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# Border / Immigration / Migrants
Ruling allows New Jersey’s last ICE jail to remain open despite state ban: Biden supported a private prison company’s suit to keep the jail open, but immigrant rights activists aren’t giving up. CoreCivic — the private prison company that runs the center — sued to keep the center open, and President Biden publicly came out on CoreCivic’s side. On August 29, two days before CoreCivic’s contract was set to expire, a federal judge ruled to keep the center open.

# Corporations / Industry
The internet didn’t kill paper; but U.S. paper mills are closing anyway: Rebecca Heilweil gets into the complicated economics forcing the paper industry to shift gears

# Education / Schools
California Attorney General Sues School District Over Anti-Trans Policies: The new policies violate “state laws safeguarding” student rights, state Attorney General Robert Bonta said.

# Employment / Labor
Biden Administration Proposes Extending Overtime Protections to 3.6 Million More Workers: Salaried workers making under $55,000 a year would be guaranteed overtime pay under the proposed rule.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Biden Can’t Keep Putting Off a Climate Emergency Declaration, Says One Democrat Leading the Charge: President Joe Biden will travel to Massachusetts on Wednesday to promote his efforts to combat climate change but will stop short of issuing an emergency declaration that would unlock federal resources to deal with the issue, the White House spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday.

EPA slashes federally protected waters by more than half after Supreme Court ruling: The Environmental Protection Agency and US Army on Tuesday released a new rule that slashes federally protected water by more than half. The EPA’s new rule “removes the significant nexus test from consideration when identifying tributaries and other waters as federally protected,” the agency said.

Rising seas could drown coastal ecosystems by 2100 unless we keep climate crisis in check: Scientists used ancient and modern data to pinpoint critical sea-level rise rates at which tidal marshes, mangroves, and coral reefs could be at risk.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure / Global Salmon die in droves as climate change burns Canada: Thousands of salmon have been found dead in rivers and creeks on the province’s Pacific Coast amid severe drought in the past two years. The stresses from a changing habitat also weaken the fish and make them more likely to die from other causes, experts say.

Emperor penguins flee melting ice: Last year was catastrophic for Emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) breeding in Antarctica because of the record-low extent of winter sea ice. Satellite images revealed that penguins abandoned all but one of their breeding colonies in the Bellingshausen Sea. “This one event is not going to doom the species,” says seabird ecologist Annie Schmidt. But for these colonies — about 10,000 breeding pairs in total — “I think we’re past the tipping point”, says ecologist Gerald Kooyman.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals
Farmworkers face increasing heat waves with little protection: Experts call attention to poor regulatory safeguards and the underreported impact of climate change on farmworkers. Farmworkers are unprotected against heat-related illnesses. They are 35 times more likely to die from heat exposure than workers in other sectors, according to the National Institutes of Health, and the absence of a federal heat regulation that guarantees their safety and life, when scientists have warned that global warming will continue, increases that risk.

# General News
Epstein Held Meetings With Trump Allies During 2016 Campaign: He told associates he was “pleased with Trump’s win,” according to a new report. According to the Wall Street Journal, Epstein set up meetings with some of Donald Trump’s supporters before the 2016 presidential election.

# Gov / Politics
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is playing his cards close to his chest as he faces one of the biggest tests of his political career, the impeachment trial of suspended Attorney General Ken Paxton set to start Sept. 5.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) called out his own party ahead of a looming fight with Democrats over spending cuts that could potentially result in another costly government shutdown next month. “We do need to cut back on spending but a little less hypocrisy would be a good thing,” he said.

Alabama GOP Lawmaker Arrested on Felony Voter Fraud Charge: State Rep. David Cole, whose residency status has faced questions since before his election, is accused of voting in a district where he did not live, voted in “multiple or unauthorized locations,” according to jail records provided by Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

Manchin Working on $100M Project for ‘Politically Homeless’: It’s unclear whether the project, described as an effort to “mobilize the middle,” is meant to be a separate political party or just a support system for more moderate politicians.

# Law Enforcment
How One Citizen Fought Back Against a Cop’s Road Rage: A court said an off-duty police officer who pulled his gun on a motorist should be protected by “qualified immunity.” But the victim wouldn’t stand for it.

When Police Killed a Trans Woman, Small Town Officials Scrambled to Protect Them: Since the killing, officials have publicly celebrated the police and tried to stop circulation of a watchdog newspaper. Since the killing, officials have publicly celebrated the police and tried to stop circulation of a watchdog newspaper. Maddie is at least the 27th transgender or gender non-conforming person violently killed in 2022. We say “at least” because too often these deaths go unreported — or misreported.

# Legal / DOJ
Prosecutors Ask If Trump Knew Giuliani Was Drunk as a Skunk on Election Night: The former mayor’s alleged booziness could play a role at Trump’s federal election trial. Prosecutors want to know how intoxicated Rudy Giuliani was during and after the 2020 election. They also want to know if Trump knew that Giuliani was drunk when he was advising the former president.

How Mark Meadows’ Testimony May Have Just Helped Prosecutors: In some sense, Meadows had to make some version of that argument. Proclaiming that he was strictly doing his job as a White House employee is the key that Meadows hopes will unlock the path toward moving the case to federal court

Trump Might Not Show Up to Arraignment in Georgia: In fairness, the former president has already been arraigned three times so far this year.  Former President Donald Trump may not show up to his arraignment in Georgia next week, according to two sources familiar with his plans. Trump is considering waiving his arraignment appearance, which is scheduled for the morning of Sept. 6

Peter Navarro Has Key Defense Thrown Out by Judge: He is set to go to trial on a charge of contempt of Congress. The ruling said Navarro had failed to prove that former President Donald Trump wanted him to assert executive privilege over his potential testimony.

Giuliani loses by default in defamation case brought by Georgia poll workers: U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell ruled against the former New York City mayor over his refusal to turn over documents, saying his justifications “hold more holes than Swiss cheese.”

# Medical / Health
We need to change how we count heat-related deaths: In this age of big data, why don’t we have a better and more concrete way of knowing the impact of climate change on health outcomes? In late July, as parts of the southern U.S. approached 30 days of temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, President Biden took to the podium to announce a plan to mitigate the impacts from extreme heat. During this speech, the president reiterated a truth surprising to most people: Heat kills more people in the U.S. than any other weather-related event.

The Increasing Death Toll in the U.S. From Extreme Heat: According to estimates by the National Weather service, heat has been the single largest contributor to weather related deaths over the last 30 years.

Healthcare on the brink, what the world can learn from the medical strikes in the UK: The UK’s ‘strike season’ is more than a national crisis; it’s a wake-up call to the world. The appreciation and applause for healthcare heroes must now translate into action, investment, and a renewed commitment to value and support those who are at the forefront of saving lives.

# Military / Global
Ukraine Launches Biggest Drone Attack Yet Inside Russia: Russian military aircraft went up in flames as several regions came under attack. Moscow has accused Ukraine of launching supposedly one of the biggest drone attacks on Russian soil since it invaded 18 months ago. Drones hit an airport in Russia’s western Pskov region near the border with Estonia and Latvia, sparking a massive fire, the governor and local media reported.

# Nuclear
Texas v. NRC: America’s Trumpiest court just put itself in charge of nuclear safety: This decision is radioactive, even by the very low standards of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, invalidating the power of actual nuclear policy regulators to decide how to deal with nuclear waste in the process https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.vox.com/2023/8/29/23849054/supreme-court-nuclear-safety-fifth-circuit-james-ho-radioactive-texas-commission__;!!On18fmf1aQ!z8EpEK0rXHqYv7QO48BIFl9Oz5fDc9Nvq_14L3g2SrzT-yE3MSD8MGJEPNt-PgsuQpRHIiXA3vLXmnwuyJodOjka5W-29r5P$

# Pharmaceuticals / Drugs
Researchers warn about synthetic opioids more powerful than fentanyl: They’re called netazenes and go by the street name “Frankenstein.” Study shows they could be 10 times stronger than fentanyl. Patients who overdose on “Frankenstein” opioids  require two or more doses of naloxone to survive. Fentanyl overdoses need just one.

Governors urge Congress to address prescription drug shortages: Eleven governors are asking Congress to adopt policies to ease the nation’s prescription drug shortages.  Governor Greg Gianforte today urged Congress to address the nationwide shortage of prescription drugs. In a letter to congressional leaders, the governors raised concern with the increased frequency and severity of prescription drug shortages and the lack of federal action to address it.

Medicare Drug Price Negotiations Could Have Limited Impact At First: The 10 drugs named by the Biden administration include some that cost Medicare the most money and combined cost $50 billion last year.

# Transportation
The Lobbying Surge Behind San Francisco’s Robo-Taxi Mayhem: In the lead-up to California regulators voting earlier this month to allow driverless taxis to operate with near impunity in San Francisco, the companies behind the autonomous vehicles, Cruise and Waymo, spent nearly $2 million on lobbying in the state, including wining and dining nearly three dozen state officials

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