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# Indigenous
Judge denies tribal request for temporary Dakota Access Pipeline shutdown. A federal judge has denied a request from tribes to temporarily shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline while it undergoes a court-mandated environmental review.

Tribal leaders, legislators condemn Inslee’s surprise veto of tribal human rights provisions in Climate Commitment Act https://washingtonstatewire.com/tribal-leaders-legislators-condemn-inslees-surprise-veto-of-tribal-human-rights-provisions-in-climate-commitment-act/

# Animals / Pets / Alerts / Food Recalls
4 Employees Charged With Animal Cruelty After Another Dog Dies At PetSmart https://www.peta.org/blog/dog-killed-grooming-nail-trim-petsmart-employees-charged-cruelty/

# Children / Youth
# CoronaVirus (Virus Vaccine is still in clinical trials and tests) French Nobel Prize Winning Virologist Professor: The COVID-19 Shots are Creating “Variants.” Epidemiologists know but are “silent” about the phenomenon, known as “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” (ADE).

UK Scientists Admit to “Unethical” and “Totalitarian” Use of Fear in Covid Response – What Else Are They Using Against You?

223 People Have Died With COVID-19 After Getting Fully Vaccinated – CDC https://www.theepochtimes.com/223-people-have-died-with-covid-19-after-getting-fully-vaccinated-cdc_3818232.html

Sweden records 30,000 suspected side effects from Covid vaccines, with AstraZeneca’s jab linked to more than half of all reports https://news.in-24.com/health/6039.html

Real Time with Bill Maher halts filming after fully vaccinated presenter tests positive for Covid-19: Political satirist has been fully vaccinated against coronavirus. Bill Maher’s HBO talk show was forced to stop filming after the fully vaccinated presenter tested positive for coronavirus.

Eight from Yankees test positive for Covid in post-vaccine breakthrough cases https://www.webmd.com/vaccines/covid-19-vaccine/news/20210514/new-york-yankees-report-8-breakthrough-covid-cases

Texas Gov. Abbott bans mask mandates from public schools, local government –Abbott’s order makes it illegal for schools, governments to require Texans to wear a mask https://www.texastribune.org/2021/05/18/greg-abbott-texas-mask-mandate/

# Economy / Trade
Population Growth and the Which Way Is Up Problem in Economics https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/17/opinion/low-population-growth-economy-inflation.html

# Education / Schools
Texas’ divisive bill limiting how students learn about current events and historic racism passed by Senate. The bill aims to ban critical race theory in public and open-enrollment charter schools. Supporters say it merely ensures students aren’t taught that one race or gender is superior to another. Critics say it limits how race in America is taught.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemicals Two bills that were advanced by the Texas Legislature this week attempt to protect the state’s oil and gas industry from efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

# Environment / Climate / Interior
As the West faces a drought emergency, some ranchers are restoring: In the face of ongoing drought, ranchers across the western United States are restoring their grasslands and water cycles.

Senate Republicans said there are “vast differences” between them and senior White House officials over how much to spend on a new infrastructure package and how to pay for it, leaving little hope of a bipartisan deal anytime soon.

Progressives Slam Biden for Slashing His Own Infrastructure Plan by $600 Billion Critics said the president’s decision to embrace cuts is a disastrous approach to the economic and climate crises.

# Gov / Political
With less than two weeks left in the state’s legislative session, the Texas House is taking a break until Sunday in an attempt to send the Senate a clear message: Pass our priority bills or see your legislation die slowly in our chamber.

The Texas House and Senate have reached a compromise on a bill to allow the permitless carrying of handguns, moving it closer to Abbott’s desk.
The governor has said he would sign it.

Texas Secretary of State Ruth Ruggero Hughs, the state’s top elections official, has notified Gov. Greg Abbott that she will be stepping down from her position. This is the second consecutive legislative session Abbott will end without a secretary of state.

Is the January 6 attack on the Capitol not an insurrection? Republicans have an unhinged new talking point: The January 6 attack on the Capitol was not an insurrection. Confused? You should be. The attack on the Capitol was captured in countless photos and videos—and the insurrectionists left no doubt why they were there: To stop Congress from certifying the Electoral College votes and to keep Donald Trump in power against the will of the American people.

GOP efforts to downplay danger of Capitol riot increase: Attempts to whitewash the violence of the Jan. 6 insurrection and cast the rioters as sympathetic characters are becoming increasingly common among Republican members of Congress.

President Biden said Friday there is “no shift” in his commitment to the security of Israel and reiterated his support for a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Legal intrigue swirls over ex-Trump exec Weisselberg: Five key points.
Donald Trump’s longtime chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg faces escalating legal jeopardy on multiple fronts over questionable financial activity linked to the former president and the Trump Organization.

Trump Saved Paul Manafort—but Not His Townhouse or Banker: First the feds took it. Now the bank is foreclosing on it. And the guy who pushed through the mortgage is about to go on trial.

The GOP Welcomes the McCloskeys’ Sick, Sad American Dream: Mark McCloskey became a Republican hero by pointing a gun at peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters, is running for the Senate. He’d fit right in to the GOP caucus there.

GOP Wants Volunteering at the Polls to Come With Risk of Jail Time or Huge Fines As the GOP moves to sabotage the electoral process, these laws aim to scare away potential voters and poll workers.

Republicans would really like to move beyond Jan. 6. Democrats are charging ahead with plans for deep-dive investigations into the assault.

FBI reclassifies 2017 shooting of Republican lawmakers as domestic terrorism https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/may/16/fbi-reclassifies-2017-shooting-of-gop-lawmakers-as/

# Law Enforcement
Two Dead, Eight Injured in Shootout in Downtown Minneapolis. Police say five men and five women were involved in a shootout in the center of the city, leaving two dead and one critically injured.

Deputy Kills Himself After Admitting to Child Sexual Abuse. Robert Johnson implicated two other adults in the crimes during a standoff, according to local outlets.

# Legal / Judicial / DOJ
Legal intrigue swirls over ex-Trump exec Weisselberg: Five key points:
Donald Trump’s longtime chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg faces escalating legal jeopardy on multiple fronts over questionable financial activity linked to the former president and the Trump Organization.

Missouri AG serves Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Communist Party in lawsuit over ‘unleashing’ COVID-19 pandemic. Lawsuit claims there was an ‘appalling campaign of deceit, concealment, misfeasance, and inaction’

Anti-trans legislation: Texas lawmakers filed the most anti-LGBTQ legislation of any state this year, most of them attacking trans youth.
Families say that the persistent attacks on trans kids in recent years have taken a mental and emotional toll on them, whether or not the measures ultimately pass.

# Marijuana / Hemp / CBD Oil
An effort to expand the state’s medical marijuana program gained new life on Thursday after weeks of outcry from advocates who said Lt. Gov.
Dan Patrick was blocking the proposal.

# Military / Global
Much about US pullout from Afghanistan remains unclear: Some of the unanswered questions are: What happens after the troops are gone? How will Afghan forces fare? Will the Taliban enlist Al-Qaida? And what about U.S. counterterrorism and diplomacy efforts?

# Science
Entire genome from Pestera Muierii 1 sequenced: Researchers have successfully sequenced the entire genome from the skull of Pestera Muierii 1, a woman who lived in today’s Romania 35,000 years ago. Her high genetic diversity shows that the out of Africa migration was not the great bottleneck in human development but rather this occurred during and after the most recent Ice Age.

# Social
Keys, Wallet, Pepper Spray: The New Reality for Asian-Americans https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/20/nyregion/asian-americans-attacks-nyc.html?referringSource=articleShare

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