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February 4, 2024
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate
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# Border / Immigration / Migrants
Congress Braces for Border Deal Text:  The long-awaited text of a bill including aid to Ukraine and Israel and a border policy deal will be released by Sunday, according to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), with votes happening next week.

Speaker Johnson Says Biden Not ‘Allowed’ by Staff to Take Action on Border: “He knows that he has the authority. We’ve documented it for him. I’ve read to him the law myself, to the president. Read him the provisions of the law and said, ‘Mr. President, please take action,’” Johnson said on Friday morning.

Senate Dems have reached border deal with Republicans but House GOP says it’s ‘dead on arrival’: Trump, House Republicans plot to kill border deal. The Senate might pass the plan, which would be one of the harshest immigration bills of the century. President Biden is ready to sign it. But House Republicans, egged on by former President Trump, already are planning to shut it down.

NYC to provide illegal alien families with pre-paid credit cards: The amount on each card will vary depending on the size of the family and whether any income is coming in, according to the details of the contract. A family of four, for instance, could be provided nearly $1,000 each month, which comes out to $35 per day for food. Cards will get refilled every 28 days.

GOP Congressman Suggests ‘Pinochet Air’ Death Flights for Migrants: A Republican congressman from Georgia suggested a novel way to stem the influx of migrants at the southern border: throw them from helicopters into the sea. Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochets regime was known to “disappear” critics by throwing them from helicopters into the Pacific Ocean and other waterways while they were still alive in what became known as “death flights.”

Senate negotiators say they’ve reached border deal: Senate negotiators on Friday reached a deal on a proposal to overhaul the asylum system at the U.S. border with Mexico, clearing the way for Democratic and Republican Senate leaders to begin the difficult task of convincing Congress to pass a national security package that will include tens of billions of dollars for Ukraine and immigration enforcement, as well as funding for Israel and other American allies.

Texas’ border standoff with feds continues, despite U.S. Supreme Court order: Texas officers are still erecting border wire and some Republicans are calling on Gov. Greg Abbott to defy the high court. The Texas National Guard and state troopers are still rolling out concertina wire and preventing Border Patrol agents from accessing most of Shelby Park, a 47-acre Eagle Pass park that sits on the bank of the Rio Grande where thousands of migrants have crossed.

Senate Strikes Deal on Border Policy Overhaul, But Uphill Battle for Passage Remains: Senate negotiators on Friday reached a deal on a proposal to overhaul the asylum system at the U.S. border with Mexico, clearing the way for Democratic and Republican Senate leaders to begin the difficult task of convincing Congress to pass a national security package that will include tens of billions of dollars for Ukraine and immigration enforcement, as well as funding for Israel and other American allies.

‘Take Our Border Back’ convoy arrives at US-Mexico border: Hundreds of protesters have reached a town on the US-Mexico border to pressure President Joe Biden’s administration to pass tough border security measures and tackle illegal migration. On Saturday, a far-right convoy calling itself “God’s army” is set to host rallies at different border towns along the US-Mexico border to decry what they call a migrant “invasion.”

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
In ‘Brazen Wealth Transfer,’  Exxon and Chevron Pay Out Record Sums to Shareholders: “In 2023, we returned more cash to shareholders and produced more oil and natural gas than any year in the company’s history,” Chevron chief executive Mike Wirth boasted.

Mitch McConnell’s Plan to Sabotage Social Security From Within: Andrew Biggs, the senator’s pick to serve on the Social Security Advisory Board, is an enemy of the popular program. Biggs wants to turn Social Security from an earned benefit into a poverty-level flat benefit. That means huge cuts for middle class workers who’ve been paying into the program their entire lives. It would destroy Social Security’s political popularity by turning it into a welfare program—a sitting duck for Republicans to make even larger cuts.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining
America’s Largest Solar Project Comes Online: The largest combined solar and energy-storage project in the U.S. is now online and operating in California’s Mojave Desert. The sprawling megaproject stretches across
4,600 acres in Kern County and is located on private land as well as the Edwards Air Force Base. Known as the Edwards & Sanborn project, it was developed by Terra-Gen and built by Mortenson, an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor.

# Environment / Climate / Chemicals / Infrastructure Biden’s new climate envoy had a close relationship with CCP/Chinese United Front influence group: The Biden Administration continues to emphasize climate cooperation with China, even as the relationship grows more confrontational. The new climate envoy has a history of favorable negotiations with China and close relationships with a Chinese influence group with longstanding connections to the Chinese Communist Party.

Youth Fight Back as Biden DOJ Seeks to Derail Historic Climate Case: “These youth have been politically targeted and persecuted, for over eight years, as the enormous power and machine of the Department of Justice singles them out among tens of thousands of other plaintiffs.”

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Technology Snap has started new round of layoffs: The report cited two people familiar with the company, one of who said that employees are bracing for more layoffs in the coming week as the company reports earnings.There was no companywide announcement about the layoffs, BI reported.

# General News
OnlyFans Owner Pledged $11 Million To Israel Lobby — Rolling Stone covers The Lever’s AIPAC donor exposé.

Epstein Client Les Wexner Donated $100K To Pro-Israel Group — The Daily Beast reports on our AIPAC investigation.

Here Are The Elites Who Donated HUGE Sums To AIPAC Since Gaza War Started — The Young Turks discuss our AIPAC coverage.

Inside The Israel Lobby’s New $90 Million War Chest: Internal AIPAC materials reveal huge gifts from moguls — and the strategies lobbyists used to score the cash.

Key Pro-Israel Group Reports Record Fundraising As It Targets The “Squad” — HuffPost references our reporting in an article on AIPAC fundraising. United Democracy Project, the super PAC affiliated with AIPAC, reported raising $35 million in the second half of 2023 — nearly as much as it did in all of 2022.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Israel Bombed Belgian Aid Office in Gaza After Nation Refused to Halt UNRWA Funding: “This is a direct result of the impunity Washington has provided Israel,” said one analyst. Belgian officials expressed outrage after Israeli forces reportedly bombed the office building of the Belgian Agency for Development Cooperation in the Gaza Strip, an attack that came after Belgium declined to join the U.S. and more than a dozen other countries in cutting off funding to the United Nations’

‘Rule-of-Law Western Style’: Israeli Assassination Squad Kills Three in Jenin Hospital: Ibn Sina hospital’s medical director said the Palestinian men were “executed in cold blood.” Security footage shows Israeli forces disguised as civilians and medical staff during a raid on Ibn Sina hospital in Jenin, a city in the occupied West Bank, on January 30, 2023

When Israeli forces invaded a Jenin hospital dressed in medical outfits and killed three Palestinians, they probably violated laws against perfidy and executing protected individuals. The exact circumstances of the killing of the three men is not yet clear, with differences in different reporting.

US citizens planning to visit Jamaica should reconsider due to the threat of violent crime and sexual assaults, the State Department said. The US embassy highlighted home invasions, armed robberies, and homicides.

Iran Warns U.S. of Escalation After Strikes: The attack “will have no result other than the escalation of tensions and instability in the region,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani said Saturday in a statement. He added that it was a “strategic mistake” from the Biden Administration. The Biden administration is scaling up its effort to deter Iranian-backed militias in Syria and Iraq

US says it blocked China cyber-threat but warns hackers can ‘wreak havoc’ FBI says China state-sponsored hackers ramping up efforts to damage electric grid, transport systems, oil pipelines.

Inside The Israel Lobby’s New $90 Million War Chest:  Internal AIPAC materials reveal huge gifts from moguls, the strategies lobbyists used to score the cash. The organization is using that massive haul to lobby against a cease-fire.

Israeli Cabinet Members Join Settler Event of Thousands Calling for Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza:

Netanyahu Ministers Join Thousands of Israelis in ‘Resettle Gaza’ Conference Calling for Palestinians’ Transfer: A Likud lawmaker explained that in war, ‘voluntary is a state you impose [on someone] until they give their consent’; conference blasted by Israeli opposition head: ‘it undermines a potential deal and endangers IDF soldiers’

Zelensky declares income as major corruption scandal is revealed: Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has publicly declared details of his income in a bid to reassure allies of Kyiv’s grip on corruption, after military officials were accused of a major embezzlement scheme.

# Gov / Politics
Louisiana voters challenge state’s new congressional maps: Yesterday, a group of 12 voters who identify themselves as “non-African American” voters filed a lawsuit challenging Louisiana’s new congressional map with two majority-Black districts. Two weeks ago, the state enacted a new congressional map after courts found and affirmed that the previous map likely violated Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. The new map increases the Black makeup of the state’s 6th Congressional District

‘No one has confidence’ in Biden, Austin amid foreign wars: The U.S. conducted strikes against Iranian-backed groups in Iraq and Syria in retaliation for a drone strike that killed U.S. troops in Jordan earlier this week.

As Biden Bombs Syria and Iraq, 80 Groups Push Gaza Cease-Fire to Avert Wider War: “We urge you to prioritize diplomatic pathways to de-escalation, which must include urgently pressing for and securing a permanent cease-fire in Gaza,” the groups said in a letter to the president.

We Ignore the Ongoing Collapse of American Democracy at Our Peril: Fascism can happen here and we know this because it is happening here. And unless more people wake up and fight back, it will be too late. We see it in everything from our last two Republican presidents having lost the national vote but taking office anyway, to the extreme gerrymandering happening in every Red state in the country, to the naked bribery of our legislators and Supreme Court justices. And our media exclude it from almost every conversation.

Tennessee Bans Almost Half a Million Americans From Voting in the Presidential Election: How a Jim Crow-era strategy blocked 4.6 million people from voting in 2022. Disenfranchising people with felony convictions was a tactic by white supremacists after the Civil War to prevent Black men from influencing elections. Why are 48 U.S. states still doing it?

From Resistance to Power: Republicans Have Returned to Openly Obstructing a Democratic President: During Obama’s presidency, Republicans developed a plan to return to power: Unanimously opposing everything Obama attempted, no matter if it helped Americans. That resistance helped the GOP return to power in 2016, and it appears to have started openly using the tactic once more.

House Speaker Johnson announces he will put forth a clean stand-alone Israel aid bill: The bill would offer no offsetting spending cuts. House Democrats found themselves squeezed on Saturday by Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-La.) plans to hold a vote on an Israel aid package that excludes the IRS cuts they protested last fall.

Biden Says The US “Does Not Seek Conflict In The Middle East” While Actively Dropping Bombs There: No on-camera statement. Instead the news was delivered via virtual briefings and a news release from Biden, in which he said the strikes “will continue at times and places of our choosing.” “The United States does not seek conflict in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world,” he added.

Oregon Supreme Court rules that Republican senators who walked out last year can’t seek reelection: The ruling could have reverberations for the legislative session set to begin next week.

# Legal / DOJ
Fani Willis Hit With Surprise: 22 Counts of Impeachment: Last Friday, House Resolution  872 was submitted to the Georgia General Assembly by state Rep. Charlice Byrd. The resolution has 22 specific articles of impeachment, with each one of them being an alleged violation of Georgia Code 16-10-1, which states that “any public officer who willfully and intentionally violates the terms of his oath as prescribed by law shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years.”

Trump’s Lackeys Have Found Fani Willis’ Weakness: They are making a cynical move to derail or delay the case. The racketeering case that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis brought against Donald Trump and 18 MAGA minions is so strong that the ex-president’s allies can only attack her, not the evidence. Here’s what she should do to stop it.

Federal Court Does the Unthinkable: To paraphrase the steward Malvolio in Twelfth Night, “Be not afraid of change: some are born to change, some achieve change, and some have change thrust upon them.”1 At the present time the federal judiciary, in a rare and somewhat unprecedented public display, is engaged in a spirited debate over its appropriate size.

Judge Engoron’s Potential Last-Minute Ammunition Against Donald Trump:
The judge in Donald Trump’s New York fraud trial may be delaying his verdict after hearing that a Trump executive is willing to admit he gave perjured evidence, a former federal prosecutor has said. Judge Arthur Engoron was supposed to deliver his verdict by the end of January but has delayed its release by at least a week.

Republican targets Clarence Thomas for ‘breaking the law,’ files tax lawsuit: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas failed to disclose a real estate deal he made with a wealthy Republican donor who paid for lavish trips over the years.

# Medical / Health
Obamacare created big medicine: There’s a conflict of interest at the heart of American health care. We need to break up the industry to fix it. Our monopolistic health care system is a big part of the problem.
Monopolistic drug wholesalers fostered the opioid crisis, and now, for the same reason, they are creating shortages of prescription drugs.

# Military / DOD
US and UK conduct strikes on multiple Houthi targets in Yemen: The targets hit include command and control operation centers and an underground weapons storage facility. The United States and the United Kingdom have carried out strikes on Houthi-controlled positions in Yemen in a new wave of attacks against the Iran-aligned Yemeni group, which has been targeting US and Israeli interests in solidarity with Palestinians

# Pharmaceuticals / Drugs
Pharma companies raise prices on over 900 drugs amid ‘historic’ negotiations: Altogether, companies such as Pfizer, Sanofi and Takeda are raising prices on more than 500 drug doses and formulations this month, Reuters first reported, citing data and analysis from research outfit 3 Axis Advisors and the related drug pricing non-profit 46brooklyn. Taking different doses and formulations out of the mix, more than 140 medicine brands will see their prices increase in January, according to the news service.

# Space / NASA
Reminder -2024 eclipse: These states will be in the ‘path of totality’: After the Lone Star state, the path moves through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Slivers of both Tennessee and Michigan also fall into the path of totality.

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