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February 7, 2024
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate
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# Indigenous
‘Disrespectful Violations’ Prompt Ute Tribe to Close 4 Million Acres to Nontribal Hunters, Anglers, Campers: The Ute Indian Tribe has terminated all active nonmember hunting, fishing, and recreation permits for its 4-plus million acres of tribal lands in the Uintah Basin of northeastern Utah, an area that’s twice the size of Yellowstone National Park. The Tribe has also set “an indefinite moratorium” on issuing any new permits for nonmembers.

# Border / Immigration / Migrants
GOP says Biden has all the power he needs to control the border. The reality is far more complicated: The package, which pairs border enforcement policy with wartime aid for Ukraine, Israel and other U.S. allies, would be the most significant immigration legislation in a decade. It has the potential, for better or worse, to transform some of the most vexing border problems.

Republicans will never get another border security deal this good: The Republican Party should take yes for an answer. By torpedoing the Senate’s bipartisan immigration deal, under pressure from former president Donald Trump to preserve his election-year advantage on a wedge issue, congressional Republicans would blow an opportunity to reduce undocumented immigration and curtail mass crossings at the southern border — along with save Ukraine before it runs out of ammunition.

Biden Blames Trump as Border Deal Collapses: With Republican opposition to a $118 billion security bill growing, President Joe Biden called out former president Donald Trump for undermining the bipartisan agreement, and vowed to make sure that Americans know who to blame if the legislation fails to become law.

Texas officials: Border bill would codify mass migration, strip states of self-defense rights: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and other leaders in Texas strongly oppose a Senate border bill introduced by Democrats, arguing it codifies mass migration into the United States and strips states of their constitutional right to self-defense

Trump, GOP Governors’ Border Threats Smack of Sedition: The Constitution and Supreme Court are clear and Trump isn’t the president. The US is edging closer to a constitutional crisis than it’s come in years, thanks to a pack of rogue red state governors determined to follow the cynical demands of a one-time president desperate to regain power.

The REAL Threat at Our Border: Trump, Republican governors, and MAGA media have summoned their armed fanatics to the Rio Grande. Meanwhile, because enormous, unmanageable numbers of migrants are arriving in America, thanks in part to various crises for which the United States bears historic responsibility, the Biden White House undertook negotiations with certain willing Republicans in the Senate to clarify immigration rules, adequately fund their enforcement, and keep vulnerable people from suffering biblical levels of misery under our care.

New border security bill would strip Texas of its powers, and Republicans dubbed it a disaster: After the highly anticipated bipartisan border deal was revealed, conservatives reacted to the part that would reportedly strip Texas of its border security powers. Even before its official release, Governor Abbott announced that the Texas National Guard would continue to expand security efforts.

Another State Considers Sending National Guard to Texas: Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry has announced he wants to send National Guard soldiers to Texas to support the efforts by Governor Greg Abbott, his fellow Republican, to combat illegal migration.

Kansas House adopts resolution asking Kelly to send National Guard, law enforcement to Texas border Nonbinding measure praises Texas governor’s defiant answer to immigrant ‘invasion’

# Censorship
GOP Candidate Burns Missouri Public Library Books with Flamethrower: Acandidate running to become Missouri’s next secretary of state has gone viral after she was shown burning LGBTQ-friendly books with a flamethrower. “These books come from a Missouri public library,” Valentina Gomez said in a video posted to social media site X, formerly Twitter, which has since received over 431,000 views. “When I am in office, they will burn.”

# Corporations / Industry
Amazon Is Laying Off Hundreds in Its Health Care Operation: Job cuts affect One Medical chain, online pharmacy unit. Amazon has been trimming its headcount since late 2022. The layoffs follow rolling reductions in late 2022 and early 2023 that ultimately totaled more than 27,000 employees.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
A record number of Americans can’t afford their rent. Lawmakers are scrambling to help: Lawmakers are working on a bill that would expand a federal program that awards tax credits to housing developers who agree to set aside units for low-income tenants. Supporters say that could lead to the construction of 200,000 more affordable homes. The latest data from the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, released in January, found that a record high 22.4 million renter households, or half of renters nationwide, were spending more than 30% of their income on rent in 2022. The number of affordable units, with rents under $600, also dropped to 7.2 million that year, 2.1 million fewer than a decade earlier.

There’s a Tax Season Villain, and It’s Not the I.R.S.: But we’re here to convince you that the I.R.S. is not the problem: Yes, it should be easy to file taxes. And yes, it should be free. That’s how it works in the rest of the developed world, and it could very easily work that way here, too. It is absurd that America’s tax system is so antiquated and complicated that most people must pay someone else to help them pay the government. So what is standing in the way of progress?

# Education / Schools
A Florida school made parents sign permission slips to let their kids participate in Black History Month events: One concerned parent told WPLG she was “shocked” when she received the permission slip. The opt-in activities include presentations celebrating the achievements of Black communities.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining
Coalition of states criticize Biden’s natural gas export freeze: A coalition of about two dozen state attorneys general sent a letter to President Joe Biden Tuesday blasting the president’s recent decision to freeze the approval of new export sites for liquefied natural gas

# Gov / Politics / Global
Hamas Proposes 135-Day Gaza Truce With Complete Israeli Withdrawal: Hamas has proposed a ceasefire to quiet the guns in Gaza for four-and-a-half months, during which all hostages would go free, Israel would withdraw its troops from the Gaza Strip and an agreement would be reached on an end to the war.

Netanyahu rejects Hamas’ ceasefire demands, including release of 1,500 Palestinians for hostages: “Hamas’ answer was formulated so that Israel would refuse it,” Israel’s defense minister said. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday rejected Hamas’ terms for a cease-fire and hostage-release agreement, calling them “delusional,” a position that complicates efforts to strike a deal between the sides. Netanyahu vowed to press ahead with Israel’s war against Hamas, now in its fifth month

# Gov / Politics
Critics say border bill would send $60B to Ukraine. Here’s where it’s really going: The majority of funding would be used to restock the U.S. military’s inventory after it sent weapons to Kyiv. Most of the money dedicated to Ukraine, however, won’t leave the U.S. Instead, tens of billions of dollars will fill Pentagon coffers to purchase new weapons from U.S. companies to refill inventories that have been tapped to help Ukraine, finance military operations and sign contracts for new weapons for Kyiv.

Heritage Action urges ‘no’ vote on border security, foreign aid package: Heritage Action argued most of the issues tackled in the national security supplemental were known months ago and therefore should have been incorporated into the administration’s standard appropriations request to Congress.

Mayorkas impeachment fails despite Texas Republicans’ efforts All Texas Republicans voted to impeach the Homeland Security secretary. But four other Republicans voted with all Democrats against the measure.

Once hesitant, Texas Republicans have united behind Donald Trump. Again: Less than a year ago, Donald Trump’s political strength was waning among Texas Republicans. He was being blamed for an underwhelming midterm election, he was facing mounting legal problems and many prominent Texas Republicans were hesitating to endorse his comeback bid. But not all of them.

What kind of presidential candidate, and supporters, would cause opponents to fear for their lives? And what should be America’s response? Nikki Haley has applied for Secret Service protection as the number of threats against her has soared, a campaign spokeswoman confirmed yesterday. The threats come as Trump ratcheted up his attacks on Haley, escalating vicious assaults on her character, her career, her origins, and her beliefs. Many of his assertions are lies.

# Law Enforcment
Three years after BLM protests gripped nation, a police shooting in Lufkin draws little attention: A fatal police shooting that resulted in a Black woman being killed in her home in Lufkin has garnered little attention among the 1,000-plus documented police killings that have happened in the last year in the United States.

# Medical / Health
Casualties of a Failed Health Care System: Why even an elite Boston hospital can feel like a makeshift infirmary in a war zone. This mess is a vivid example of how reliance on commercialized health care with piecemeal regulation has failed and backfired. Dig deeper, and there are the multiple causes of this mess

The quiet way health insurance companies have made it harder to get medical necessities covered: Many companies have adopted a stricter rules-based approach for what they do and don’t cover. The language in many insurance policies is changing to say they only cover treatments based strictly on the conditions specified in their medical guidelines. This may make it easier for insurers to deny care, and harder for consumers to appeal denials.

# Military / DOD
US air control systems detected Russian aircraft in Alaska: The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said that it had detected four Russian military aircraft operating in the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). “The Russian aircraft remained in international airspace and did not enter American or Canadian sovereign airspace,” NORAD said in a statement.

Another 2,200 plaintiffs sue Navy over contamination of Hawaii water by jet fuel: Another 2,200 individuals filed suit in federal court Monday seeking compensation for illnesses, distress and financial hardship they say stem from exposure to petroleum-tainted Navy tap water in Hawaii.

# Military / Global
China steps up warnings to Japanese military aircraft near disputed Senkaku Islands: Chinese coast guard vessels have been warning Japanese military aircraft to leave airspace over and around the Japanese-administered Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, according to Japanese media.

Chinese ships near Diaoyu Islands stoke Japan’s fears of Beijing vs Manila South China Sea-style clash: Japan deployed airborne early warning aircraft and at least one marine destroyer in response to Chinese vessels sailing near the disputed islands. Analysts say Beijing’s actions are aimed at weakening Tokyo’s control over the uninhabited East China Sea islands it calls the Senkakus

Suspected drones used by Yemen’s Houthi rebels attack 2 more ships in Mideast waters: Two ships traveling in Middle East waters have been attacked by suspected Yemen Houthi rebel drones. Tuesday’s attacks are the latest in the Iranian-backed fighters’ campaign of targeting vessels over Israel’s war on Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

NATO scrambles F-16 jets after Russia fired missiles towards Poland: Poland scrambled at least three F-16s today as Russia fired missiles towards its NATO border with Ukraine, say reports. In the event the missiles turned away from the NATO country and hit targets across Ukraine as part of a massive new onslaught unleashed by Russia.

Iran may have unleashed forces that it can no longer control: Events in the Middle East may be about to spiral out of control. With Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, and the Houthis in Yemen all targeting Israel and the West, the hand of Iran looms large.

Bombings Kill Dozens in Pakistan on Eve of Contentious Elections: As Pakistanis prepare to head to the polls with the country’s most popular politician behind bars on dubious charges, human rights groups sounded the alarm on a wide range of election-related repression.

# Veterans
Easy access to virtual appointments, prescription refills are behind rising demand for online VA health care: More than 40% of veterans, or 2.5 million patients enrolled in VA health care, rely on telehealth for at least part of their care, according to the VA. Behind the numbers are veterans seeking online care for the access, convenience and privacy, the VA said.

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