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May 26, 2023
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# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
Among the GOP’s debt ceiling hostages? Social Security payments for oldest Americans: “The choice facing the executive branch is clear: Act or default; act or increase the suffering of millions; act or go into economic tailspin.” “Every option on the table from the MAGA House majority leaves millions of vulnerable seniors worse off, either extreme cuts against seniors’ health and food security, or a manufactured default crisis that delays Social Security checks.” If the federal government can’t make a June 2 payment slated for Social Security recipients, the oldest beneficiaries, those over 88, and people with disabilities will be the first to suffer,”

Negotiators Close In on a Debt Deal, Angering Both Right and Left: White House and congressional negotiators are reportedly nearing a budget deal that would cut spending and raise the debt ceiling to avert an unprecedented default on U.S. debt, and members of both the Republican and Democratic parties are fuming and fretting about it, even as difficult issues remain unresolved. Biden said, “I don’t believe the whole burden should fall on the backs of middle-class and working-class Americans. My House Republican friends disagree.”

Debt Ceiling Talks Teeter on the Brink, as Lawmakers Leave Town for Weekend Without a Deal: At the Capitol, Speaker Kevin McCarthy said “every hour matters” in talks with President Joe Biden’s team as they try to work out a budget agreement. Republican are demanding spending cuts the Democrats oppose as their price for raising the legal debt limit.

The Debt Ceiling Deal Is Beginning to Take Shape: The deal, which has not yet been finalized, would raise the U.S. debt ceiling for two more years.

# Employment / Labor
GOP EYING CHILD LABOR? Lawmakers in several states are embracing legislation to let children work in more hazardous occupations, for more hours on school nights and in expanded roles, including serving alcohol in bars and restaurants as young as 14. The efforts, largely led by Republicans, are meant to address worker shortages.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Industry Major ocean database that will guide deep-sea mining has flaws, scientists warn: As sea-bed mining looms, researchers say better records of sea-floor biodiversity are needed to assess its environmental impact. Scientists worry about allowing companies to start mining the sea bed because little is known about deep-sea habitats and biodiversity, so its environmental effects are unpredictable. The ISA runs a database called DeepData, which is meant to tackle some of these concerns, as well as to enable research projects.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure
How Supreme Court’s EPA ruling will affect U.S. wetlands, clean water: The decision could affect tens of thousands of acres of wetlands, including in the Everglades and the Mississippi River basin. According to estimates from Earthjustice, an environmental law firm, the decision will prevent the EPA from placing federal protections on as many as 118 million acres of wetlands, an area larger than the landmass of California.

Supreme Court limits federal power over wetlands, boosts property rights over clean water: The Supreme Court on Thursday made it harder for the federal government to police water pollution in a decision that strips protections from wetlands that are isolated from larger bodies of water.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Putin Wants Russians to Believe That Nothing Is Happening at Home: He is just about the only person in Russia who is not increasingly engaged in domestic politics, a reflection of his growing messiah complex. Putin’s Tactic of Inaction Could Backfire at Home. Putin’s plan is to wait out what he sees as inevitable changes in the West and Ukraine. These days, however, Russia’s elites are liable to see defeatism in inaction.

Russia signs nuclear arms deal with neighbor Belarus –The agreement stipulates the deployment of non-strategic weapons to Belarus in response to increased NATO activity

Russia Maintains Control Over Nukes Stationed in Belarus – Defense
Minister: The control over the decision to use nuclear weapons deployed in Belarus will be carried out by Russia. The decision of Russia and Belarus on retaliatory measures in the military-nuclear sphere was made in the context of an extremely serious escalation of threats on the western borders of the two countries

China has quietly become a port power. It is leveraging its firms’ extensive international ocean port infrastructure to buttress the reach of its armed forces. For the U.S. military, China has also become the ‘pacing challenge’, the benchmark for how fast and far it must adjust to provide effective defense in a competitive international system.

Zelensky Fury After Russian Missile Hits Clinics in Dnipro: Officials say 10 Russian missiles and more than 20 drones were stopped, but one missile hit medical buildings. At least one person has been killed and 15 wounded in a Russian missile attack on two clinics in Dnipro, eastern Ukraine, described by President Volodymyr Zelensky as a “crime against humanity.”

# Gov / Politics
‘Demonize and eliminate’ – university program linking Christians, Republicans to Nazis granted DHS funds under ‘anti-terror’ initiative: Among the organizations and movements displayed on the “Pyramid of Far-Right Radicalization” were the Republican Party, the Heritage Foundation, the American Conservative Union, Fox News, Breitbart News, the National Rifle Association, Prager University, Tea Party Patriots, the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement, the pro-police Blue Lives Matter movement, and the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Oversight Chair Comer prepared to hold FBI Director Wray in contempt over Biden bribery document: House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer says an informant file that he’s seeking from the FBI links President Biden to a $5 million bribery scheme while he was vice president.

Republican Launches Bid for U.S. Senate Seat: A mayor in Utah launched a bid for the U.S. Senate seat held by Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah). “Right now, Washington is broken. And every time we compromise, it costs us trillions. We have more IRS agents than border agents. And while we’re paying 4 a gallon for gas, they’re sending our money unchecked to Ukraine … Enough is enough,” Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs said in his announcement video.

Biden seeks legislation to invest in Australia, UK defense industries: The Biden administration is asking Congress to make the Australian and British industrial bases eligible for grants and loans under the Defense Production Act as part of their efforts to advance the trilateral AUKUS agreement.

# Law Enforcment
Minnesota Prison Officials Seized $10,000 in Wages From Incarcerated Workers: Stillwater prison authorities gave 44 incarcerated workers a raise and then, months later, said they had to pay it back. The incarcerated workers say it’s wage theft.

# Legal / DOJ
Army vet, Oath Keepers leader gets 18 years for plotting Jan. 6 attack: A federal judge Thursday sentenced Army veteran and Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes the toughest sentence yet following the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot. His deputy, Kelly Meggs, got 12 years.

# Medical / Health
Hospitals’ Bid for Quick Cash Leaves Patients Worse Off: Medical credit cards shift the burden of medical financing onto unsuspecting consumers who could have qualified for other means of payment. The problem is that these alternative forms of credit are deceptive from the start.

Denials of Health Insurance Claims Are Rising, And Getting Weirder: It’s a handy way for insurers to keep revenue high, and just the sort of thing that provisions of the Affordable Care Act were meant to prevent. Because the law prohibited insurers from deploying previously profit-protecting measures such as refusing to cover patients with preexisting conditions, the authors worried that insurers would compensate by increasing the number of denials.

The $20 Billion Scam At The Heart Of Medicare Advantage: As Medicare privatization continues, insurers are milking massive profits from systematic overbilling and kneecapping modest Biden proposals to stop the scheme.

Illinois Is the Midwest’s Abortion Refuge. Clinics Are Being Terrorized:
A would-be arsonist got trapped in his car after attempting to torch the site of a new clinic in Danville last weekend https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-features/illinois-abortion-clinic-site-attacked-arson-1234741331/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!08uFyr81eG94MP1pm6MhnEf-5KEii5sxc9VRv1afkcP5bRJa9ezFuwizOauNtGRJTWw37KW8J9IldQPd3ifjU9kvvDTay62p$

# Military / DOD
Pentagon says allies will unite to train Ukrainians on F-16s: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in addition to training, Ukraine will need to be able to sustain and maintain the aircraft and have enough munitions. Pentagon leaders warned that it will be a costly and complex task and won’t be a magic solution to the war.

# Space / UFO Disclosure / Other
Intuitive Machines Lunar Landing Site Moves to South Pole: NASA, in cooperation with Intuitive Machines, is moving the landing site for the first Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) mission to Moon’s South Pole as an important first step in managing risks for future Artemis landings.

Study doubles the number of known repeating fast radio bursts: Their recent open-access publication in The Astrophysical Journal reports the discovery of 25 new repeating FRB sources, doubling the known number of these phenomena known to scientists to 50. In addition, the team found that many repeating FRBs are inactive, producing less than one burst per week of observing time.

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