Voices, The Peoples News No. 2024-02-09

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February 9, 2024
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate
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# Border / Immigration / Migrants
Texas Governor Abbott’s Outlandish Immigration Argument Could Have Dangerous Consequences: A suspension of habeas corpus rights would not apply solely to immigrants, but to all citizens. This unintended consequence of Abbott’s argument would pose a grave threat to widely accepted notions of freedom and liberty by allowing a future president ― who conservatives may like even less than Biden, to claim that drug-smuggling, cross-border crime or migration, things that are always happening, amount to an invasion and use that claim to seize the power to jail whomever they like for whatever reason.
lRight-Wing Talk Of An ‘Invasion’ And ‘Civil War’ Risks Rise In Vigilantism, Experts Say: A conservative panic about immigrants at the southern border has included calls to “buy weapons.” Right-wing influencer Charlie Kirk, leader of the MAGA youth groups Turning Point USA and Students for Trump and the host one of the most listened-to podcasts in the United States, encouraged his listeners this week to take up arms in preparation for an “invasion” of immigrants at the southern border.
l# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
lMore tax cuts put states’ revenue at risk: After three years of state tax cuts that disproportionately benefit the wealthy, some states are poised to enact even more. Essential services will be harmed, advocates warn. This follows on the heels of 26 states cutting their personal income tax rates, corporate income tax rates or both between 2021 and 2023, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a think tank that focuses on policies’ effect on lower-income people.
lSenate Moves Ahead with $95 Billion Funding Bill for Ukraine, Israel, lTaiwan: The Senate cleared its first hurdle in advancing President Joe Biden’s massive aid request for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan after months of moribund negotiations. But even if the Senate passes the $95 billion legislation in the coming days, its fate remains uncertain in the House.
l# Energy / Pipelines / Mining
lWyoming, slow to take federal clean energy funds, gambles state money on carbon sequestration and hydrogen schemes to keep fossil fuels flowing: lThe Cowboy State has doled out tens of millions of state taxpayer dollars to fossil fuel-adjacent projects, even as it faces a shortage of options to take advantage of clean-energy funding.
l# Environment / Climate / Chemicals / Infrastructure Sewage across borders: The Tijuana River is spewing wastewater into San Diego amid historic storms, which could threaten public health. Doctors have reported surges of gastrointestinal illness when intense storms like this week’s atmospheric rivers overwhelm wastewater treatment plants and flood communities with raw sewage.
l# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Technology For a second time, US court bans dicamba weed killers, finds EPA violated law: A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals vacated the 2018 approval, finding that the EPA had rendered flawed analyses and “substantially understated” risks associated with the dicamba herbicides sold by Monsanto and BASF, making the EPA’s approval illegal.
l# General News
lEvangelicals’ Trump Worship Looks More Like QAnon Every Day: I’ve watched hundreds of hours of Trump rally footage, and it’s clear he’s going full “messiah” in his plea to the evangelical Christian voters who have supported him since 2016.
lThe revelations of Q. Dissemination and resonance of the QAnon conspiracy theory among US Evangelical Christians and the role of the lCovid-19 crisis: Previous studies show that the QAnon conspiracy theory is especially popular among American evangelical Christians. The paper investigates the reasons behind this relationship. We hypothesize a mediation relationship between evangelical dogma and how it is practiced on the one hand and the susceptibility for conspiracy thinking on the other hand.
lFormer Trump adviser Michael Flynn ‘at the center’ of new movement based on conspiracies and Christian nationalism: The retired lieutenant general, former national security adviser, onetime anti-terrorism fighter, is now focused on his next task: building a movement centered on Christian nationalist ideas, where Christianity is at the center of American life and institutions.
l# Gov / Politics
lInside the Bizarre Race to Replace George Santos: The two main contenders are registered Democrats, one backed by local Republicans, the other a solid moderate. The Tuesday contest for the House seat held by Santos until his recent expulsion is shaping up to be a bellwether in the fight for control of Congress, as candidates test political messages their parties hope will appeal to suburban voters in the fall

lCongress should block US investment in China’s military and human rights labuses: Most Americans, particularly U.S. servicemen and women, don’t want to invest in modernizing Communist China’s armed forces. Yet, that’s where millions of their investment and retirement dollars are headed, unless Congress is willing to step in and stop it.
lDonald Trump Is Fundraising With George Soros ‘Protégé’: Republicans love to attack George Soros, the left-leaning Hungarian-born Jewish billionaire philanthropist and Holocaust survivor who has contributed to a number of liberal and pro-democracy causes around the world. Often their criticisms stray into anti-Semitism, as well as a guilt-by-association logic where any politician whose projects have received funding from a group supported by Soros are but his puppets.
lMore than three years after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, former President Donald Trump used a media briefing to spread new lies about the rioters who stormed the halls of Congress that day. In a sweeping attempt to rewrite history,  “I think it was an insurrection caused by Nancy Pelosi,” the former president offered.
lNewly Released Evidence Underscores Joe Biden’s Excessive Use of a Secret Email Address to Communicate with his Son’s Business Associates: lThe President appears now to not only have had knowledge but also been intimately involved in Hunter Biden’s business dealings. The material released today further corroborates the previous testimony of IRS agents Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley highlighting the incredible level of access Hunter Biden and his business partners had in Joe Biden’s public office while working for foreign businesses.
lThe Plan To Take Out Voting Rights: After years of being whittled away by federal judges, the Voting Rights Act, which prohibits racial discrimination in voting, unexpectedly survived an existential threat in l2023 when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld what’s left of the landmark 1965 civil rights law while striking down Alabama’s congressional map. “The court didn’t make it any easier to win voting rights cases,” lredistricting expert Justin Levitt said at the time. “It just declined to make it much, much, much, much, much, much harder.”
lCalls for humanity: The urgent plea for a ceasefire in Gaza: “An immediate ceasefire will not only save lives but also open the door to addressing the underlying issues fueling this conflict. The time for action is now.”
lU.S. chooses genocide over diplomacy in the Middle East: What Americans should be asking their government is this: Why are there still 2,500 U.S. troops in Iraq? The United States’ support for Israel’s genocidal policies now goes way beyond Palestine, with the U.S. expansion of the war to Iraq, Syria and Yemen to punish other countries and forces in the region for intervening to defend or support the Palestinians.
l# Legal / DOJ
lFeds Probe Threats Against Potential Witness in Trump Case: Special counsel Jack Smith filed to request permission to enter an exhibit under seal regarding the witness and the threats they have faced over social media. Special counsel Jack Smith said in a new filing that he wants permission to enter an exhibit under seal about the witness and the threats he or she has received on social media.
lThe Supreme Court May Not Treat Donald Trump Like an Insurrectionist After All: There appears to be little appetite among the nine justices to let one state set the rules for the next presidential election.
lThe Supreme Court seems likely to let Trump run. It will have to ignore the Constitution: The amendment clearly defines Congress’ role here: Its last sentence gives lawmakers the power to exempt an insurrectionist from the provision. But the amendment does not require congressional action to enforce the section.
lThe Supreme Court’s 2020-21 Term Shows the Damage Caused by Trump-Appointed Justices: made it easier for companies to violate the rights of working people and to exercise abusive monopoly power; authorized the Trump administration’s discriminatory Muslim ban; redefined religious liberty from a shield to protect religious exercise into a sword to harm others; undermined precedents upholding the ability of federal agencies to adopt vital health and safety regulations; and threatened to eliminate the constitutional right to abortion.
l# Media
lFormer Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin: Putin delivered many familiar talking points and was rarely challenged by Carlson during the interview, his first with a Western-based media figure since Russia invaded
Ukraine https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://apnews.com/article/russia-putin-tucker-carlson-interview-6fb00b1f2d5f4bc639518b4a3445e1f8__;!!On18fmf1aQ!2z-nvUnc5y3LpxHg2dX-feEpn6Mr4RKkoFBHDV3JySDcw1sMKBUdV4DAPwW2pXoDIU_dXRH4At56JQxNGwi4AeRDJWHFrxO8$
lEverything That Was Wrong With Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview: Tucker Carlson Promised an Unedited Putin. The Result Was Boring. In an interview that lasted more than two hours, the Russian President aired well-trod grievances and gave a lecture full of spurious history meant to justify his war in Ukraine.
l# Military / DOD
lUS may cut info-warfare assets as China, Russia expand influence ops: lU.S. Army information-warfare capabilities are on the chopping block as the Pentagon looks to trim special operations forces, even as China and Russia expand their own influence efforts, according to multiple individuals with direct knowledge of the Army’s future plans who spoke to Defense One.
lDrones to replace helicopter program that Army developed at $2 billion lcost: The Army is giving up on a scout helicopter development program after spending $2 billion on it, opting instead to pursue more affordable drone alternatives. After sinking nearly $2 billion into the FARA program, service leaders decide “enduring, unmanned, and space-based assets” would do the job better.
l# Military / Global
lAustralia sends sailors to Guam for US Navy nuclear submarine training: lA second, larger contingent of Australian sailors is training alongside U.S. counterparts on Guam as part of an agreement to create a nuclear-powered submarine force for the Australian navy https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.stripes.com/branches/navy/2024-02-09/nuclear-sub-training-australia-guam-12948455.html__;!!On18fmf1aQ!2z-nvUnc5y3LpxHg2dX-feEpn6Mr4RKkoFBHDV3JySDcw1sMKBUdV4DAPwW2pXoDIU_dXRH4At56JQxNGwi4AeRDJflE49um$
lGerman air defense frigate Hessen deploys to the Red Sea: German air defense frigate Hessen set sail Thursday from the country’s northern port city of Wilhelmshaven toward the Red Sea, marking Berlin’s contribution to a growing international naval protection force for cargo ships transiting the crucial commercial route. The objective is to support military efforts protecting shipping against missile and drone-attacks by the Yemen-based Houthi militia.
l# Nuclear
l5.5 Tons Of Radioactive Water Leaks Out Of Damaged Fukushima Nuclear
lPlant: An estimated 5.5 metric tons (6 tons) of radioactive water, enough to fill two ordinary backyard swimming pools, leaked out through an air vent, leaving a pool of water on an iron plate outside and seeping into the soil around it, TEPCO said, but no radioactive water escaped the compound.
l# Pharmaceuticals / Drugs
lPharma CEOs grilled by Sanders: A standoff on drug pricing: “In a fiery Senate showdown, Senator Bernie Sanders challenges Big Pharma on exorbitant U.S. drug prices, revealing the stark divide between profit margins and patient access to essential medications.” Senator Bernie Sanders took pharmaceutical industry leaders to task over the stark disparities in drug pricing between the United States and other countries.
l# Space / NASA
lNASA’s New Experimental Antenna Tracks Deep Space Laser: The 34-meter l(112-foot) radio-frequency-optical-hybrid antenna, called Deep Space Station 13, has tracked the downlink laser from NASA’s Deep Space Optical Communications (DSOC) technology demonstration since November 2023. The tech demo’s flight laser transceiver is riding with the agency’s Psyche spacecraft, which launched on Oct. 13, 2023.

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