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May 29, 2023
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The Great Dictator Speech – Charlie Chaplin [Video and Transcript] It’s
time we stopped complaining and moaning about police violence,
riots, racism and our current dictator in the Whitehouse.
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# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
The Debt Ceiling Standoff Has Been A Performance: The Republicans are threatening to tank the economy, and the Democrats are just waiting to get pantsed. In the debt ceiling standoff, Republicans are holding the global economy hostage, demanding a ransom payment that consists of gutting the U.S. social safety net, rapid approval of fossil fuel projects, cuts to education and national park budgets, and more.

Progressives Condemn Biden-GOP Debt Ceiling Deal as ‘Cruel and Shortsighted’: Progressive economists and advocates warned that the tentative debt ceiling agreement reached by the White House and Republican leaders would needlessly gash nutrition aid, rental assistance, and education programs, all while making it easier for the wealthy to avoid taxes.

Debt ceiling deal includes surprise approval of natural gas pipeline championed by Manchin: The controversial natural gas project has been a priority for West Virginia, but its approval will bring new criticism for the Biden administration

# Employment / Labor
One Small Union Is Stoking Much of the Militant New Graduate Worker Organizing: Stoked by an independent union, grad worker unionization is transforming the labor movement and progressive politics.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Industry Environmentalists in Virginia and West Virginia Regroup to Stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline, Eyeing a White House Protest: The U.S. Forest Service’s recent pipeline approval, coupled with Sen. Joe Manchin’s unflagging support, help define the stakes in a long-running battle. One activist called the pipeline “a climate disaster.”

SunZia Southwest Transmission Project receives final federal approval: U.S. Bureau of Land Management issued its final approval for the transmission line May 18, environmental reviews of the project and line’s route were completed, paving the way for it be built this year.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Industry / Global Victorious Erdogan promises to fulfill pledge to Putin: Erdogan has pledged to complete a gas distribution hub to pipe Russian natural gas into Europe via Türkiye. Erdogan, addressing his parliamentary deputies Wednesday, said Turkey had secured a vital opportunity by agreeing to Putin’s plan.

India becomes Europe’s largest supplier of refined fuels: A recent report by analytics firm Kpler showed India has become Europe’s largest supplier of refined fuels this month while simultaneously buying record amounts of Russian crude. The reliance of Europe on Indian crude oil products has surged. This increase can be linked with the ban on Russian oil.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Bizarre climate change theory spread by Joe Rogan goes viral on social media: A recent viral “theory” falsely attributes climate change impacts to cyclical changes in Earth’s magnetic field. However, scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports that climate change is happening due to human activities. We delve into the dangers of disinformation campaigns and the importance of combating climate change misinformation

The Supreme Court just gutted the Clean Water Act. It could be devastating: The impact of the majority ruling is potentially enormous. It could lead to the removal of millions of miles of streams and millions of acres of wetlands from the law’s direct protection. Basic protections necessary to ensure clean, healthy water for human consumption and enjoyment will be lost.

How the Supreme Court’s wetlands ruling could impact pollution, flooding: The Supreme Court’s decision to curb federal regulations for wetlands could have far-reaching implications for America’s water. The ruling is expected to open the nation up to more water pollution, experts say. And not only that: They say it could also make the country more vulnerable to floods.

The Supreme Court crippling environmental protections. Where is Congress? Will lawmakers allow what one justice called the court’s appointment of itself as the national decision maker on environmental policy. The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a major blow to the Environmental Protection Agency’s power to regulate carbon emissions that cause climate change. The decision by conservative court majority sets the stage for further limitations on the regulatory power of other agencies as well.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Global Global Warming Fueled Both the Ongoing Floods and the Drought That Preceded Them in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna Region: In a part of the country famous for its agriculture and cultural identity, climate-driven swings between extreme precipitation and deep drought threaten historic architecture, ancient art and beloved foods.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals
FDA approves first gene-edited sausages: Washington State University (WSU) has made history with the first gene-edited food product researched by a university. German-style sausages made from gene-edited pigs have been granted FDA authorization for human consumption.

The SNAP Expansion Helped Me Lead a Dignified Life on Disability, Now It’s Gone: Pandemic social programs were a life saver. Now conservatives want to shred what little is left after they expired. The expanded SNAP benefits kept 4.2 million people out of poverty during 2021, including 14 percent of children out of poverty, while the expanded Child Tax Credit cut child poverty nearly in half. Combined with the direct stimulus payments, the American Rescue Plan brought poverty down by 22 percent, illustrating that poverty is indeed a political choice in America. By July 2022, the unemployment level had fallen to a 50-year low of 3.5 percent. With pandemic aid expired, those gains are being reversed.

# General News
What Is Actually Still Made in America?
Made Overseas: Converse
Made Overseas: New Balance
Made Overseas: Dirt Devil
Made Overseas: Nike

# Gov / Politics / Global
Free Julian Assange: Noam Chomsky, Dan Ellsberg & Jeremy Corbyn Lead Call at Belmarsh Tribunal: The WikiLeaks founder has been languishing for over four years in the harsh Belmarsh prison in London while appealing extradition to the United States. If he is extradited, tried and convicted, Assange faces up to 175 years in jail for violating the U.S. Espionage Act for publishing documents that exposed U.S. war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Belmarsh Tribunal: Around the world, state actors are cracking down on journalists, sources, and publishers in a globally coordinated campaign to disrupt the public’s access to information and shut off their sources of dissent.

Europe’s War Against Refugees Is Fueling the Far Right’s Ascension: The international guaranteed rights of refugees are eroding on both sides of the Atlantic.

Australia Keeps Churning Out War-With-China Propaganda:     I defy you to find me footage more brazenly propagandistic than this, from any point in history. 60 Minutes Australia has been playing a leading role in saturating Australian airwaves with consent-manufacturing messaging in support of militarising to participate in a US war against China.

India GDP crosses $3.5 tn in 2022: India in a bright spot & shines amid global gloom, its GDP crossed $3.5 tn in 2022, says Moody’s. Watch video! US credit rating agency Moody’s has given a thumbs up to India’s growth story. Moody’s estimates that India’s GDP has already crossed 3.5 trillion dollar mark and that is largely because of the young

China, DR Congo elevate bilateral relationship: China-DRC relations will be raised to a higher level and cooperation expanded to all areas of common interest, including education, scientific research, health, infrastructure, mining, agriculture, digital, the environment, sustainable development, hydrocarbons, energy, defense and security

China’s rapid economic recovery brings ‘big opportunities’ to Uruguay: Uruguayan agriculture minister: Uruguay’s Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries Fernando Mattos just finished his 19-day-long trip in China on Friday, achieving fruitful results of bilateral agricultural cooperation including signed agreements between their agricultural ministries as well as other related institutions.

# Gov / Politics
As Deals Go, This Is One of Them: Running down the details of the debt ceiling agreement. The second that Joe Biden agreed to negotiate with House Republicans on the debt ceiling, the results were going to be bad. The people who benefit most from government action, the poor and the vulnerable, were going to be hurt, and those who benefit most from a weakened government, the rich and the powerful, were going to be aided. The only question was the degree. With one potentially major exception, the relative harm and help was kept to a minimum in the final agreement.

Jan. 6 Megadonor Helping Ohio GOP Preemptively Overturn Will of the Voters: In a fight centered on abortion rights, Republicans trying to pass a constitutional amendment could be violating their own new election law.

The U.S. Is Unhappy That Mexico Is Spending Money on Its Own Citizens: Mexico’s populist president should instead be spending more on furthering U.S. interests, according to a leaked intelligence document.

This country just pointed some of the blame for the Russian-Ukraine War on the US: This year’s G-7 summit takes place as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and an increasingly assertive China test the resilience of the postwar order and make it more difficult to address transnational challenges such as climate change. We asked Eurasia Group experts Ali Wyne, Lívia Pereira, and David Boling what to expect. What are the top items on the agenda for the summit?

The Rise of the Ronald: Ron DeSantis is the polished, competent, Fox-loving, lib-owning successor-in-waiting to Donald Trump’s MAGA nation. Is it any wonder they’re locked in a 2024 cold war?

The 5th Risk: A man who campaigned on abolishing the Department of Energy, former Texas governor Rick Perry, is now running the $30 billion agency. President Trump has proposed slashing its budget, and its highly skilled workforce has been devastated. Those familiar with the DOE’s key roles, from guarding the US nuclear arsenal to assessing the North Korean threat, to protecting the electrical grid, are terrified.

The China Threat [By The FBI] Manufacturing consent for war with China: Confronting this threat is the FBI’s top counterintelligence priority. To be clear, the adversary is not the Chinese people or people of Chinese descent or heritage. The threat comes from the programs and policies pursued by an authoritarian government.

Wow, this should be mandatory watching! Retired Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: Domestic Politics Drive Donald Trump’s Military Action in Syria. The former chief of staff to Colin Powell believes the Syrian government may not be responsible for last week’s chemical attack and that the president’s response violated international law.

‘The Official Truth’: The End of Free Speech That Will End America: America now plagued with censorship, widespread online surveillance and criminal prosecutions targeting Americans who exercise their free speech.

# Law Enforcment
Justice Department Intervention Didn’t Stop Seattle’s Police Violence. It Gave Cops More Money: Seattle learned the hard way that federal oversight via “consent decrees” mainly served to increase police budgets.

3 dead, 5 injured in motorcycle gang shooting in New Mexico: Mayor of Red River says the shooting was gang-related, and that the shooters have all been taken into custody. Neither the victims nor the shooters were local residents and were among bikers who were visiting for the rally over the long weekend holiday leading into Memorial Day

Chicago has suffered 34 shootings so far in Memorial Day weekend, with eight of them resulting in deaths, according to the Chicago Police Department. A 14-year-old girl was treated for a gunshot wound, and a 20-year-old was killed

# Legal / DOJ
According to the Supreme Court, science and clean water don’t matter: Last week’s decision by the Supreme Court undermining the Clean Water Act comes as House Republicans have waged an ongoing crusade against this bedrock environmental law, voting twice this spring to gut clean water protections while they are also fighting to gut other foundational environmental laws in debt ceiling negotiations.

# LGBTQ / Gender
Bomb threats made against Target stores in Utah, Ohio and Pennsylvania over Pride controversy: Staff and customers at several Target locations were evacuated on Friday after bomb threats were made at select stores across the country as controversy continues to grow over the company’s  LGBTQ+ merchandise.

In California, 10% of Legislature now identifies as LGBTQ:  While LGBTQ candidates and their supporters celebrated several milestone victories around the nation in this year’s midterm elections, California quietly reached its own: At least 10% of its state lawmakers identify publicly as LGBTQ, believed to be a first for any U.S. legislature.

LGBTQ students wrestle with tensions at Christian colleges: Official recognition and funding by Saint John’s and the College of Saint Benedict is welcome proof of the Catholic schools’ “acknowledging queer students exist.” Tensions endure here and at many of the hundreds of U.S. Catholic and Protestant universities. The Christian teachings they ascribe to are different from wider societal values over gender identity and sexual orientation, because they assert that God created humans in unchangeable male and female identities

# Medical / Health
The $20 Billion Scam At The Heart Of Medicare Advantage: As Medicare privatization continues, insurers are milking massive profits from systematic overbilling and kneecapping modest Biden proposals to stop the scheme. The health insurance behemoth Humana enjoyed a banner 2022. The Louisville, Ky.-based insurer made $2.8 billion in profits last year, while paying out $448 million in dividends to shareholders and more than
$17 million in compensation to its CEO.

Doctors Are Disappearing From Emergency Rooms as Hospitals Look to Cut Costs: Tennova Hospital had outsourced its emergency rooms to American Physician Partners, a medical staffing company owned by private equity investors. APP employs fewer doctors in its ERs as one of its cost-saving initiatives to increase earnings, according to a confidential company document obtained by KHN and NPR. This staffing strategy has permeated hospitals, and particularly emergency rooms, that seek to reduce their top expense: physician labor.

‘Enormous policy failure’: states throw hundreds of thousands, including many children, off Medicaid: “We knew this was coming,” wrote one policy expert. “But we still treat these burdens like they’re unavoidable natural disasters.”

# Military / Global
Ukrainians have started training on tanks in Germany: About 400 Ukrainian troops are currently getting a variety of training at U.S. military run bases in Germany in preparation of eventually operating Abrams tanks.

China’s hypersonic missiles threaten US power in the Pacific: China’s newest hypersonic missile, the DF-27, can fly as far as Hawaii, penetrate U.S. missile defenses and pose a particular threat to U.S.
aircraft carriers, according to news reports of an assessment from the Pentagon.

# Pharmaceuticals / Drugs
Expanding Use of Primates in Drug Testing Is a Threat to Public Health: Proposals to expand domestic breeding of primates for research overlook several ethical, scientific and safety woes. Between 2000 and 2020, an estimated 482,000 primates were imported into the U.S. to be experimented on in testing laboratories. All the while, pharmaceutical drug development has been mired in serious challenges, particularly during the animal-heavy research stages known as preclinical phases.

# Space / UFO Disclosure / Other
NASA, Boeing provide update on Starliner flight test readiness: NASA and Boeing completed a joint Crew Flight Test checkpoint review May 25 ahead of the first flight of Starliner with astronauts to the International Space Station.

Stratolaunch expands fleet with Virgin Orbit’s modified Boeing 747: Stratolaunch has received approval from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware to acquire Virgin Orbit’s modified Boeing 747 and its related parts and equipment, marking an expansion of Stratolaunch’s air-launch fleet. The acquisition is expected to close by July 31, 2023.

A Saudi Arabian satellite launches on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket: SpaceX confirmed Saturday it successfully launched its Falcon 9 rocket and later deployed Saudi Arabia’s Arabsat Badr 8 communications satellite into orbit.
A Falcon 9 rocket topped with the Arabsat BADR-8 satellite lifted off from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida on Saturday morning (May 27) at 12:30 a.m. ET (0430 GMT). The rocket’s first stage landed on SpaceX’s droneship Just Read the Instructions eight minutes and 46 seconds later.

# Technology / Global
Chinese state hackers infiltrate US and Guam critical infrastructure, steal sensitive data: Reports reveal that Chinese state-sponsored hackers have successfully infiltrated critical infrastructure systems across the United States and Guam, engaging in covert cyber espionage and stealing sensitive data.

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