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November 18, 2022
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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# Indigenous
Returning Diablo Canyon Lands to Indigenous Hands: The Yak Titʸu Titʸu Yak Tiłhini in California have requested the return of their coastal homelands, currently occupied by a nuclear power plant.

Tribal nations fight for influence on the Colorado River: Indigenous nations in the basin are making a stand for their water, and upsetting the river’s power structure. States wish they wouldn’t. Indigenous nations have significant water rights, but many lack the infrastructure to take advantage of them.

# Indigenous / Global
Indigenous guardian program brings hope, sovereignty to Manitoba’s last undammed river: Thanks to the persistence of five Indigenous communities, Indigenous youth will be able to realize dreams of becoming river guides and stewards of their territory as they protect the 50,000-square-kilometre watershed, home to about two dozen at-risk species, from the impacts of climate change. The land itself stores almost two billion tonnes of carbon — equivalent to eight years worth of Canada’s emissions — in its tundra, forests and wetlands.

‘Removing the evidence of our existence’: Logging of culturally important trees rampant in B.C:  Trees are an important marker of Indigenous Peoples’ presence on and stewardship of the land, and not enough is being done to protect them. With little independent oversight, experts say these irreplaceable trees are regularly being cut down by the forestry industry.

# Border / Immigration
Immigrants in a US detention facility endured excessive, unnecessary gynecological procedures, often without consent, according to a bipartisan Senate investigation that offers the starkest details yet of alleged mistreatment

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Global
How scientists from the “Global South” are sidelined at IPCC: Researchers say systemic bias at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has led to projections that perpetuate economic inequality.

# Education / Schools
A congressional report has found that sexual misconduct by instructors in a military leadership program operating in high schools across the United States was a bigger issue than previously known

Military Acknowledges More Sexual Abuse in J.R.O.T.C.

Should We End Military Recruiting in High Schools as a Matter of Child Protection and Public Health? Recruiters for the various US armed forces have free access to our nation’s high schools, as mandated by the No Child Left Behind Act. Military recruiter behaviors are disturbingly similar to predatory grooming.

An unlikely city in the South could be home to a public education renaissance: Advocates for school improvement in Jackson, Mississippi, want investments in education infrastructure, not more charter schools and privatization.

# Employment / Labor
New Wave of Resignations at Twitter After Musk Ultimatum: The tech company is struggling to retain workers after Musk demanded employees sign a pledge to work ‘long hours at high intensity’

All Twitter Offices Closed as Hundreds of Employees Resign

Starbucks Workers Walk Out Nationwide to Protest Chain’s Anti-Union Efforts

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical
As evidence mounts, new concerns about fracking and health: Two decades after the advent of fracking, a growing number of studies are pointing to a link between gas wells and public health

Tiny soot particles from fossil fuel combustion kill thousands annually. Activists now want Biden to impose tougher standards: The soot, known as PM 2.5, has been linked to cardiac arrest, asthma attacks and “premature deaths” from a range of cardiovascular and breathing disorders.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure
What the unusual midterm elections mean for climate action: A split Congress makes it unlikely that Republicans will undo Biden’s climate legislation, but they’re likely to try to slow it.

The Klamath dams are coming down: FERC ordered PacifiCorp to surrender the dam license, the final hurdle after 20 years of studies and advocacy, and local Tribes are rejoicing. For decades, people have “poured their blood, sweat, and tears into making this happen.”

Bison’s complicated return: Growing herds in the Yellowstone area are adopting ancient migratory behavior causing logistical issues for ranchers and Montana state officials. This herd  is not in a national park or a protected sanctuary, they are on tribal lands. Belonging to the Assiniboine and Sioux tribes of Fort Peck Reservation, the 340 bison is the largest conservation herd in the ongoing bison restoration efforts by North America’s Indigenous people.

# Environment / Climate / Global
COP27 climate talks in Egypt hit ‘breakdown’ over finance, fossil fuels: With time running out for nations to agree on a road map for tackling climate change, the fate of U.N. climate talks in Egypt appeared in jeopardy. Countries were far from agreeing the contours of a climate deal at the COP27 summit in Egypt on Wednesday, with the host country urging negotiators to resolve their differences ahead of a weekend deadline.

“Fossil Fuels Fund Dictatorships”: Ukrainian Climate Activist Suspended from COP27 over Russia Protest

World leaders crack down on methane pollution: Several countries that draw fossil fuels out of the ground, spewing vast amounts of methane gas in the process. At the last climate summit, the US and EU led a push to cut methane emissions 30% by 2030, less than the UN recommendation, with a pledge that has since been signed by more than 140 countries.

Rat killers in paradise: An eradication program remakes a tropical atoll: A 2021 study found invasive species cost the U.S. $21 billion a year. Global costs, including from agricultural pests, have been estimated at $1.28 trillion or about 5% of the world’s GDP over the last 50 years.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Other
The Fed’s Thanksgiving Turkey: Misleading reports on the rising cost of dinner are feeding the Fed’s appetite for more perverse rate hikes. The American Farm Bureau Federation is out with a report supposedly showing how much more U.S. families will pay for their Thanksgiving dinner this year. The headline number is scary, 20 percent more than last year—enough to make the Federal Reserve keep tightening the money screws.

Cultured meat gets the green light from the United States Food and Drug Administration: One approach that could appease both groups at the same time would be to take livestock out of the picture entirely and grow meat in the lab. We’ve been seeing a great deal of effort invested in such technology lately, and now the US is getting its first greenlit cultivated meat production in the form of Upside Foods

# General Information / Other News
Trump family signs $1.6bn branding deal with Saudi real estate developer: The family business of former US President Donald Trump has signed a licensing deal worth $1.6 billion with a real estate developer based in Saudi Arabia to build a resort in Oman, as the 76-year-old businessman-turned-politician prepares his return to presidential politics.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Violence, conflict and unrest robs nearly 580 children of their lives in the Middle East and North Africa since start of year.  Ahead of World Children’s Day, UNICEF calls for protection of children and their rights across region

Saudi Arabia: Mass Execution of 81 Men: Rampant Abuses in Criminal Justice System Make Fair Trials Highly Implausible: The mass execution of 81 individuals, Saudi and non-Saudi citizens, on Saturday signals an appalling escalation in Saudi Arabia’s use of the death penalty, Amnesty International said today, bringing the country’s tally of executions to 92 so far in 2022 alone.

# Gov / Politics / US
State Department Says Saudi Crown Prince Has Immunity from Lawsuit over Khashoggi Killing

WaPo slams Biden’s move to shield MBS in Khashoggi killing suit

Russia, India, China, Iran: The Quad That Really Matters:     Lavrov stressed how Europe and NATO “want to militarize the region in order to contain Russia and China

Jeffries Announces Bid to Replace Pelosi as Dem Leader: He would be the first Black leader of a congressional caucus and the top-ranking Black lawmaker in D.C.

# Law Enforcement
Major Corporations and Institutions Are Helping to Build “Cop City” in Atlanta: Police foundations act as a back channel for corporate and wealthy interests by adding to already overinflated budgets.

The US activists holed up in tree houses to block $90m ‘Cop City’: Atlanta wants to build a police training facility in a forested area amid community opposition

# Legal / DOJ
Meet the Special Prosecutor Deciding Whether to Charge Trump: Jack Smith is a Harvard Law grad who served as chief prosecutor for the special court in The Hague, where he’s investigated war crimes in Kosovo. ‘Extraordinary circumstances’ require appointment of Jack Smith to determine whether charges should be brought, Garland says

Congress to officially protect same-sex marriage. Here’s what the bill does and doesn’t do: The bill would act as a fail-safe should the Supreme Court’s right-wing majority do to marriage equality what they did to abortion rights. Currently before the Senate, the Respect for Marriage Act will give some measure of relief to activists who had feared that the top US court would reverse its own precedent on marriage equality.

# Medical Alternatives / Herbology
5 Science-Backed Wound Healers Found in Nature Support your body’s natural wound healing potential with potent compounds like honey, aloe vera and curcumin. Even tasty fruits like kiwi contain special enzymes to support the wound healing process. The natural biological process that occurs in your body to heal a wound is as incredible as it is complex. Four precise phases, hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation and remodeling, must occur in the proper sequence and with the correct timing for the wound to heal successfully

2 Tablespoons of Honey Lowers Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Levels: Adding some honey to your meals is a great way to include some extra flavor, and some seriously beneficial health effects, in your diet, according to researchers from the University of Toronto.  Scientists have discovered that honey improves multiple key measures of cardiometabolic health such as blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Importantly, raw honey from a single floral source appears to offer the biggest health benefits.

# Medical / Health Global
Australia may have to stop making cancer medicine if it doesn’t build nuclear waste dump. Ansto chief says it may not be able to keep producing nuclear medicine if it runs out of waste storage space at its Lucas Heights facility. The chief executive of the Australian Nuclear Science Organization (ANSO), Shaun Jenkinson, said the federal government organization would not be able to continue producing nuclear medicine if the waste storage space at the Lucas Heights facility ran out.

# Medical / Health
Concerns Over Rising Use Of Drugs To ‘Restrain’ Nursing Home Patients: In 1987, Congress passed regulations and reforms for the nursing home industry in the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. These reforms were aimed at protecting nursing home residents rights. The use of chemical restraints and unnecessary medications were specifically prohibited.

# Military / Global
German garrison town gears up for a thousand US arrivals with incoming Army units: U.S. soldiers conduct Avenger missile reload procedures training at Oberdachstetten Training Area in Ansbach, Germany, in March 2022. The Army garrison in Ansbach is preparing for an influx of 500 new soldiers in connection with the arrival of air defense and engineering units.

# Pharmas / Drugs
And this year’s ‘Pharma Greed Awards’ go to… “Pharma execs are celebrating their own greed with a round of back-slapping awards and swigging champagne.” Protesting an event celebrating the industry, activists reminded Big Pharma that “it’s disgusting that they present awards to each other titled ‘driving health equity’ while their actions hold back equitable access to medicines for the world’s poorest.”

# Veterans / VA
Veterans Who Have Borne the Battle Suffer the Peace in Isolation: When men and women survive in the military, their greatest struggle lies ahead: Reentering civilian life.


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