Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-05-14

Voices, The Peoples News

May 14, 2023
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# Indigenous
Dispatch from the scaffolds: Native fishing culture on the Columbia River: It’s one of a few places where members of the Yakama Nation still fish from scaffolds using dip nets. Fishermen say it’s the only place that comes close to what used to exist at Celilo Falls on the Columbia River. For thousands of years, generations of tribal fishermen have learned to fish on platforms above the falls. That tradition continues in fishermen like James Kiona Jr., who grew up watching his elders fish here.

# Border / Immigration / Migrants
Border Patrol braces for surge at southern border as Title 42 enforcement ends: U.S. Border Patrol agents are bracing for a surge of foreign nationals entering the U.S. illegally as the public health authority Title 42 comes to a close at midnight.

Federal judge issues temporary restraining order halting DHS plan to release foreign nationals into the U.S. en masse A federal judge in Florida Thursday night issued a temporary restraining order halting the Biden administration’s plan to release illegal foreign nationals into the U.S. en masse https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://newspress.com/federal-judge-issues-temporary-restraining-order-halting-dhs-plan-to-release-foreign-nationals-into-the-u-s-en-masse/*:*:text=TRO*20in*20effect*20for*20two*20weeks&text=(The*20Center*20Square)*20**C20A,in*20effect*20for*20two*20weeks__;I34lJSUlJSUlJeKAkyUlJSUl!!On18fmf1aQ!3e1MBWeYtL1sw20iZEPWWjUHwJMbWwfk-7a7xz8oPDRgiXS4nqjF54wFb0IL-YvApWFoQVHcrQipkHXh6J1g7ZbaAKOpwwdp$ .

Florida AG sues Biden over plan to release foreign nationals en masse into U.S: Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody sued the Biden administration Thursday over its plan to release foreign nationals en masse into U.S. border communities. A lawsuit filed by Florida Attorney General Ashlee Moody seeks to temporarily restrain the Biden Administration’s planned release of undocumented migrants, arguing that it’s “virtually identical” to a policy that was blocked earlier this year.

Hernan Portillo-Flores was fleeing possible torture or death when he sought asylum as a teen. Eight years later, his landmark case can finally win, if only someone could find him: As migrants cross the southern border into the United States, the children seeking asylum owe a debt to a young Salvadoran who has gone missing in Mexico just as he seemed about to win a landmark case in the American courts.

At least two migrant children from Honduras have died in U.S. custody this year: The Honduran foreign minister called for ‘exhaustive investigation of the case’ to ‘apply the full weight of the law.’ 4-year-old child from Honduras in HHS custody died in March after being hospitalized for cardiac arrest in Michigan, according to CBS News . “The child, whose death has not been previously reported, was ‘medically fragile,’ HHS said in a notification to lawmakers at the time.”

New era of uncertainty at the US-Mexico border: New asylum rules for migrants attempting to cross the southern border. Texas governor deployed 10,000 Texas national guardsmen. Migrants who cross illegally can face a 5-year entry ban

# Children / Youth
For-Profit Child Care Chains See Opportunity to Monopolize Imperiled Industry: The catastrophic state of U.S. child care is rooted in capitalism, not the pandemic.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
FBI Contractor Created Fake Online IDs to Join Chatrooms Run by Groups Organizing Against Vaccine Mandates: An FBI surveillance contractor infiltrated the chatrooms of two airline industry groups opposed to vaccine mandates to collect intelligence on the groups’ organizing activities

Researchers Had a Simple Test for Determining if an Asymptomatic Person Who Tested Positive for COVID Was Infectious, But CDC, Fauci Ignored It: Researchers at Stanford University who developed the test also determined that the vast majority of asymptomatic individuals who tested positive, 96%, did not transmit the virus.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
U.S. faces ‘significant risk’ of breaking debt ceiling in first weeks of June: The U.S. government faces a significant risk of not being able to pay its bills in the coming weeks without an increase to the debt limit, the Congressional Budget Office said Friday

Experts Propose Tax Cap as Social Security Solution, Which Americans Would Be Most Affected? If nothing is done to change course, Americans on Social Security may see their monthly benefits drop by 25% in the years ahead. That’s because the Social Security trust fund reserves could become insolvent within the next decade. Currently, those earning over the cap pay an effective Social Security payroll tax rate of 1% or less. However, those earning under the cap get stuck footing a bill that’s six times higher.

4 Social Security Changes Joe Biden Wants to Make, and the 1 Insurmountable Problem He’ll Encounter: America’s top retirement program is staring down a $22.4 trillion funding obligation shortfall over the next 75 years. President Biden has laid out a four-point plan to strengthen the Social Security program. Ultimately, the president’s plan doesn’t do much to move the needle.

# Employment / Labor
He Died Helping Build Tesla’s Gigafactory. Tesla Didn’t Tell Local Officials: Antelmo Ramirez passed away from hyperthermia while on the job at the construction site of Tesla’s Gigafactory near Austin, Texas. It’s an indictment not only of Tesla’s negligence, but of Texas’s thin safety net for manual laborers.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Industry Shell Refinery Unit Had History of Malfunctions Before Fire: Recent “upsets” like tripped compressors, pressure loss and freezing weather resulted in thousands of pounds of illegal pollution but no fines or citations from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

New Study Bolsters Case for Pennsylvania to Join Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative: Membership would cut emissions, raise revenue and speed adoption of renewable fuels, report says. The study, published this week by energy specialists at the University of Pennsylvania’s Kleinman Center for Energy Policy, and Resources for the Future, a research nonprofit, concluded that by joining RGGI, Pennsylvania would by 2030 curb emissions by 80% from 2020 levels, compared with a cut of about 50% if it stayed

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Industry / Global Eleven Chemical Plants in China and One in the U.S. Emit a Climate Super-Pollutant Called Nitrous Oxide That’s 273 Times More Potent Than Carbon Dioxide: Proven, low-cost pollution controls could quickly curb those emissions, but neither China nor the U.S. require abatement measures used by other plants around the world.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Global As Alberta’s oilsands continue leaking toxic wastewater, aquatic wildlife face new risks: As Alberta’s oilsands continue leaking toxic wastewater, aquatic wildlife face new risks. As toxic water continues to spill from tailings ponds across mining developments, decades of scientific research provides evidence of how wildlife will be affected.

Chicago, HUD Settle Environmental Racism Case as Lori Lightfoot Leaves Office: City departments will be required to produce an environmental justice action plan to protect neighborhoods from “burdens associated with intensive industrial and transportation uses.” In one of her last acts before leaving office, Mayor Lori Lightfoot backed down from her previous tough stance and agreed to a deal Friday to settle an investigation by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development that found City Hall effectively has engaged for years in environmental racism.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Global McDonald’s Leads Lobbying Offensive Against Laws to Reduce Packaging Waste in Europe: Flawed assumptions and a ‘disturbing’ lack of transparency characterise an industry campaign against reusable packaging, academics and campaigners warn. In an open letter published in April, McDonald’s, along with other companies and trade associations, including Baskin-Robbins, Dunkin’ and Yum! addressed the EU, asking for a halt to the proposed packaging and packaging waste regulation.

# General News
There’s a Deeper Threat Than the Proud Boys: The “seditious conspiracy” verdicts are historic. They are far from a cure. The Oath Keepers, a paramilitary organization, faced a similar verdict recently—prosecutors said Monday that they will seek 25 years in prison for the group’s founder, Stewart Rhodes—emphasizing the collaboration between extremist groups in their attempt to disrupt the transfer of power.

# Gov / Politics
Biden Administration Quietly Backs Israel’s Deadly Assault on Gaza: At least 29 Palestinians, including 6 children, have been killed in an Israeli bombing campaign with no end in sight. It should come as no surprise that the United States has fully backed Israel in its latest assault on Gaza.

Republicans Know Abortion Bans Are Unpopular. They’re Passing Them Anyway: In some cases, anti-abortion legislators have tried to subvert the lawmaking process to avoid blowback.

GOP Presidential Candidate Wants to Limit Voting Rights for Those 18-25: Right-wing calls to raise the voting age are a response to the GOP’s poor midterms performance among young people.

White House national-security adviser Jake Sullivan told senior Chinese foreign policy adviser Wang Yi during talks in Vienna this week that the Biden administration is “looking to move beyond” tensions spurred by the U.S.’s shooting down of a Chinese spy balloon that traversed the continental United States, according to a senior Biden administration official.

The Hunter Biden Money Scandal Just Exploded: House Republicans released a 36-page report detailing the Biden family’s network of LLCs and their connection with a company linked with Chinese intelligence. The report released by the House Oversight and Accountability Committee took aim at President Joe Biden’s repeated denials of having had anything to do with Chinese money.

# Law Enforcment
A Texas Woman Was Fatally Shot By A Boyfriend Angry She Had An Abortion, Police Say Police in Dallas say a man angry that his girlfriend had an abortion in another state fatally shot the 26-year-old woman.

Prison barge for our times: What ‘frightful miseries’ will await the 500 asylum seekers who are being housed in the Bibby Stockholm prison ship? The Bibby Stockholm, currently being refitted in Falmouth, is to moor at Portland, near Weymouth, to house 500 asylum seekers. Will future generations again be invited to look back and imagine the lives of the desperate people incarcerated offshore, and the wealthy democracy that put them there?

Prison Can’t Prevent Domestic Abuse. Transformative Accountability Programs Can. Prison is a trauma-producing institution that does nothing to prevent those who have used violence from doing so again.

FBI raids Florida Trump Towers condo owned by Russian Businessmen: The FBI descended on a luxury Florida condo owned by two Russian businessmen at Trump Towers of Sunny Isles Beach on Thursday, according to a report. A squad of FBI special agents and local police raided the third building of the Sunshine State complex, the Miami Herald reported.

# Legal / DOJ
Donald digs the hole deeper: Trump said some pretty incriminating things at the CNN town hall Wednesday night. Norman L. Eisen, Tom Joscelyn, and Fred Wertheimer explain why some of his statements were important from a legal perspective. Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner said that Donald Trump has been digging his legal hole “deeper and deeper” after news broke that there were possibly classified documents related to nuclear weapons included in the list of records the FBI sought when the federal agency raided the former president’s Florida home on Monday.

Supreme Court Case May Slash Regulation of Everything From Workers’ Rights to Clean Air: Overruling ‘Chevron deference’ could imperil our health, safety, labor, air, water, food and environmental protections. A decision limiting the federal agency’s power to combat the climate crisis could potentially have wider, catastrophic effects across a broader range of health and safety issues. Environmental activists and attorneys immediately recognized that the Court’s reasoning in the vaccine case, National Federation of Independent Business v. Department of Labor, will likely lead to a win for the fossil fuel industry in the biggest environmental case of this term, West Virginia v. EPA.

# LGBTQ / Gender
Republican governors ask Biden administration to rescind Title IX guidance: Twenty-five of the nation’s 26 Republican governors have asked the Biden administration to shelve its intent to expand Title IX protections to transgender athletes. Democrats in the Nevada Legislature have already rejected a Republican bill that limited participation in sports based on a person’s gender stated on their birth certificate. Assembly Bill 374, sponsored by 16 Republicans led by Assemblyman Bert Gurr, died in committee, it was never brought to a vote.

# Medical / Health
So Long But Not Farewell to Envision: Envision Healthcare, a giant in the now-unprofitable practice of surprise billing, is filing for bankruptcy. Its legacy of fleecing patients lives on. The private equity–owned ER doctor practice, now headed to bankruptcy, was one of the defining companies of 21st-century American medicine.

5 Women State Senators Are Saving Abortion Rights (For Now): Three female pro-life Republicans and two pro-choice Democrats are all that’s stopping the Palmetto State from completely banning abortion

# Security
The ‘Censorship-Industrial Complex’: Report Names Top 50 Groups Working to Censor Americans. The citizen’s starter kit to understanding the new global information cartel.  After sixty-plus years, most of America, including most of the American left, which traditionally focused the most on this issue,  has lost its fear that our arms industry might conquer democracy from within.

# Technology
Musk Draws Backlash for Picking World Economic Forum Leader, Supporter of  ‘Content Moderation’ to Run Twitter:

AMD’s opportunity in AI may be much bigger than first believed: Moore now believes AMD (AMD) could generate $400M in AI revenue in 2024 and it could be as high as $1.2B if all goes right. While growth is likely to be ‘explosive’  in the near-term, the Dr. Lisa Su-led company is also coming from outside the market, Moore added, placing it further in competition with Nvidia (NVDA).

# Veterans / VA
Outrage grows over vets evicted from hotels to house migrants: The 20 homeless veterans who were evicted from Orange County hotels this week to make way for a group of migrants are shaken, but soldiering on, a spokeswoman for the group told The Post Saturday.

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