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November 23, 2022
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May your Thanksgiving be bountiful with reasons to be grateful.
May your Thanksgiving and year bring abundance and joy.
Wishing you and yours health and happiness this Thanksgiving.
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# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Thyroid Disorders Can Be Caused or Worsened by COVID Shots: There have been a number of reports published in the medical literature describing cases of thyroid autoimmunity developing in individuals, who have received different types of COVID-19 shots.

More Than 200 Million Doses of COVID Shots Dumped Due to Diminishing Demand: With 200M unused doses, AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine partner Serum Institute halts production

RSV Cases Could Be a Long-Term Consequence of COVID Vaccination: That “immunity gap” from the last few years is probably behind the “unprecedented” early surge in RSV infections this year, scientists say – and it has thrown other seasonal respiratory viruses out of whack around the world.

“Grade-A Gaslighting”: FDA Says Anti-Ivermectin Campaign Was “Just A Recommendation”: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which mocked Americans for taking Ivermectin to treat Covid-19, now says their campaign telling people to “stop” taking it was informal and just a recommendation, according to an argument made by government lawyers during a recent hearing.

Green Pass forever and More Vaccines with Dangerous mRNA Technology: White House Health Dictatorship with G20 Bali Declaration

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Global
Chomsky: U.S. Sanctions on Iran Don’t Support the Protests, They Deepen Suffering: The sanctions harm the Iranian economy, causing enormous suffering. But that has been the U.S. goal for over 40 years.

# Education / Schools
Student loan payments: The Biden administration announced it will extend a pause on federal student loan payments through June amid an ongoing legal battle against the administration’s student loan forgiveness plan.

Philadelphia High School Students Shot Outside School: All four students are expected to survive the shooting. Police haven’t yet released information on the shooter or announced an arrest.

# Employment / Labor
Will Congress Shut Down Rail Worker Collective Bargaining? Thanks to the Railway Labor Act, a Congressional resolution could force workers back to the railroads under the terms of a contract many of them just rejected.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical
New NASA camera spots methane ‘super emitter’ in New Mexico: An International Space Station instrument looks for dust, finds methane vent in the Permian Basin. Built to help scientists understand how dust affects climate, the Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation can also pinpoint emissions of the potent greenhouse gas.

# Environment / Climate / Global
Unchecked deforestation destroying evidence of lost Amazon civilisation: Cutting down trees in Bolivia’s Beni region not only damages the environment, it obliterates ancient remains

Fossil fuel interests have taken over climate talks: ‘Explosion’ in number of fossil fuel lobbyists at Cop27 climate summit. Oil and gas industries have 636 representatives at Egypt conference – a rise of more than 25% on previous year

UNESCO examines the environmental and biodiversity impacts of gene-edited plants and animals: Video

# General Information / Other News
Trump Bragged ‘the Evangelicals’ Would ‘Never’ Leave Him. Then the Defections Began

Trump’s Tax Return Fight Is All About His Abuse of Power: The conservative-dominated Supreme Court refused Trump’s request to shield his tax returns from congressional investigators. This could be a turning point for our democracy.

# Gov / Politics / US
Texas Supreme Court orders Harris County to include more than 2,000 late-cast ballots in certified election results
“So our perspective is that those provisional ballots are no different than any other provisional ballots, they are to be counted.”

Trump, Who Wants to Be President, Can’t Stop Promoting QAnon Memes: Donald Trump spent his morning promoting QAnon-affiliated posts on social media, boosting a theory that holds that a global cabal of pedophiles control the world and pursue immortality via extracting juvenile hormones.

# Law Enforcement
Many Idaho student killing theories have been disproven. Here’s what we actually know. No arrests have been made, no suspect has been identified, and any motive remains unknown, but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating.

At least 7 people were killed in Virginia after a shooter opened fire in a Walmart: At least seven people have been confirmed dead, including the alleged gunman, after a shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia on Tuesday night. Multiple people are believed to have been wounded and receiving medical attention.

Texas DPS’ billion-dollar ask: The Texas Department of Public Safety is asking state lawmakers for $1.2 billion to turn its training facility north of Austin into a full-time statewide law enforcement training academy. This includes a request for $466.6 million this coming budget cycle to build a “state-of-the-art” active-shooter training facility.

# Legal / DOJ
The Latest Mar-a-Lago Hearing Went Badly for Trump. It’s Likely to Only Get Worse for Him From Here. The Supreme Court Turned Down Trump’s Request to Intervene in Mar-a-Lago Documents Case. Here’s What Happens Next

DOJ Reportedly Wants to Question Pence for Its Trump Probe: The US Justice Department is seeking to question former vice president Mike Pence about Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, media reports

Right-Wingers Who Stoke the War on Trans People Have Club Q Blood on Their Hands: The mass shooting of people at an LGBTQ nightclub came amid the right’s systemic attack on trans and queer people.

# Medical / Health
Thousands of Health Care Workers Face Job Loss as COVID Funding Dwindles: At least 80,000 new employees are needed at the local and federal level to meet basic public health services.

The next abortion fight could be over wastewater regulation: Abortion opponents plan to use environmental laws to curb access to pills used to terminate an early pregnancy. Abortion opponents and their allies in elected office are seizing on an unusual strategy after suffering a wave of election defeats, using environmental laws to try to block the distribution of abortion pills.

Pfizer’s New RSV Vaccine for Pregnant Women on Fast Track: Pfizer announced positive top-line data from the phase III clinical trial, MATISSE (MATernal Immunization Study for Safety and Efficacy), investigating its bivalent RSV prefusion vaccine candidate, RSVpreF or PF-06928316, when administered to pregnant participants to help protect their infants from RSV disease after birth.

# Medical Technology
Scientists develop mechanically active adhesive that prevents muscle loss: The device constantly stretches and contracts immobilized muscles to prevent muscle loss.

# Water
Exclusive lab tests show toxic ‘forever’ chemicals in America’s tap water: Toxic chemicals are seeping into the water Americans drink every day. The more we learn about the potential health impacts of these chemicals, the more serious the problem becomes.

A small Maine town investigates how ‘forever chemicals’ got into its school water: Surry partnered with the Shaw Institute for the work because town officials have prioritized the community’s water quality.

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