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August 25, 2023
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# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
In Wuhan, doctors were ordered to be quiet as pandemic began: China’s leaders covered up the pandemic at first, as described by doctors and other health-care professionals on the front lines. Doctors in Wuhan who knew the truth were afraid to speak out. China did not reveal human transmission of the virus until Jan. 22, and by then, the global pandemic had been ignited. In 3½ years, covid-19 has taken nearly 7 million lives by official counts.

‘Blue leg syndrome’: Yet another long COVID health problem: Iftekhar and Sivan diagnosed the patient with “dysautonomia secondary to SARS-CoV-2 infection and associated with long COVID.” They explained the leg discoloration was acrocyanosis, or venous pooling and cutaneous ischemia, and suggested he increase his fluid and salt intake, and do muscle strengthening exercises.

Politics, Not Science or Health, Behind Return of Mask Mandates, Critics Say: A growing number of universities, businesses and hospitals in recent weeks have reinstituted mask mandates and social distancing requirements, and a new report warned that broader mandates may be coming this fall.

CDC Shuts Down V-safe App for Reporting COVID Vaccine Injuries, Former FDA Adviser Warns It’s a ‘Terrible Idea’: Former U.S. Food and Drug Administration adviser David Gortler, doctor of pharmacy, said ending the safety monitoring of a new vaccine still promoted for universal use is “unprecedented.”

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
In a historic Black business district, ‘death by a thousand cuts’: A tax cut in Mississippi brings fears of revenue loss and serves as a reminder of the state’s history of oppressing its Black residents. The state’s income and corporate tax cuts rarely benefit the Black business owners

Wall Street’s China Risk Levels Rising: Chinese conglomerate and real estate developer Evergrande filed for bankruptcy protection in New York on Aug. 17:  It owes bond investors $28.1 billion, including American bond investors. Losses are guaranteed. Wall Street used to love China. Both parties want to cut China from U.S. investment portfolios. Capitol Hill is cranking up the rhetoric against U.S. investments in China. If legislative trends continue, investors will be forced to sell dozens of China stocks placed on a “blacklist” of companies deemed bad dudes by the Commerce Department and Homeland Security.

Republican plans to ‘cut’ Social Security and raise Retirement Age ‘should terrify voters’: Republican plans to ‘cut’ Social Security and raise Retirement Age ‘should terrify voters’ Experts are warning that the Republican Party’s plans to overhaul Social Security should “terrify voters”. Earlier this year, the Republican Study Committee (RSC) published its FY 2024 Budget Protecting America’s Social Security.

# Employment / Labor
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics will leave New Hampshire, close Merrimack facility: In a statement released Wednesday morning, Saint-Gobain said it will restructure its Composite Solutions business in the U.S. and as a result will close its facility in Merrimack, which the corporation purchased in 2002. Prior, a company called Chemfab operated there dating back to 1986.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining
The Campaign To Keep Electricity Bills High: As voters in Maine decide whether to buy the state’s electric utilities, Democratic consultants rake in corporate cash while residents face shut-offs. Tens of thousands of Maine residents received disconnection notices this spring after they failed to keep up with bills being sent by the state’s highly profitable, foreign-owned electric utility companies, Central Maine Power (CMP) and Versant Power.

Renewables are both necessary for carbon reduction and cheap: New research shows that renewable power like solar and wind is now affordable enough to shut down the debate over cost. For years, the main complaint from those who wanted to do nothing about climate change was that the transition would spike energy bills and cost too much up front. But new research about the cost-effectiveness of renewables may just inject hope, even into the heart of a capitalist.

Federal court derails proposed Utah oil railroad: Failures to assess risks to Colorado River and ‘numerous NEPA violations’ in project’s impact analysis highlighted.  A U.S. Appeals Court on Friday struck down a critical approval for a railroad project that would have allowed oil businesses in eastern Utah to significantly expand fossil fuel production and exports. The ruling is the latest development in the fight over the proposed Uinta Basin Railway, an 88-mile (142-kilometer) railroad line that would connect oil and gas producers in rural Utah to the broader rail network, allowing them to access larger markets and ultimately sell to refineries near the Gulf of Mexico.

Biden admin’s latest home appliance crackdown: ceiling fans: The Department of Energy is proposing a rule that would require ceiling fans to be more energy efficient, arguing the move would save U.S. households on energy costs. According to the Energy Department’s analysis, the new rules would save households about $39 over the lifespan of the new energy-efficient fan.

# Gov / Politics
Former President Trump got the prime-time coverage he craved — and the historic mug shot he wanted: His team has already indicated it will use the image on Trump ’24 merchandise and in fundraising appeals to feed his claim that he’s a victim of overzealous, partisan prosecutors.

House Republicans Open Probe Into DA Fani Willis: Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan questioned Willis’ “motivations” in a letter demanding she turn over records related to the case. The Republican-led House Judiciary Committee opened an investigation into Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis Thursday over whether her prosecution of former President Trump is “politically motivated.”

From Nixon to Trump; The Decline of the Common Good in American Politics: The Watergate scandal began the modern era of “whatever-it-takes-to-win” politics, blatant disregard of any and all norms and laws that interfered with gaining or keeping power. Trump is the logical and inevitable consequence.

Senators could be forced to ram through some military nominations soon: Despite one senator’s hold on 300-plus confirmations, Democratic leaders could advance some nominees individually.

# Law Enforcment
Donald Trump Surrenders To Georgia Authorities Over Plot To Overturn 2020 Election: District Attorney Fani Willis had given the defendants in the case until Friday at noon to turn themselves in.

Donald Trump’s Mug Shot Has Been Released: This is the first mug shot to be taken of a U.S. president, and it’s a first for Donald Trump as well, despite his being indicted three other times this year.

Man Filmed Spraying ‘Chemical Agent’ Under Neighbor’s Door: The suspect had previously complained about the family making noise. Abdullah said a friend of his first smelled the chemicals when she went to bring in a package while Abdullah was on vacation. When the family returned, they said smelled it too. Though some described it as nail polish remover, Abdullah said it was more ‘obnoxious.’

NYPD ‘friendly fire’ killed an officer. Investigators seemed to ignore video of police being commanded to ‘stop shooting.’:  After pledging a “thorough” investigation, the NYPD cleared the officers involved in the 2019 shooting. But new records show that investigators allowed police misstatements to stand, despite having body-camera video to disprove them.

# Legal / DOJ
Trump’s Arrest in Georgia Shows a Two-Tier Justice System: But whatever the reasons behind Georgia’s decision, Trump and his supporters will continue to claim that he is the victim of political persecution and that there are “two systems of justice,” a supposedly lenient one for liberals and a supposedly harsh one for conservatives.

# Medical / Health
Why we need to set limits on sperm donation: If a donor fathers too many children, this can cause significant complications from a statistical point of view. This is because the probability of a chance encounter between two people who are siblings, genetically speaking, increases.

# Medical Science
NIH study examines connections between drinking water quality and increased lung infections in people with cystic fibrosis: High levels of some minerals and metals in environmental water supplies may increase the risk of nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) pulmonary infections in people with cystic fibrosis, according to a new study from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health.

# Military / DOD
It’s hard times now, and ahead, for US-Russian nuclear arms control: U.S.-Russian nuclear arms control, as it has been practiced for the past five decades, may have run its course: For more than two decades now, arms control has foundered. It has always been controversial, has always had its opponents, has always had its limits, has always been subject to ups and downs, to successes and failures. But for roughly four decades, starting around 1960, there was a sustained investment in the instrument of arms control as a central element of efforts to limit the dangers manifest in the international order

15 US-backed officers had hand in 12 West African coups: When asked about other trainees in other nations that have experienced military uprisings, the response was the same. Responsible Statecraft has found that at least 15 U.S.-supported officers have been involved in 12 coups in West Africa and the greater Sahel during the war on terror. But the State Department doesn’t know anything about it, or doesn’t want to. Why?

The Navy Just Sent Its Most Powerful Aircraft Carrier to Russia’s Military Backyard: Its arrival marked the return of a U.S. carrier to the Mediterranean after a brief absence. The U.S. Navy maintained a carrier presence in the region from December 2021 to April 2023 as part of its response to the Russo-Ukraine War. This latest sailing was another deterrence patrol aimed at Russia again.

# Pharmaceuticals / Drugs
Medicaid Drug Price Transparency Rule Is More Sinister Than It Seems: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services…just rolled out a new rule designed to “advance prescription drug transparency in Medicaid.” But that drug pricing rule is an opaque bid to impose price controls on drug makers.

# Social
Trump Supporters Mistook Ex-Atlanta Mayor for Fani Willis: “They thought I was Fani and started chanting at me as well, and just walking through the crowd, there was a lot of hatred out here,” Keisha Lance Bottoms said. She added: “Imagine that. A lot of hatred and really bad energy out here, but, you know, this is—when you sign up for public service you don’t get to pick and choose your good days and your bad days.”

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