedures. It can also be an important “checkpoint” to make sure a service or prescription is a clinically appropriate option. However, UnitedHealthcare is working to make sure the system works better for everyone.

Buprenorphine initiation in the ER found safe and effective for individuals with opioid use disorder who use fentanyl: With historically high overdose death rates in U.S., multi-site NIH study reinforces importance of continued, uninterrupted access to addiction medication.

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