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As suicides rise in the US, the 988 hotline offers hope –
but most Americans aren’t aware of it: The 988 Suicide &
Crisis Lifeline is for anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts,
emotional distress, substance abuse issues or mental
health problems. Suicide continues to be a leading cause
of death in the United States, it’s the 12th-leading cause
of death among all ages. In 2021, there were 48,000
suicide deaths in the U.S., which is about one every 11
minutes. (Read More by clicking HERE!)
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# Indigenous / Global
Mercury pollution is worsening mental health for the Grassy Narrows First Nation: Mercury poisoning among members of the Grassy Narrows First Nation in Ontario, Canada, is contributing to high rates of attempted suicide. “Our way of life has been totally destroyed.”

‘I want Lula to see this’: Indigenous chief continues fight for Amazon: Raoni Metuktire Kayapó has battled against deforestation all his life and is inviting Brazil’s president to see the damage to his land. Indigenous chief Raoni Metuktire Kayapó stares at the scars, tinted red, blue, green, white, brown, yellow and grey, and jabs his finger in anger. “I don’t like this at all. The destruction is so big and the land will never go back to what it was.”

That other war, this conflict will not be televised: It’s been devastating, even if no one’s paying attention. Three months of fighting in Sudan between the army and a paramilitary group called the Rapid Support Force (RSF) has left at least 3,000 people dead and wounded at least 6,000 more. Over two million people have been displaced within the country, while another 700,000 have fled to neighboring nations.

# Border / Immigration / Migrants
At Texas-Mexico border, Ron DeSantis unveils immigration platform with Trump in mind The Florida governor calls for deputizing local law enforcement to police the border and deport migrants, saying his plan is “more aggressive” than the former president’s proposals.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
Why US debt will continue to rise: The mismatch between revenues and spending continue to grow. The COVID-19 pandemic and legislative response to mitigate its impact led to a significant amount of federal borrowing; the primary driver behind the nation’s rising debt is the structural mismatch between federal receipts and outlays

US Economy Defies Expectations as Growth Picks Up: Despite fears of a slowdown amid rising interest rates, economic growth accelerated to an annual rate of 2.4% in the second quarter of 2023, the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported

Top 5 largest US pharma firms’ net earnings topped $81.9 billion last year: PhRMA and the Chamber of Commerce were two of the top three federal lobbying spenders in 2022, spending $29.2 million and $81 million, respectively, to lobby on a range of issues including drug price negotiations, according to federal lobbying disclosures analyzed by the nonpartisan money-in-politics sleuths at OpenSecrets.

# Education / Schools
Houston to Eliminate Librarians in 28 Schools; Booksellers Sue over Texas Book Ban Bill: The Houston Independent School District is eliminating librarian positions at 28 schools in the upcoming school year and will replace some libraries with so-called team centers, essentially disciplinary centers for students. The widely blasted move comes after state Republicans forcibly took over the Houston Independent School District earlier this year. Those most affected will be children of color in lower-income areas.

The nation’s oldest Black fraternity said it will no longer hold its 2025 convention in Orlando, making it the latest group to switch venues out of disdain for the divisive policies of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who is seeking the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. Alpha Phi Alpha, the nation’s oldest Black fraternity, said it will no longer hold its 2025 convention in Orlando, making it the latest group to switch venues out of disdain for policies implemented by Florida’s hard-right Republican governor, Ron DeSantis https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2023/7/28/2183762/-Another-convention-pulls-out-of-FL-citing-DeSantis-s-attacks-on-the-Black-community__;!!On18fmf1aQ!2q7gGgpqAgieSf7wxX-ZZOxvFUzi8GMiQ3jIAkKwR2J2EZbva5Bcza_Y3X7SwfXZ3O6YHbMW47cJluVau2rLgsHVXBx8rmuU$

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Record-Breaking Rains in Chicago Underscore the Urgency of Flood Resiliency Projects, City Officials Say: As the risk of flooding in Northeastern Illinois increases, with millions in federal funds available, investments in water management and nature-based solutions are seen as crucial to protect vulnerable communities.

Florida Waters Reach Hot Tub Temperatures of 101.19 Degrees Fahrenheit: Earlier this week, south Florida saw sea surface temperatures equivalent to a normal hot tub. At Manatee Bay, inside Everglades National Park, a water temperature buoy about five feet underwater showed a temperature of 101.19 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday afternoon, with other buoys in the vicinity reaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure / Global Nearly 100 Pilot Whales Die After Beaching in Australia: Nearly 100 pilot whales became stranded on Cheynes Beach in Western Australia on Tuesday. Most of the pod, 52 whales, died overnight, and the rest have been euthanized, according to officials, as rescue efforts over two days have failed.

# General Recalls / Alerts
Check Your Freezer: The USDA Just Recalled Over 50 Frozen Meat Products: The meat was produced in rooms outside of official inspection by Kingsland Food Processing Corp. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) just announced a large recall of frozen meat and poultry products sold by Kingsland Food Processing Corporation. Meat from the company was shipped through distributors to wholesale customers in Florida, Texas, and four other states.

# General News
Ford recalls 870K F-150 pickups in US because parking brakes can turn on unexpectedly: The recall covers certain pickups from the 2021 through 2023 model years with single exhaust systems. Ford’s F-Series pickups are the top-selling vehicles in the US.

# Gov / Politics
State Department Orders Staff  to Leave Haiti ASAP: The families of U.S. government employees have been told to go too.  The U.S. State Department on Thursday ordered non-emergency government personnel and family members to leave Haiti as soon as possible, citing “kidnapping, crime, civil unrest, and poor health care infrastructure.”

With Spending Fight Looming, House Starts August Recess Early: The House on Thursday passed one annual spending bill, punted on another and then dismissed lawmakers early for a six-week recess, setting up a crunch to avoid a government shutdown by the September 30 deadline.

House GOP Bails on Funding Fight Amid Conservative Impasse: Republican leaders punted their agriculture and FDA spending bill until September, a setback for their hopes of unity.

Health Deadlines Pile Up as Congress Adjourns for August: Spending bills, key health reauthorization measures leave Congress with a hefty to-do list before Sept. 30

Where’s All That Military Aid for Ukraine Going? Perhaps you’ve heard this narrative: The U.S. is pouring billions of dollars into Ukraine and no one knows where all the weapons and cash are ending up. This is more fiction than reality, but President Biden should welcome a Senate effort to shore up public confidence in support for Kyiv.

Biden Allies Now Want to Run Against ‘Collapsing’ DeSantis Over Trump: “Some of Biden’s closest confidants have in recent weeks told the president that DeSantis has performed so poorly in the primary, that the governor would likely be notably weaker than the twice-indicted Trump in a match-up against Biden… Biden has at times agreed with this premise in private conversations.”

Giuliani claims the First Amendment lets him lie: To what degree can the First Amendment be used to protect someone from the consequences of lying?  “When the rights and liberties of others are in serious jeopardy, speakers who provoke others into violence, wrongfully and recklessly injure reputations or incite others to engage in illegal activity may be silenced or punished.” Wrote Lynn Greenky, a communications scholar at Syracuse University.

The White House said there’s no possibility of a presidential pardon for President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, a day after a federal judge rejected a plea deal for him over felony tax and gun charges: The big picture: A federal judge on Wednesday rejected Hunter Biden’s plea deal on tax charges and said that she wasn’t ready to accept the terms of a revised deal.

Senate Passes Defense Bill With Bipartisan Support, But Clash Looms With House Over Social Issues: Senate passage, 86-11, sets up a clash with the House, which passed its own version of the annual defense bill along party lines earlier this month after pointed debates over social issues like abortion access and diversity initiatives.

The New Abnormal: That Mitch McConnell Video Is F*cking Scary and Terrifying. The scary moment, which prompted members of his leadership team to suggest that he take a rest, raises new questions about the 81-year-old Republican leader’s future. McConnell’s term runs through the end of 2026, and he previously said that he expects to stay on as leader.

Democrats Have Just About Had It With Kevin McCarthy Caving to the Right: “They’re on a Fast Track to a Shutdown”: Amid funding battles, acrimony is spiking on Capitol Hill as the Republican Party’s right flank continues to push an extreme agenda at every turn. “They need to keep their bans off our budget and leave the culture wars to Fox News,” said one Democrat.

Southern Lawmakers Devise Discriminatory Measures That Undermine Disabled Voters: Advocates are challenging efforts to implement voting policies that make it harder for disabled people to cast a ballot.

Senate Passes Defense Policy Bill, Setting Up Another Clash With the House: The Senate on Thursday night easily passed its version of the $886 billion National Defense Authorization Act for 2024 before heading out for its August recess. The broadly bipartisan vote, 86-11, comes a couple of weeks after the House passed its own version of the NDAA, which included controversial provisions sought by conservative Republicans targeting abortion policy, transgender care and diversity programs.

# Law Enforcment
Tennessee Cops Watched Man Drown for 13 Minutes: The suit alleges that the officers even warned bystanders not to help the man. In a 32-page lawsuit filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee, Kimberly Williams-Clabo alleges that the public employees contributed to her son’s drowning by not only refusing to make any serious attempt to rescue him but also by warning private citizens not to do so.

# Legal / DOJ
Trump Tried to Delete Mar-a-Lago Security Footage to Thwart Investigators: The Justice Department has brought additional charges against former president Donald Trump alleging that Trump and two of his employees conspired to destroy Mar-a-Lago surveillance footage requested by federal authorities.

New Trump indictment adds twist to Mar-a-Lago documents case: Trump faces additional charges. Special counsel Jack Smith has brought three new felony charges against former President Donald Trump, including explosive claims that he asked an employee of his Mar-a-Lago club to delete security camera footage sought by investigators probing his handling of classified documents.

Months after the death of Tyre Nichols, the Department of Justice is investigating whether the Memphis Police Department is discriminatory against Black people: The investigation will examine whether the police department systematically used excessive force and discriminated against Black residents

How Republicans flipped America’s state supreme courts: In 2018, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled that the state constitution included a right to abortion, finding that “nothing could be more fundamental to the notion of liberty.” Just four years later, the court reversed itself. Iowa’s constitution does not, the justices decided, guarantee a right to abortion after all. That 2018 ruling? It had “a one-sided quality to it,” the new majority found. Iowans could no longer rely on a constitutional protection that existed just hours before.

State high courts get limited attention. Here’s how to change that: State supreme courts have the final word on interpreting state constitutions. Their decisions have massive implications for abortion access, taxes, LGBTQ+ rights, labor, policing and other issues that affect people’s lives. State supreme courts are in the midst of a partisan sea change. These tips can help reporters dig in.

US Says Trump Ordered Video Deleted, Charges Second Employee in Documents Case:  Donald Trump ordered employees at his Florida resort to delete security videos as he was under investigation for retaining classified documents, U.S. prosecutors said on Thursday as they broadened the case against the former president and charged a second member of his staff

Hunter Biden Investigation: DOJ Enforced Foreign Lobbying Rules On Hunter’s Business Partners: Hunter Biden worked closely with multiple people who disclosed their lobbying for foreign companies under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, raising questions about whether he broke the law by not registering himself for doing the same work

# Media
USPS Is Suspending Services in Illinois, Colorado, and Vermont, Effective Immediately: Some people are still facing persistent postal problems, as the USPS has now suspended services in five different states. Read on to find out about the Postal Service’s ongoing struggles.

# Medical / Health
One Texas family is scrambling after their 3-year-old child, who has disabilities, becomes one of nearly half a million Texans who have lost continuous Medicaid coverage: When Texas started scrubbing people from Medicaid after a three-year pause on removals during the pandemic, one family lost the insurance coverage that helped provide all treatments for their medically complex child. But her daughter Amelia can’t see her doctors anymore. She can’t undergo scheduled brain tests because the Medicaid coverage that provided access to all her treatment — for her six congenital heart defects, her cerebral palsy and her autism — was revoked.

Private Equity Wreckers Come For Your Health Insurance: The implosion of Friday Health Plans, which offered plans on seven state health insurance exchanges, comes as other private equity-backed insurers have faced similar issues. Bright Health, which was backed by private equity titan The Blackstone Group among others, had to end its insurance business on the exchanges last year, leaving hundreds of thousands of people to find new insurance policies for 2023. “They’re extracting value from the health care system, they load them up with debt and then they pay it back by lowering the quality of care,” said Katz Olson. “Health insurance is just another niche that private equity is destroying. They keep buying up these places, extract the value, and then spit them out.”

“I can’t survive this”: 3 women share their stories about the real side effects of Ozempic for weight loss. Ozempic for weight loss has swept the internet following celebrity exposure, but users warn the reality of taking the drug is very different from expectation. Ozempic, Wegovy, and semaglutide are words that once circulated exclusively in doctor-patient rooms, but have come to dominate corners of the internet this past year.

The Post-Pandemic Medicaid Purge Nears 4 Million: More than 3.8 million Americans across 39 states and the District of Columbia have been removed from Medicaid since April after the expiration of a pandemic-era provision ensuring that they could keep their coverage throughout the health emergency.

# Medical / Health / Global
Anorexia and the will to live: Canada poised to expand physician-assisted suicide to those with mental illnesses: Canada legalized assisted death in 2016 for people with terminal illness and expanded it in 2021 to people with incurable, but not terminal, conditions. The legal changes were precipitated by court rulings that struck down prohibitions on helping people to die. The new mental health provision will make Canada one of the most expansive countries in the world when it comes to medical assistance in dying (MAID)

# Military / DOD
Senate Overwhelmingly Votes Down Sanders’s NDAA Amendment Slashing Defense Budget by 10%: Members voted 88 to 11 against the motion, which would cut down the Pentagon’s annual budget “excluding accounts and funds relating to military personnel, the Defense Health Program, and assistance to Ukraine,” according to text of the amendment.

# Space
# UFO Disclosure / Other
Whistleblower calls for government transparency as Congress digs for the truth about UFOs: All who testified before a congressional subcommittee claimed that UFOs pose a threat to national security, though there’s still no public evidence that UFOs are extraterrestrial.

# Technology
Jordan Releases ‘Smoking Gun Docs’ Confirming Facebook Bowed to White House Censorship Demands: Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) today released today a series of unredacted emails from Facebook, that he characterized as proof the White House and other federal agencies exerted pressure on the social media company to censor authors whose posts ran counter to the government’s official pandemic narrative.

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