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http://modernsmile.com/events/cablevision-health-fair/ May 8, 2021
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# Indigenous
Why Indigenous women are risking arrest to fight Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline through Minnesota https://www.ehn.org/line-3-minnesota-2652795873.html

# Border / Immigration
Kids Go Hungry in ‘Insane’ Texas Migrant Shelter: Volunteers: From reports of kids fainting to transfers in the middle of the night, the place is more like a jail than a shelter, insiders say.

Despite high risks of infection and hundreds of sick detainees, there’s still no clear COVID-19 vaccination strategy from ICE officials for immigrant detention centers, and few local health departments have stepped up to provide vaccines.

# CoronaVirus (Virus Vaccine is still in clinical trials and tests) South Carolina and Montana to end expanded pandemic benefits for jobless residents.

# Employment / Labor
Progressives to Corporations: If You Want to Keep Workers, Pay Living Wages Corporations fault unemployment benefits for labor shortages, but critics argue “starvation wages” are to blame.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemicals US pipeline cyberattack forces closure. The main pipeline carrying gasoline and diesel fuel to the U.S. East Coast was shut down by its operator after being hit with a cyberattack.

‘Jugular’ of the U.S. fuel pipeline system shuts down after cyberattack.
The infiltration of a major fuel pipeline is “the most significant, successful attack on energy infrastructure we know of.”

Fuel Shortages Loom With Pipeline Still Shut After Attack: Biden admin declares emergency to ease transportation as Colonial Pipeline struggles to say when it expected to safely relaunch operations.

Will Colonial Pipeline’s shutdown spike U.S. pump prices?

A just transition? On Brooklyn’s waterfront, oil companies and community activists join together to create an offshore wind project – and jobs https://insideclimatenews.org/news/09052021/a-just-transition-on-brooklyns-waterfront-oil-companies-and-community-activists-join-together-to-create-an-offshore-wind-project-and-jobs/

# Environment / Climate / Interior
The European Union’s top court last week upheld the EU’s partial ban on three neonicotinoid insecticides linked to harming bees https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/may/07/eu-court-upholds-ban-on-insecticides-linked-to-harming-bees

Vision to Protect 30% of U.S. Land and Water by 2030: This week the Biden Administration unveiled its vision for conserving 30% of America’s land and waters by 2030.

EcoWatch recently joined Fabien and members of his team at the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center (FCOLC) on marine debris cleanup dives in the Florida Keys.

A nonprofit promised to preserve wildlife. Then it made millions claiming it could cut down trees https://www.propublica.org/article/a-nonprofit-promised-to-preserve-wildlife-then-it-made-millions-claiming-it-could-cut-down-trees

# Food / GMOs / Chemicals
EU U-turns on ‘unsafe’ common food additive linked with cancer risk The European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) has deemed titanium dioxide, a widely used food additive, to be unsafe in its latest study https://www.euractiv.com/section/agriculture-food/news/eu-u-turns-on-unsafe-common-food-additive-linked-with-cancer-risk/

# Global Politics and other news
Israel Tells Biden: Jerusalem Violence None of Your Business: 270+ Palestinians hurt in violence at the Al Aqsa mosque—Islam’s third-holiest site—as the U.S. expresses its “serious concerns” about the escalation.

# Gov / Political
Biden ‘confident’ meeting with Putin will take place soon. President Biden said Friday that he’s “confident” he and Russian President Vladimir Putin can meet in June, though the details of any face-to-face have yet to be agreed upon.

GOP is consumed by Trump conspiracy theories. Trump hovers over the future of the Republican Party like a dark and threatening cloud that prevents his party from seeing the horizon. The GOP is whatever Trump says it is. That’s a problem because of public distaste for him and his presidency. Most Americans have a negative opinion of him in the NBC News poll.

Trump Justice Department secretly obtained Washington Post journalists’
phone records and tried to obtain their email records over reporting done in the early months of the administration on Russia’s role in the
2016 election, according to government letters and officials.

Blockbuster: Liz Cheney secretly organized key move to block Trump from using military to overturn election: Report: Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) was the organizer of an open letter by all living former Defense Secretaries against the military intervening in election disputes.

Biden Addresses Joint Session of Congress: One day shy of his 100th day in office, Biden made the case for his future agenda.

Joy Reid’s response to Tucker Carlson’s fear and hate-mondering is a true marvel to behold. Oh, what a marvel it is to observe how Joy Reid, ever so sweetly, utterly destroys Tucker Carlson, while also thoroughly ripping that “scrunch-faced fear monkey” (as John Oliver has so aptly termed him) a new one!!!

Marooned at Mar-a-Lago, Trump still has iron grip on Republicans. The vilification of Liz Cheney and a bizarre vote recount in Arizona showed the damage from his assault on a bedrock of democracy: election integrity.

Democrats hit crucial stretch as filibuster fight looms: Democrats hitting a crucial stretch as much of President Biden’s agenda remains stuck in congressional limbo.
It’s the next 100 days they view as key for big priorities that will test the filibuster, and if anything can get GOP support, as Democrats juggle trying to satisfy a base with a long wish list with razor-thin margins heading into 2022.

House Republicans return to Washington this week embroiled in a bitter battle over the direction of the party, the face of its leadership and what role former President Trump should play heading into next year’s elections — and far beyond.

# Legal / Judicial / DOJ
Grand jury indicts 4 ex-police officers in George Floyd’s death. A federal grand jury has indicted all four former Minneapolis police officers involved with the killing of George Floyd in May 2020 https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/552323-grand-jury-indicts-4-ex-police-officers-in-george-floyds-death

The Biden team has hired a slate of immigration judges initially selected during the Trump era, angering advocates who argue the White House is already failing to deliver in its pledge to push back against the prior administration’s shaping of the judiciary.

Chomsky: Protests Unleashed by Murder of George Floyd Exceed All in U.S.
World-renowned scholar Noam Chomsky discusses the killing of George Floyd and how the U.S. fomented a “gun culture.”

DOJ proposes crackdown on ‘ghost guns’ following Biden pledge. The Department of Justice (DOJ) on Friday took aim at “ghost guns,”
proposing to close a loophole that allows people to avoid background checks as they purchase guns without serial numbers.

# Medical / Health
The Big Biden Policy Idea That Nobody (Not Even Joe Biden) Is Discussing It could mean health insurance for 4 million low-income Americans, but somebody needs to demand that it happen.

Pharma Breaks Lobbying Record Defending High Drug Prices and Vaccine Patents. Democrats are pushing to negotiate lower drug prices through Medicare and expand global COVID vaccine production.

An effort to expand government health care for working poor Texans is likely dead for this legislative session, supporters say, in spite of some bipartisan support, because of conservative opposition and a fast-approaching legislative deadline.

# Military / DOD
Noam Chomsky & Vijay Prashad: Why the U.S. is not really leaving Afghanistan.

SouthFront: New US anti-ballistic missile obsolete before its deployed:
The United States is scrambling to develop its Next-Generation Interceptor as quickly as possible. Estimations put the program’s cost at $18 billion.

# Other News
Climate change, chaos, and cannibalism
Forty eight years ago, a sci-fi thriller predicted a future with all three—in the year 2022. Soylent Green, starring Charlton Heston, premiered nationwide on May 9, 1973, to mixed reviews. Set in a hungry, desperate New York City beset by pollution, overpopulation, and a climate where the temperature stays above a humid 90° F, life is so awful that euthanasia is not only legal, it’s often welcomed. The year of this future hellscape? 2022.

Twisted Church Attack Shows High Bar for Nailing Hate Crimes. After the Georgia spa shootings sparked outrage and demands for hate-crime charges, the feds homed in on another incident in Florida.

# Social
Antifa, BLM Activists Armed With Rifles Block Traffic, Assault Drivers in Portland. A large group of Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters clashed with people this week during a march in Portland and at least one person was hospitalized for reasons that were not specified, police said.

# Space
Chinese rocket debris lands in Indian Ocean, draws criticism from NASA.
Remnants of China’s biggest rocket landed in the Indian Ocean on Sunday, with most of its components destroyed upon re-entry into the atmosphere https://www.reuters.com/lifestyle/science/china-says-remnants-long-march-rocket-landed-indian-ocean-2021-05-09/

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