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February 14, 2024
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In a recent article, Henry Giroux wrote that “silence in the face of
tyranny legitimates authoritarianism along with the risks it poses
to any viable notion of justice, equality and freedom.”
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# Border / Immigration / Migrants
New anti-climbing border wall prototype being installed in California: A source told Border Report the metal segments being added to the top of the barrier are a prototype, and if they keep migrants from climbing the wall, the feature will be added in other areas along the southern border. Regardless, Rios believes migrants will look for ways to overcome the new design.

New York, Chicago, Denver face high costs of migrant arrivals, S&P warns: A new reports warns of the financial challenges state and local governments far from the border face when helping migrants. “Only one month into the 2024 fiscal year, the city has identified significant cost overruns related to its migrant support programs for case management and housing solutions, contributing to a potential year-end operating deficit,” according to the S&P report.

Inside new Mexican military operation at San Diego-Tijuana border: The Mexican military has launched a new command center as they work to shut down one of the most dangerous smuggling points along the San Diego-Tijuana border.*Mexican military targets smuggling points at San Diego-Tijuana border *Smugglers track Mexican military, monitor US border routes from hills *Chinese migrants offered ‘package trips’ by smugglers to enter US border

NY sheriff sounds alarm as migrants cross northern border in record numbers: Favro said “none of this is humane,” and if Congress closed the borders today it would take about five to six years to “get back onto our feet.” “What we saw recently with the attack on our colleagues and law enforcement down in New York City, was just repulsive.

UN Budgets Millions for U.S.-Bound Migrants in 2024: Public docs show cash handouts to help feed, transport, and house people headed for the U.S. border. Early in America’s historic border crisis, entering its fourth year, Republican lawmakers named a significant culprit other than the Mexican cartel smugglers. They named the U.S. taxpayer-funded United Nations as a co-smuggler after reports that the UN was handing out debit cards and cash vouchers to aspiring illegal border crossers on their way north.

# Corporations / Industry
Walmart Announces More Closures In Some of the Larger U.S. Cities: These closures affected 14 states and Washington, D.C., with four stores closing in Chicago and eight closing across the state of Illinois, the most of any state. For the most part, Walmart blamed underperformance and theft as a central reason for the closures.

Plug Power to cut jobs, among other moves meant to save $75 million a year: The alternative energy company “will undertake strategic adjustments to its staffing levels,” it said in a release

# Education / Schools
Under Pressure From Angry Students, GOP Gov Reverses on Federal Summer Meals Funding “It only took literally everyone in the entire state telling him that he was being a monster,” said one political scientist, “for him to do the absolute easiest thing and feed hungry kids.”

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining
Big Oil, Green Groups Sue Over Biden’s Offshore Drilling Plan for the Gulf: “Our lawsuit is another stand for the Gulf ecosystem, its nearby communities, and all wildlife that continue to suffer at the hands of Big Oil,” said Friends of the Earth’s legal director.

# Environment / Climate / Chemicals / Infrastructure
The East Coast’s slow descent into the ocean intensifies threats from sea level rise: A recent study highlights the increasing peril to coastal communities from land subsidence and sea level rise, exacerbated by groundwater depletion. The U.S. East Coast has been experiencing hurricane-like flooding in recent days, with Georgia and the Carolinas getting the latest round. High tides are part of the problem, but there’s another risk that has been slowly creeping up: sea level rise.

# General News
‘No Place Is Safe’: Multiple People Shot at Kansas City Super Bowl Parade: “Today we continue the cycle of fear and grieving in Kansas City during a parade,” said one gun control group.

A Cultural Artifact That Meets the Moment; Stephen King’s Under the Dome nails how Trumpism functions at the most elemental of levels: A Hole in the Culture. Why is there so little art depicting the moment we’re in?

Mexican Gun Lawsuit Aims to Change America’s Gun Laws: A U.S. appeals court on Monday revived a $10 billion lawsuit by Mexico seeking to hold American gun manufacturers responsible for facilitating the trafficking of weapons to drug cartels across the U.S.-Mexico border.

# Gov / Politics / Global
EU takes first step to use Russia’s frozen assets for Ukraine: The EU adopted a law to set aside windfall profits made on frozen Russian central bank assets, it said on Monday, in a first concrete step towards the bloc’s aim of using the money to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine. The European Union has moved toward using the profits from frozen Russian central bank assets to finance Ukraine’s reconstruction with the adoption of a new law on Monday

Russia warns the West: we will be very tough if you ‘steal’ our assets: Russia warned the West on Tuesday that Moscow would be very tough if the United States and European Union seized hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Russian assets.

South Africa Calls on ICJ to Stop Israel’s Rafah Assault: An invasion of Rafah would be an “irreparable breach both of the Genocide Convention and of the court’s order,” the South African government said. The country filed an “urgent request” over Israel’s planned extension of military operations. The South African government is requesting that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) consider an intervention in Israel’s announced military operations in Rafah.

# Gov / Politics
US Chooses to Back Genocide and War: The horror Americans feel at the plight of people in Gaza and the U.S. role in it is a shocking new low in this disconnect between the humanity of ordinary Americans and the insatiable ambitions of their undemocratic leaders.

Biden: U.S. to Maintain Forces in Iraq, Syria: Biden: Response to Deadly Attack on Troops ‘Will Continue’—as U.S. to Maintain Forces in Iraq, Syria. It was also important as a statement of a continued U.S. commitment to sustain its military presence in the region, including in Iraq and Syria

The US Needs to Get Out of the Middle East — Soon: The US has about 46,000 troops stationed in 11 countries across the Middle East: The US has about 46,000 troops stationed in 11 countries across the Middle East, with all the accompanying hardware and support. Those forces are not available elsewhere, whether in Europe or East Asia, where America’s most ominous foes need deterring and its closest allies need reassuring.

White House Chaos: Susan Rice Slammed “Bitch Ass” Becerra Over Border; Biden ‘Exploded’ With Rage: Apparently in January of 2023, President Biden completely lost his shit on Air Force One, ‘exploding’ with rage at his team during a discussion on immigration because they couldn’t produce obscure data on demand.

Democrat Tom Suozzi Wins Special Election in New York to Succeed George Santos in Congress: Democrat Tom Suozzi won a special election Tuesday in New York for the U.S. House seat that was left vacant when Republican George Santos was expelled from Congress. Suozzi defeated Republican Mazi Pilip to retake a seat he held for three terms before giving it up to run, unsuccessfully, for governor.

House Republicans voted to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in yet another effort to help former President Donald Trump’s 2024 White House bid: Mayorkas is the first Cabinet official to be impeached since the 1870s, a vote made all the more remarkable by Republicans’ inability to pass the same articles of impeachment last week, when three GOP members joined Democrats to tank the resolution, citing concerns their colleagues were abusing their impeachment power.

Senate passes Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan aid amid Trump-fueled opposition: The Senate on Tuesday passed the president’s $95 billion foreign aid spending request for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan following an all-night session, wrapping up nearly a week of debate on the bill.

John Fetterman Is Not the Progressive Politician Everyone Thought He Was  and he doesn’t care: The Pennsylvania Democrat has some thoughts to share on Biden, the left and James Carville, too.

Trump Just Keeps Doing Appalling Things, and the Ranks of the Disengaged Are Growing:

Donald Trump Issues Dire Warning if Immunity Claim Fails: Donald Trump has claimed that every president will be “immediately indicted” by the opposing party after leaving office if they are not granted immunity. The former president, who is fighting four criminal cases while seeking to reclaim the White House, has repeatedly advanced the argument that he is immune from prosecution for actions taken while in office.

Chinese ‘saboteurs’ are ‘sharpening their skills to kill Americans’: Gordon Chang – Gatestone Institute senior fellow Gordon Chang argues China’s goals and motivations are ‘worse’ than trying to overtake the U.S. as a global superpower. ‘China is making fast preparations for war and the Pentagon has decided not to notice’

Life in America is becoming a continuous nightmare: And waking up does not seem to be an option. The forthcoming presidential election is one nightmare. Some three-quarters of Americans do not want either Donald Trump or Joe Biden as president.

Senator John Fetterman Sends Blunt Message to Trump and GOP Lawmakers Criticizing the $118 Billion Border Bill [©Source: Flickr/Governor Tom Wolf / Flickr/Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff] Democratic Senator John Fetterman recently issued a blunt message directed to GOP lawmakers that are still opposing a $118 billion Senate bill. Donald Trump was targeted as well by the message since he shares in the opposition.

# Law Enforcment
San Jacinto County’s radios weren’t working when Francisco Oropeza allegedly killed neighbors: The San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office said if you call for help, there’s a chance no one will hear you. The emergency radio and 911 operations are failing, and the county commissioners and first responders can’t agree. Is this a problem that needs fixing now, or can it wait?

# Media
Over 100 Chinese Websites Pose as Local News Outlets in 30 Countries: A Beijing-based public relations firm has created more than 100 websites that are posing as local news outlets across 30 countries to spread pro-China talking points, according to a new report by Citizen Lab, a research group at the University of Toronto.

# Military / Global
Global Alarm as IDF Takes Aim at Nasser Hospital Full of Sheltering Civilians: “Nasser is the backbone of the health system in southern Gaza. It must be protected,” said the head of the World Health Organization. Israeli troops further closed in on the largest hospital in the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis, ordering thousands of Palestinians sheltering at the facility to evacuate amid reports that Israeli snipers have been shooting people trying to flee the compound.

# Pharmaceuticals / Drugs
Federal Judge Tosses Big Pharma Lawsuit Against Medicare Drug Price Negotiations: “Big PhRMA is so desperate to stop the Biden administration from lowering drug costs for seniors that they’re clogging the judicial system with spam lawsuits even in courtrooms they have no jurisdiction in.”

# Space / NASA
US prestige at stake as Texas company launches for the Moon: An American spaceship attempting a lunar landing has been rescheduled to launch early Thursday, the second private-led effort this year after the first ended in dismal failure.

# Technology
Donald Trump and Elon Musk: 2 disrupters facing a reckoning! Both the Tesla CEO and the former president have used that platform, Twitter, as a sword and a shield, a soapbox to rouse the passions (and tap the pocketbooks) of tens of millions of followers and repulse the other side. Now both face a reckoning this week brought on at least in part by their use of Twitter to advance their agendas and feed their outsize id.

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