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May 22, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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# Chemicals
Growing number of sports bras, shirts and leggings brands found with high levels of toxic chemical, watchdog warns In adults, exposure to BPA has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity and erectile dysfunction.
An increasing number of sports bra and athletic wear brands have been found with high levels of BPA in them, a chemical compound that’s used to make certain types of plastic and can lead to harmful health effects such as asthma, cardiovascular disease and obesity https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://headtopics.com/us/more-sports-bras-shirts-and-leggings-brands-have-high-levels-of-toxic-chemical-watchdog-warns-39312334__;!!On18fmf1aQ!1ND6IgsCEFf514kCD8_2lQdLXAjTeVdrai2q7M_cQLUG2WFe7nBy_obNMkWsXtIlhpeaszyU7nT-fkXzVTmS8izO1jboxOhM$

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
The President Is Already in Litigation Over the Debt Ceiling:  At one point, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy did say that there would need to be an agreement in principle to end the debt ceiling mess by the end of this past weekend in order to have enough time to ferry it through Congress before the X-date. Well, you’re in for a shock, the weekend passed, and there’s still no agreement. If anything, the parties are further apart than before.

Berkeley’s $220M Mistake Exposed in Massive Deal With China: The university has failed to declare a $220 million investment from the municipal government of Shenzhen to build a research campus in China. A Berkeley spokesperson told The Daily Beast that the university had yet to declare the investment—announced in 2018—because the campus is still under construction.
https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.thedailybeast.com/uc-berkeley-failed-to-disclose-dollar220m-tech-deal-with-china-to-us-government*:*:text=The*20university*20has*20failed*20to,campus*20is*20still*20under*20construction__;I34lJSUlJSUlJQ!!On18fmf1aQ!1ND6IgsCEFf514kCD8_2lQdLXAjTeVdrai2q7M_cQLUG2WFe7nBy_obNMkWsXtIlhpeaszyU7nT-fkXzVTmS8izO1lMCIoI6$ .

U.S. Economy on the Brink as Time Runs Low to Avert Debt Default: The US is heading close to the brink of a self-imposed economic disaster with the Republican-led House refusing to pay the countrys debts unless President Joe Biden agrees on cuts to current and future spending and new curbs on social programs. Millions of people could see retirement and veterans benefits put on hold once the government exhausted its ability to pay its debts due to the borrowing cap set by congress.

The debt ceiling is unconstitutional, but not for the reason you think: Congress’s power to make contracts does not come with the power to renege on them.  Congress’s failure to raise the debt limit to pay its bills undercuts its own constitutional power to make binding commitments for the United States, including commitments to pay its debts, that the president must perform.

# Education / Schools
“We Refuse to Leave Anyone Behind”: Oakland Teachers Secure Wins in Strike: Teachers’ demands included a living wage, equitable class sizes and expanded special education services. A strike rally May 5 brought together teachers, staff, families, and community supporters. “We refuse to leave anyone behind,” Douglas said. “The district has sleek graphics, but we have each other. This is hard, and we need to keep communicating with each other.
https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://truthout.org/articles/we-refuse-to-leave-anyone-behind-oakland-teachers-secure-wins-in-strike/*:*:text=A*20strike*20rally*20May*205,keep*20communicating*20with*20each*20other__;I34lJSUlJSUlJQ!!On18fmf1aQ!1ND6IgsCEFf514kCD8_2lQdLXAjTeVdrai2q7M_cQLUG2WFe7nBy_obNMkWsXtIlhpeaszyU7nT-fkXzVTmS8izO1kjwKnNs$ .

Education Department Says Georgia District May Have Violated Students’ Rights With Book Bans: The Department of Education’s ruling could have implications for other districts considering book bans. The U.S. Department of Education has found that a suburban Atlanta school district’s decision to remove some books from its libraries may have created a hostile environment that violated federal laws against race and sex discrimination

House Republicans are planning to vote on a bill this week to deprive over ’40 million hard-working’ student-loan borrowers of debt cancellation, the White House says, and if passed, Biden will veto

# Employment / Labor
2,500 left jobless after latest round of Disney layoffs: Frontline operational workers at the theme parks were the only department to avoid cuts. The Disney Co. laid off at least 2,500 people on Monday in the entertainment giant’s third round of cuts this year as it trims down spending, Deadline reported. The cuts were sweeping, jobs eliminated throughout the company. Following the timeline of cuts Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed, this is expected to be the last of the significant layoffs at Disney for a while. However, there many still be some smaller cuts in the next couple of months, sources say.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Industry
The U.S. needs minerals for electric cars. Everyone else wants them too: The United States is entering an array of agreements to secure the critical minerals necessary for the energy transition https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.nytimes.com/2023/05/21/business/economy/minerals-electric-cars-batteries.html__;!!On18fmf1aQ!1ND6IgsCEFf514kCD8_2lQdLXAjTeVdrai2q7M_cQLUG2WFe7nBy_obNMkWsXtIlhpeaszyU7nT-fkXzVTmS8izO1s0hQJw-$

Colorado Frackers Doubled Freshwater Use During Megadrought, Even as Drilling and Oil Production Fell: Colorado frackers doubled freshwater use during megadrought, even as drilling and oil production fell. Oil and gas operators dramatically increased their reliance on high-quality water for fracking even though they produced enough wastewater to supply the operations.

“A Death Sentence”: Climate Groups Condemn G7 Support for More Gas Investments: “G7 must stop using fossil fuels immediately, the planet is on fire,” said the head of inequality policy at Oxfam. “Energy security can only be achieved by rapidly and equitably phasing out fossil fuels and transitioning to renewable energy, not locking in deadly fossil fuels and lining the pockets of oil and gas executives,” said one critic.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Three States Reach Deal in Attempt Save the Colorado River: The river provides drinking water to 40 million Americans in seven states. A wet Western winter was kind to Arizona, California and Nevada, the three states that have agreed to take less water from the Colorado River to keep it from going dry.

Victory! Bill Gates Funded Company Forced to Withdraw Application for GMO Mosquitoes in Major U.S. State: A Bill Gates funded company has been forced to withdraw its conquest of one of the biggest states in the entire union, as concerns over his latest experiment have led to a backlash by regulators

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals
Inside the dairy: How is ‘king of cheeses’ Parmigiano Reggiano made? Consumer turnover of Parmigiano Reggiano recently hit an all-time high of €2.9bn. What is it about this famed cheese that makes it unique? And as a premium product, what systems do producers put in place to protect against potential food fraud?

New World ag on its way: FDA gives initial thumbs up to pork from gene-edited pigs: As the popular children’s poem goes: “This little piggy went to market.” Now that the Food and Drug Administration has authorized letting gene-edited pigs enter the human food chain, that may be the case for a vastly different sort of pig than the one in the Mother Goose poem.

# General News
As Residential Care Homes Expand in Maine, Seniors Don’t Always Get the Care They Need: The disappearance of nursing home beds is sending thousands to “nonmedical” residences that aren’t equipped to handle more intensive health needs.

# Gov / Politics / Global
The International Community Does Not Accept The G7-Dominated Western Rules, Says China: The international community will not allow the U.S.-led group to dominate world affairs, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said. “China will never accept the so-called rules imposed by the few. The international community does not accept and will not accept the G7-dominated Western rules that seek to divide the world based on ideologies and values,” the statement read.

Russia and China hit back at a G7 that saw them as a threat: Moscow and Beijing lashed out against the Group of Seven (G7) summit in Hiroshima, where leaders of major democracies pledged new measures targeting Russia and spoke in one voice on their growing concerns over China.

# Gov / Politics
NAACP Warns Against Travel to Florida: ‘Openly Hostile’: NAACP advises against traveling to Florida: ‘Openly hostile toward African Americans.’ Travel warning points to ‘sustained, blatant, relentless and systemic attack on democracy and civil rights’ under Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Fascism Is Rising, But It Does Not Have to Be Our Future: Fascism is an ultranationalist, anti-democratic, far right movement. A set of political practices fundamentally based in upholding rigid, identity-based hierarchies. These hierarchies manifest as forms of supremacy depending on the country and cultural context. Fascist movements can be white supremacist, nativist, male supremacist, Christian supremacist, and more. Under fascism, the majority sees itself as a victimized community that’s fighting against marginalized communities for its survival. Within the U.S., fascists have convinced themselves that immigrants, Trans people, Black people, and many more marginalized communities are working to eradicate their way of life.

“They’re Afraid of the Majority”: Republicans Are Pushing a Quiet Assault on Direct Democracy: After reproductive rights activists secured major victories last election cycle on ballot measures, Republican lawmakers across the country are driving forward a flurry of legislation that could cement minority rule in state constitutions.

Texas Republicans to Cities, Drop Dead: Particularly (but not only) in Texas, Republican state legislatures’ response to liberal cities is to strip them of all power. As the dividing lines in the Civil War of 1861 separated North from South, so the dividing lines in our current civil war, the ones where the conflicts are fiercest, separate red states from their blue cities. More precisely, red states are not simply opposing, but enforcing, their rule over blue cities.

Goodbye to the American Century – China, India, and the Emerging New World Order:     There is a very strong justice based case for damages in billions of dollars being paid by the main perpetrators of violence to the victims.

The GOP Would Rather Hold Hungry Families Hostage Than Tax the Wealthy: The GOP, unable to destroy the social safety net through normal legislative processes, has turned to blackmail. But Joe Biden being Joe Biden, however, he’s unlikely to fully call the GOP’s bluff, hoping for a negotiated outcome to the standoff rather than a constitutionally untested reliance on the 14th Amendment. Given the extremism of today’s Republican Party, and the willingness of at least part of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s caucus to burn the whole ship of state down, that’s a risky strategy.

# Legal / DOJ
Clyburn’s Role in South Carolina Redistricting May Be Examined as Supreme Court Hears Racial Gerrymandering Case: The NAACP successfully challenged the state’s new congressional maps as racially motivated. Republicans argued that they fielded requests from the powerful Black Democrat before redrawing district lines.

Chinese Immigrants Sue Florida Over DeSantis’s Discriminatory Law Banning Home Purchases: “All Asian Americans will feel the stigma and the chilling effect created by this Florida law, just like the discriminatory laws did to our ancestors more than a hundred years ago.” A group of Chinese citizens who live, work, study, and raise families in Florida, as well as a real estate brokerage firm in Florida that primarily serves clients of Chinese descent, are filing a lawsuit to combat Florida’s discriminatory property law, SB 264.

# Medical / Health
On the Edge: The next deadly pandemic is just a forest clearing away. But we’re not even trying to prevent it.

How We Found That Sites of Previous Ebola Outbreaks Are at Higher Risk Than Before: Research links deforestation to outbreaks. Combining two peer-reviewed models and the latest satellite images of tree loss, we discovered that the sites of five previous outbreaks have a greater chance of facing Ebola again.

Hospitals in Two States Denied an Abortion to a Miscarrying Patient. Investigators Say They Broke Federal Law: Doctors told her she might die but she couldn’t have an abortion under state law until she got sicker, documents show. The Biden administration says failing to act violates a federal law requiring hospitals to provide emergency care.

The Shadowy Financial Empire Built Around Liberty HealthShare Is Showing Signs of Strain: Beers family members built a “conglomerate” by selling a Christian alternative to traditional health insurance. As the family amassed wealth, Liberty’s finances were depleted and thousands of members’ medical bills went unpaid. They’re now scrambling for cash, even though they received millions in PPP loans that were later forgiven.

Thousands Experience Lapses in Care as Medicaid Rules Expire: As South Dakota and North Carolina remove participants from Medicaid, the states also plan to add people to the program.

Abortion Rights Activists Face Attack From DeSantis and Conspiracy Lawsuit, for Spray Painting. The absurd RICO allegations come after the Biden administration hit the activists with federal charges that carry a 12-year sentence.

Trial of Gates-Funded Vaccine Patch for Infants ‘Successful,’ Company Says: An Atlanta-based biotech company last week said it successfully concluded the first-ever clinical trial testing, with help from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, of a microarray injection-free vaccine on children as young as 9 months old.

Texas Forced This Woman to Give Birth to a Stillborn Son. She’s Suing: “I was told that if I tried to discharge myself, or seek care elsewhere, that I could be arrested for trying to kill my child”

8 More Women Join Lawsuit Against Texas Abortion Ban, Sharing Horrific Stories: “Texas law caused me to be detained against my will for five days and treated like a criminal,” plaintiff Kiersten Hogan told reporters.

Republicans Are Quietly Moving to Limit Mifepristone Access Nationwide: A House panel advanced a 2024 budget bill that would block the ability to access the abortion drug via telehealth. It would revoke the FDA decision to nix the requirement for mifepristone to be obtained in person and allow it to be prescribed via telehealth and received by mail, which was first announced by the agency in 2021.

# Medical / Health / Global
Polio cases in Africa linked to new oral vaccine. Improved vaccine is not reaching enough children: These are the first cases linked to a new polio vaccine that was painstakingly designed to avoid just this problem.

# Military / DOD
Another Senior Officer Fired at One of the Army’s Most Troubled Bases: A battalion commander with the 1st Cavalry Division based at Fort Cavazos, Texas, was fired after an investigation found he was unqualified to command

# Science
The Scientist and the Bats: Funders thought watching bats wasn’t important. Then she helped solve the mystery of a deadly virus. Those bats turned out to be the carriers of the deadly Hendra virus, which can jump from bats to horses and then to humans. Eby began a quest to understand why and how the virus was making these leaps between species, known as spillover. She hoped to predict when the next infection would emerge.

# Security
Surveillance Technologies Don’t Create Safety. They Intensify State Violence: Surveillance technologies create a dragnet to monitor nearly everyone and collect data on all of our behaviors. They Intensify State Violence. Surveillance technologies create a dragnet to monitor nearly everyone and collect data on all of our behaviors.

# Technology / Global
Japanese Scientists Create Remote-Controlled Cyborg Cockroaches: Researchers have engineered a system for creating remote-controlled cyborg cockroaches, equipped with a tiny wireless control module that is powered by a rechargeable battery attached to a solar cell. Despite the mechanical devices, ultrathin electronics and flexible materials allow the insects to move freely. These achievements will help make the use of cyborg insects a practical reality.

Meet The “Swarmies”- Robotics Answer to Bugs: A small band of NASA engineers and interns is about to begin testing a group of robots and related software that will show whether it’s possible for autonomous machines to scurry about an alien world such as the moon searching for and gathering resources just as an ant colony does.

Remote Control Insects: Yale University School of Medicine researchers have found a way to exercise a little mind control over fruit flies, making the flies jump, beat their wings, and fly on command by triggering genetic “remote controls” that the scientists designed and installed in the insects’ central nervous systems, according to a new report in the 8 April issue of the journal Cell.

# Veterans / VA
Group Accused of Making Up Story About Homeless Vets Being Evicted to Make Room for Migrants: The founder of a nonprofit group has been accused of fabricating a story about homeless military veterans being evicted from a New York hotel to make room for migrants, a tale that stoked days of outrage on cable news networks

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