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February 20, 2024
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# Border / Immigration / Migrants
Greg Abbott Insists Texas Has Right to Deploy Militia: Texas has the constitutional right to defend itself from invasion. In his February 19 statement, Abbott reiterated this argument, commenting: “One of the most crucial rights granted in the U.S. Constitution is a state’s ability to secure its own border.”

Biden administration increasing cost of US citizenship: The fee to file the naturalization form online is currently $640, and will jump to $710 — an 11% increase. The paper filing fee will jump to $760 — a 19% increase. Meanwhile, the cost for prospective immigrants to apply for permanent resident status will increase 26% from $1,140 to $1,440.

12 gunmen killed by Mexican soldiers in shootout near Texas border: The security department of the northern border state of Tamaulipas said late Sunday the confrontation took place in the township of Miguel Aleman, across the border from Roma, Texas.

Trump’s plan to disappear millions: We have the leading presidential candidate for one of our two political parties promising at his rallies and on his social media platform, to “Stop the Invasion, Seal the Border, and Rapidly Begin the Largest Deportation Operation in History.” Aides to this candidate, who is openly espousing a fascist agenda if elected, have spoken openly of “rounding up” ten million undocumented immigrants and keeping them in special detention facilities that will be built by the United States Military near the border with Mexico before being deported.  The roundup will include families with small children.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Largest Covid vaccine study yet finds up to 3 times greater risk: Large Cohort Study Finds Possible Association Between Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and COVID-19 Vaccination but Far Stronger Link With
SARS-CoV-2 Infection

White House Pressured Amazon to Censor Books Questioning Safety, Efficacy of Vaccines During Pandemic: White House officials “spent a week berating Amazon” in March 2021 over books related to “vaccine misinformation” and asked what steps company officials could take “to reduce the visibility of these titles,” according to Amazon emails released Monday by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, Ohio Republican.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
70% of largest U.S. cities lack funds to cover costs; pensions and healthcare are majority of debt: In the latest comprehensive analysis of the fiscal health of the most populous cities, 53 did not have enough money to pay all of their bills, according to a Truth in Accounting analysis of the latest annual comprehensive financial reports from 2022.

Truckers For Trump Hit The Brakes On Deliveries To New York City Over Fraud Ruling: What Happened: A Donald Trump-supporting trucker who goes by Chicago Ray on X.com posted a video on Friday stating that he was planning to refuse delivery routes to New York City starting this week.

# Employment / Labor
Nike announces massive layoffs: Nike lays off more than 1,500 people as CEO says ‘I ultimately hold myself and my leadership team accountable’ Nike CEO John Donahoe said the company’s recent layoffs would help “reignite our growth.”

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining
West Coast communities prepare as the feds finalize areas for new floating wind farms along the Oregon coast, authorities announced Tuesday, bringing the state closer to commercially developing and producing a renewable energy source that’s part of the fight against climate change.

Oregon fishermen, tribes angered by surprise announcement on offshore wind energy areas: The Coos Bay wind energy area [WEA], about 61,000 acres, is 32 miles from shore and the Brookings one, more than twice as large, is about 18 miles from shore.

# Environment / Climate / Chemicals / Infrastructure US manufacturers persist in use of cancer-causing ethylene oxide despite bans abroad: The EU recently banned U.S. vanilla extract exports due ethylene oxide. Here, the chemical disproportionately harms overburdened communities

# Gov / Politics
This primary season Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is not only going after Texas House members who voted to impeach him but also incumbents who sit on the state’s highest criminal court after they decided he couldn’t unilaterally prosecute voter fraud cases. The attorney general has tried to supplant eight Republican judges on the court after they rejected his efforts to unilaterally prosecute voter fraud. The judges are now pushing back.

SCOTUS Is Considering A Deregulation Bomb: The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a little-covered case that has the power to wipe away safeguards for any and all regulations that govern Americans’ daily lives. Plaintiffs in the case, a convenience store’s challenge to debit card fee limits, backed by big business and groups tied to the conservative Koch network. They’re asking the court to overturn a longstanding statute of limitations that currently protects federal rules from certain legal challenges once they’ve been finalized for six years. If they win, it could unleash an onslaught of attacks on all federal regulations, most of which Americans likely don’t even know protect them.

White House confirms Russia developing ‘anti-satellite’ technology on it’s anti-satellite weapon, but says no immediate threat. Biden administration says it plans to engage directly with Russia and eventually share more details about what Russia is developing

Resurgent al-Qaida training camps latest black eye from Biden Afghanistan withdrawal: UN report claims al-Qaida now has eight training camps in Taliban-controlled country. The United Nations Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team reported late last month that the terrorist group al-Qaida, though weakened from its heyday in the early 2000s, has reconstituted as many as eight training camps and five religious training schools known as madrassas on Afghan soil under the Taliban’s rule while also increasing its propaganda operations and recruitment.

Hong Kong immigrant becomes first non-US citizen to serve on the San Francisco Election Commission: In 2020, San Francisco passed a measure that removed the requirement of being a citizen to serve on commissions and city boards.

Senior Republicans fear Trump will tap the RNC to cover legal bills again: The president is going to put his people in place on the committee. Changes are in store. Several senior Republican officials are concerned that Donald Trump’s expected takeover of the RNC will ultimately pave the way for the committee to once again cover his legal bills.

Trump’s RNC Takeover Is on the Brink of Becoming a ‘Purge’: Those fears come in the aftermath of Trump endorsing a trio of officials, including his daughter-in-law, to take on top roles at the RNC. From top to bottom, the national GOP organization could soon be rid of anyone seen as insufficiently MAGA. “I think within 30 days you’ll see a purge of staffers from the RNC, because it’s a hotbed for anti-Trumpism,” Steve Bannon, Trump’s former chief strategist and host of the War Room podcast told The Daily Beast. “That’s the open secret.” Skeptical holdouts within the RNC have gotten the message: Their days are numbered.

John Bolton Issues Warning Over Donald Trump’s Legal Debts And Foreign Autocrats: “They may be doing it already,” the former Trump advisor told MSNBC’s Jen Psaki. Bolton said Trump would likely have to liquidate some of his properties, but it was not “really a near-term problem” because Trump will appeal the rulings. Psaki asked if foreign autocrats could target Trump because he owes lots of money, which he may not actually have despite his claims to be a billionaire.

Donald Trump Issues Ominous Warning to New York: Donald Trump has said that no business will stay in New York if he loses the legal case brought against him by the state’s Attorney General Letitia James. “Businesses are watching this case,” he told reporters outside the court. “No business will go back into New York, no business will frankly stay in New York, some businesses are talking about leaving New York because of this action, this very serious action,” Trump added.

# Legal / DOJ
Trump expected to challenge New York judge’s definition of fraud: Donald Trump will contest Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron’s definition of “fraud” when he appeals the $355 million judgment made against him last week in his civil trial, according to his lawyer.

Big Warning for Fani Willis: Donald Trump’s co-defendant Trevian Kutti has said Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis should step down from her role.

“Borders on Pathological”: Trump Must Pay $450 Million for Lying to Lenders in Fraud Case: A New York judge ordered Donald Trump to pay $355 million in penalties, finding that the former president lied about his wealth for years in a sweeping civil fraud verdict that pierces his billionaire image but stops short of putting his real estate empire out of business.

# LGBTQ / Gender
Oklahoma Republicans Passed a Bathroom Bill. Now, a Trans Kid Is Dead: Nonbinary teen Nex Benedict died after being violently attacked in their school bathroom.

# Medical / Health
They’re Coming for the Women Now, Too: Articles Via so-called “toxic masculinity” and declining sperm counts, they’ve been coming for the men. Now they’re coming for the women, too. An anti-human force is attacking the hormonal basis of both genders.

# Military / Global
The Danger Lurking Just Below Ukraine’s Surface: The widespread use of mines has left Ukrainians scrambling to find ways to clear the explosives. New efforts to develop mine-clearing technology may help them push back Russia’s invading forces.

North Korea’s military on high alert, prepares for potential conflict amid growing tensions: North Korea tests more cruise missiles as leader Kim calls for war readiness

# Social
Lawmakers react to group of ‘Nazis’ marching through Nashville: Multiple Tennessee lawmakers took to social media Saturday afternoon to notify the Nashville community about a group of masked people marching through downtown with swastika flags. A group of people in red shirts, black pants, and black balaclavas walking along the sidewalk on the other side of the street, with some of them carrying flags bearing the swastika.

# Space / NASA
NASA Invests in Research to Secure the Future of Space and Lunar Operations: Developing breakthrough technology and defining new approaches to pave the way for successful human and robotic missions on the surface of the Moon and beyond. Throughout this decade, NASA and its partners will send trailblazing technologies, cutting-edge robotics, and a new generation of crew to the surface of the Moon, ushering in a modern era of exploration through a series of increasingly complex missions.

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