Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-09-06

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September 6, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate
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# Animals / Pets / Alerts / Food Recalls
Several hundred cases of Victor Super Premium Dog Food are being recalled because the product has the potential to be contaminated with salmonella.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Fauci Knew ‘in Extraordinary Detail’ About NIH Ties to Coronavirus Research at Wuhan Lab: Fauci had been informed by January 2020 that his institute had funded the discovery and study of dozens of novel coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, including the closest cousin virus to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, new records show.  A new email obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit confirms that privately Fauci knew the magnitude of the coronavirus research going on at the coronavirus pandemic’s epicenter, even while publicly shrugging off suggestions the pandemic began with a research accident as conspiratorial.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
The US broke global trade rules to try to fix climate change – to finish the job, it has to fix the trade system: The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, President Joe Biden’s landmark climate law, is now expected to prompt a trillion dollars in government spending to fight climate change and trillions more in private investment. But the law and Biden’s broader “buy American” agenda include measures that discriminate against imports.

Federal budget deficit expected to nearly double to around $2 trillion, government watchdog says: Federal budget deficit expected to nearly double to around $2 trillion, government watchdog says. The federal budget deficit is expected to balloon to about $2 trillion for fiscal year 2023, roughly double what it was in the previous fiscal year, according to a government watchdog group.

# Education / Schools
New education bills would block CRT, back parents:  A new trio of House education bills would push back on Critical Race Theory and federal rules in local public schools, the latest in an ongoing battle led by Republicans to respond to curriculum and policy changes in education.

Judge Blocks School Board From Enacting Anti-Trans Policy: A judge in Southern California has blocked a right-wing school board from forcing teachers to “out” transgender students.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining
Putin’s Russia shocks Global Oil Markets: The Brent crude price jumped to $90 a barrel after Moscow announced reducing of global supplies for the rest of the year. “The additional voluntary reduction in oil supplies for export is aimed at strengthening the precautionary measures taken by the OPEC+ countries in order to maintain stability and balance on the oil markets,” the official stated.

New Pennsylvania Legislation Aims to Classify ‘Produced Water’ From Fracking as Hazardous Waste: The bills would also require gas drillers to test the toxicity of the wastewater, mine tailings and runoff from landfills. Waste from fracking in the state contains radioactive radium isotopes.

The government just passed a law that will change the way millions of Americans get their power: ‘It’s a big deal’: The PACE program allows loans for alternative power sources such as wind, solar, hydro, biomass, and geothermal projects, as well as energy storage projects, according to Canary Media.
See also: Powering Affordable Clean Energy PACE Program:
And: Empowering Rural America New ERA Program:

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure California’s Climate Crisis Double Agents: The same fossil fuel lobbyists pulling out all the stops to defeat game-changing climate legislation in California this month are simultaneously collecting checks from dozens of cities and counties in the state being pummeled by the climate crisis, as well as major environmental and clean-energy groups pushing state lawmakers to adopt solutions

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals
Poor Families Could See Cuts to Food Aid as Congress Battles Over
Budget: A federal program that helps poor families afford healthy food could see substantial benefit cuts starting in October, raising the prospect that roughly 6 million low-income Americans could become some of the earliest victims of an unresolved Washington budget battle

# Gov / Politics / Global
U.K. Will Declare Wagner Group a Terrorist Organization: It will categorize the mercenaries alongside the likes of ISIS. Britain is set to declare the Russian mercenary Wagner Group to be a terrorist organisation, making it illegal to be a member or to support it, the government said on Wednesday

# Gov / Politics
The Saudis will have a say in U.S. elections: Saudi Arabia’s extension of oil production cuts until the end of 2023 or longer helps ensure energy prices will become an election 2024 battleground. Why it matters:
U.S. gasoline prices, which have been on the rise, are closely tethered to global oil prices.

The Desperate Scramble to Stop an Insider Election Threat: the effort to sabotage our elections has only intensified, which is why Congress and state and local governments must take critical steps to protect against insider threats.

A radical plan for Trump’s second term: Former President Trump’s top allies are preparing to radically reshape the federal government if he is re-elected, purging potentially thousands of civil servants and filling career posts with loyalists to him and his “America First” ideology, people involved in the discussions tell Axios.

Lawmakers Return to Washington With a Big To-Do List: The Senate returned to Washington today, 41 days after its last vote, and the House will return next week. Lawmakers have an enormous amount of work to do before the end of the month, and very little time to do it. Here are some of the major items on Congress’s to-do list:

McConnell Says Senate to Pass First Funding Bills Next Week: “Congress needs to address our nation’s most pressing needs with timely appropriations and we need to keep the lights on come October 1,” he said

Paxton’s habit of refusing to defend state agencies against lawsuits has forced them to look for outside legal counsel funded by taxpayers: Texas AG Ken Paxton’s habit of refusing to defend state agencies cost taxpayers. Records obtained by ProPublica and The Texas Tribune give deeper insight into how Paxton’s representation denials often pushed agencies to look for outside legal counsel that was ultimately funded by taxpayers

Former GOP Rep. Mike Rogers Jumps Into Michigan Senate Race: Former Rep. Mike Rogers, a GOP moderate who once chaired the House Intelligence Committee, launched a bid Wednesday for Michigan’s open Senate seat.
Rogers, who served in Congress for 14 years, was recruited by the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

US has a long history of state lawmakers silencing elected Black officials and taking power from their constituents: Throughout US history, a ‘white backlash’ has worked to keep Black officeholders and their constituents out of power.

Alabama’s defiant new voting map rejected by federal court, after Republicans ignored the Supreme Court’s directive to add a second majority-Black House district: Since 2020, Alabama lawmakers have failed to draw political districts that give Black voters an equal chance of selecting political candidates that represent their interests.

Amo could become Rhode Island’s first person of color in Congress. What does that mean? Gabe Amo, a former White House official, won the special Democratic primary election for an open U.S. House seat in Rhode Island, putting him on track to become the first Black person ever to represent Rhode Island in Congress.

Top Trump Loyalist Is About to Finish Falling on His Sword: Peter Navarro , the diehard MAGA devotee who took a role in Donald Trump’s White House and later became the former president’s point man on the Big Lie , is currently on trial for flouting a congressional subpoena requiring him to testify about his favorite subject: the 2020 election. On Tuesday, a federal judge ended the day by selecting the jury that will decide Navarro’s fate—and things aren’t looking good for him.

Blinken Visits Kyiv to Unveil New $1 Billion Aid Package for Ukraine:
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has arrived in Kyiv on an unannounced visit to Ukraine. This is Blinken’s fourth trip to Ukraine since the Russian invasion, but for the first time Blinken plans to spend the night. Blinken is expected to announce a new package worth more than $1 billion in U.S. aid for Ukraine.

Nation’s Oldest, Largest Latino Civil Rights Group Issues Florida Emergency Plan: “Don’t let [DeSantis] make Florida the symbol of politically driven racism,” LULAC’s president said in a statement. LULAC is confronting the troubling threat posed by Florida’s SB1718 and the persecution of immigrants under the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis. Drawing from our experience in defeating Arizona’s SB1070, we are issuing an emergency preparedness plan to protect our immigrant community. LULAC believes that knowledge is our greatest daily defense to safeguarding the lives of families and individuals targeted by hateful racial policies.

# Juvenile Justice System
11-year-old boy to stand trial for mother’s murder, motive suspected to be VR headset: The court has ordered his identity not be revealed. The boy is charged with first-degree intentional homicide. The district attorney’s office is seeking to try him as an adult. The court has ordered that the boy’s name not be revealed because he may still be tried as a child.

# Law Enforcment
Prison living conditions: With temperatures rising up to 130 degrees, Texas prisoners are facing unbearable living conditions as some resort to sleeping on the floor as cots are too hot to sleep on. In part one of a three-part series in the Austin Chronicle, prisoners recount the conditions they are forced to survive in and how they deal with the extreme heat.

Texas Police Chief suspended after shocking revelations: Jay Portillo commanded a force of 50 in a town of just 250 residents. The announcement followed the Sunday release of a 77-page report by a Texas House Investigative Committee reviewing the actions taken by law enforcement on May 24, when it took officers 77 minutes to confront a gunman who killed 19 students and two teachers. One of the revelations made in the report was that the police response disregarded its own active shooting training. “They failed to prioritize saving the lives of innocent victims over their own safety,” the document said.

“A Political Prosecution”: Georgia’s ‘Cop City’ RICO Case Is Bad News for Protests Nationwide. Activists Want to Fight: Cop City protesters charged with racketeering as Georgia takes hard line. Some of 61 defendants charged also face money laundering and domestic terrorism charges for environmental protests

RICO Charges Attempt to Paint Stop Cop City Movement as a Criminal ‘Conspiracy’: The sweeping 109-page indictment presents acts of mutual aid and zine reading as evidence of a criminal ‘conspiracy.’ In what may be a historic test case for law enforcement’s ability to cast a wide net and indiscriminately criminalize autonomous protest, 61 people allegedly associated with the “Stop Cop City” movement in Atlanta, Georgia, have been indicted under Georgia’s Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) law

# Legal / DOJ
Oversight Republican subpoenas Feds over alleged Hunter Biden interference: House Oversight Committee James Comer, R-Ky., announced Tuesday he is sending six subpoenas as part of an investigation into allegations of the Biden administration’s interference into the case of Hunter Biden https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.politico.com/minutes/congress/08-21-2023/hunter-biden-probe-subpoenas/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!13quPSY5noV_yMqZwwISzkfAN1iAIhVo8GAZBi6iIjEBjv-G6VllJwbtw5pcvJgII9oTHp1R0fY7lSfUJf2ARR1km4G5UCHi$

The Texas Senate overwhelmingly rejected motions to dismiss Ken Paxton’s impeachment charges, enabling impeachment trial proceedings to continue for the suspended attorney general. We share a recap of the trial’s first day.

Jack Smith Is Done With Trump’s ‘Daily’ Social Media Posts: The Justice Department special counsel noted the former president’s daily tirades threaten to taint a jury pool. The judge overseeing Trump’s election conspiracy case has explicitly warned him not to make statements that could intimidate witnesses or prejudice potential jurors.

Judge Shoots Down Trump’s Attempt at Trial Delay in 9 Words: Donald Trump isn’t getting extra time before potentially losing hundreds of millions during his trial next month.  “Decline to sign; Defendants’
arguments are completely without merit,” Engoron wrote, signing it with his trademark ligature “Æ.”

# Medical Alternatives / Herbology
Traditional medicine provides health care to many around the globe – the WHO is trying to make it safer and more standardized: More people are seeking out traditional forms of medicine, from acupuncture to herbal medicines. The WHO is working to develop standards to make these healing practices implementable on a wide sale.

# Medical / Health
CMS Unveils New Payment Model Targeting Population Health: Transformative Model to Give States Incentives and Flexibilities to Redesign Health Care Delivery, Improve Equitable Access to Care. Model aims to improve the overall health of a state population by ensuring providers are delivering efficient, high-quality, and coordinated care to patients https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.cms.gov/newsroom/press-releases/cms-announces-transformative-model-give-states-incentives-and-flexibilities-redesign-health-care__;!!On18fmf1aQ!13quPSY5noV_yMqZwwISzkfAN1iAIhVo8GAZBi6iIjEBjv-G6VllJwbtw5pcvJgII9oTHp1R0fY7lSfUJf2ARR1km-ak_fc1$

Spending Goes Up When PCPs Affiliate With Health Systems: The comparison revealed a link between vertical relationships between PCPs and health systems and a 22.64 percent increase in specialist visits per patient-year. There was also a $356.67 increase in total medical expenditures per patient-year, a 6.26 percent increase compared to the other group. A new study is said to “challenge claims by the hospital industry” that consolidation results in less spending: Instead, it shows primary care physicians affiliated with health systems drive up spending on patient care.

# Military / DOD
Latest U.S. Military Package to Ukraine Includes Radioactive Weapons: The use of depleted uranium during the U.S. invasion of Iraq has been linked to congenital disorders and cancers. The Biden administration is expected to send armor-piercing munitions containing depleted uranium to Ukraine as part of the latest military aid package, even though the weapons are radioactive and their use causes contamination that is hazardous to human health.

Pentagon Pledges Thousands of US Drones to Counter China: The Pentagon plans to field thousands of air, sea and possibly land-based drones in 2025 in an overwhelming display of US might intended to offset China’s numeric superiority in weapons systems, according to Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks.

Lockheed Martin test-fired a missile with twice the range of existing rocket artillery: The 93-mile test occurred in New Mexico. Existing HIMARS rockets have a range of about 43 miles. In late summer, in the deserts of southern New Mexico, a truck fired a rocket that then traveled 93 miles.

US threatens North Korea over Russia arms deal, says country will ‘pay a price’: Providing weapons to Moscow for Ukraine war will not ‘reflect well on North Korea’, national security adviser says, amid reports of active talks

# Pharmaceuticals / Drugs
California Pharmacies Make Millions Of Mistakes Every Year: Deadly pharmacy errors mount as companies push quotas, limit staff: ‘I am a danger to the public.’ Every year, up to 9,000 people die in the US as a result of a prescription medication error. Even as pharmacy errors mount across the US, pharmaceutical lobbyists are pushing to keep reports of errors hidden from officials and the public

# Science
NIH investigates multidrug-resistant bacterium emerging in community settings: To decrease the spread of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens in the community, a greater understanding of their means of emergence and survival is needed.

# Space
SpaceX launches new batch of Space Defense Agency missile tracking satellites: SpaceX on Saturday successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Space Development Agency’s newest batch of tiny missile defense satellites from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

# UFO Disclosure / Other
Unexplainable Disc-Shaped UFO Gets in Dogfight with F-16 Jets Over Michigan: According to a report filed with the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), the eyewitnesses saw two F-16 fighter jets ‘dogfighting’ something the man couldn’t see at first. However, the report states that it was clear that the jets were “looking intently for something” and, soon, a “white/metallic disc” appeared. “The UAP was extremely fast it was capable of overtaking and outmaneuvering the fighter jets with extreme ease. It would overtake a jet, stop suddenly and seemed to turn toward the incoming jet like spin in there direction without moving,” the NUFORC report states.

UFO Testimony ‘Actively Being Stonewalled’ by Government, Lawmakers Say: On July 26, the House Oversight Committee held a session during which David Grusch, a United States Air Force veteran formerly of the National Reconnaissance Office, said he was aware of “concerning reports from multiple esteemed and credentialed current and former military and intelligence community individuals” regarding the existence of a secret government UAP program. However, Grusch said he lacked the authorization to share classified evidence with the committee, and thus couldn’t answer many of their questions.

# Weather
This summer’s swelter was a global record breaker for high heat ever measured, meteorologists say:  Earth has sweltered through its hottest Northern Hemisphere summer ever measured, with a record warm August capping a season of brutal and deadly temperatures, according to the World Meteorological Organization

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