Voices, The Peoples News No. 2022-04-27

Voices, The Peoples News

April 27, 2022
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# Archaeology
Gaza Strip Farmer Digs Up 4,500-Year-Old Goddess of War: The statue shows the head of Anat, an ancient goddess of love, beauty, and war.
Palestinian archaeologists say that the head of the Canaanite deity, Anat, dates back 4,500 years to the late Bronze Age.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Another piece is added to the mosaic that now  proves the artificial origin of the SARS-Cov-2 virus. In recent days we have published an interview in which the president of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA), Dr. Giorgio Palù, in his capacity as an eminent virologist of international fame, openly confirmed this suspicion, already revealed with certainty by authoritative biologists and intelligence experts, based on an unexplained 19-nucleotide identity of the Covid-19 pathogen with a human gene built in the laboratory by Moderna American Big Pharma in 2016.

FDA approves first COVID treatment for use in kids: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday approved the antiviral remdesivir as the first COVID-19 treatment for young children.

The Biden administration plans to roughly double locations prescribing Pfizer’s COVID pills nationwide, citing increased supplies and continuing deaths from severe disease.
Paxlovid pills are now widely offered at pharmacies through Biden’s “test to treat” plan, as COVID cases are beginning to mount again in the US.

# Education / Schools
Harvard Puts Its ‘Extensive Financial Ties’ to Slavery on Display in
Report: “The report makes plain that slavery in America was by no means confined to the South,” said the university’s president.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical US to boost jobs, curb emissions by plugging old oil and gas wells: As many as 120,000 jobs could be created by stopping abandoned oil and gas wells leaking climate-warming methane into the atmosphere.

Biden’s NEPA Move Could Kill Future Energy Projects, Experts Say: “The administration’s NEPA rewrite adds more bureaucratic red tape into the permitting process, not only for natural gas and oil but for hydrogen, CCUS, wind, and solar,” said American Petroleum Institute https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://prescottenews.com/index.php/2022/04/27/bidens-nepa-move-could-kill-future-energy-projects-experts-say-inside-sources/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!k5Bs0ryNUCMl81LLubRvkj4Ux5vQuSrmPRZC1J1cwN0ZDI34h04IjZUoBmeCbwHVXbmv$

Washington State Passes All-Electric Heating Mandate for New Buildings:
Under a new energy code, most new commercial and large multifamily buildings will have to install heat pumps.

As Gas Prices Soared in 2021, Big Oil CEOs Got a Nearly $45 Million Raise. Twenty-eight major oil and gas CEOs collected a whopping $394 million in compensation in 2021.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemicals / Global BC approves North Coast gas project despite First Nations’ objections:
Ministers responsible for energy and environment refer First Nations’
concerns to industry, feds.

Gazprom halts gas supply to Poland and Bulgaria as Russia accused of blackmail https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-61240499__;!!On18fmf1aQ!k5Bs0ryNUCMl81LLubRvkj4Ux5vQuSrmPRZC1J1cwN0ZDI34h04IjZUoBmeCb2Znpb6q$

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Two Wyoming rivers under restrictions due to low snowpack, drought:
Irrigators on the Tongue River were notified of possible restrictions, while their counterparts on the North Platte under order to curtail irrigation https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://wyofile.com/two-wyo-rivers-under-restrictions-due-to-low-snowpack-drought/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!k5Bs0ryNUCMl81LLubRvkj4Ux5vQuSrmPRZC1J1cwN0ZDI34h04IjZUoBmeCb2TAs3-3$

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Other Prices soar as avian flu hits 1-in-10 egg-laying hens nationwide: Egg prices increased dramatically in April, due in part to the avian flu, and industry sources don’t expect prices to fall anytime soon.

Video: Here’s the story of the pioneering purple nutrition-enhanced genetically modified tomato, and why GMOs are the future of food https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://geneticliteracyproject.org/2022/04/08/video-here-is-the-story-of-the-pioneering-purple-nutrition-enhanced-genetically-modified-tomato-and-why-gmos-are-the-future-of-food/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!k5Bs0ryNUCMl81LLubRvkj4Ux5vQuSrmPRZC1J1cwN0ZDI34h04IjZUoBmeCb23QpMJz$

# General Information / Other News
Trump Admin Ignored Pentagon on Trucker’s $700M COVID Loan: “Today’s select subcommittee staff report reveals yet another example of the Trump administration disregarding their obligation to be responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

CEO: Boeing’s Air Force One Deal With Trump Was a Bad Idea: The company has suffered a loss of $660 million in its ongoing efforts to convert two 747 airliners into Air Force One aircrafts.

Trump Warns of Killer ‘Tomatoes, Pineapples, and Bananas’ in Court Docs:
In new deposition transcripts, Trump defended encouraging rally attendees to beat up hypothetical protesters wielding tomatoes by claiming that projectile fruits can be lethal.

Trump Testified That He Was Scared He Was Going to Be Killed by a Flying Pineapple. The former president said he and his security detail were on alert for protesters attacking him with produce. “It was very dangerous,” he said in an October deposition https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/trump-deposition-protester-tomato-pineapple-banana-threat-1343733/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!k5Bs0ryNUCMl81LLubRvkj4Ux5vQuSrmPRZC1J1cwN0ZDI34h04IjZUoBmeCb6kiCRJa$

# Global Politics
Russia Is Openly Talking About World War 3 for the First Time https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.newsweek.com/russia-ukraine-warning-world-war-three-lavrov-1700897__;!!On18fmf1aQ!k5Bs0ryNUCMl81LLubRvkj4Ux5vQuSrmPRZC1J1cwN0ZDI34h04IjZUoBmeCb5pHcHe4$

Western weapons for Kiev will be attacked in route: If the strikes on electrical substations continue, 1,600 Ukrainian electric locomotives will not be able to move.

# Gov / Politics
Office Hours: How do we restore accountability in America? Trump, Musk, GOP candidates sworn to the Big Lie, is democracy doomed?

Two state constitutional amendments on which Texans are set to vote on May 7 could lower some property taxes. The propositions would expand the cap on school district taxes for some residents and increase homestead exemptions for homeowners.

GOP Races Dominated by MAGA Candidates, Whether Trump Has Backed Them or
Not: Trumpism has triumphed as such a core GOP identity that most of the party’s candidates this election season, even those who are not officially endorsed by the former president, call themselves “Trump Republicans” and espouse his MAGA themes.

GOP Races Dominated by MAGA Candidates—Whether Trump Has Backed Them or Not https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.newsweek.com/2022/05/13/gop-races-dominated-maga-candidateswhether-trump-has-backed-them-not-1701160.html__;!!On18fmf1aQ!k5Bs0ryNUCMl81LLubRvkj4Ux5vQuSrmPRZC1J1cwN0ZDI34h04IjZUoBmeCb6BBo52u$

# Law Enforcement
Baby Boy Abducted by Stranger From Gramma’s Home Is Found Alive: Cops Believe Baby Snatchers Have Connection to Family. Three suspects in custody https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.thedailybeast.com/3-month-old-brandon-cuellar-abducted-by-stranger-from-grannys-home-is-found-alive__;!!On18fmf1aQ!k5Bs0ryNUCMl81LLubRvkj4Ux5vQuSrmPRZC1J1cwN0ZDI34h04IjZUoBmeCb9jos5T_$

How Oregon’s Prison System Retaliated Against Its Most Effective Jailhouse Lawyer: An  investigation, based on hundreds of pages of court documents, emails and audio recordings of Wilson’s disciplinary hearings obtained through public records requests, as well as extensive interviews with Wilson, prisoners he has assisted and lawyers he has worked with, reveals a pattern of retaliation by DOC against one of its most effective incarcerated legal assistants.

# Legal / DOJ
“It’s Like A Leech On Me”: Child Abuse Registries Punish Unsuspecting Parents Of Color: Millions of parents have been placed on these lists, often for the vague offense of “neglect.” The consequences can last for decades. A BuzzFeed News investigation.

Grand Jury With Trump Org’s Fate in Its Hands to Disband: Despite Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s suggestions otherwise, the end of the grand jury is yet another sign that the criminal case is sputtering.

We don’t know how gender-affirming hormone treatments interact with commonly prescribed drugs: Even when treatment is accessible, healthcare providers may lack comprehensive knowledge on how to treat them either due to insufficient training or lack of information available.

Drug Interactions with Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy: Focus on Antiretrovirals and Direct Acting Antivirals: Gender-affirming care may include hormonal therapy to attain desired health outcomes in transgender (trans) individuals.

# Medical / Health Care / Science
Researchers discover how early-stage breast cancer can become a silent killer in some patients https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://medicalxpress.com/news/2022-04-early-stage-breast-cancer-silent-killer.html__;!!On18fmf1aQ!k5Bs0ryNUCMl81LLubRvkj4Ux5vQuSrmPRZC1J1cwN0ZDI34h04IjZUoBmeCbxGTxDW3$

Cellular regeneration therapy restores damaged liver tissue faster than
ever: Scientists improve liver regeneration in mice, which could lead to new treatments for liver disease https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2022/04/220426153653.htm__;!!On18fmf1aQ!k5Bs0ryNUCMl81LLubRvkj4Ux5vQuSrmPRZC1J1cwN0ZDI34h04IjZUoBmeCb3rWEgjT$

Alzheimer’s and daytime napping linked in new research: Could there be a link between cognitive decline and excessive daytime napping? New research suggests a potential connection, according to an article published in The Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://neurosciencenews.com/alzheimers-napping-20475/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!k5Bs0ryNUCMl81LLubRvkj4Ux5vQuSrmPRZC1J1cwN0ZDI34h04IjZUoBmeCbxQDnwvl$

Inside the Top-Secret Abortion Underground: Code names, top-secret training, and a movement of women determined to avoid the medical establishment.

# Technology
Elon Musk Previews What He’ll Do With Twitter: Serve Up His Employees for the Far Right’s Racist Abuse. The Tesla founder is proving himself to be a formidable troll-in-chief https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/elon-musk-twitter-cernovich-far-right-abuse-1343566/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!k5Bs0ryNUCMl81LLubRvkj4Ux5vQuSrmPRZC1J1cwN0ZDI34h04IjZUoBmeCb7l-6To5$

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