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November 25, 2022
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# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
Rent Is Too Damned High: U.S. Tenants Mobilize to Demand Rent Controls: Tenants nationwide are organizing to win affordable housing, limit rental fees and protect their homes and communities. “Over the longer term, policymakers must transform housing from a commodity to a guaranteed public good.”

One Day of Warren Buffett Wealth Gains Could Cover Rail Workers’ Paid Sick Leave: The CEO of BNSF Railway’s parent company saw his wealth jump by nearly $1.4 billion in a single day earlier this week.

# Education / Schools
Faced with ‘baseless political lawsuits,’ Biden extends student loan payment freeze: “This is a welcome step towards stimulating the economy and providing some economic relief to millions of Americans.”

# Employment / Labor
On Black Friday, Amazon Workers in 40+ Countries Strike and Protest ‘Despicable’ Treatment: “Instead of paying its workers fairly, its taxes in full, and for its damage to our environment, Amazon is squeezing every last drop it can from workers, communities, and the planet.”

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical
Biden administration announces largest direct federal investment in transmission and distribution infrastructure:
The announcement to dedicate $13 billion in grants to improve transmission and distribution systems will “improve energy resiliency through microgrids, local renewable energy, and energy storage.”

The renewable energy transition is failing: Renewable energy isn’t replacing fossil fuel energy, it’s adding to it.
Despite all the renewable energy investments and installations, actual global greenhouse gas emissions keep increasing.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Global
How much Indigenous territory overlaps with oil fields in South America? The Amazon is home to thousands of indigenous communities and valuable ecosystems. However, this extensive territory is also increasingly occupied by oil concessions

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure
Game birds are surprisingly beautiful, and endangered: This stunning and colorful array of species, from peafowl to pheasants, are often hunted for our consumption.

Top 10 most endangered animals, some of the beautiful creatures most in need of our help, protection and conservation: For some species, time on planet Earth is running out. Human beings are the greatest threat to the survival of endangered species with poaching, habitat destruction and the effects of climate change causing a lot of the problems.

Public Lands in the West: Western voters perceive public lands as helping their state’s economy and want to
see Congress err on the side of conservation rather than energy development. They
are enthusiastic about broad and specific proposals to strengthen protections and
create new public lands for historic and recreation purposes.

# Environment / Climate / Global
Mumbai’s Aarey forest: The woman fighting to protect it from metro project: Pramila is protesting against a train depot being built in the forest where her community lives alongside leopards.

Canada unveils new climate adaptation strategy with more than $1-billion commitment: Canada’s first climate adaptation strategy was unveiled today, and commits the federal government to new construction guidelines

In PNG, researchers find a large pigeon lost to science for 140 years: After following tips from a local hunter, researchers photographed the black-naped pheasant-pigeon, a large, ground-dwelling bird, for the first time using a remote camera trap. Ornithologists believe the pheasant-pigeon is extremely rare and these forests on Fergusson island in the D’Entrecasteaux Archipelago could likely be the only place they exist.

Fish ‘capable of killing 30 people’ and 1,200 times deadlier than cyanide hits UK shores: An incredibly dangerous fish full of poison and capable of killing 30 people was discovered on a British beach. Loaded up with poison that can be up to 1,200 times more deadly than cyanide, the killer fish was found on a beach in Cornwall by a visiting marine animal investigator. Constance Morris was on a family holiday to Newquay when she discovered the dangerous creature.

Antarctica is one of the most extreme environments on Earth. It is also one of the most unexplored. Many of us think of the continent as a vast, white wasteland, populated by nothing more than penguins and seals. But beneath its icy surface, scientists are beginning to discover vast networks of complex life forms that have not been seen anywhere else on the planet.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Other
Shades of Soilent Green: Test Tube Turkey Is the Future Thanksgiving Centerpiece: One day, your meat might be grown in huge factory vats. Lab-grown meat, exotic protein sources, and 3-D printing all have the potential to change the way Americans eat. NBC News checked with experts about what might replace cranberry sauce and stuffing on Thanksgiving tables in just a few decades.

# General Information / Other News
Christian Trump event left evangelical pastor ‘absolutely terrified and horrified’: He then elaborated to describe how disturbed he was by Kirk taking people’s deeply held religious faith and welding it directly to a hardcore right-wing political agenda. “What was shocking to me was the people in the room raising their hands and saying, ‘Amen. Hallelujah,'” he said. “They were having a religious experience.”

# Gov / Politics / Global
Is NATO falling apart? NATO can’t defend ANY of its members against a truly modern military: So, what do we have here?  A NATO member state all but accused the US of a major terrorist attack against its capital city, and then that NATO member state openly attacked a US-run facility (let’s not call it a base, that would be inaccurate). NATO is not a defensive alliance, it never was, but it is a tool of US colonial domination.

Breakthrough with Russia as two nations look to avoid nuclear disaster: Negotiations between Ukraine and Russia hope to establish a safety zone around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

# Gov / Politics / US
A return to pragmatism? In the West, this year’s election results generally favored public lands conservation and moderation. Ammon Bundy only got 17% of the votes in the Idaho governor’s race. Phew, I thought. What a relief. Then: Wait, 100,000 people voted for Ammon Bundy? Yikes! “I think it opens the door for a more serious and legitimate challenge from within the party for the next go around,” Den Hartog said. Others, though, viewed Bundy’s third-place finish as a victory for democracy.

The Violence Queer and Trans People Face Is State-Sanctioned: The Colorado Springs shooting targeting an LGBTQIA+ club was stoked by the white supremacist, Christian-fascist right.

# Medical Technology
New male contraceptive does not involve hormones: A team of researchers at a company called Contraline has developed a new kind of male contraceptive. Instead of using hormones to disrupt sperm production, the new technique involves placing a hydrogel called ADAM into the vas deferens to prevent sperm from making its way to the urethra. The new technique is not yet available for men seeking an alternative way to prevent pregnancy, however—it is currently undergoing a clinical trial in Australia.

# Military / Global
Russia’s 20-ton nuclear missile Sarmat hits mass production; North America & Europe on Putin’s radar: The Sarmat is a three-stage, liquid-fueled missile with a range of 18,000 kilometers. The Sarmat can carry a 10-ton payload and can load a wide variety of warhead options. With the giant missile, Vladimir Putin can strike targets in North America & Europe.

Putin plans to ‘mobilize another 2 million including 300,000 women,’ and ‘impose martial law in Moscow’ but may use crackdown to ‘bow out in favour of handpicked successor.’ Massive ‘national crusade’ mobilisation could happen as
Putin plans to ‘mobilize another 2 million including 300,000 women,’ and ‘impose martial law in Moscow’ but may use crackdown to ‘bow out in favour of handpicked successor.’ Massive ‘national crusade’ mobilisation could happen as

# Nuclear
Guinea Pig Nation: How the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is reducing government regulations for ‘advanced’ nuclear power plants: “Under the direction of Congress, the NRC is developing new regulations to facilitate licensing of experimental reactors.” “Make no mistake about it—while NRC is doing its part to serve nuclear industry needs, we should not lose sight of the fact that it is the aggressive pro-nuclear agenda of the Biden Administration that has unleashed a juggernaut of financial and PR support for new nuclear reactors.”

# Science
CRISPR tools abundant in viruses: A sweep of genomes from viruses called phages has found that thousands contain CRISPR–Cas systems, similar to those used as gene-editing tools in the lab. Some of the Cas enzymes are small and compact, and able to edit plant and animal cells.

# Space / UFO Disclosure / Other
NASA’s Orion spacecraft reaches the Moon — in pictures: The capsule, which is designed to carry people, will now travel farther from Earth before returning in December. Images from the journey so far show Orion glimmering in reflected sunlight in deep space, occasionally with the Earth appearing as a pale blue dot in the distance or the Moon as a looming grey presence.

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