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Mauá July 7, 2021
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# Indigenous
Native children didn’t ‘lose’ their lives at residential schools. Their lives were stolen |

# Indigenous / Global
An illegal gold rush is igniting attacks on Indigenous people in the Amazon
Indigenous communities and isolated tribes in Brazil are under threat as the government moves to legalize mining, logging, and industrial farming

Indigenous Land Defender Assassinated in Chiapas

# Animals / Pets / Alerts / Food Recalls
This summer, six states have detected West Nile virus in mosquitoes, and four of these states now have reported cases of humans who have contracted the virus from these pests.

# Archaeology
Neanderthal artists? Bones decorated over 50,000 years ago/ Discovery from Unicorn Cave in Lower Saxony sheds new light on Neanderthal cognitive abilities. Could they also make jewellery or even art?

# Border / Immigration
‘Megadrought’ along border strains US-Mexico water relations: There’s simply not enough water to go around as the region buckles under stress of climate change.

Pentagon Signs Off on Fourth Year of Troops at the Border. The Defense Department has spent $840 million to maintain troops at the border for three years.

Arizona AG: Judge acknowledged Biden admin harming state by not following immigration laws

Whistleblower alleges poor treatment of migrant children at Fort Bliss

Kids Blasted With Bullhorns at Migrant Facility: Servpro, a DHS contractor that managed the facility, viewed their job as “crowd control” rather than childcare, according to two federal workers who filed a complaint.

# CoronaVirus (Virus Vaccine is still in clinical trials and tests)
‘We’ll Go Door-To-Door’: Biden Launching Campaign To Compel Unvaccinated Americans To Get Jab. Meanwhile, the CDC reports that 55% of the U.S. population is at least partially vaccinated.

Could Pfizer and Moderna Now Face Their Second-Worst Scenario? It’s possible, but the dynamics of the fight against COVID-19 are changing rapidly.

# Economy / Trade
Fourth Stimulus Check: 3 Reasons Why it Won’t Happen. However, though some lawmakers have backed more stimulus checks there is also major hesitance from others—particularly among the GOP—over mounting spending.

Biden’s plans to raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy are losing momentum

Biden capital gains tax plan would raise $113 billion if ‘step up in basis’ is killed, says Wharton

The Biden Tax Hikes Have A Math Problem; The S&P 500 Might Too

Top Economist Warns 15% Global Minimum Tax on Corporations Is ‘Way Too Low’
“Taxing multinationals at 15% would still leave them facing a lower rate than the average American pays in state and federal income tax.”

# Education / Schools
Teachers’ Unions Are Pushing Back Against Attacks on Anti-Racist Education
Unions are pooling resources to defend educators from an onslaught of attacks from Republicans and right-wing media.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemicals
Breaking News: Enbridge drilling construction operations hit an aquifer on Willow River.  The video below shows them drilling mud. The yellow booms are to stop it from flowing downstream. It is called a frack out.

Pipeline protesters face corporate counterinsurgency in Minnesota: Pipeline opponents say an oil company and police use surveillance and divide-and-conquer strategies, hallmarks of corporate counterinsurgency

Water protectors protesting at Willow River warn Line 3 ‘is a catastrophic threat’: “Polluted water, land, and rapid climate change are threats to us all, and Line 3 will cause unpredictable levels of damage if it becomes active.”

# Environment / Climate / Interior
Ahead of wildfire season, Washington Farm Bureau has been lobbying against emergency worker health protections

Florida is bracing for what is expected to be a furious hurricane season, even as the state deals with the fallout from the trauma of the condominium collapse in the Miami suburb of Surfside.

War on Science Persists Within Biden EPA as Staffers Allege Chemical Reports Altered. “Inside EPA, scientific integrity has become an oxymoron and a cure will require a complete overhaul.”

# Food / GMOs / Chemicals / Other
New Checkout Experience Seeks to Eliminate the Wait and Add Options at the Register

# Global Politics and other news
Haitian President Moïse Reportedly Assassinated at His Home. There were mass protests this year in a bitter dispute over Moïse’s legitimacy.

Haiti Paralyzed After Midnight Assassination of President. Moïse’s wife was also in critical condition after the bloody raid and was evacuated to Miami for treatment.

Russia Won’t Allow Pressures From the US, Authorities Say: Sergey Lavrov remarked on Tuesday that his country wouldn’t let the U.S. direct future relations from a superior position, and it will consider this behavior as hostilities.

# Gov / Politics
Trump Reportedly Told Aides: Hitler Did a Lot of Good Things. Trump is said to have made the shocking remark to his chief of staff John Kelly in 2018.

Attempted Hack of R.N.C. and Russian Ransomware Attack Test Biden

After This Fourth of July, Democrats Should Plead the Fifth: “When they say that the 4th of July is about American freedom, remember this: the freedom they’re referring to is for White people,” Bush tweeted. “This land is stolen land and Black people still aren’t free.”

In Leaked Video, GOP Congressman Admits His Party Wants Chaos and Obstruction
Chip Roy of Texas openly admits that his party wants “18 more months of chaos and the inability to get stuff done.”

They rejected democracy. They lied. And they spent July Fourth calling themselves patriots. The 147 Republicans who voted to overturn the presidential election and fueled the insurrection are all celebrating their love of America now.

Moveon Executive Director: “Americans Cannot Afford to Wait for a Bold Recovery Package”: “Simply recovering from the pandemic is not enough. 81 million people, the most votes that any candidate has ever received, voted for Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress to urgently address the mounting crises that have gone long ignored in this country.

# Law Enforcement
Chicago Cop and Two ATF Agents Shot Right Outside Police HQ: The Chicago Tribune reported that agencies are looking for a white Chevrolet Impala.

FBI Orders New Autopsy After Cops Lied About Driver’s Death. Police initially claimed that Ronald Greene died on impact as a result of a high-speed crash. But videos obtained by the Associated Press showed otherwise.

# Legal / Judicial / DOJ
Prosecutors have had six months to go after the Capitol mob. Here’s what they have so far.

Former President Trump is leading a class action lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and Google, as well as their CEOs, over allegations of censorship after the companies took action to ban and suspend his accounts. “Our case will prove this censorship is unlawful, it’s unconstitutional and it’s completely un-American,” Trump said

Trump Sues Facebook, Google, and Twitter: Is It All About the Grift? The cases had barely been filed before the former president began fundraising off of them.

Tbilisi Pride Supporters Defy Anti-LGBTQ Thugs in Georgia. After violent far-right thugs forced the cancelation of Tbilisi Pride, the Georgian government and authorities have been criticized for not protecting LGBTQ people and the media.

# Media
Trump Started a War on Journalism. Biden’s Justice Department Has Yet to End It
For the first time in more than a century, a journalist could be tried and imprisoned—the charges carry a maximum of 175 years in prison—for publishing facts that the U.S. government did not want published.

# Military / DOD
US withdrawal from Afghanistan nearly complete, CENTCOM says. The United States has completed “more than 90%” of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, a U.S. Central Command statement said Tuesday.

Army brigades announce deployments to Iraq, Europe. About 1,800 troops from the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, based out of Fort Carson, Colo., will deploy to Iraq.

A Saigon moment in the Hindu Kush: The US is on the verge of its own second Vietnam repeated as farce in a haphazard retreat from Afghanistan

# Military / Global
China’s military prepares for war, while America’s military goes ‘woke’

Banzai! Spetsnaz Commandos Headed to Waikiki! Russia’s Vladimir Putin is planning a surprise attack on the Hawaiian Islands! Japan is warning the west Russia and China are out to conquer the land of pineapple plantations and hula dancing. Japanese deputy Yasuhide Nakayama told the Hudson Institute recently the United States needs to beware of a Pearl Harbor-style surprise attack to come.

U.S.-Iran Violence Poised to Escalate After New Strikes on American Bases in Iraq

U.S., Allies Vow to Continue Black Sea Military Drills, Russia Sends Warplanes to Defend Borders

China Will ‘Destroy’ Japan Forces In A Taiwan Conflict, Media Personality Says

# Other News
Pedophilia Boy Scouts of America Reaches Largest Child Sex Abuse Settlement in U.S. History at $850 Million

U.S. Air Force Mostly to Blame for Sutherland Springs Massacre, Judge Rules

# Social
Miami Gangs Are Out of Control. This Mom Paid With Her Life. No one has been charged for killing 20-year-old Precious Paraison, but interviews and court documents point to how she became an innocent victim of a vicious cycle.

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