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Paderborn May 7, 2021
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# Indigenous / Global
My community’s boil water advisory is almost as old as me. This human rights violation against First Nations has affected an entire generation. And I’ll never take water for granted again.

# Border / Immigration
According to government documents we obtained, US officials have discussed asking Mexico to commit to implementing measures to decrease the number of immigrants trying to cross the southern border.

# Bundy Rides Again
# Children / Youth
Children dying in foster care: At least 23 children have died in Texas’
long-term foster care system since summer 2019, according to a new report by court-appointed monitors for state agencies in charge of the system. Foster care children continue to die under the state’s watch.

A sixth-grade girl shot two students and an employee at a school in Idaho. All three victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were expected to recover, a hospital official said.

# CoronaVirus (Virus Vaccine is still in clinical trials and tests) 16-Year-Old Wisconsin Girl DEAD Following 2 Doses of the Experimental Pfizer COVID Injections. VAERS ID: 1243516: 16-year-old female, Wisconsin. Hemodynamic collapse at home. Persistent cardiac arrest requiring ECMO. Event believed secondary to pulmonary embolism. Death by neurologic criteria.

14-year-old Milwaukee boy dies of complications caused by COVID-19.  The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office reported that a 14-year-old Milwaukee boy has died of complications caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus. It’s the first reported pediatric death caused by the virus in Milwaukee.

Pfizer and BioNTech said they have begun their request for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to give full approval of its COVID-19 vaccine after having emergency use authorization for almost five months.

‘Doomsday scenario’: Lagging vaccine rates stir fears of dangerous variants. Officials say the virus remains a persistent enough threat to potentially mutate into something that puts even vaccinated people at heightened risk

Tucker Carlson May Be Our Biggest Public Health Problem Now. Carlson knows anti-vaxxers have become a big part of Trump’s Republican Party and that they are easy marks as he hustles to up the ante and amp up the outrage.

Covid Death Toll Is Double What Has Been Reported, Analysis Finds https://www.statnews.com/2021/05/06/new-analysis-finds-global-covid-death-toll-is-double-official-estimates/

750 COVID Victims Still in NYC Truck Morgues 1 Year Later. The “temporary” facility opened along the Brooklyn waterfront in April 2020.

Battle lines are forming over President Biden’s move to support waiving patents for COVID-19 vaccines, ahead of a contentious push to increase global vaccine access.

# Economy / Trade
The Biden administration is expected to proceed with the Trump administration’s China investment ban (Bloomberg News). The president is likely to find broad support in Congress for a tough stance on China.

# Education / Schools
Princeton and UPenn Teach with the Bones of Murdered Children without the knowledge of their families.

The Kids Are Not All Right: Concerns for Mental Health Mount as Schools Reopen. Students and educators say the needs of traumatized students must be addressed before real learning can take place.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemicals Electricity market bailout follows winter storm: An approximately $2.5 billion plan to bail out Texas’ distressed electricity market from the financial crisis caused by Winter Storm Uri in February was approved by the Texas House https://sanantonioreport.org/texas-lawmakers-propose-electricity-market-bailout-after-winter-storm/

# Environment / Climate / Interior
EPA rebuked for failing to protect communities from carcinogenic air pollution The EPA’s Office of Inspector General issued a plan for cutting exposure to ethylene oxide and chloroprene.

Biden’s plan would boost conservation of US lands, waters, an ambitious goal to conserve nearly one-third of America’s lands and waters https://apnews.com/article/business-environment-and-nature-government-and-politics-2c5afd5a5466acf8a015a17ff014bb4b

USDA may allow genetically modified trees to be released into the wild.
A genetically engineered chestnut tree may be the first to spread into forests, setting dangerous global precedents.

‘America the beautiful’: Biden administration aims to protect 30% of US lands and waters by 2030. “This is a critical opportunity for Americans to come together to build a new, more inclusive model of conservation to save nature, and ultimately ourselves,” said one advocate.

Genetically engineered mosquitoes have been released into the open air in the United States for the first time. The experiment was launched this week in the Florida Keys, over some local objections. It aims to suppress populations of wild Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which can carry disease.

# Food / GMOs / Chemicals
Listen: The allure of regenerative agriculture. Located on opposite ends of the United States, in Vermont and California, and connected by a shared appreciation for nature and restorative practices, they’ll dive into what it means to live in tandem with the landscape and with our food systems while immersing in two completely different ecosystems for agriculture.

Controversial Ingredient In Quaker Oats Lands Them In Hot Water With The Authorities. According to the complaint, glyphosate allegedly made its way into Quaker Oats “not simply because it is used as an agricultural weed killer, but because it is sprayed on the oats as a drying agent shortly before harvest.”

# Gov / Political
Former GOP Rep. scorches male Republicans for being “on their knees” for Trump https://occupydemocrats.com/2021/05/06/former-gop-rep-scorches-male-republicans-for-being-on-their-knees-for-trump/

‘We Build the Wall’ Co-Founder Indicted for Tax Fraud. Prosecutors say Brian Kolfage took hundreds of thousands of dollars from Trump wall donors and put them in his own bank account.

MAGA Congressman Keeps Dodging Jan. 6 Riot Lawsuit: Attorney: Mo Brooks has reportedly even evaded private investigators in an effort to serve him with a lawsuit that accuses him of inciting the Capitol riot.

Texas Democrats Fought GOP Voter Suppression Bill Through the Night.
Democrats were able to remove language from the bill that was plucked straight from Jim Crow, but the fight isn’t over.

Threats to Members of Congress Are Up Staggering 107 Percent. “The Department is confident the number of cases will continue to increase,”
said a USCP release issued Friday.

# Law Enforcement
Alabama Cop Guilty of Murder After Shooting Suicidal Man. A female cop said she was successfully diffusing the situation when Officer William Darby arrived on the scene and almost immediately pulled his gun.

‘I’m Gonna Die, Help’: Cops Beat, Hold Handcuffed Dad’s Face in the Dirt Until He Dies—Lawsuit. On April 3, 2020, Stephen Dolceamore, 29, a father of two, was in need of medical attention. He was reportedly in the midst of a mental health crisis when police officers responded to a call about him. Instead of “help” however, Dolceamore received a savage beating and would die as a result. Dolceamore would spend his last moments alive, face down in a dirt strip in a hotel parking lot, begging for help as cops squeezed the life from his body.

# Legal / Judicial / DOJ
A federal grand jury has indicted all four former Minneapolis police officers involved with the killing of George Floyd last May, including Derek Chauvin, who was convicted on murder and manslaughter charges last month.

# Marijuana / Hemp / CBD Oil
The Kansas House of Representatives passed a bill to legalize medical cannabis. Gov. Laura Kelly (D) supports medical marijuana but it will now have to go through the Senate to get her desk, and time is short in the session.

# Medical / Health
An effort to expand Medicaid for uninsured Texans is likely dead for this legislative session, supporters say, mired in conservative opposition and faced with a fast-approaching deadline in the Republican-led Texas Legislature.

Manchin on Collision Course With Warren, Sanders. Sen. Joe Manchin
(D-W.Va.) is headed for a high-profile battle with the Senate’s leading progressives over whether to expand Medicare eligibility as part of President Biden’s human-focused infrastructure agenda.

# Military / DOD
The Pentagon is sending more warplanes to protect the U.S. troop pullout from Afghanistan.

# Nuclear / Radiation
Indian Point nuclear plant reaches a contentious end. Few topics divide clean energy advocates as much as the role of nuclear power.

Scientists OK plan to release one million tonnes of waste water from Fukushima Neighbouring nations have denounced Japan’s plan to release water used to cool the nuclear plant’s melted reactors into the sea, but researchers say the dangers are low.

# Social
Protests Unleashed by Murder of George Floyd Exceed All in U.S. History.
World-renowned scholar Noam Chomsky discusses the killing of George Floyd and how the U.S. fomented a “gun culture.”

# Water
Maine investigation into ‘forever chemical’ contamination expands into 2 more towns Nearly 80 wells in Fairfield, Benton and Unity Township have tested for high levels of “forever chemicals.”

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