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# Indigenous
How Indigenous leaders are pushing to vaccinate their hard-hit communities: How Indigenous leaders are pushing to vaccinate their hard-hit communities on Facebook
Indigenous Americans face higher mortality rates from COVID-19. How have tribal communities responded to vaccination efforts?

# Indigenous / Global
Glimmer of Hope in Honduras: Ex-Dam CEO & West Point Grad Convicted in Murder of Berta Cáceres. A former U.S.-trained Honduran military officer and businessman has been found guilty

# Animals / Pets / Alerts / Food Recalls
Birds are dying in the United States and no one knows why. There’s a new epidemic, this time among birds. An illness is infecting them ― and it’s spreading.

# Archaeology
Second Khufu Solar Ship ready for assembly, reveals masterful shipbuilding 4,500 years ago in Egypt. archaeologists have announced that they’ve completed the excavations and exhumation of all artifacts for a Second Kufu Ship, which was found in another pit close to the same great Kheops Pyramid.

103-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Bone Discovered in ‘Fossil Hotspot’

When a group of natives in North America approached the scientific community with claims that were contrary to their professional consensus, researchers were quick to dismiss them. These scholars soon learned, however, that everything they thought they knew about a particular chapter of history was a complete lie.

# Border / Immigration
The Biden administration has directed its immigration officers to avoid arresting pregnant and nursing women, and set new guidelines for treatment of such women when they are taken into government custody.

# CoronaVirus (Virus Vaccine is still in clinical trials and tests)
Arizona Lawmaker Advises People to Put Up ‘No Trespassing’ Signs to Deter Door-to-Door Vaccine Checks. “If this is the case, this is a severe breach of privacy, and I will not tolerate such intrusions within Arizona,” Brnovich wrote.

Prepare for mandatory COVID vaccines in September, Army tells commands. The Army has directed commands to prepare to administer mandatory COVID-19 vaccines as early as Sept. 1, pending full Food and Drug Administration licensure, Army Times has learned.

A 13-year-old Michigan boy died in his sleep three days after receiving the coronavirus vaccine in June and the Centers for Disease Control has opened an investigation into the death

NEO – The Dangerous truth about what we Aren’t Allowed to Know: 99 percent of those who write about COVID, either medically or from a security standpoint, have no qualifications in either arena.

Pfizer To Ask FDA To OK Third Shot; Also Developing Delta Booster. With data out of Israel showing a decrease in efficacy of its two-jab covid vaccine regimen, Pfizer says it plans in the next few weeks to request emergency authorization from the Food and Drug Administration for a third dose

CDC, FDA Not Sold On Need For Covid Boosters ‘At This Time’: “People who are fully vaccinated are protected from severe disease and death, including from the variants currently circulating in the country such as Delta,” the FDA and CDC said.

The twisted, tragic reality of vaccine apartheid. True to form, the Western pharmaceutical companies responsible for producing vaccines are already telling shareholders that they will raise prices on them in the near future.

# Economy / Trade
President Biden will sign a sweeping executive order aimed at promoting competition in the economy through 72 initiatives cracking down on anti-competitive practices in multiple industries.

# Education / Schools
Scripps Spelling Bee Crowns First African-American Champ. Zaila Avant-garde also holds the Guinness Book of World Records for most basketballs dribbled simultaneously: six.

Baylor University stirs anger and confusion as it opens the door for first LGBTQ student group: “You cannot be an institution of higher learning and discriminate against a group of people that are your students.” Shane Windmeyer, executive director of Campus Pride, a national group that tracks how welcoming colleges and universities are to LGBTQ students.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemicals
Cancer-causing arsenic is leaking out of a shuttered coal plant into Memphis groundwater. One local calls it “a ticking time bomb.” [scroll down a bit to read.]

A quest for Alaska oil sparks a fight over tribal sovereignty. An energy company with a history of environmental violations is conducting exploratory drilling in the Yukon Flats.

‘They lied to us’: Coal miners in Alabama are their fourth month of a strike against their employer, who they say has reneged on promises of better benefits.

A report by the environmental nonprofit Appalachian Voices finds Pennsylvania and six other states could face a new wave of abandoned mines

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Global
Iran’s enriched uranium an economic, not military, threat? Is there a hidden reason for the animosity toward Iran’s nuclear power program?  Is the real problem that the makers of fuel for nuclear power plants fear Iranian competition?

# Environment / Climate / Interior
A watershed moment: How Boston’s Charles River went from polluted to pristine,
and what the cleanup shows us about the power of federal waterway protections

The Gila was once a vibrant desert river, providing a lifeline for the riparian habitat and wildlife that depended on it in the U.S. Southwest. A massive mountain of orange- and dun-colored smelter tailings, left from the days of copper and lead processing and riddled with arsenic, towers where the two rivers meet.

# Food / GMOs / Chemicals / Other
Trump ag secretary Sonny Perdue personally lobbied to keep meatpacking plants open during pandemic, emails show

# Global Politics and other news
Russia is ready to respond ‘harshly and decisively’ to any future US power plays, country’s foreign minister Lavrov warns Washington. Moscow’s most senior diplomat has said that his country will not allow the US to dictate negotiations and relations from an unequal position of power, insisting that it would view any such attempts as an escalation of hostilities.

Taliban Claims It’s Taken 85% of Afghanistan as U.S. Exits: The Taliban seized a crucial border crossing hours after President Joe Biden defended the pace of the U.S. withdrawal.

Haitian authorities have asked US military forces to help stabilize the country

U.S. sending FBI, DHS law enforcement to Haiti

Haiti President assassination allegedly involved Americans and retired members of Colombian military

New Kim Jong Un Purge Suggests North Korea Is in Deep Sh*t: Military leaders bore the brunt of the dictator’s frustration indicating that the economic crisis in North Korea is spiraling out of control.

# Gov / Politics
1/6 Photos, Videos Show Potential Undercover Feds Participate in Violence, Assault Trump Supporters Trying to De-Escalate — How many of these people were working with or for the FBI, local police, or federal law enforcement?

Biden buries this announcement on the Saturday of a holiday weekend: Biden nominates UPenn president for ambassadorship following China disclosure complaint –The National Legal and Policy Center filed a complaint against UPenn in 2020, alleging it failed to disclose millions of dollars in donations from China

President Biden met with civil rights leaders for almost two hours on Thursday as part of a broader effort by his administration to focus on voting rights, a key part of his agenda that has struggled to overcome the roadblock that is the evenly split Senate.

Trump weaponized the American flag. Will it ever be a unifying symbol again? The American flag has always meant different things to different people, but in our increasingly polarized era, it’s become a symbol of division

How to Cover the Big Lies, and Understand Those Who Fall for Them. The media’s still struggling to depict the dangers and the roots of the right’s mass delusions

“I Will Not Send Another Generation of Americans to War”: Biden Steps Up Afghanistan https://www.democracynow.org/2021/7/9/headlines/i_will_not_send_another_generation_of_americans_to_war_biden_steps_up_afghanistan_pulloutPullout

As Texas pushes “worst suppression bill in the country,” activists call on Biden to do more

The verdict on Republicans? Guilty as charged, on all counts. It has sold its heart and soul to gain power and control.

Carlos Lazo: The Cuban American leading the charge to transform U.S.-Cuba policy. “Everything you do to make the world better helps to make the world better.”

President Biden fired Social Security Commissioner Andrew Saul, a holdover from the Trump administration, after Saul refused a request to resign from his position. Biden has named Kilolo Kijakazi as acting commissioner as he searches for a permanent replacement for the position.

# Law Enforcement
‘I Want My Daddy:’ Video Shows Cop Rescuing Kidnapped Girl. The 6-year-old was snatched off her bike and bundled into a red sedan.

St. Louis police shot a sleeping 63-year-old man 9 times and killed him in no-knock raid, lawsuit alleges.

# Legal / Judicial / DOJ
The indictment against the Trump Organization named seven specific companies within the overall business. Guess who’s connected to those companies. That could spell major trouble for Trump’s children, as well as Trump himself, who has already adopted a legal strategy of ignorance of the tax laws.

Trump deposition? 45 braces as Trump Org case takes twist. His lawyers promoting litigation to overturn the election now face sanctions hearings in Michigan for making false claims in court filings. Trump also plans to sit for a deposition in his social media lawsuit as the criminal probe into his namesake company continues.

Justice Department says Trump’s reinstatement talk could fuel more violence from his supporters

# Marijuana / Hemp / CBD Oil
LA County residents threatened by Mexican drug cartels stealing water for marijuana farms

# Medical / Health
Federal Speech Rulings May Embolden Health Care Workers to Call Out Safety Issues

Moderna starts human trials of an mRNA-based flu vaccine. It’s the next step for this vaccine technology

In Win for Overdose Prevention, Rhode Island Approves Harm Reduction Centers
Biden is under pressure to prohibit law enforcement from targeting safe consumption sites that reduce drug overdose.

# Military / DOD
After nearly 20 years, the United States is nearing its endgame in Afghanistan.
President Biden on Thursday confirmed the U.S. military mission will end on Aug. 31, ahead of his initial Sept. 11 deadline.

# Murmurs of war
War with Russia is not hypothetical and our lumbering bureaucracy is unprepared for it. In his recent annual “town hall,” Russian President Vladimir Putin signaled his resolve to take Moscow’s confrontation with Washington to the next level which appears to be a hypothetical scenario no longer — an outright war that, in his view, the United States is unable to win.

# Other News
Trump Org CFO Resigns From Trump’s Scotland Golf Course. The exit comes a week after Allen Weisselberg and the Trump Organization were charged with tax evasion.

# Social
The Problem of Slavery in Western Culture: “Institutionalized” slavery was practiced in virtually every continent and in every era; it is a human failing, not a Western one.

# Space
Flying on Mars: NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter is the gift that keeps on giving. And engineers are drawing up bigger, more capable successors.

Russia Is Threatening to Leave the International Space Station. Why?

China’s space agency has released five new images from Mars

Northrop Grumman Corp won a NASA contract worth $935 million to develop living quarters for the U.S. space agency’s planned outpost in lunar orbit, the weapons maker said on Friday.
Astronauts will live and conduct research in the Habitation And Logistics Outpost (HALO) made by Northrop for the lunar Gateway – a vital component of NASA’s Artemis moon program.

# Technology
‘We Will Act’ US Threatens Russia If They Don’t Pursue Ransomware Attackers

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