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November 17, 2022
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# Border / Immigration
Fenced in: How the global rise of border walls is stifling wildlife: Amid a rising tide of nationalism, walls and fortified fences are proliferating around the world. These barriers pose a growing threat to wildlife, blocking animal migrations and threatening millions of species that will need to move to keep up with a changing climate.

# Chemicals
The EPA should not allow Lysol Air Sanitizer to be sprayed in indoor environments: Lysol Air Sanitizer is 14% dipropylene glycol — commonly found in antifreeze, air fresheners, cosmetic products, solvents and plastics. The world has learned that the best remedy for a healthy indoor environment is a good exchange of clean air.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
What Doesn’t Fauci Want Us to Know? We May Soon Find Out: A federal court ruled that Dr. Anthony Fauci and other government officials must testify under oath about whether they colluded with Big Tech to censor certain users and viewpoints.

G-20 Leaders Promote Global Vaccine Passports So ‘You Can Move Around’: Leaders of the Group of 20 on Wednesday issued a joint declaration promoting a global standard on proof of vaccination for international travel and calling for the establishment of “global digital health networks” that build on existing digital COVID-19 vaccine passport schemes.

# Education / Schools
Citing Orwell, Judge Blocks ‘Positively Dystopian’ Censorship Law Backed by DeSantis: The federal judge lambasted Florida officials’ argument that “professors enjoy ‘academic freedom’ so long as they express only those viewpoints of which the state approves.” In an order that begins by quoting the famous opening line of George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, a federal judge on Thursday blocked key provisions of a Florida censorship law that aimed to restrict how state university professors teach race, gender, and U.S. history.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical
Will lithium  mining turn California’s Salton Sea into a green energy sacrifice zone? Once a tourist destination, the Salton Sea faces ecological collapse, toxic dust storms, and maybe a lithium boom.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure
Time to stop counting forest biomass as ‘renewable energy’: Phasing out forest biomass as ‘renewable energy’ would yield massive benefits in terms of air pollution and climate protection.

# General Information / Other News
Facebook Won’t Let Trump Return Despite 2024 Bid: Former president will remain banned from the social media platform until at least January 2023.

Facebook won’t fact-check Trump after presidential bid announcement: The memo noted that “political speech is ineligible for fact-checking” on the site, which has long been accused of censorship.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says the missile that killed two Polish citizens “was not our missile and not our missile strike,” despite NATO officials finding evidence implicating Ukraine. Leadership in NATO insisted that while the missile was from Ukraine’s air defense system, ultimately Russia is to blame due to its repeated attacks in the region.

Three Found Guilty of Murdering 298 People in MH17 Downing: Two Russians, including separatist commander Igor Girkin, and a Ukrainian were convicted in absentia by a Dutch court.

Secret Signs Show Putin’s Own Henchmen Are Turning on Him: Some are said to be fleeing the country, while others reportedly came extremely close to ousting him this week.

# Gov / Politics / US
Republicans won the House. Democrats kept the Senate. It’s going to get more difficult for Congress to get anything done. “Things do happen,” one political science professor told BuzzFeed News, “but the intensity of partisanship makes it much, much harder to legislate in divided government.”

Medicare for All Champion Bernie Sanders Eyes Key Senate Committee Chair: A spokesperson said the senator would “focus on universal healthcare, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, increasing access to higher education, and protecting workers’ rights on the job.”

# Law Enforcement
Texas youth prisons: U.S. Department of Justice investigating abuse, mistreatment at Texas’ juvenile lockups
The department says it’s looking into whether the Texas Juvenile Justice Department provides “reasonable protection from physical and sexual abuse by staff and other residents, excessive use of chemical restraints and excessive use of isolation.”

# Medical / Health Global
In El Salvador and beyond, an unsolved kidney disease mystery: Since the 1990s, tens of thousands of people across Central America, Sri Lanka, India, and elsewhere have been killed by chronic kidney disease of unknown origin (CKDu), in a ballooning epidemic that has baffled researchers, overwhelmed health care systems, and wiped out entire families.

# Military / DOD
US, allies pledge more air defense weapons for Ukraine after Russia launches largest missile assault of war: Russia’s barrage of dozens of missiles into Ukrainian territory Tuesday marked its largest air assault on Ukraine since launching its unprovoked invasion of the country in February, the top U.S. general said.

# Military / Global
Poland, NATO say missile landing wasn’t Russian attack: NATO member Poland and the head of the military alliance both said Wednesday that a missile strike in Polish farmland that killed two people appeared to be unintentional and was probably launched by air defenses in neighboring Ukraine. Russia had been bombarding Ukraine at the time in an attack that savaged its power grid.

# Pharmas / Drugs
Acceptability of a Fentanyl Vaccine to Prevent Opioid Overdose and Need for Personalized Decision-Making: Synthetic opioids (primarily fentanyl) comprise the most common drugs involved in overdose (OD) death. A vaccine that blocks fentanyl from reaching the brain to prevent OD is under development, and insight is needed into its acceptability.

Pfizer Sinks $100 Billion in COVID Profits Into Developing and Marketing More Drugs: Pfizer reaped nearly $100 billion from selling COVID-19 vaccines and treatments to U.S. taxpayers and foreign governments, now it plans to get richer, sinking the cash into developing and marketing lucrative drugs for everything from obesity to migraines.

# Space / UFO Disclosure / Other
Feds Conduct Raids Tied to Area 51 Website: The website features articles about UFOs and “black projects” at the shadowy military base, as well as videos from drones flown overhead and satellite images.
See also: Dreamland resort: https://dreamlandresort.com/

# Water
Treated, recycled wastewater found to be cleaner and less toxic than conventional drinking water samples
New research from Stanford University is telling us something that some of us may not want to stomach: recycled wastewater, a new paper reports, is not only safe to drink but may actually be less toxic than water from most other sources.

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