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http://prepaid365awards.co.uk/2014/06/862/three-day-energy-switch-boost-customers/ July 10, 2021
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# Indigenous
Historic summit of tribes across Pacific Northwest presses dam removal on Inslee, Biden, Congress

# Indigenous / Global
An Indigenous group’s objection to geoengineering spurs a debate about social justice in climate science. The Sámi people of Northern Sweden say blocking out the sun with reflective particles to cool the earth is the kind of thinking that produced the climate crisis in the first place.

# Border / Immigration
A joint immigration proposal by two top Senate Republicans was received with jeers among immigration advocates on both sides of the aisle, but some observers see it as an escape valve if Senate rules don’t allow Democrats to push through their version of immigration reform.

Governors ‘forced’ by Biden admin to handle border crisis on their own: Wolf

# CoronaVirus (Virus Vaccine is still in clinical trials and tests)
Biden urged to harden government for future pandemics. Public health experts are urging the Biden administration to harden the federal government for future crises, warning that the U.S. is not prepared for the next pandemic.

# Economy / Trade
Biden shifts party further left with new order on business concentration.  President Joe Biden’s new competition executive order moves the Democratic Party further to the left and expands the role of the government in an attempt to help consumers save money and time in dealings with corporations.

Trump calls for GOP senators to withdraw from Biden’s $1.2tr proposal

# Education / Schools
Biden administration cancels additional $55.6 million in student debt

# Environment / Climate / Interior
‘Megadrought’ along border strains US-Mexico water relations. There’s simply not enough water to go around as the region buckles under stress of climate change.
Lake Mead, which serves seven U.S. states and three Mexican states, is drying up.

Nitrous oxide, a powerful greenhouse gas, is on the rise from ocean dead zones
One of our studies from that expedition suggested that the sediments below oxygen-depleted waters are a significant source of nitrous oxide (N2O).

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Global
Ice Dam Bursts Threaten to Increase Sunny Day Floods as Hotter Temperatures Melt Glaciers. Scientists say meltwater flooding will increase as the ice continues to retreat, but will eventually stop, when all the ice is melted and the glaciers are no more.

# Global Politics and other news
The Biden administration has received a request from Haiti to provide U.S. security forces to the Caribbean nation to guard critical infrastructure, according to two congressional sources, as the country grapples with an unpredictable security situation following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse earlier this week.

Dead Haitian Prez’s Bodyguards to Be Probed as Chaos Spreads. A third politician is now claiming to be the country’s rightful leader, adding another layer of chaos to situation in Haiti.

# Gov / Politics
President Biden’s biggest vulnerability isn’t any single issue. It’s the risk that he could be seen as losing control of events. Six months into Biden’s presidency, illegal crossings of the southern border are at a two-decade high. Violent crime rates are marching upwards. And the Taliban are resurgent in Afghanistan as U.S. forces withdraw.

Five key elements of Biden’s executive order. President Biden’s sweeping executive order on competition targets industries from banking and airlines to technology and health care, declaring war on corporations over anti-competitive practices.

A Country That Has Lost Its Way: U.S. Government and Corporations Combine to Strip Citizens of Their Rights:  “The Biden Administration is calling on Americans to spy on friends, neighbors and family

Biden Inc.: Hunter, Joe, and the Mexican Oligarchs. The Biden family has gotten rich from plying all these political connections.

A Democratic Socialist Agenda Is Possible in Buffalo. It Depends on Labor Unions.
India Walton will need to win over labor and outmaneuver entrenched party machines to exercise the power to govern.

A 7-point-plan to reinstate Donald Trump as president ‘in days, not years’ was handed out at CPAC. Step 1: Get the Black Congressional Caucus to join the Republican Party so they can impeach Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Texas Democrats reportedly weigh leaving state to block Republican-led voting bill.  Leaders of the Democratic caucus in Texas have reportedly argued that leaving the state could become a public relations catastrophe. Instead, they are pushing to slow the legislative process by packing the bill with amendments, the Times reported.

India has a long way to go in confronting China. It is a belated response to China’s actions last year, when the Chinese army surprised ill-prepared Indian soldiers and occupied several square miles of Indian territory in the Ladakh region to build roads and fortify military encampments.

Social Security Chief Says His Firing Is ‘Friday Night Massacre,’ He Won’t Leave Position. Despite his refusal to leave, Saul may have no legal authority at SSA if he is no longer officially employed there and could potentially be cited with trespassing if he physically returns to his former place of employment to resume duties next week.

# Law Enforcement
Senate GOP proposes emergency Capitol Police funding amid spending fight
Senate Republicans are proposing emergency funding for the Capitol Police and National Guard amid a stalemate over a larger House-passed security bill.

Trumpster Gets 5 years for Assaulting Black Teen Who Used ‘Nazi Restricted’ Public Beach.  Lee Mouat, 43, has been sentenced five years in prison and three years of supervised release for a hate crime where he assaulted a Black teen with a bike chain in June 2020.

Cop Who Held Black Mom and Kids at Gunpoint Runs for Sheriff. Darian Dasko was demoted after video of the incident went viral. Now he’s seeking a big promotion.

Texas authorities release security footage from in-custody death of Black inmate

# Legal / Judicial / DOJ
DC Court makes it easier to Jail Insurrectionists pending trial: This is not only bad news for Trump, but also for all of his satellite operators, militias and political grifters. Their attorneys are now faced with a steeper uphill climb to keep their clients out of jail.

Feds agree to pay $6.1M to create database for Capitol riot prosecutions. To take on the daunting task, the federal government has turned to Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, a firm prosecutors called “a litigation support vendor with extensive experience providing complex litigation technology services.”

South Dakota AG Claims His Crash Victim Wanted to Die. Jason Ravnsborg says the man he ran over and killed was suicidal and may have thrown himself in front of the car.

# Medical Alternatives / Herbology
Investigators conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of 38 randomized controlled trials of omega-3 fatty acids. Overall, they found that omega-3 fatty acids improved cardiovascular outcomes. Results showed a significantly greater reduction in cardiovascular risk in studies of EPA alone rather than EPA+DHA supplements.

# Medical / Health
Thyroid cancer now diagnosed with machine learning-powered hotoacoustic/ultrasound imaging. Recently, a joint research team in Korea has proposed a new non-invasive method to distinguish thyroid nodules from cancer by combining photoacoustic (PA) and ultrasound image technology with artificial intelligence.

Virtual learning may help NICU nurses recognize baby pain. Not only do babies experience pain, but the various levels can be standardized to help nurses recognize and respond to the babies’ cues, if the nurses have the opportunity to learn the scoring tools and skills needed to react appropriately

# Other News
The Creepy Trend Behind the Massachusetts Highway Standoff. Once an obscure offshoot of the sovereign-citizen movement, the Moorish Sovereign scene appears to be having a moment.

‘Rise of the Moors’ members in Massachusetts armed standoff case combative in court appearances. Several members of the “Rise of the Moors,” a group that does not identify with U.S. laws, were combative and chaotic during court arraignments

Trump’s Tech Lawsuit Already Turning Into Fundraising Scheme. Trump supporters think they’re signing on to a class-action lawsuit against social media companies. What they’re really signing on to is a fundraising email list.

Exec Accused of Squatting:  Hamptons Owner Is Harassing Me. Paul Pion accused the owner and a prospective buyer of sending “defamatory memes” to his finance company to try and embarrass him.

# Social
In Many Cities In America, The Criminals Are Starting To Gain Firm Control Of The Streets.  It is heartbreaking to watch our society come apart at the seams all around us

Massachusetts standoff reveals growing extremist threat. The episode reveals that the threat from domestic extremist groups is widespread and increasingly diverse.

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