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# Indigenous
In Alaska, climate research struggles to incorporate Indigenous knowledge. Tribal communities are often the first affected by climate change. But their expertise and lived experiences are underappreciated https://www.circleofblue.org/2021/world/in-alaska-climate-research-struggles-to-incorporate-indigenous-knowledge/

# Children / Youth
# CoronaVirus (Virus Vaccine is still in clinical trials and tests) Emergent BioSolutions Reaped Millions in Federal Contracts But Has Yet to Deliver Any COVID Vaccines https://www.democracynow.org/2021/5/20/headlines/emergent_biosolutions_reaped_millions_in_federal_contracts_but_has_yet_to_deliver_any_covid_vaccines

Analysis of VAERS Shows the COVID Shots are Likely Cause of Deaths, Spontaneous Abortions, Cardiovascular, Neurological, and Immunological Adverse Events https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/study-analysis-of-vaers-shows-the-covid-shots-are-likely-cause-of-deaths-spontaneous-abortions-cardiovascular-neurological-and-immunological-adverse-events/

CDC is Manipulating Data to Hide Breakthrough Cases and Blame Unvaccinated for “Outbreaks”

Could Magnetic Hydrogel Explain the COVID Vax Magnet Phenomenon?

Stark Racial Disparities Persist in Vaccinations, State-Level CDC Data Shows https://missouriindependent.com/2021/05/20/stark-racial-disparities-persist-in-vaccinations-state-level-cdc-data-shows/

# Economy / Trade
China beats USA by following Western classical economics! America must acknowledge its systemic problems and implement structural reforms that curtail financial capitalism and embrace smart industrial policies https://www.nationofchange.org/2021/05/20/china-beats-usa-by-following-western-classical-economics/

# Education / Schools
Our School Board Is Under Attack for Putting Anti-Racist Education Into Action My school is developing an anti-racist curriculum and polices that can be replicated at schools across the nation.

# Employment / Labor
AOC, Bernie Sanders Join McDonald’s Workers’ Strike Demanding $15/Hour Minimum Wage https://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/05/19/sanders-ocasio-cortez-join-mcdonalds-workers-demand-15-minimum-wage-amid-nationwide

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Global Massive Ice Sheet Breaks Off Antarctica, Becomes World’s Largest Iceberg. It is the latest in a series of large ice blocks to dislodge in a region acutely vulnerable to climate change, although scientists said in this case it appeared to be part of a natural polar cycle.

Trees fell faster in the years since companies and governments promised to stop cutting them down. Forest Trends report shows a 50 percent increase in deforestation of tropical woodlands https://insideclimatenews.org/news/19052021/deforestation-climate-change-forest-trends-companies-governments/

Settlers invading, deforesting Colombian national parks ‘at an unstoppable speed’

# Food / GMOs / Chemicals
EPA to review Roundup weedkiller to assess potential ‘ecological risks’:
Biden administration environmental officials say they will consider restrictions on the world’s most widely used herbicide https://www.dailyadvent.com/news/1d0ce741960c4089ca97a84a9aeb8f98-EPA-to-review-Roundup-weedkiller-to-assess-potential-ecological-risks

# Global Politics and other news
Israel and Hamas Agree to Ceasefire After 11-Day Bloodbath. After almost two weeks of violence, destruction, and unimaginable loss of life, Hamas and Israel have agreed to a truce. But the issues underlying this tragedy persist.

“He Dedicated His Whole Life to His Patients” – Israel Kills Gaza Doctor and His Entire Family. Dan Cohen speaks with Gaza surgeon Sara al-Saqqa about responding to mass casualties and the massacre that killed Dr.
Ayman Abu al-Ouf and his family.

# Gov / Political
House Votes To Establish Capitol Riot Commission Over Republican Opposition. The vote sets up a showdown with the Senate, where the GOP’s Mitch McConnell opposes creating an outside panel to investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Former Vice President Mike Pence’s own brother opposes the Capitol riot commission. Rep. Greg Pence (R-Ind.) is against an independent panel to investigate the incident, where a mob was advocating hanging his brother.

Capitol Police Officers: ‘Inconceivable’ To ‘Downplay’ Capitol Riot:
Capitol Police Officers Begged Congress To Investigate The Insurrection And Called Out Republicans For Downplaying The Violence https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/skbaer/capitol-police-letter-january-6-commission

The House passed a bill to establish a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, earning relatively little support from Republicans as GOP leaders sought to quash a bill negotiated by one of their own members.

Surreal GOP ‘Audit’: Off the Rails—and Just Getting Started: As new Arizona audit blunders come to light, the recount is widening an already gaping rift between Republican officials in the state.

The Bombs Raining Down on Gaza? They’re American. The U.S. is advocating for a two-state solution with one hand, and fueling the machine that erodes it with the other.

AOC, Tlaib Introduce Resolution to Halt Weapons Sale to Israel https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/sanders-arms-sale-israel-1172352/

President Biden signed into law legislation that aims to combat the rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans that has occurred since the coronavirus pandemic.

# Law Enforcement
No charges for deputies in Andrew Brown Jr. shooting. Brown’s family has called his death an “execution.”

Cops Shot Andrew Brown in a Moving Car. He’s Far from Alone. Almost inevitably, authorities suggest cars are deadly weapons as a justification for fusillades of bullets.

North Carolina Attorney General Calls For Change To Body Cam Laws. North Carolina’s attorney general says police body cam and dash cam footage should be part of the public record, and he’s pushing for a change to state law.

Harrowing Video Shows Louisiana State Troopers Brutalizing Ronald Greene in 2019

Judge Drops Case Against 2 Cops Accused of Killing Black Man. In a rare judicial move, a Mississippi state judge said prosecutors did not have enough evidence to prove its case against two former cops accused of beating a Black man in 2019.

A small group of progressives known as the “squad” came close to sinking the House Democrats’ Capitol security spending bill on Thursday over concerns about Capitol Police accountability.

The House passed a $1.9 billion spending bill to upgrade Capitol security in the wake of the Jan. 6 mob attack in a tight 213-212 vote https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/554556-house-approves-19b-for-capitol-security-over-gop-opposition

Biden Must End Sanctions Against North Korea — and Finally End the Korean War Biden’s policies toward North Korea are mainly a repackaging of the failed approaches of previous administrations.

5 Trump-Voting Counties in Oregon Vote to Leave State and Join Idaho Instead The “Greater Idaho” movement faces nearly insurmountable odds at being successful.

# Legal / Judicial / DOJ
AG’s Move to Criminal Probe Is a Red Alert for the Trump Org. Auditors are trained to make criminal referrals once firm indications of fraud are unearthed—meaning evidence has been obtained demonstrating financial records were falsified.

107-Year-Old Viola Fletcher Recounts Horror of Tulsa Race Massacre in Congressional Hearing https://www.democracynow.org/2021/5/20/headlines/107_year_old_viola_fletcher_recounts_horror_of_tulsa_race_massacre_in_congressional_hearing

Oath Keeper Who Plotted With Group Before Riot Charged: “The Government has become tyrannical. The People’s Duty is to replace that Government with one they agree with,” James Breheny posted online after the Capitol riots.

# Medical / Health
Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs extreme 6-week abortion ban. The legislation effectively bans abortion at six weeks and lets anyone file a lawsuit to enforce the law.

The Lawmakers Behind ‘Fetal Heartbeat’ Abortion Bans Are Lying To You:
“To say that a six-week pregnancy has a fetal anything is incorrect,”
explained Dr. Colleen McNicholas, an obstetrician-gynecologist who performs abortions, noting that the term “fetal heartbeat” isn’t even applicable until about 10 weeks into a pregnancy. At that point, an embryo has developed sufficiently to be called a fetus.

GOP Ghouls Are About to Roll Back 50 Years of Women’s Rights. Texas’
“heartbeat bill” seems like a grim joke since it’s obviously unconstitutional, but there’s nothing funny about it with the Supreme Court taking a case poised to demolish Roe https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-gops-pro-life-ghouls-are-about-to-roll-back-50-years-of-womens-rights

# Military / DOD
Sanders Unveils Bill to Force Pentagon to Pass Audit, Citing “Fraud” and “Waste”
Despite receiving over half of the discretionary budget, the Pentagon hasn’t passed a single audit in 30 years https://truthout.org/articles/sanders-unveils-bill-to-force-pentagon-to-pass-audit-citing-fraud-and-waste/

# Other News
American Arms Makers Are Making a Killing Off of Israel’s Slaughter in Gaza. Major arms and aircraft manufacturers — Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon — are reaping massive profits from Israel’s assault on Gaza, and all are expected to see their earnings boom with the quarter-billion-dollar arms deal the Biden administration is trying to push through.

# Veterans / VA
Trump Set in Motion a Plan to Privatize the VA. Will Biden Enable It?
The president’s choices for a commission that could close many veterans’
health facilities across the country could tell the tale https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2256239892085/trump-set-in-motion-a-plan-to-privatize-the-va-will-biden-enable-it

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